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You won't hear this anywhere else on the radio!

If any of you have been wondering whatever happened to all those great posts that Roland used to keep putting up back when the station was still getting set up, way back in the olden days, well, they're back up now. We found the gnomes that hide things like blog posts, and left them in the back room with Clayton for an hour. Everyone came out happy, including the gnomes, which kinda worried us.
Look at the old posts now and you'll see where we were just 3.5 months back. Let this picture of mission control jog your memory:

And that was the week before we went live! Go see the pics of the tower getting put up and more of the days before we went live
Pretty freaking cool, eh? :-)


Beatles Undercover agent Andy MacKenzie will premiere his new music show--lythely dubbed "The Intercranial Whizbang HOUR"--this Monday, January 15th at 8pm, just after Sonia Vera's Spanish-speaking show called "La Hora Latina" and leading up to the inimitable Special K's "180 Degrees" program which runs from 9pm to midnight.

Monday may be the start of a new work week but now you can finish the day off with a night of fun in the strum. Catch Andy's debut at 8pm and keep on sailing with Special K.

Richard PoynderIn December I interviewed Richard Poynder, blogger and freelance journalist with contributions to the Financial Times and Information Today, amongst others. I spoke to him because he had compiled an amazing collection of interviews with open source luminaries, and had spent the time to research their backgrounds, and motivations. Richard calls the series the Basement Interviews.

A few days back I received an email from Richard to inform me that he had decided to blog about the station, on his Open and Shut blog. I thought it would be great for someone to write about us with an outside perspective, thinking it would be a nice short piece related to some of the stuff we talked about during our interview. Last night I received an email from Richard with a link to his published blog post about us, titled Open Radio.

Richard has gleaned our deeper intention with the station, and put into words what I have been unable to.

So I'm recommending that anyone with any care about the station read what Richard has to say about it. It blew my mind!

Last night we watched Dinner Rush again and a few days before that Tortilla Soup. They are both great movies and extra fun for foodies. Besides the food there are some interesting issues tackled and that started us talking about other excellent food movies. Some that come to mind are Big Night, Tampopo, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (the original Tortilla Soup), and Babette's Feast. There are plenty of others. If you have a favorite, drop me a note with your picks and why. We'll spend some time snacking and talking about these luscious films on Wednesday during part of the show.


RadioheadHey Peeps du Jour,

It's Friday! Time to take a musical safari with Dee Jaymes Moore on Planet Erstwild.

This week we will trip the light fandago and let the muse play hopscotch on a pogo stick across the great divide. In other words, it's seat of the pants time as the week seeps into the weekend and the Green County Band wind up their magic box.

Today I'm going to feature some serious Beck and Radiohead, so if that's your cup of tea, pull up a chair, set back and groove like a Beasties' record.

First off I don't want to push my views on politics or the war in the middle east off on anybody.Everybody is going to have a different view on these topics and it will only lead to heated discussion and then physical aggression which I won't have a problem with because I'm bigger than you but some of you might so for the sake of avoiding an argument let's stay neutral on this subject and rejoice the fact that we can play whatever we want in the land of the free.

In observation of the execution of Saddam Hussein we at Metal Health have been playing songs about war and politics.We started this last week but since we only have a two hour timeslot on Saturdays we ran out of time and din't play all of the songs we had scheduled.For more info on this check out our playlist from 1-10-07.We did have a huge selection with songs from Lamb Of God, Slayer, Megadeth, Ministry, Rammstein, Exodus, Motorhead, Trivium and many others but unfortunately we got overzealous and ran out of time.We went back to the drawing board and kept the tracks we missed out on as well as added a few more. So check out our show on Saturday the 13th from 7am to 9 am for a great show featuring numerous track from System Of A Down, Slayer,Lamb Of God,Guns-N-Roses,Norther, Megadeth and many others.


On the StevieMix dance show this week (Friday 9PM-10PM) we'll be playing some brand new tracks-some Alternative with Boys Wanna Be Her (The Peaches) , some House -Pray for Love (Jason Hates Jazz with DJ Chus & David Penn).

Other House tracks include Release (JJ Flores and Steve Smooth) and Resist (Roland Clark), an intense and political song. As usual, we'll include some old school tracks (70's, 90's) and we'll end of with a little hip-hop to transition you to the great hip-hop show after our show-Soul Product at 10PM.

Great Taste's upcoming show on January 17 will feature an interview with Jeff Benjamin of Vetri on the topic of tipping. Jeff gives his personal and insider (as restaurataur and sommelier) view on the topic. Weigh in with your comments (email: greattaste@kruufm.com) after the show and I'll post some of them in the blog.

Any questions, comments, or ideas for topics of discussion; we want to hear from you. Great restaurant experiences while traveling; tell us about them.

Great Taste airs every three weeks on Wednesday night from 7-8 pm as part of the Abundant Planet series of shows.

Part of the Crew

A beautiful sunny January day outside Mission Control in lovely Fairfield, Iowa. How many volunteer deejays does it take to make a photo op?

And this is only 1/3rd of the gang!

Think about it - we have 85 active participants in our crew. This is a beautiful thing! Thank you all you beautiful, creative people!!!

And for all of you tuning in - thank you so much for your support!

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