'One Christmas Eve in New York' Worldwide Premiere Tuesday 8pm

This Tuesday at 8pm, Dick DeAngelis and his son Mickey will introduce the Christmas story of five young cousins who stow away in the world’s most fabulous toy store on Christmas Eve to meet The Real Santa Claus! The broadcast will include an interview with the authors and Ravenna founders, J. J. McLean and Gail Sforza Krebs.

In the new story from Ravenna Writing Studios, five young cousins set out to have Fabulous Toys in New York City, a store known to children everywhere,
but never more popular than at Christmastime, and their not-to-be-missed
Santa’s Workshop (including Santa) -- all to themselves on Christmas Eve. What happens after the parents discover the children are missing – and how the cousins’ wish to meet Santa is granted – are the makings of a heart-warming classic.

Don't miss this Special Holiday Broadcast of One Christmas Eve in New York along with some fun and unique Holiday songs on Sleepytime.