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SHARK VS. OCTOPUS is proud and thrilled to be joined by three acts from Anti-Civ records (communally run grassroots record label based out of minneapolis) on our show tomorrow night.

shugE, hangun man, and cellphone will be performing live sets- we may even feel feisty and run the show a bit later than usual. who knows. wacky times.

please tune in and show your support- these guys are at the end of a long tour, and Anti-Civ is essentially the KRUU of record labels.

They all have very different sounds, check them out at

Lawrence Liang, AltLawForum.orgLawrence Liang is the founder of the Alternative Law Forum , located in Bangalore India. He is also the legal lead for Creative-Commons India, which was launched on January 26, 2007.

Lawrence Liang's work in the area of intellectual property, and specifically his position against concepts like intellectual property are what interested me in interviewing with him. He has been working towards mapping the ideas of Open Source into the cultural domain.

Lawrence authored "The Guide to Open Content Licenses ", a handbook of different Open licenses and their applicability.

Breaking news!

I will be joined in the studio today by Ed Miller, a union representative for District Lot 6 in Iowa and Nebraska to explain why over 200 employees of the Dexter plant are on strike following recent contract disputes.  Employees of the Fairfield Manufacturer, who are members of the Machinists Union from Dexter Apache Holdings Inc, took to the picket lines at midnight Saturday after they voted not to proceed with the contract that was presented to them.

Please join me and my guest, as well as James Moore who has been on the story most of the morning, for an indepth and close up look at a very emotional issue. Representatives from Dexter Apache declined to join the discussion but did issue a statement.

The interview with Ed Miller on the ongoing machinists' strike will be rebroadcast today Monday April 16 at 6:30pm following Free Speech Radio News and Wednesday morning April 18 at 7am.


- Happy Hour with Steve McLain & the JeffCo Green Band - New Monsoon

8:24 minutes (7.69 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)
New Monsoon
The Happy Hour crowd interviewed
New Monsoon
on Friday the 13th
click on the play button to hear it now
New Monsoon will be LIVE in Fairfield
at the Old Armory
Tuesday, April 17


This Saturday we'll have generations of A Fistful of Dallers' music. The first KRUU live feed from Café Paradiso, 8-10pm, (see James' recent post), will feature Adrien Daller singing accompanied by her brother Dain Daller on synthesized tracks, and by me, Doug Daller on piano.

Then my KRUU show, A Fistful of Daller's, 10-12pm, will feature the history of rock 'n' roll in the Daller family. My oldest brother, Bill Daller, will bring in his collection of the first 45 records in the Daller household. This, and AM radio in Detroit, is how my brothers and I got introduced to rock 'n' roll when it first began in the early 1950's.  


Adrien Daller

Tune in
to Saturday Night Live
to hear a LIVE feed
of the Adrien Daller performance
at Cafe Paradiso

 Brigadier General (retired) Kevin Ryan is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Center. A career military officer, he has extensive leadership experience in Air and Missile Defense, Intelligence, and Political-Military policy areas. In his last active duty assignment BG Ryan was responsible for Army Strategic War Plans, Policy, and International Affairs. He has served as Senior Regional Director for Slavic States in the Office of Secretary of Defense and as Defense Attaché to Russia. He has also served as Chief of Staff for the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command and as Assistant Professor Russian Language, United States Military Academy at West Point. BG Ryan holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree from the US Military Academy and Master’s Degrees from Syracuse University and the National War College. He and his wife Kathryn have five children, Benjamin, Lisa, Kelly, Denelle, and Nicholas.

Isn't this something?  Last week we were interviewing Gary Garles about the wonderful weather and gardening and now if you go out you will see SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I want to apologize!  I feel like it's all our fault. It's just like when you wash your car or plan a picnic and it know it was your fault the weather gods have turned.  Sorry folks perhaps we should now interview a storm chaser so the skies would clear.

So much for global warming. 

I call it Techno, you may call it something else. Heavy beat, funny sounds, odd lyrics, atmosphere- all from my small explorations into this genre since 1990 or so. I will feature a German 2 disc compilation, and survey some American bands. As usual, there will be at least one song that saw very limited release....... hee hee

 Adrien Daller

Adriane Daller, in town from across the Pond for three performances this weekend at Cafe Paradiso, will be interviewed on "Around Town" this Wednesday at 8:30 am. She will be joined by her accompanist, Doug Daller, aka Dad.

My co-host, Teri Font, and I will provide the probing questions.  And if we're lucky, Adriane will show off her pipes.



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