Open Views: Aaron Swartz, Open Library Thur 7am

Aaron Swartz is the person to thank for making podcasts possible. Back in Aaron Swartz, Open Library. Photo by Jacob Applebaum1990, at the age of 14, he co-authored the RSS specification and later contributed to the RDF core.

Aaron in currently technical lead at The Open Library, a project with the objective of making "all published works of humankind available to everyone in the world". Although this is an ambitious effort, the value is very obvious. A critical part of education is access to knowledge. It could be argued that community progress depends on universal access to all knowledge, and this is what The Open Library aims to do.

Aaron Swartz joins me for this week's Open Views to talk about the Open Library's objectives and challenges. Join me on Tuesday 12/11 at 7pm or Thursday 12/13 at 7am.

An excellent interview with Aaron is by blogoscoped.

Aaron refers to some of the underlying Free/Open Source technology behind The Open Library (ThingDB, InfoGami). You can read more about these projects at the open library tech page. The tech page also provides links to the source code for the project.