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Singer/songwriter Katey Laurel featured this week.

Katey LaurelDenver-based folk-pop songstress Katey Laurel grew up drawing pictures, writing stories, riding horses and playing in the woods in the Colorado mountains. Laurel's songs range from radio-friendly pop tunes to lush, cinematic songs for film and television.

With background in classical piano, french horn, guitar and voice, her artistic roots are deep and diverse. Laurel draws her musical inspiration as a songwriter from many musical styles including bluegrass, classic rock, alternative, country, and even 80s dance-pop.

Laurel performs on radio & television, at festivals and venues around the US, including Hotel Cafe (LA), The Bitter End (NYC), Bluebird Cafe (Nashville), Hard Rock Café Denver and Nashville, Colorado State Fair and the Greeley Stampede. She has built a solid fan base with her unique voice garnering airplay on stations around the country including KALC, KMNT, KBCO, KFMU and KOTO and now KRUUfm.

As a live performer, she's shared the stage with Howie Day, Bill Mallonee, Katie Herzig, Matt Morris, Trevor Hall and others. Her new album “Periscope” produced by industry veteran Warren Huart is garnering attention in the indie field.

Walnut Valley Festival New Song Winner, and finalist at Tucson Folk Festival, Great American Song ContestMountain Stage New Song Southwest Regional, Texaco Country Showdown Southwest Regional and International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist.

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Duane Jones' Smooth Jazz

Duane Jones


"Duane's Smooth Jazz"

Bass player and computer programmer DJ Duane Jones fine tuned his ear for jazz playing in jazz bands around the "Windy City" Chicago.

Duane graduated from North Eastern University with his computer programming degree. While DJing for WCRD and other stations, Duane expanded his mental library of music and really acquired a knack for creating effective set lists.

Enjoy two hours of superior jazz programming from "Duane's Smooth Jazz" twice a week Mondays 2-4pm and Thursdays 1-3am on KRUUfm.com and 100.1 FM in Fairfield IA.

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Peace in the Valley


It's been around so long we almost tend to take it for granted, it's influence huge, it's rhythms infectious and its harmonies joyous: Gospel.  Uniquely American, born out of some of the worst misery humans have ever inflicted on others, it's gone way beyond its beginnings in the South and spread to just about every corner of the globe.  We'll hear  from several of those corners, as well as a whole lot of rousing American classics, old favorites as well as new.  This is not your grandmother's gospel.

So whether or not you feel ready to go tell it on the mountain, tune in this Monday and next  at 10:00am, and I can guarantee you won't be crying in the chapel.  Say hallelujah!

Only at the Wildflowers Cafe.  Only on KRUU-FM.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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"Lock In" is Another Hit for Sci-Fi Author John Scalzi

Lock InScience fiction thriller author John Scalzi is having quite a run of success.  His new book, "Lock In," was acquired to be made into a TV pilot less than a month from its publication, while his Hugo award-winning novel "Redshirts" is in production at FX and "Old Man's War" is at the SyFy network.

The premise of "Lock In" is fascinating - some time in the near future, a global virus leaves a segment of the population "locked in" their bodies - unable to move or communicate in any way even though their minds are active.  But other survivors of the virus are left with a brain structure compatible to being "integrated" with the minds of the victims of lock in, allowing them to experience reality through another person's body.  

I don't want to give away too much, because this book is a great read! Like the best of science fiction, it explores issues of ethics, philosophy and even polotics from a unique perspective. Join us on Writers' Voices for an in-depth conversation with this popular writer.


Friday at 2:30pm CT on KRUUfm.com I'm rebroadcasting my interview with Thomas Linzey, Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. We know corporations have the rights of people. But what about local communities? Learn from someone who's spent years on the forefront of helping communities exercise their local rights. We need to stop waiting for others, he says, to come and save us. It's time to stand up for ourselves.

I'll also be re-airing one of my favorite interviews I've done over the past 8 years with NY Times magazine chief political correspondent Mark Leibovich talking about his no punches pulled bestselling book THIS TOWN exposing the self-aggrandizing vanities of our nation's capitol and the pomp and circumstances of the inbred privilege seeking of its elected denizens.

In my youth of many many moons ago, one of the coolest stores on the square was Harrison's. It was a department store. It was a dime store. It had a massive toy department in the basement. It sold record albums and hamsters. It was where I saw the Batman utility belt hanging on display back in 1966 when Batmania was sweeping this country front to back. Harrison's logo was emblazoned on its paper bags and on its storefront. Harrison's is long gone. But the logo lives on...in Indianola...on the front of another long gone Harrison's. And thank you Richard Hadley for the photo.

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Hip-Hop & Trip-Hop of 2014 Featuring Blockhead

On tonight's edition of The After Hours we'll be listening to some more great downtempo hip-hop and trip-hop from 2014. I'll be featuring NYC-based producer Tony Simon AKA Blockhead and his new LP Bells and Whistles (out Nov. 18th).

Blockhead says that "the offerings on Bells and Whistles lay somewhere between a '70s horror movie soundtrack and what you might hear in a Turkish cafe, with boom bap roots front and center."

We'll also hear from Hypnotic Brass Ensemblean eight-piece brass band from Chicago consisting of the eight sons of jazz trumpeter Phil Cohran, and their new LP Bad Boys of Jazz. Continuing the direction began by their amazing album last year Fly: The Customs Prelude, HBE move further away from the traditional brass sound and even further into realms  hip-hop and soul.

On top of that we've got: Red Martina, Groove Cerealmononome, Blockboy, Catching Flies, Chill Bump and Sifu Hotman. Stream it live November 15th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU radio!

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Something New on The Rainbow Rider

RRCheck out the playlist for this show, and if you like what you see, email me at centripetalsounds@gmail.com and let me know. Now, as usual, I have a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, for the show tomorrow morning. Two new songs from The War On Drugs and Land Observations. Both of these new releases are worthy of your attention. Now I also have some older goodies. I have a great version of the song Lovelight by The Grateful Dead from a boot called Cryptical Envelopment. Also Kansas City brings us JPT Scare Band with an epic cut from Past Is Prologue. Frank Zappa, John Handy, Renaissance- hey, we got it all for you, stop on by and give a listen. Cool Breeze

America's favorite cheerless fearleaderMother milked, it'a a beautiful day in the Free-falling poppy: It's reigning mienneighborhood, and never mind Kim Kardashian, hey democracy, you've got a nice arsenal, baby! i.e. it's neocon doo doo time, endless war at warp speed. Speaking of doo doo, Dubya van Gogh says he hopes America beats those al qaeda types in Iraq which he has NO REGRETS invading. And to paraphrase Monica's ex, he said unprompted that he DID NOT have war with that country to settle his daddy's score. He wrote a book for that.

Yep, those are the three tiers today when you come INSIDE THE HEADLINES with the amazing Newsvandal JP Sottile and his trusty sidekick James Moore. Sit back in your saddle, put on your seatbelt and take a cruise at warp speed through the anals of a metaphorical FBI Marshal's cell tower-impersonating Cesna, with a bird's eye view on the latest haps in newsville. Click "Read more" below for links to all the headlines discussed and more.

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