- Obvious World - 20071007 - Moments in Time: A Personal Retrospektive

After a year of playing my own original, fresh and interesting music for the listeners of KRUU FM 100.1 and KRUUFM.COM, I have never once been a disc-jockey who introduced each piece and discussed where or how the music was inspired and created. I would simply weave together 3 hours of totally original journey music and put it out there for you to enjoy, daring you to take from it what you could...

Until now.

Tonite I will be selecting and discussing music I composed between May and October of 2006. During the broadcast I will be playing various selections and discussing (sometimes at length) such details as: the historical significance of each piece, the other artists involved in collaborative efforts, and the move of my old record label freakie people records [now put to rest] towards becoming a net-label focused on creative commons compositions.

[the new net-label as of january 1, 2008 is called BEAUTIFUL ETERNAL]

If you're a fan of the music I've composed and have ever wanted to know more about the music or the artist, this is your chance.

Tonite's show is the first in a series of retrospektives highlighting the original electronic music I've been creating since May of 2006. It is sure to be a unique experience entirely, so tune in and get on board!

All love and light

-Obvious World