Every Sunday Morning KRUU features the Binghimon, thats me, on the Binghimon Revival. An African music show featuring music from all throughtout the  worldwide African diaspora including Reggae from Jamaica, Mbaqanga from South Africa, Zouk( French West Indies) and Soukous (Zaire ) to name but a few! I'm always looking for a joyful sound

    But I also like to take advantage of the fact  that Sunday morning is also a reflective time of the week, so I like to add a little gospel and inspirational conversation. I'd always love to to hear from listeners to compliment the spirit of Thanksgiving and Rememberance of our Creator in considering  what God has to say by way of the Holy Scritures.

On Thursday March 1st, KRUU will be presented with a community improvement award from the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce at their annual awards banquet to be held at the Best Western.

On Wednesday February 28th, the Chamber ambassadors will make a brief visit to the station, welcoming KRUU to the Fairfield business community.

On Wednesday February 28th at 5pm, the KRUU News collective will have another organizational meeting. Things are coming together fast for the new news team. If you'd like to be involved with local, regional, national or international news, please come to the meeting, or contact the radio station at 641 209-1083.

At a time when more than half of the town is without power and another large portion of it is without phone services I find it hard to believe that there is nowhere to get information about the current staus of things at the time.The Alliant Energy website is not working and our own website as well as the websites for local news have absolutely zero information at this time.What good is it when your local news sources cannot give you local news.How long is the power going to be out,how long will phone lines be down,in case of an emergency where can the public go,and how are we supposed to get this information from?These are issues I feel that need to be addressed and we desparately need someone to fill in that slot .Our local news sources are not doing their jobs if they can't guive us this local information

Practically Worthless Sports
, a brand spanking new show with me (Greg Polakow) and my co-host Bob Daniels, is a unique radio talk show about, you guessed it, sports. We’ll let you be the judge of whether the sports topics we pick are practically worthless, completely worthless, or are, in fact, pretty fascinating.

One thing for sure, they will not be the mundane, the ordinary, or the predictable. Well, OK, at least not every show anyway. We will talk about a variety of off the beaten path sports topics in off the beaten path ways.  Or at least talk about ordinary topics in an off the beaten path way.

You may enjoy our forays into the issue of sports figures who, having established themselves in one sport, who then try their luck and skill at another.

Or, our less than respectful discussions of new or badly applied rules.

Or, you might really enjoy the time we take to introduce you to sports you may not know much about like Cricket, log rolling, couples roller skating, group sky diving and the like.

Hey, it’s only 30 minutes once a week. What can it hurt? Tune in. We promise you will learn something new and interesting every time.

At the very least, you’ll enjoy our out of the mainstream perspectives on sports and all the hoopla that surround that huge, ungainly, wonderful, quirky topic.

Tune in at 9.30 am every Sunday morning to listen to Practically Worthless Sports.

Joseph Cirincione

Today on Planet Erstwild, James will feature a talk given just last night at MIT by Joseph Cirincione, compliments of David Goodman of the Independent Broadcast Information Service. Cirincione describes why some nations have nukes and others do not and what can be done to impede or stop proliferation.

Following the talk, James will be joined by BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner to discuss the issues raised and other current events.

Joseph Cirincione is Senior Vice President for National Security and International Policy. Prior to joining the Center for American Progress in May 2006, he served as director for nonproliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for eight years.

He is the author of Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons (Columbia University Press, Spring 2007), Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threats (Second Edition, 2005), and co-author of Universal Compliance: A Strategy for Nuclear Security (March 2005). He teaches at the graduate School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Sarah McLachLan Remixed Yes, its true, we are playing Sarah McLachlan, the Canadian Diva in this week's StevieMix dance show on Friday at 9PM-10PM.  We've played her before on our alternative night but not like this!  Don't expect mellow, angelic tracks like Fallen, Angel or Adia.  The track from Sarah McLachlan Remixed is called Silence and it's anything but.  Sarah's voice is phemonenal and its unusual to hear it mixed into a high energy track like this by DJ Tiesto.  Tiesto is a popular Dutch DJ well known for high BPM (Beats Per Minute) songs contrasted with atmospheric elements. Read more

Other track's in this week's mix include the sexy Digital Lover by P-1 ,Dr. Funk by Carl Cox, one of the U.K.'s finest DJ's.  Dr. Funk is from a dance mix album called Moonshine Overamerica2000 (hold your mouse over the Sarah album image to see this one).


Our guests this week on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline were all members of Linda Egenes' class on memoir writing that published the book "Being Our Own Heroes - Our Stories and Other Myths."  Please join us as we enjoy the wisdom and story-telling of these enlightened senior citizens.




Magical Mystery Show!


Hey guys! Thanks for all the listener support! This Wednesday, the 27th, we're going to have an all Beatles playlist, all leading up to a magical mystery song! We'll be dropping clues and making references all through the show, and don't forget to even check the songs for clues! If you think you have it, call in, and we'll see!

Today: Progressive music from the vaults of the late 60's. Next week, we are having a Green Pajamas party, stay tuned!

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