Catch some fresh-cooked Catfish right out of the stream and enjoy a man who bends strings with impunity and smacks 'em round with crispy clasp Santa claws. It's like popcorn in a riverboat on the 4th of July listenin' to Iowa's own bone-rattlin' son of the Delta slippery slope blues.

On March 19,1982 Ozzy osbourne's guitarist (and in my opinion possibly the greatest ever) Randy Rhoades died when his airplane crashed in the early morning hours. In our first segment we played the best material that Rhoades had played while he was with Ozzy from the albums Blizzard of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman.After this period in his career Ozzy had brought on Jake E Lee on guitar.Lee had talent but I'll admit he was no Randy Rhoades.However he was with Ozzy for the next two albums which were the classic Bark At The Moon and the commercially successful album The Ultimate Sin.This week we will be coverring the best tracks from these two albums on Metal Health right here on KRUU wednesday morning from midnight to 1am.Rock On until then

BBC Filmmaker Stuart Tanner

BBC Filmmaker Stuart Tanner will discuss global events with Planet Erstwild's James Moore today.

Tanner and Moore will interview Giovanni Ciarlo of the Global Ecovillage Network who is presently at the network's ecovillage in Mexico--Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl.

This topic was introduced to KRUU listeners on Planet Erstwild by Tanner and Moore on February 16, 2006. The archive is available for streaming or downloading on the website.

This will be Tanner's last in-studio appearance for some time as he will be returning to England on Tuesday. Stuart will continue to offer his insights and commentary from overseas each week and promises to keep us informed as his next documentary film project unfolds.



If you thought all Irish music was played on the bagpipe, think again. We're celebrating the holiday early by giving you an eclectic mix of musicians that hail from the land of the blarney stone and little green elves. And what better way to pay homage to Ireland's biggest rock band than to play (U)2fers of all these great artists for not one, but two hours! That's right, tune in to A Reasonable Alternative from 8 to 10 PM this Friday (while Stevie Mix takes a breather...don't worry, he'll be back next week). It might just bring you a little bit of Irish luck:)

Today on Centripetal Sounds, give a listen to local bands, curious ideas about rhythm and melody, and obscure albums from the sixties. The underground passages are being extended, dear friends. Come for the rap and stay for the muse.


"What do the Hungarian people want? Let peace, liberty, and harmony prevail!

tonight shark vs. octopus are taking the tank to chicago, in honor of citizen fish and leftover crack (formerly choking victim). we are so fortunate as to be 1INTERVIEWING DICK LUCAS of citizen fish, formerly of subhumans. this is a very big deal for us, we are Big Excited. let us know if there's anything you'd like us to inquire about. send an email to before four pm today, or after that, feel free to send a text message to me (the shark) 3057253116 if it's anytime after that.

of course this means that tonight's show will be a rebroadcast (sorry!), but next week tune in to hear the interview with dick, as well as some sweet james from citizen fish, leftover crack, and their various related bands. click the "read more" link to see some great pictures from the savannah show of this same tour, taken by honorary undersea queen charlotte walters.

I hope you liked our show. a shout out to all the writers who are sharing their books with us.


                                                                                                THANK YOU!

                                                                                                               Mickey D

This week's show, broadcast Tuesday March 13 from 1-2pm Central Standard Time and rebroadcast Thursday March 15 from 8-9am Central Standard Time, will feature:

1:OO – 1:30pm – Ellen Chenoweth.

Ms. Chenoweth is one of Hollywood’s top casting directors. Ellen was raised in the Midwest & South, attended college in Virginia. She moved to NYC where she started working in theatre. After a short period of time, Ellen landed a job at the Actors Studio where Lee Strasberg was the artistic director. Under the tutelage of  Mr. Strasberg, Ellen became skilled as a casting director and started spending time in Los Angeles.


On February 28th, KRUU received a visit from the red-coated Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. The morning meet-and-greet was a chance for 10 key Fairfield area businessmen and -women to see their local grassroots community radio station in action and exchange greetings with founding members Roland Wells, James Moore and Steve Cooperman. 

KRUU w/ Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors
Dave Neff presents Roland Wells and james Moore with an
official welcome plaque on behalf of the ambassadors.


The following night, March 1st, KRUU was presented with a Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce 'Community Improvement Award' for 2006 at the Chamber's anual awards' banquet held at the Best Western.

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