The station module is up, and most of the rest of the drupal site is working. I spent hours today trying to figure out why it was that the site would not allow me to log in. I could login, but the login would not take me anywhere, except back to the login screen. I cleared the cache, the history, the passwords on Firefox and Flock, and still nada. Finally I cleared out the cookies and it worked! So here's a lesson to alla you out there - clean out your cookies on a regular basis. Seems like there's some goofy thing in drupal that sometimes munges cookies. I'm sure it needs to be in

The group is making the trek in part to lay the foundation of the illumiNation Network a television network that will be a platform for all people around the world and from every walk of life to express themselves freely. They cover 15-20 miles a day as part of what they are calling The Walk and have been on the road for more than seven months.

Along the way the group, which is part of the United Souls of Awareness (, meets and even collaborates with local artists, musicians and film makers, performs in various venues and at open mikes, visits art galleries, and gives presentations at colleges and schools.

Current Status

The beta database and site are up, but require the styles and look-and-feel stuff to be done. Once that's up all the dj's can start creating their own logins and home pages. This way every KRUU host can have their own little space on the web. Whoopie ;-)

You're here! We've been expecting you

This is probably going to be the website, eventually. But right now it's just a sandbox for us to experiment with some goofy stuff.

KRUU-LP went live today at ~ 12:00 noon, Dennis Raimondi introduced KRUU to the community, facilitating interviews and introducing Fairfield's own "Jefferson County Green Band", led by Steve McLain. Here's a couple pictures. Stay tuned for instructions on accessing the internet stream!

Andrew Perry outlining our call letters for paint the next day. 

Steve Fry and Tom O'neill hanging some drywall in the soon to be mission control. 

Welcome to the KRUU!

Community radio comes to Fairfield on September 30

by Virginia Hancock | Staff Writer

Work is becoming play at 405 N. 2nd Street, broadcast site for 100.1 KRUU FM, Fairfield’s new community radio station. Roland Wells, James Moore, Steve Cooperman, and Stephen Fry, the station’s Programming Committee, are on the fast track to give Fairfield’s collective voice a chance to be publicly heard. Going on air September 30, the 100-watt, low power, non-commercial, non-profit station vows to “put the unity in community,” welcoming all shows, help, ideas and people.

Emphasizing local programming, KRUU (pronounced “crew”) leaders aim to provide “an open, inclusive, diverse forum for music, creative expression, information and entertainment that encourages dialogue and community involvement.”   

James Moore, Roland Wells and Steve Cooperman (l to r) get ready for KRUU’s debut at the end of the month. Photo credit: Virginia Hancock.

Brother Joel and James Moore next to the soon to be Mission Control wall 

Temporary home for "Boiler Room" recording equipment, waiting for construction to finish on the engineering room.

Lots more pictures follow ...

T minus 30 days and counting... and things continue to gain momentum as we hurtle towards KRUU's broadcast launch date of September 30th at high noon.

The Heartland Spirit is doing a feature on the station this week. The Ottumwa Courier has also expressed an interest. We're hoping for a Wednesday edition which would mean additional coverage for Fairfield. The Ledger has also told us to keep them informed.

Good news on the community advisory board. A number of key people have committed and suffice it to say, it is shaping up to be a dandy “KRUU”. We will soon make a formal announcement.

We hope to hear shortly on a Jefferson County grant the station filed for broadcast equipment. Some great carpet is coming our way from music impresario Chris Johnson for “Mission Control”, our broadcast booth, and “The Boiler Room”, our recording studio, both floor and the walls for sound contouring.

Things are popping at the radio station.

This past Saturday we were delighted that some 14 volunteers came out to help organize the building and prepare it for onwards and upwards mobilization. Another dumpster was filled to the brim. The last vestiges of the Martial Arts Studio are dispatched now and its full steam ahead. The back cement wall underneath the tower was artistically enhanced with a colorful spray paint graffiti art rendition of the station’s call letters.

David Torres' rendition of KRUU, painted on back retaining wall at KRUU-FM HQ!

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