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The Music of Allen Stone

The music of Allen Stone

Allen Stone calls himself "a hippie with soul," and he sort of is, but one would never expect to look at him that he possesses one of the most soulful voices this side of Marvin Gaye, with a joyous, positive feel and energy to match. -- AllMusic.com


Interview with Francis Thicke on water quality in Iowa to air TUE 7pm | WED 6:35am & 12:30pm

World Water Day
is Wednesday, March 22nd and the Sierra Club Leopold group is sponsoring a free presentation by Francis Thicke, PhD, soil scientist, organic farmer, and owner of Radiance Dairy. Thicke will be speaking about Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy and following the presentation, will join a panel of farmers to respond to the talk and answer questions.

Jim Flinspach, Joe Ledger, and Jeremy Attwood
, local Farm Bureau leaders, will be taking part in this event. It will be held at the Fairfield Public Library (104 W Adams Ave) starting at 7:30pm. Farmers and community members from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

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The G Man Unearths Alternative Facts

G ManIn my ever-expanding quest to extend the underground passageways of rock music, I have discovered the original cave where dreamers do. As it turns out, rock musicians have been laying out an alternative view of reality since the beginning. I have some readings off of album covers to highlight this point. Facts are known by their objective reality. Where you get your news can frame the picture you see. We'll survey some tunes, maybe 30 in all, by Head Machine, Yuna, The Fair Sex, 20th Century Zoo, The Boston Tea Party, and some more mainstream acts like Steppenwolf, Real Estate, and Queens of The Stone Age. My selections will get you out of your head. Join me Thursday at 2 PM.

This week on the Feed Store (Thursday, March 20 at 10am and Sunday March 23 at noon CT), I will be recounting in great detail the life and times of one of the greatest men I ever knew during my youth in Fairfield.

I am speaking of the late and lamented Dick Conklin, the demon barber of Richland. Dick took over the barbershop in Richland in 1948 and held down the fort for more than forty years.

He was a real firecracker, a great storyteller and a good haircutter. I pay tribute to the man as only I can.

The Inspiration InitiativeOn this weeks episode of "The Inspiration Initiative" host Luke Davids will be playing well known songs that span a variety of different time signatures to show how this aspect of songwriting dramatically affects the feel of any given song. 

Kristina Priceman(See playlist link below). DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils a plethora of new artists never-before heard on Fringe Toast Music.  The spotlight shines in the first hour on musical duo Dickie featuring the classically-trained violin talents of Kristina Priceman (photo left) and the second spotlight goes to Georgia-born acoustic and lap-steel guitarist Kaki King (photo right) with her virtuoso compositions and playing. First-timeKaki King players include Max Manie, Gem Club, Volcano Choir, Anthelix, Robben Ford, Mike Posner, Seeb, and Zero Cult. 

 In the second-hour Chill Zone, listen closely to new tracks from Spoon, Depeche Mode, London Grammar.  But, the classic obscure Underground Track of the program goes to “Hayling” by FC Kahuna.   The program closes deliciously through Austria’s Parov Stelar and UK’s Zero 7.  So, mark your calendar, turn the lights down, and let the river flow.  Invite friends to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com on Wednesday at 8pm CT and Saturdays at 8am CT.     Click here for playlist.

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Millennial Chooses Civil Disobedience to Protect Hometown

Getting arrested is expensive, millennial Taylor Brorby learned Coming Alive Book Coverafter he engaged in civil disobedience in Boone, Iowa, last autumn to protest construction of the Bakken Oil Pipeline. Taking a stand on behalf of his old home, near the North Dakota Badlands, and his new home, Ames, where he's pursing MFA studies in creative writing and the environment, Taylor views Dakota Access Pipeline construction across the U.S. as an incursion he has to resist.

His motivation?

Love of landscape and concern for nephews who he fears may someday ask him why he didn't do more. His new book, Coming Alive: Action & Civil Disobedience, describes Taylor Brorby's reluctant journey from homebody to activist. A good read for people grappling with their own evolving activism. Tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl.

RRThe show begins with Moonalice and then heads into a complete reading of the Pigcicle release by Rob Lumbard. Hour two has a number of interesting tracks by The Allman Brothers Band, The Golden Palominos, Jimmy Page, and Paul Reddick. Plus a song or two you probably have not heard by the likes of Siena Root, Ellie Pop, or the Wizards From Kansas. Replay at 4 AM Monday morning if you need some juice to start your day. Cool Breeze

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