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tonite's show highlights music from the netlabels and artists: transient, foem and deep in dub.

deepindub.org aims to distribute high-quality, netaudio dj mixes (at new sublabel djmixes.deepindub.org ) , netaudio releases and netaudio samples packs.
Mp3 audio files (Usually at 256kbps) free to download under a “creative commons music sharing license”.
Deepindub.org offers worldwide exposure to promising new artists as well as established artists from around the globe. Music style featured on this netlabel is Deephouse, Minimal house, Dub techno and Chill out.
This Project was born on December 2004 and is managed by Dj Mitch aka Maurizio-Miceli.it


FOEM is an independent A&R agency, promotion agency, licensing agency, talent resource and netlabel, driven by people from all over our small planet. We just love the music and do not want the private individuals to pay for it. The music is completely free and legal to download.
Our intention is to distribute electronic music from artists of all electronic music genres. The CDs are downloaded by private individuals as well as by talent scouts, record labels, advertising agencies and companies which need the music as content for their media productions. FOEM negotiates the contracts for the artists.
It is absolutely easy for companies to download the CDs, check the tracks which are eventually interesting and skip the other ones. The best tracks are preselected by the FOEM crew. No more changing of promotional CDs and DATs.
Our artists are from all over the world, and everybody who produces electronic music is invited to join us and let people listen to her/his tracks on the FOEM/Electronic Youth or FOEM/Crèma CD Series. We reserve our rights to choose only the best ones amongst the uploaded files. We also give selected tracks to companies as promotion, offer licensing agreements or negotiate record deals for chosen artists.
The rights of the tracks are protected under a Creative Commons license or licensing agreements. You can copy the tracks and play them, even in public. You are not allowed to edit, remix or sell them without asking us.
If you want to help make FOEM/ more successful, please contact us and work with us. We are always interested in people with talents, good ideas, creativity, suggestions of all kind and of course - fast servers.
contact: foemartists(at)hotmail.com


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deep in dub http://www.djmitch.it/
foem http://foem.info/
transient http://www.myspace.com/trans1ent