In the weeks to come, as host of Fringe Toast (Wednesday 8-10pm and rebroadcast on Sunday from 4-6pm), I will be sharing a lot of new music from the edges of the musical scene. I will be playing some LPs from my personal collection, and my latest discoveries of bluesy, downtempo acoustic/electronica music favoring female vocalists. Soon, I will begin a segment highlighting the works of particular artists/groups. Among the future groups to be highlighted will be Zero 7, William Orbit, Beth Orton, early Fleetwood Mac, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, 1 Giant Leap,

James Brown passed away Christmas day at the age of 73.

KRUU-FM is playing a set of his greatest hits from 6-7pm and a live set from 8-9pm.

Tuesday at 9am there will also be a set of James Brown's funk and soul in lieu of Andy MacKenzie's BEATLES UNDERCOVER rebroadcast.

James Moore's PLANET ERSTWILD program from 2-5pm on Friday will also highlight the half century of work James Brown contributed to the field of popular music.

God rest ye funky gentleman--to the bridge!

tonite's show (the holy day special) 12.24.2006 is a blending of lo-fi recordings of
original music, live mixes and a dash of oddities spanning the years of 1992 to 2006. i recently sourced a bulk of the material from my original cassette tapes they were recorded to and have done my best to make them as hi-fi as possible...

alas, they are what they are, and for me to finally have them digitized is a true gift. therefore, in the spiritual tradition of these holy days observed by so many traditions, i am sharing these gifts with YOU!

Hey Everybody,

Corey Hickenbottom here. Using my new blog to wish you a Merry Christmas(if you're into that kind of thing) and to check out my show, The Folkabillyrockblues Hour, Tuesday mornings from 11-12. Playing folk, rockabilly, rock n roll, and blues.

Next Tuesday(aka the day after Christmas) will be my second show, first live show and last show of the year. Chris Poole will be in the studio with me providing some tunes he likes. I guarantee a good time!

I don't know what you'll be doing the day after Christmas, whether going back to work or just chilling out enjoying your new stuff, but I recommend tuning into The Folkabillyrockblues Hour!

A lot of people have asked about the archives, so I feel an explanation is owed. So here it is ...

In order to get the archives up, we need some disk space, and some bandwidth. The disk space is no problem - we're working on getting some hardware to get a lot more bytes available (what we need to get is a sata raid controller for our ibm e-servers, and it's just been a matter of some cash and an ebay purchase).

The bandwidth is a slightly different story. Right now we've got a DSL connection to the Internet. LISCO has generously upped our upload speed to the max possible, but that still gives us only about 1Mbps uplink. This is not bad, but basically the problem is that if we make our archives available, and lots of people start downloading from our site (which we're hoping for, of course), we max out our uplink for the regular live stream. Basically not good. I've been thinking about options - everything from bittorrent seeds of our shows, to community mirrors (where multiple people around town can help out by hosting the content on their servers as well, which would mitigate our bandwidth issues).

We'd like to thank everyone for making Das Boom II a big bang. Kudos to Lisco, Frasier Jones, Roland, Sundar and Caleb for their technical support along with all the KRUU DJ's who performed, Count Spatula and Steve McLain & the JeffCo Green Band. Special thanks to Dezi and Ian for coordinating decorations, food and ticket sales. The live feed was up and running by about 10:15 pm and sounded great. Some 200 people joined us for our first party that went into the wee hours - 3:20 am. We raised some $1300 which is a good start towards chipping away at our operating expenses.

Jeremy Pelofsky of Reuters reports that on Wednesday President George W. Bush installed self-described conservative writer and producer Warren Bell on the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public television and radio.

The Senate Commerce Committee had been scheduled to hold a confirmation hearing for Bell in September but he was dropped from the agenda because of concerns by both Republicans and Democrats. President Bush's recess appointment allows him to hold the board position until Congress adjourns next year.

The President has also recess appointed Mark McKinnon, of Texas, to be a Member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Mr McKinnon oversaw the advertising campaign for President Bush's 2004 re-election.

First, a big Thank You to all the kids who came to the studio for our live Christmas show. We sang, read stories and ate candy canes. If you missed it, don't worry. We have more fun things planned. Also, thanks to Scott Puffer for being so flexible and letting us go a little over our time. By the way, he has a great show where he goes in depth (and uses a lot of vinyl)into different musical experiences - great stuff!

Right now, If you know any local writers of children's books who would like to read their book during the show, have them call Grandpa D at 919-4277. Thanks.

Oh man, I hope you guys have been listening to my show, because it's been a great one. But I need your help! I need requests. Anything you want, as long as I can find it, and it's censored. I sure hope I hear from you, Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00.

Hey everyone,This is Clayton Miller.I am the host of Metal Health on KRUU on Wednesday nights from midnight to 1 am and on saturday mornings from 7am to 9am.

I play a mix of metal(everything from Guns-N-Roses to Lamb Of God), alternative(Nirvana,Faith No More,PennyWise) and classic punk rock(Misfits,Sex Pistols,Black Flag).I am open to requests and special guests in studio if interested.

This month we are doing the Best of Iron Maiden every tuesday starting from the very first Iron Maiden album to the most recent one.

On December 23rd we are doing our x-mas special which I guarrantee

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