Our guests this week on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline were all members of Linda Egenes' class on memoir writing that published the book "Being Our Own Heroes - Our Stories and Other Myths."  Please join us as we enjoy the wisdom and story-telling of these enlightened senior citizens.




Magical Mystery Show!


Hey guys! Thanks for all the listener support! This Wednesday, the 27th, we're going to have an all Beatles playlist, all leading up to a magical mystery song! We'll be dropping clues and making references all through the show, and don't forget to even check the songs for clues! If you think you have it, call in, and we'll see!

Today: Progressive music from the vaults of the late 60's. Next week, we are having a Green Pajamas party, stay tuned!

  Shango Axe, music Midnight Psalms luciano, music afternoon Psalms

  Our continuing story: Acts 15&16 bob dylan, music reggae gospel hymns

  live local music Garnett Silk, music Morning the first day, psalms

  Zion Coptic revelations Toots & the Maytals, music High Noon Psalms

Last week for Valentine's day we did a show called the lighter side of metal.............well..........., now this week it's time to take a trip to the dark side.We did the lighter sappy romantic stuff that makes my stomach turn last week and now we get to do the fun stuff.This week's show will be songs about the dark side of life that noone wants to appreciate. Songs about the devil,sin,evil and fun things of that nature.We're talking Ozzy's Mr Crowley, Iron Maiden's number of the beast, Lamb Of God's Walk With Me In Hell,Ac/Dc's Highway To Hell,and bands such as Avenged Sevenfold,Cradle Of Filth,Black sabbath,HIM,Type O Negative and many more positive,uplifting bands.So tune in saturday morning at 7am for a chance to reflect on the darker side of life.


Michel Bauwens This week's guest on Open Views is Michel Bauwens , founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives at P2PFoundation.net.

Peer-to-Peer (or P2P) is most often thought of in terms of the file-sharing computer networks that have been vilified by the recording and movie industry associations, for allegedly permitting (if not encouraging) rampant digital content "piracy". But Michel takes the concept of peer networks, to the realm of society. We're creating a new world, where peer production is taking on traditional societal models. The most obvious example is Wikipedia - an encyclopedia designed to be created by collaborators, and gaining sufficient momentum (and arguable credibility) to take on the likes of Brittanica. The success of the Wikipedia project could be attributed to peer production - basically global collaboration amongst a like-minded group.

Peer production leads to a peer-based society, creating collaborative networks that can take on projects that formerly required huge capital investment. The cost has always come in due to the perception of a certain kind of scarcity - whether it be with human resources or knowledge. But what happens when this "artificial scarcity" is taken out of the picture? You end up with nothing less than way to transform society and human civilization.

Tune in at 7pm on Tuesday and 8am on Friday to listen to Michel Bauwens. 

Check out www.iriefm.net (Jahmaica's leading and most famous radio station) for their take on the year's best singles, artists, albums etc. The list was broadcast on February 14th and names some very interesting choices for the "Greats of '06".  The comeback artist of the year is Vegas himself.  Are we glad he's back? Sean Paul gets the Reggae Ambassador Award.  Move over Wyclef.  Best Dressed Female (or is it Best Undressed Female?) is D'Angel. Beenie Man apparently is quite the shnazzy male dresser. Criss, mon.  He is also Listener's Choice and DJ of the Year along with Buju. Glad to know Beenie is still at it  (truly makes the drive from Negril to MoBay even more exciting when the mini bus driver has a good Beenie cassette) .....Dutty Wine be de best Dance of the Year and the Best Song.....(I'm still trying to clean up that track so i can play it on the air.....).  Last but not least, Capelton has received the Humanitarian Award for the year. I would REALLY like to know how he pulled that one off (I'll save my side comments for another time).  For now, congrats Capelton......

French Duo - Supermen Lovers


I've been exposed to some new bands recently and am happy to debut today @ 6pm on The Pulse,  the 2001 one-hit-wonder, "Stralight" by Supermen Lovers a french super hero duo that took Europe by storm with 8 #1's but were unfortunate in not being able to puddle jump across for our aural pleasure in the grand olde US of A.  So if your wanting to have a quick listen to the play of pardox and a funk structure that begs to be danced to, then tune in today at 6pmword.

 I was in Dubuque, Iowa over the weekend snowboarding at Sundown and I happened to come across a band with amazing talent and flare. Their name was River And The Tributaries.

They where playing in the bar in the lodge and it was their album release party and they where giving it their all. I just sat back in amazement as I watched them do their thing. They had a huge repetoire ranging from their own original music, to covers of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tenacious D songs. I just had to get their album. I went out to the car and put the CD in the CD player and it was fanominal. I knew I had to play their songs.

I went up and talked to them right away when they took their first break. They were excited at the fact that they would be known somewhere else besides Dubuque (they had a two song set on a local radio station that night).

Incubus Light Grenades and AudioSlave RevelationsTonight (Friday 9PM-10PM) we've got a wide variety including some bands you might not have heard of like Hotspur and Eagles of Death Metal as well as some older tracks (50's and 80's).

We'll have an acoustic version of Freak on a Leash with Korn and Amy Lee (Evanescence fame), Sound of a Gun by AudioSlave and a couple of Red Hot Chilli Peppers tracks including one from the Dani California EP.  Like a couple of weeks ago, we're including a track from Incubus' latest release, Light Grenades (mouse over the image to see more...)

We'll end off by dropping some Common and Lupe Fiasco. 

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