Obvious World playlist for 2007-12-16

veergreet the world with a smileVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
daniel blomqvistnot for meVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
unit 21decemberVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
social systema dream inside a dreamVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
sensual physicsarcs and masterVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
laura palmerborderlineVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
brian kagezebesVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
eloi brunelledeepmushVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
das kraftfuttermischwerkchocolate in nutshellsVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
delugethe crushVarious Artists 100 [thn100]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
paul keeleyonlySilence is Presence [thn082]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
sounds of belovodyeeveningVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
organonwithoutVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
james ulibarriburied in snowVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
igor o. vlasovmetamorphVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
liquid levelplateVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
das kraftfuttermischwerkflieg mit mir fliegVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
daniel blomqvistdelayVarious Artists: Demo Tracks [thn091]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
funzionminervaVarious Artists: Thinnergy [thn074]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
gurtzklokVarious Artists: Thinnergy [thn074]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
gurtzklok deluge rmxVarious Artists: Thinnergy [thn074]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
l.o.d.sol marko fuerstenberg rmxVarious Artists: Thinnergy [thn074]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
benfayjack and jill selffish remixVarious Artists: One Touch Button Remixes [thn060]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
benfayplötzliche kühle remix lufth remixVarious Artists: One Touch Button Remixes [thn060]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
benfayoak pheek remixVarious Artists: One Touch Button Remixes [thn060]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
chimeracompulsionVarious Artists: Thinnerism 2Thinnerwww.thinner.cc
benfayallein unter den arkaden krill minima remixVarious Artists: One Touch Button Remixes [thn060]Thinnerwww.thinner.cc

This Sunday night, December 16th, 2007, beginning at 11pm eastern/10pm central, I will be featuring music from the THINNER netlabel. The trax come from selected Various Artist Compilations and represent everything from chill-out, dub and experimental, to house, tech and minimal. It is with great pleasure that I present to you, THINNER.
"Thinner" n. A liquid, such as turpentine, mixed with paint or varnish to reduce its viscosity and make it easier to apply.
Thinner is releasing electronic music in digital file formats under creative commons license. The netlabel exists since 1998 and enjoys worldwide critical acclaim for its music. It was founded by Thomas Jaldemark and is today operated by Sebastian Redenz and Ole Schulte as leading parts of an international team. The headquarters are based in Frankfurt, Germany. As of today, Thinner Productions had accumulated over two million mp3 downloads.
Randomly select an available release from the extensive Thinner discography and there’s a very high probability that the sounds on that album can be broadly described as “dub-inspired” i.e. some permutation of a fusion of dub with house, techno, or even ambient music. It’s also quite possible that the album could be further redefined as belonging to the sound departments of either “dubby techhouse“ or “intelligent dub”, and, if not one of these, the more evasive aesthetic referred to as “minimalism” is an increasingly more likely descriptor. An alternate categorization can also classify the music as either soft and mellifluous or hard and edgy.
Although dub-influences are clearly the predominant inspiration behind the general flavor of the Thinner sound, even a cursory sampling of its catalog quickly reveals that Thinner is not a static label. During the time period 2001 - 2006, Thinner has grown and evolved to encompass a wider variety of sounds and to make available a more diverse palette of releases from which interested listeners can make their selections. The early steady stream of signature dub-inspired techno/house music for which Thinner initially became recognized still make their appearances but, as time has progressed and tastes have changed, new sounds have found their way into the thinner discography. While many of early Thinner virtual releases were clearly efforts to emulate styles/genres similar to those offered by popular physical labels (eg. Basic Channel), later albums demonstrate innovative efforts to offer new sounds and/or interesting hybrids of existing ones.
[from http://www.thinner.cc]