obvious world - 20080210 - Tribute to Maharishi

On February 5th, my Great Teacher passed on into Mahasamadhi. His presence, his effort, his attention, his love, his devotion and his teachings have forever impacted the face of planet Earth. Personally, I have been enmeshed in Transcendental Meditation [TM] since just about the time I was born.
I attended courses with my Mom and I began meditating with a walking mantra and later moved on into the more advanced techniques. As a high school student @ Maharishi Upper School in Fairfield I spent my time rebelling against the dogma of the TM Movement, and then at the University of Iowa I began to explore consciousness via music, light and art...Raving and electronic music became power tools which needed juice and Transcendental Meditation was the obvious choice for me.
I came back to the Knowledge I had been given as a young fellow and discovered that its efficacy was far beyond what I had remembered. This sparked an interest to further my learning over time and eventually became a Sidha with the guidance of a good friend named Willy Wilson, one of the folks who spent a great deal of time in the presence of Maharishi. Through his encouragement I chose to become a worker of peace and with all my might I have been doing my best to be a coherence generator with the gift of the TM Siddhis program.
It has now been nearly 10 years since I became a Sidha and never once have I taken the gift of TM for granted. As Bruce Miller says, and as all my friends and family are saying, Maharishi is the reason for all of this. The station KRUU exists because we were all drawn to the little town in the middle of nowhere known as Fairfield, Iowa. My entire life has revolved in one fashion or another around the draw of TM. The people I know, the places I've visited, the experiences I've had and the strength I've lived, is all due to this gift I was given in this lifetime.
The music on this show highlights the celebration of higher awareness. It is a showcase of cosmic correlations and divine interconnections that bring people together to create wonderful things, much like Roland Wells and his dream to have KRUU come into existence. I begin the show with a recording of my own personal experiences of TM accompanied by a piece of music I wrote when I learned that my Great Teacher had moved forward and into Mahasamadhi. This is followed by the totally impromptu live jam session between two fellows, Butane and Someone Else, recorded early in the morning (or very late at night if you prefer) and was played to a very full club in Brussels at the Fuse Club. After that is a live jam session (or live p.a.) by Someone Else at the bunker in New York City on May 7th, 2004. There are cosmic correlations between Butane, Someone Else and one of last week's guests on the show, Miskate [an archive that should be up soon]...not to mention that they all spread pure groovatas when they play live. The end of the program will conclude with a previous guest artist who plays a very massive live p.a....his name is Marko Fürstenberg, and he also lost someone close to him recently...his father.
I hope all who listen enjoy what they hear, but most of all I hope that during all experiences we thankfully celebrate the here and now that we've been given. Check out the show. You won't be dissapointed.
Peace and Jai Guru Dev
Matt Ahearn
[Obvious World]

3 brilliant teachers of the neu school rhythmic renaissance...

Butane is the label owner of Alphahouse Records, accomplished producer, and jetsetting DJ, Butane (Andrew Rasse) hails from the Midwestern United States, the birthplace of many great electronic music acts. His infamous Alphahouse monthly party put St. Louis on the current worldwide techno map, and his record label is regarded as one of the premier minimal techno/house labels in North America. As a music producer, his tracks have been featured on some of the worlds most forward-thinking underground labels.

Someone Else is philadelphia's sean o'neal, whose musical inspiration is already imbedded in his roots. his grandfather was a high school music teacher and also played bass with bill hailey and the comets. his father was also on the brink of success with various rock bands throughout the '50s and '60s. during his early youth, sean lived a cheeseball life performing in a variety of choirs and musical plays. also around this time, he would often sit with his father and grandfather watching and listening to spike jones -- a comical bandleader from the '40s and '50s who would often make music by hitting random objects in the room. by his teenage years, sean was playing guitar and synthesizers in a variety of indie rock bands while being a huge fan of shoegazer rock and krautrock.

since 1994, he has been the force behind his ever-evolving, kitsch-driven electro-pop outfit, flowchart (much of it alongside erin anderson a.k.a. fidget) -- releasing dozens and dozens of albums, singles, eps and comp tracks on different labels from all over the world (like darla, morr music, instinct, endorphin, carrot top, and his own fuzzy box imprint), and flowchart was chosen as one of the "next 100" according to urb magazine in 1998. around this time he also was hooked on idm, techno and house, and he had already fallen in love with artists such as the orb, plastikman, king tubby and matthew herbert. he became intrigued by herbert's use of field recordings and found sounds, and this recalled a similar feeling to what he gained from the music of spike jones.

as his love for minimal techno solidified by 1998, sean teamed up with jay haze and bjoern hartmann, and together they launched the tuning spork label. while making dance music with field recordings became more and more his shtick, sean grew close to kate iwanowicz (a.k.a. miskate) and sylvain takerkart (a.k.a. fusiphorm), and together they launched the foundsound and unfoundsound record labels. to this day, both labels continue to gain increasingly more recognition while offering a unique facet to the modern-day minimal scene.

throughout the years, sean also co-produced events in philadelphia and new york -- hosting performances by magda, matthew dear, sammy dee, geoff white, jeff milligan, dan bell, dinky and many others. he also spent a lot of time writing part-time as a journalist for various music magazines and newspapers such as xlr8r and philadelphia city paper.

over recent years, sean's production skills have been garnering respect among internationally renowned djs and labels alike, as reflected by his massive discography of releases and remixes for labels like musik krause, tuning spork, foundsound, mo's ferry, microcosm, nummer, kickboxer, sender, alphahouse, roman-photo, level non-zero, mule musiq, hello? repeat, revolver and many others. this was accompanied by extensive world touring, and he was voted as one of the best live acts of 2006 in groove magazine. sean continues to spin and play live all around north america, south america, europe, japan, russia and elsewhere -- including fabric in london, yellow in tokyo, rex club in paris and panorama bar in berlin.

marko fürstenberg was born in 1976 in thuringia, germany. influenced by the 80s music such as depeche mode, a-ha and new order he was attracted to electronic music from its beginning. very early marko made his first steps in recording his own tapes as “dolby”. in the beginning of 1995 he started dj-ing at several parties in thuringia and already then showing a techno-orientation originated from labels like x-trax, force inc., klang and later basic channel.

a few years later he started creating his first own electronic sounds with a pc and thus he invested constantly in technical equipment. in 2000 his first project “vertikal 23” was established, in cooperation with local musicians. the outcome was a mixture between downbeat & trip hop but later on marko developed his own deep sound.

providing his music on the internet, marko got in touch with the “thinner” netlabel, which published his first release under “dolby” alias in 2002. further releases followed also on other netlabels such as realaudio, stadtgruen and instabil, as well as remixes for digitalverein, rktic, lod and sarah goldfarb.

the success story began: between 2003 and 2005 marko performed at some international festivals and clubs, e.g. in canada, greece, sweden, poland, suisse, austria, etc. after publishing quite a number of netreleases, his first vinyl track on “thinner allstars pt.1” (2003) was published under the pseudonym “surphase”. very soon after that marko decided to use his real name marko fürstenberg for his future work.

after moving to leipzig in 2006, marko approached a peak level in productivity, releasing a number of songs in rapid succession with labels like a.r.t.less, tfe and rotary-cocktail.

marko’s success within the constantly changing techno scene didn’t come as a surprise: together with diverse dj partners as well as solo artist marko fürstenberg is now performing regularly in clubs & parties all over europe. his live sets combine classic dub-techno elements with current techno trends, which is much valued by his audience. with this kind of electronic music marko is considerably involved in the development of dub- and deep-techno.