- Obvious World - 20070930 - Obvious World

Matt Ahearn of Obvious WorldTonight’s show is presented fully in the spirit of creative commons and open source programming...finally. It’s been a year since KRUU opened its doors and raised its tower-of-power (happy 1 year anniversary
everybody!) and I began broadcasting on a radio station again (thank you, FCC).

As a musician who writes and plays his own tracks, the concept of having my music available for free just didn’t make sense. Open Source? Creative Commons? Hmmm..Sounded like Latin to me. No comprende amigo.

But the awesomeness has finally taken hold. Things have clicked. The pieces have come together. Now I get it.

It is a pleasure to finally have come around to understanding that we might be at a point in the evolution of humankind where giving does in fact equate to getting when all is said and done. Tonight’s show will therefore be music sourced from a creative commons/open source/listen-like-it-buy-it-sometime-if-you-can kinda thing… which means that for three hours you’ll be listening to the sounds and energy of two net-labels, indigo*magenta and the Broque label.

Tune in tonight at 10pm and hear the whole story about what I’ve found in the open source musical vein, as well as the music itself. Please check the play list when you dig what you’re hearing… then visit the web sites (listed below the play list) for more info about the artists, the labels and for free hi-fi downloads of all kinds of music…vinyl purists and cd collectors can also purchase various releases in some cases, so get your groove on and stay up so you get DOWN properly.

-Obvious World
10pm-1am (CST)
100.1 KRUU FM LP