It's Friday which means it's time to delve into another helping of funky, rhythmic, distinct hip hop. I know I say this a lot, but it's going to be a great show, we have a great playlist this week.

Also we are going to be Live again in the studio. So feel free to stop by and hang with us during the show, or call in and talk with us.

As usual we'll have another guess that sample portion of the show. And some discussion in the studio.

Some artists this week are:
Royal Flush
Planet Asia
Ghostface Killah
Royal Flush
Black Bastards
Kanye West

Check it out tonight on KRUU 100.1 FM from 10PM to 12AM


My fiancee Angela asked me on Valentine's day if I could play some lighter metal love songs in honor of the holiday.To be honest on Valentine's morning I was too tired to play much of anything with my new schedule but I sure wasn't going to play anything that was going to put me asleep while I was still on the air so I scratched the idea.

Today on Centripetal Sounds we are going to explore the blues, and since we are concerned with center-seeking energies, we must explore the blues that take a turn, or perhaps a little creative liscense, shall we say. Tune in for some decidedly different sounds by some impossibly obscure artists, I guarantee you will hear a song or three you have never heard before, and you will want to hear again.

Violent Femmes

we have requests for such music master minds as




try to start getting ready to handle it. 


The Justin King Band
will be gracing KRUU with a visit today during the Midweek Song Streak Show
from 4-5 pm...
...please tune in
[they will also be performing live at Cafe Paradiso at 8 pm]
Peace & Love

Lonnie Gamble

Abundant Planet Radio is a collective with three hosts, and deals with the cutting edge of creating a sustainable world. Hosts are Steve Boss with the show Great Taste, Kelley Custer and Brian Robbins with the Pharam Show, and Lonnie Gamble. See our web site at . Every Wednesday 7-8 pm, rebroadcast Tuesday 8-9 am. 

Make Love, Not War

Hello all, 'tis Cameron, just reminding you to tune in to a VERY special Block of Rock (Thurdays at 5-6).

We'll  DEFINITELY be playing some of the recent Grammy winners (Including John Mayer, Bob Dylan, and the up-and-coming Wolfmother, and much  MUCH more.

Just in case you slept through the Grammy's, or were like me, and didn't bother to tune in =], then you should definitely tune in from 5-6 on Thursdays, on your wonderful 100.1 KRUU FM.

Until next time,


  The end of time; is the beginning/or/one good for us all !

Pink Floyd The Wall

Tonight is Club Night on the StevieMix Alternative Dance (Friday 9PM-10PM) show.  We are playing club songs (mostly house) from David Guetta, Junior Sanchez and more.  We'll end off with 'You Don't Know' by 50 Cent, Cashis, Eminem & Lloyd Banks.

This is your chance to practice your Valentine's day moves with your sweetheart (past, present or future)!

Tonight's special track is Eric Prydz's Proper Education, a remix of Pink Floyd's the Wall.  If you never really thought of dancing to this track, listen up! 

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