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Anticipated The Weather

RRI put together a list of songs that are perfect for a steamy nightime listen, and according to the weather service, there is a low of 67 degrees tonight with a 87% relative humidity. That qualifies. So how 'bout some Jimi Hendrix, Style Council, Leslie Gore, and John Hartford referencing the heat. Or maybe you prefer a more personal heat, a la Mark-Almond Band or The Marvelettes? Of course I have the usual hot guitar work by bands like Steve Gunn, William Tyler, and Yes. This is the last in a series of shows I have produced, so next week we move on to full albums by Psychic Ills, US 69, and through October, mostly avant-garde music. Enjoy the music. I have an upcoming promotion for the station, be watching for the opportunity. Cool Breeze

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donovan's magical songs

donovan is coming to fairfest next month (september 4th), so my daughter elise and i both take to the air together to share our favorite songs that speak of the magic in the world. (we've shared the same tastes in music since she was born)
beatles, maharishi, donovansongs like:

hurdy gurdy man [pictured], atlantis (my mercifully shortened version), celia of the seals (perhaps elise's favorite), the riverman's daughter (a magical tale of romance), the (mysterious tale of a girl's love and transformation into a swan) reedy river, and (david lynch's favorite) season of the witch.

JAKE GRATZON OF OLD CAPITOL FOOD COMPANY, JENNIFER KNOX OF SALTLICKERS, and Mary Adam, astounding local cook were guests on Tuesday's LIVE Great Taste at Green Building Supply!

Listen to the show on KRUU at 7:00 PM Wednesday or 7:00 AM on Friday.

Great Taste at GBS-August 2, 2016

Christine and the Queens


On August 10th Fringe Toast program, DJ Andy Bargerstock shares a choice list of his favorite songs from off-the-beaten path that were released during the first six months of 2016.   Click here to read about the list taken from his article in the August 2016 Iowa Source Magazine where he is a music editor with a monthly column. AB's top song of the year so far is "Tilted (Bayonne Remix)" by French singer Christine and the Queens. (photo left)

Then, mark your calendar to hear this list played in the first hour on Wednesday, August 10 beginning at 8pm Central Time.  Discover why so many people say, "It's the best music you never hear ... unless your dialed to Fringe Toast Music on KRUU-FM."  Forward this link to your friends so they can share the fun!

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Hinterland Fest and The Love Explosion on Centripetal Sounds

G ManHinterland Music Festival comes to St. Charles, Iowa on Friday at 5:30 PM. There are 13 bands playing, and I am going to start off the show by playing one song from each band in the order of their appearance. Headliners are Ray LaMontagne and Willie Nelson, but I am pumped up about all the bands playing in addition to those two. Ray's album Ouroboros is my album of the year, so far. Willie is an icon. 'Nuff said. The remainder of the show is merely the finest music that can be bought and played for you on the radio. I have some killer tracks by local Iowa City band Crystal City, and Fairfielders Society of Broken Souls, who also have my CD of the month for August. New music from Elouise, The Monkees, Work of Art, King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard, and LoVe ExPlOsIoN, who will likely have the September CD of the month.

weepies(See link to playlist below).  DJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another surreal journey through the outer edges of contemporary music.  In the first hour the spotlight shines on the husband-wife songwriting team known as The Weepies (photo left) and the exotic UK trip-hop band, Massive Attack featuring singer Azekel (photo right) from their new CD entitled Ritual Spirit (2016). First time artists include Chinese-American electronic composer/singer ZHU, Germany's DJ composer/producer St. Germain, Elouise, and Blind Pilot.

The extended Chill Session starts early this week with ethereal electro-acoustic tracks from Alex Sommers, Chris Zippel, Mind Soup, Desert Dwellers, Holmes & Ives, and Above & Beyond.  Strap in for a heavenly journey through the ozone..... with downtempo swoon effects designed to Azekelproduce blissful brain chemistry. Oh yeah!

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream.   Go to www.kruufm.com and click on Listen Live.  Enjoy the best music you never hear unless you are dialed to KRUU-FM.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

Neon HitchDJ Andy Bargerstock delivers another near 100% new track edition of Fringe Toast featuring UK electro-pop singer Neon Hitch (photo left) to launch the first hour and guitar instrumental band, The Perfect Circle (photo right) to spotlight the second hour Chill Session.  Singer-songwriter talents abound in the first half including FT first-timers Blue-Eyed Son, Grace, and Disclosure (featuring Hannah Reid's outstanding vocals).

In the Chill Zone second-half, you will experience a swirling swoon with internationnal contributors including Laya Project, Balanescu Quartet, Human Bell, Chris Zippel, and of course The Perfect Circle

Perfect Circle

whose mellow electro-acoustic guitarwork reminds us of the softer side of Wishbone Ash with their twin harmony guitars in the 1970s.

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream including a possible guest experience by Cameron who contributes the voice to many of the Fringe Toast spoken word bits. 

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

How Clinton quelled an insurgency

Assange, Avowed Foe of Clinton, Timed Email Release for Democratic Convention

Khizr Khan, father of Muslim Iraq hero, says Trump 'sacrificed nothing' for US

Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton

There’s No Business Like the Arms Business

Mass Killings May Have Created Contagion, Feeding on Itself

Humans are the scariest animals in nature, study finds

To continue, click "Read more" below.

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Corners Of My Mind

RRBlue Mountain and Haunted Leather kick off another grand show with some sleazy blues music, the kind that wakes up neurons in your brain. More blues later in the show from The Blindside Blues Band and Wings. Hour two includes compelling tunes by 13th Floor Elevators, Red Temple Spirits, Richard Hawley, and Renaissance. Add a little light to your night with Cool Breeze, your host.

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