Open Views: Lecture by Richard Stallman

Tim O'Reilly and Richard StallmanThe man responsible for the Free Software revolution is Richard M. Stallman. He recently gave a talk entitled Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks
to the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club.

The talk looks at the origin of copyright, and how it has evolved over time from something that originally served the benefit of the people to a tool used against them.

I'm going to air the talk in 2 parts this week - on Tuesday evening's episode and Thursday morning's episode.

Part 1 is on Tuesday at 7pm, and covers some of the history and reison d'etre for the underlying philosophy of Free Software.

Part 2 goes into some depth on specific implementations of Free as it relates to things like media. This will air at 7am on Thursday morning.

The entire talk can be downloaded from the Univ. of Waterloo site, from the link above.