After playing our series on songs about the darker things in life, I had gotten a lot of requests and comments about the Danzig material I had been playing for our Saturday morning segments. So to keep fueling the fires that be, we will be playing a huge selection of Danzig-only material for the next couple of weekends. 


We will be coverring the entire discography of Danzig from the self titled debut to the more recent "Circle Of Snakes". We will be playing songs from Danzig, Lucifuge, How The Gods Kill and Thrall/Demonsweatlive this weekend and the rest for next weekend.

So be sure to get up early on Saturday and check out such uplifting tracks such as Am I Demon?, Twist Of Cain,Soul On Fire, End Of Time, Long Way Back From Hell and of Course the classic track Mother on KRUU saturday morning.


Part 2

Last week, I featured part 1 of a 2 part expose on Tool. We heard songs from Opiate, Undertow, and Aenima, as well as some juicy little tidbits about the band. Curious to find out more? Check out Little Seattle Tuesday night 11-midnight to find out ;-)

Greetings everyone from Monica and Caroline.

We'd love to have you listen in this Friday from 1 to 2 pm or the following Monday from 8 - 9 am for a preview (or post-view as the case may be) of Tony Ellis' and Nynke Passi's Poems of Wonderment and Transcendence, followed by a fun interview with Van Buren High School writing teacher Richard Incorvia and his students.

Tony and Nynke are treating Fairfield to a reading of their poems Friday March 9 at 8 pm at Revelations.  Tony was a most delightful guest on Writers' Voices the first week of January, so we are happy to have him back for this encore.

Richard Incorvia's class just finished a project where they posted online book reviews based solely on  the book's cover.  Check out for these students' creative takes on books from authors ranging from Charles Dickens to Steven King.

For a brief hint of Fridays to come: 

Hey!  Don't forget to tune into Folkabillyrockblues March 13 at 11:00 AM!  Erin and Tim Duffy will be performing live in the studio.  Don't miss it!  My great friend Jed Miller may or may not make it, but he did hand me some music to play.

Plus don't miss an upcoming show when rock n roll star of stage and screen, Chris Poole is back Folkabillyrockbluesin' it up!  If I were you, I'd make sure to tune in!  Folkabillyrockblues airs every Tuesday morning from 11-12 and every Friday morning from 7-8.

This week's theme will be The End of America's Reign as Sole Superpower: How the Bush administration bet the house on military conquest in the Middle East and suddenly finds the rest of the world calling its bluff, led by China, Russia, Venezuela and others.

Iran and Syria are at the bargaining table with the US's hand greatly reduced by the quagmire in Iraq.

Is America capable of adjusting to the changing realities? 


There will also be Planet Erstwild's usual tromp through musical vistas oblique and rhapsodic.

   Mickey and I are looking for local singer/ songwriters to come on our show and perform a song live (something sweet, maybe a lullaby) Tuesday at 8pm. We can tape it earlier if you want. Call me at 919-4277 to schedule. 

   Why would you do this?

      1. Sleepytime is a fun show and lots of people listen
      2. How many times can you play that lullaby you wrote in public?
      3. It will be something you can play back for your grandchildren someday.. or not.
Grandpa D.


Don't be a turkey and miss KRUU's first broadcast of the interview show


Host Ken Malloy interviews Fairfield, Iowa native of 92 years, LEE GOBBLE.

Gobble talks about his early days of learning the retail trade from his father, his first time getting to play in the big basketball game, how he's never smoked a cigarette (no surprise), or had a cup of coffee! Find out about his love of Fairfield and his secret about Hershey Kisses & Dorothy Lamour.

Tune in this Thursday, March 8th at 1:00 pm CST.

GTKYN Host Ken Malloy

GTKYN Host Ken Malloy 



Greetings to everyone from Dj Wrath!

I know it's been a while since I last posted anything, but I haven't had much of anything truly exciting to write about until now. Tonight, I'll be hosting the first part of a two-part expose on the music of my favorite band: Tool. Not only will you hear some incredible music, but I'll give you some juicy tidbits about the music and about the band. ;-)

Come take a listen tonight (11-midnight) and again next week for the conclusion.

Yours truly,

Dj Wrath 

KRUU's Open Source Music show airs every morning from 5am - 6am, 7 days a week. And at KRUU we stateLaurent Kratz - regularly that we're "open radio", and use a lot of content that's "open licensed". is the site that we get most of our openly licensed music from. It's a great site with incredible music that includes everything from French folk to industrial-experimental noise. That in and of itself is really not very unique - you can find all that stuff at, and many indie labels. What's different about Jamendo is that every track that's on is FREE to download, and you're encouraged to copy, and share, and distribute to your heart's content.

How the heck could this work, especially given how adamantly the traditional music labels have protected their "intellectual property"? This is the topic of my conversation with's CEO, Laurent Kratz.

So today, the inevitable finally happened...we completely, totally ran out of bandwidth. Thank you everyone for contributing to this amazing feat!


The problem: Mr. Sundar Raman did a great interview with Cory Doctorow on his show Open Views. Cory subsequently posted on his blog a direct link to the archived interview on our server. In less than 12 hours, over 1000 people downloaded (or attempted to download) the 60mb .mp3 file...a total of about 60 gigs worth of attempted bandwidth usage. Needless to say, our 2mb DSL connection was not able to keep up; downloads slowed to a crawl, the website took an hour to load, and our live stream was choked out of existence. It was the best possible failure we could hope for: not that the fragile clump of boxes and wire that we call the server/transmitter room (pics below!) finally caught on fire, but that we just couldn't keep up with the demand...

Temporary Solution: Once we realized this was happening, we took the file down from our main server and put up a link to a mirror copy at a temporary location, and another link to the file on This will get us through the night...  

The light at the end of the tunnel: LISCO (our "Local Internet Service Company") generously provides us with a 2mb DSL connection at no cost, later this spring they will switch us over to their new Fiber project, upgrading our connection to 1000Mbps, thats right not a typo, 1000Mbps. That should go a long way to helping increase our capacity for streaming and downloading.

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