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Yes it is Friday, which means it is time for another all new installment of Soul Product, which is now close to reaching it's third month on the air at KRUU.

We have an eclectic mix for you as always with the following artists:  

Non- Phixion, MF-Doom, 2Pac, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Gift of Gab, Company Flow, Edan and much more.

Catch the show at 10 PM tonight on KRUU 100.1 FM or @


Laurent Kratz (CEO of just directed me to a phenomenal video on youtube . (BTW, Laurent will be a guest on an episode of Open Views in a couple of weeks).

The music is by an artist on Jamendo called Deus. Here's why I felt the need to share this with the KRUU community:

 And the video is about the power of collaboration, sharing, and what the whole Web 2.0 Hype is really about (not just marketing crap, but about making the world work together).

And that's REALLY the reason to care about Free Culture and Open Source! (Click the "READ MORE" link below to view the video): 


This Friday, February 9th at 2pm, Planet Erstwild will feature some new music from Athens, Georgia-based four-piece rock'n'roll band Southern Bitch off their "Snake in the Grass" CD.

If you like a blend of Stones, kickbutt rock and Southern Comfort, these "guys" will knock your everlovin' socks off. 

Hopefully, we can convince SB to play Fairfield someday as their manager spends time here.

At 2:30pm BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner will join Jimmy to discuss current events. Always inciteful, Tanner will share his experiences and opinions on a variety of subjects.

If you're into African music, and that can mean everything from Zambian folk to Ghanian high-life, there's a great site for the music that you've never heard of, and probably won't in the US. Matsuli music is a blog about the incredibly diverse world of African music, and tracks that the blog's authors grew up with. The stuff there is hella cool: James Brown in Africa, Township Groovin - tracks from Soweto's shakin bands, Tanzanian Radio tracks, and way way more.

Destination Dar es Salaam

Jeff Cox's "The Organic Cook's Bible"

If you missed Great Taste on Wednesday night here's some tasty morsels from the show:

Jeff Cox, author of The Organic Cook's Bible, clued us in on his favorite California olive oil-Lunigiana Estate ( Today he tasted Apollo Sierra Blend ( ) and declared it the best oil he has ever tasted. Check out all the important info on California extra virgin olive oils at Also, Jeff gave us an important cooking tip-never heat olive oil to the smoking point because that destroys all its good properties and actually it mutates into a trans fatty acid substance-not a good thing to ingest. 

Our second Kitchen Cupboard contest was announced-make us salivate in 25 words or less by describing how you use extra virgin olive oil on a dish created in your home. Send your entry to The winner will be announced on the February 28 show and enjoy a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil from the just completed California harvest. 


Tonight's program will begin with an extremely rare recording of Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies from their 1969 album, The American Metaphysical Circus.  I will be playing the 11 minute composition, "The Subsylvian Litanies" with three sections:

  • Kalyani (3:50) a spacey electronic score that starts like a flying saucer coming to land and morphs into a layered vocal track, "To die and wait" and finally the three voices move into phase (unison) as the transition for the next piece
  • You Can't Ever Come Down (2:58), a driving electric guitar leads into vocals

          "Waiting to die for the 17th time,

            Etched on a mirror in the back of your mind,

            Trapped on a mountain nobody can climb,

            You can't ever come down (repeated)   .... (and on it goes)

  • Moonsong: Pelog (3:47). The bad trip settles, "Come down, baby, come down easy, Onto your lady's satin pillow.  Come fly, angel, come fly gentle, over your lady's heathered meadow..... (and so it goes)

Joe Byrd was a student of the electronic music school at UCLA and Univ of Arizona. He worked in the New York music scene with critic-composer Virgil Thomson.  He recorded an album under the group name, United States of America.  However, the American Metaphysical Circus (1969) continues to stand the test of time as a landmark work in experimental electronic music. 

When I was 11 years old I was watching the Headbanger's Ball and a band called Megadeth was doing a song called Anarchy in The Uk.At the time I really liked the song and didn't know until later that it had been originally written and recorded by the Sex Pistols.Then I had heard a Metallica song called Last caress/Green Hell originally by the Misfits.

If you never listened to our show, be prepared to doze off. Don't worry, we won't be insulted. That's the purpose of our show - to put our listeners to sleep - or at least have them chill out a little bit. Although with this weather, let's just say it's a great show to snuggle up to. First half hour, children's stories; next half, sweet music hosted by Dick DeAngelis (Grandpa D)and his 11 yr. old son Mickey.

A big shout out to all the folks who have stopped Therese and I on the street and in stores to say how much they enjoy the show. Trust me we enjoy doing the show!
See Mom, I told you someday all the silliness would pay off!

Ethan Zuckerman founded GeekCorps, GlobalVoices and is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

A few weeks back I spoke with Wayan Vota, currently Director of IESC-GeekCorps, about the work of Geekcorps in Mali. I wanted to get some more insights into why Geekcorps came into existence, from the person who founded the organization. But more importantly, I wanted to find out what has been learned from the collaborative model, global volunteerism, and the experiences working in Africa towards a better society.

Ethan talked to me for almost 90 minutes, about his GeekCorps experiences, his work with the Berkman Center, and his ongoing work as a global activist. I will be playing an abbreviated 45 minute version of the interview, and will be posting both the short and long versions online in the next few days, for anyone to download.

Tune in at 7pm Tuesday or 8am Friday.

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