Open Views 40: OpenMoko, revolutionary mobile computing platform (7am Thur)

OpenMoko on phone

Michael Shiloh

Don't believe the hype: the iPhone is really not that revolutionary :-)

The real revolution was announced before the iPhone, is based on the idea of providing freedom to its users, and is built on Free hardware and software.

It is a a device that puts mobile computing power back in your hands, while giving you all the features you'd expect from a modern, advanced cellular phone.

This is OpenMoko.

OpenMoko is revolutionary project to create the world's first Free mobile computing platform, pioneering a new way of developing mobile devices.

My guest is Michael Shiloh, Manager of Developer Relations at OpenMoko. We'll be talking about just what OpenMoko is, why it's so much more revolutionary than any other mobile phone, and why we need a Free mobile platform.

Join me for an exciting conversation about the future of mobile computing, at 7pm on Tuesday and 7am Thursday.