Please join me for a fascinating hour that will look in depth at how a utopian idea is coming to life right before our eyes.  My guest in the studio Monday is Martha Norbeck, a sustainability specialist with Cypress Villages, the latest vision for a community that embodies the idea that it takes a village to create a village. 

Qualified participants will be given the title or the right to FREE land for development but that is only one of many elements to this vast and ambitous project. 

A subsidiary of the Walker Group, Cypress Villages will be a way to grow and expand upon the Super Radiance Community by providing quality Maharishi Sthapatya Veda homes at fixed costs and below current market prices.

As a sustainability specialist, Norbeck will go into detail around plans for implementing sustainable living ideas within this unique village that will border Maharishi Vedic City in Jefferson County.   Cypress Villages plans to use sustainable methods and practices  while providing reliable and sustainable employment.

So I invite everyone with even a hint of interest (and you know that you do!) to join me and my guest for an indepth peek at this amazing project that could define once again our Fairfield community as cutting edge.

Tonight on Saturday Night LiveNeil Young

Neil Young's "latest" release "Live at Massey Hall" taped in Toronto January of 1971 will be featured. Rolling Stone Magazine's David Fricke gives it a 4-star review. It's a powerful confident performance from a slightly weathered sounding and incredibly gifted 25-year old. 

This release, just out, has debuted at number 6 on The Billboard 200, Young's second-highest debut ever. We will also play a good portion of "Live at Fillmore East", also recorded in 1971 and released last fall. He is accompanied by Crazy Horse.

The set finishes with a few cuts from 1993's "Unplugged".


mos def Just a quick reminder, Soul Product is live 10PM to 12AM tonight!


Some artists include:


common, mos def, talib kweli, Atmosphere, EPMD, Notorious BIG, Edan, Dizzie Rascal, Louis Logic and many more!


all new, listen in 

CKYAfter a great time in the Northwest, including visiting the Experience Music Project in Seattle (site of the Jimi Hendrix Museum), I'm back in Fairfield. This Friday night's alternative mix show at 9PM-10PM will feature tracks from Jimmy Eat World, CKY, Liz Phair, Marc Broussard, Ra, Killswitch Engage and Canadian Hip/Hop group K-OS. 

I particularly like K-OS because their material spans multiple genres (Hip/Hop, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Dance,etc.), and their songs often have a real spiritual bent.  Kheaven Bereton, founder of K-OS, is a mutli talented lyricist, musician and producer.  Over the next few weeks I will be playing more tracks from their latest Album:  Atlantis-Hymns For Disco (not very Disco like!)

Many thanks to Matt Mullenaux and Michael Halley for doing the March 16th show!

Today on Centripetal Sounds I am going to attempt to play some 45 rpm records I found in a closet at my house. If they will play....hey, the needle always heads in the right direction, anyway- towards the center. 2-4, see you then.

hey everyone, im playing some songs by a band i recently dicovered called "Moonrats"

check them out on my show right now (The asian & the caucasian) 5-6pm wednesdays


good stuff, take a listen, call in (6412091083)



Shadoe StevensGreat things are happening with Sleepy Time.

Tune in tonight and listen to my interview with Shadoe Stevens, announcer for the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS and one of the great voices of radio. When Casey Kasem left the show "American Top Forty", Shadoe became the new host for the next 6 years. During this time, it became the most successful and widely syndicated radio show in the world. It was broadcast in 120 countries to an estimated 1 billion listeners every week. His voice became one of the most recognizable voices in the world.

Now he's finally made it on KRUU-FM. Seriously, I found his book "The Big Galoot" ( and loved it and he was so kind and generous, he was happy to do an interview with us.

Listen tonight to "The Big Galoot" starting at 8pm.

In 2002, Sunil Abraham was elected as a Fellow of, an international organization whose Sunil Abraham, Mahiti.orgmission is to promote positive social change by investing in social entreperneurs with innovative solutions that are sustainable and replicable.

Mahiti is the for-profit company that Sunil founded in 1998, in order to create simple, effective, and affordable solutions for non-profit and volunteer organizations, so that they could do their work better.

Sunil's work as an activist using free/open-source tools, his projects with organizations such as the Open Society Institute, the International Open Source Network, AsiaSource, and his presentations to a long list of both private, and public orgnizations have made him both an important and admired member of the larger Free and Open Source worlds. In addition to this non-profit he is also a successful social entrepreneur, as the fellowship recognizes.

Tune in to Open Views at 7pm CST on Tuesday (or 8am Thursday) to hear Sunil's thoughts on the Indian framework for free software, free culture, running a successful business using open-source software, and so much more.

This week's show, broadcast Tuesday March 27 from 1pm-2pm Central Standard Time and rebroadcast Thursday March 29 from 8am-9am Central Standard Time, will feature:

1:00pm-1:30pm: Omer Ismail

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