With great pleasure, we now offer the complete listing of all tracks from weekly Fringe Toast programs. Simply, go to Programs, select Fringe Toast and you will see the dates of shows under the caption, "Playlists". There will be miles and miles of files to share and now to suit the great computer, you can track it all.

There comes a time where every musician has had enough of trying to conform to their band's stereotype and wants to expand into their own artistic ability and create their own sound.Inspired by the mind of my fiancee ,who fancies Slipknot and Stone Sour, we are going to be doing a show on artists who branched out on their own either as a solo act or as a side project on this weekend's edition of Metal Health playing Saturday from 7am-9am.

You'll hear from the original band and then the later solo/side project.For example we'll play some Sabbath and then some Ozzy and then from Ozzy we have Ozzy guitarist,Zach Wylde, who was also in Black label Society.

"Thanks to Steve and the staff at KRUU for setting up the arm wrestling
match with the Honorable Mayor Lyon--I wouldn't have done it with anyone
else. He is a stand up guy and a good friend.

"I was impressed at the written account of the match, but the venerable author missed an important detail. That wasn't just any black T shirt - it was a John Lennon T shirt with the immortal lyrics from Inagine on back of the shirt "you may say I'm a dreamer ..." you get the picture.

"Anyway thanks for a good time on the voice of Fairfield, Iowa."

No, no, Mayor. Thank both you and Mayor Lyon for being good sports and good sportsmen--not to mention the "Happy Hour" bunch for lassooing y'all into this.

Hey everyone, DJ Wrath here. Thanks to all who contributed over the weekend to KRUU! I know I had a lot of fun on Saturday. I hope we continue to spread the word and the wealth ;-) (hint, hint).

I wanted to let you know that this week on Little Seattle (Tuesday 11-midnight), I'll be playing an all acoustic set, as I mentioned on Saturday night. I'm furiously working on the playlist right now, but I'll have that up soon as well now that I know I can.

Check back for updates. I know the content is coming slowly, but it is coming, nonetheless. ;-)

Published 01/20/2007
Updated 03/21/2007

Please find below a copy of our ongoing budget for 2007. This includes a the minumum items that we need to fund to keep the station operational. Needed capital items have not been included! Please stay tuned...

There are historical events which, when people ask where you were, you instantly remember: the day Titanic came out, the first time you heard The Macarena, the day they aired the last episode of Sienfeld. You know, the important stuff.

Well you'll have to add another moment to the top of that list: a first-ever radio event. A political precedent that's setting the groundwork for generations to come. And all that with The Eye of the Tiger as the soundtrack.

What was this event, you ask? Oh, you weren't there? What?! Ok, here's the low-down.

For about a week the Jefferson County Greenband (and the Happy Hour with Steve McLane) guys have been running a really weird promo on your favorite radio station in the world. No, not KMCD, KRUU, dammit! Anyway, the promo claimed that Mayor Ed Malloy venerable leader of the community of Fairfield, would hand wrassle Mayor Dave Lyon venerable leader of the community of Birmingham. And most people who heard this promo said "yeah, right - ha ha, nice joke". But some of us kept listening all the way to where we could clearly hear The Eye of the Tiger. Which basically means that we were psyched baby, psy-ched!!!

So there it was, all week, anticipation building up. Wondering just how big Mayor Lyon is. Not sure if Lyon was spelled Lion. Worried that Mayor Malloy wasn't eating enough spinach (coz of the arm thing, you know, with Popeye?). Basically no sleep for days.

Don't forget the Great Taste contest. We don't have a winner yet. We started a new feature on the show-Kitchen Cupboard Staples-where we tell you all about an essential ingredient that MUST be on hand in your kitchen AT ALL TIMES! Our number 1 segment was about Extra Virgin Olive oil and number 2 will go into more depth on that subject.
The contest will feature a food question of some type with the prize being the featured cupboard ingredient. Here was the question and we are still looking for the correct answer:
What actor or actress debuted in a feature role in this 1988 film that has a type of food in the title? To win that bottle of olive oil be the first person to send an email to greattaste@kruufm.com with the name of the actor or actress AND the name of the film. One more hint-this wasn't the actor or actress' FIRST role, but it was the first time the future star appeared on theater screens.

The Roxy Blue Show is from 9-11 on Thurs nights.....music music music.....be there.

Yo all you hip-hoppers,

It is Friday, you know what that means... Time for another new show of Soul Product giving you a two hour block of some great hip-hop and discussion with your hosts: Yours truly and John Cope. We will also have special guest: Tracy Clark with us in the studio.

The show will go live @ 10PM and run until 12AM. If you're listenting in you're welcome to call in whenver and talk with us on the air. You can catch us on any radio or listen on your computer here at www.kruufm.com
We have just assembled the playlist, and I think it's a great line-up.

Just to name a few artsists we will be playing:

Dude is easily worth his weight in gold.

Have to give a shout out to one of the true blue KRUU superheroes--Devin Wadsworth!

Nice, committed, consistent, bright, willing, able, a tremendous asset to the station, and good posture to boot. He puts the "I" in IT.

All I can say is thank the powers that be for delivering us such an effortlessly multi-tasking whizkid big bang no nonsense no problem master archivist plus.

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