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Host Ken Malloy interviews Bryan Peterson about his extraordinary life Thursday March 22nd at 1pm.  The Show will be rebroadcast next Tuesday March 27th at 8am. 

NEXT THURSDAY March 29th - a replay of Ken's talk with Lee Gobble. 

THURSDAY April 5th - A replay of the interview with Dave Neff.


Join me from 2-4 Thursday when I spin records designed to give props to Fringe Toast and 180 Degrees! We are cookin'! Yowsah


Join us Wednesday @ 7:00 pm for 60 minutes of travel.  We're going to California, Quebec, Switzerland, Italy, and France to taste some of the world's best cheeses and learn about their creators.  Our guide is cheesemonger and owner of Di Bruno Bros., Emilio Mignucci.  On the way we'll give you a crash course on buying, storing, and serving great cheese.

Don't miss this episode of Great Taste.  Emilio is really excited!



Yesterday Chris Poole, my good friend and neighbor, and I got together, listened to a bunch of music, and came up with a swell batch of swell songs.  Some that he brought and some that I had.  We'll be in the studio tomorrow morning at 11 to play 'em for you.   Its Folkabillyrockblues with a Chris Poole twist.  Songs from Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Burnette Trio, Starlight Mints, Gang of Four, Daniel Johnston, and Tom Waits will be played, just to name a few.  It'll be a good time, so I reccomend tuning in! 


Folkabillyrockblues!  Tuesday mornings from 11-12.

Rebroadcast Friday mornings from 7-8.


On January 26, 2007, Creative Commons launched it's India project. The project lead is Shishir Jha, assistant professor at the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Business at the Indian Institute of Technology, in Bombay.

On this week's episode of Open Views I speak to Shishir Jha about why there's a need for Creative Commons in a country like India, and what the organization's objectives are, from the perspective of an educator at India's premier educational institution, and as a part of IIT's business school.

Tune in at 7pm on Tuesday, and 7am on Thursday. 

This week's show, broadcast Tuesday March 20 from 1 - 2pm Central Standard Time and rebroadcast Thursday March 27 from 8 - 9 am Central Standard Time, will feature:

1:00 - 1:30 pm - Ed Sarath. 

So this track "So Glad to see you" by Hot Chip off the Album "The Warning" has given me oodles of aural pleasure this week.  There something about it that just makes the life inside me so big that I can't seem to contain myself when I hear it, akin to my front row experience at NKOTB concerts circa 1988.  So if your feeling like you need an uplifting lufftwaffe like feeling, check out "The Pulse" around the 44 minute mark for some happy happy joy joy.  Nick

Imagine yourself listening to a deep-tracks (album-oriented) FM radio station around 1975.  Rather than the popular rock music of the time, this station plays seldom-heard yet compelling compositions.  Sometimes, you hear little-known groups (e.g., Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Lothar and the Hand People, The Third Ear Band, Ultimate Spinach, Curved Air).  Sometimes, you hear obscure tracks of recognizable groups (e.g., "The Shield" by Deep Purple, "Laughing" by David Crosby, and "A Child is Coming" by Jefferson Airplane).

On Wednesday, March 21 from 8-10pm, Andy Bargerstock launches the first of three special shows called, "Lost in the '70s". These three programs will be aired once a month over the next three months.  Exact dates will be announced on Fringe Toast.

Catch some fresh-cooked Catfish right out of the stream and enjoy a man who bends strings with impunity and smacks 'em round with crispy clasp Santa claws. It's like popcorn in a riverboat on the 4th of July listenin' to Iowa's own bone-rattlin' son of the Delta slippery slope blues.

On March 19,1982 Ozzy osbourne's guitarist (and in my opinion possibly the greatest ever) Randy Rhoades died when his airplane crashed in the early morning hours. In our first segment we played the best material that Rhoades had played while he was with Ozzy from the albums Blizzard of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman.After this period in his career Ozzy had brought on Jake E Lee on guitar.Lee had talent but I'll admit he was no Randy Rhoades.However he was with Ozzy for the next two albums which were the classic Bark At The Moon and the commercially successful album The Ultimate Sin.This week we will be coverring the best tracks from these two albums on Metal Health right here on KRUU wednesday morning from midnight to 1am.Rock On until then

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