- Open Views - Matthew Todd, The Synaptic Leap

Matthew Todd, Synaptic LeapThe Synaptic Leap is a project started by Ginger Taylor aiming to create enabling systems to make open source, collaborative development straightforward for biomedical researchers. The project bills itself as "Open Biomedical Research", and this is the topic of this week's show.

This week on Open Views I'm joined by Dr. Matthew Todd, lecturer in organic chemistry at the University of Sydney in Australia. Dr. Todd's work in drug discovery for tropical diseases such as schistosomiasis is internationally recognized. He is also a proponent of the use of the Free/Open Source model for doing biomedical research in areas such as tropical diseases and biochemistry.

Dr. Matthew Todd is currently a research advisor at The Synaptic Leap, and we'll be talking about what Open Source in bio-medicine really means, how it is implemented, and what the impact of the Free/Open model is in biomedical research.