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 Brigadier General (retired) Kevin Ryan is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Center. A career military officer, he has extensive leadership experience in Air and Missile Defense, Intelligence, and Political-Military policy areas. In his last active duty assignment BG Ryan was responsible for Army Strategic War Plans, Policy, and International Affairs. He has served as Senior Regional Director for Slavic States in the Office of Secretary of Defense and as Defense Attaché to Russia. He has also served as Chief of Staff for the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command and as Assistant Professor Russian Language, United States Military Academy at West Point. BG Ryan holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree from the US Military Academy and Master’s Degrees from Syracuse University and the National War College. He and his wife Kathryn have five children, Benjamin, Lisa, Kelly, Denelle, and Nicholas.

Isn't this something?  Last week we were interviewing Gary Garles about the wonderful weather and gardening and now if you go out you will see SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I want to apologize!  I feel like it's all our fault. It's just like when you wash your car or plan a picnic and it know it was your fault the weather gods have turned.  Sorry folks perhaps we should now interview a storm chaser so the skies would clear.

So much for global warming. 

I call it Techno, you may call it something else. Heavy beat, funny sounds, odd lyrics, atmosphere- all from my small explorations into this genre since 1990 or so. I will feature a German 2 disc compilation, and survey some American bands. As usual, there will be at least one song that saw very limited release....... hee hee

 Adrien Daller

Adriane Daller, in town from across the Pond for three performances this weekend at Cafe Paradiso, will be interviewed on "Around Town" this Wednesday at 8:30 am. She will be joined by her accompanist, Doug Daller, aka Dad.

My co-host, Teri Font, and I will provide the probing questions.  And if we're lucky, Adriane will show off her pipes.



Windy Seltzer Wendy Seltzer founded and leads the Chilling Effects clearinghouse, a project to study and combat the ungrounded legal threats that chill activity on the Internet. She also helped start and now leads
the Openlaw project, an experiment bringing
the methods of open source and Free Software development to legal
argument in the public interest. 

Wendy is currently visiting assistant professor at Brooklyn Law School, where she will be teaching Internet Law and Privacy. She was previously a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, focused on intellectual property and free speech issues. Wendy is also a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

 Tune in to Open Views at 7pm Tuesday 4/10 and 7am Thursday 4/12 CST to listen to an interview with Wendy Seltzer on digital rights, and the ideas of free culture and open source in legal argument.

Mickey and I are so thrilled to have Eve Hall as our guest tonight. Eve Hall is a children's author andPoet and author Evelyn D. Hall poet residing in Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for more than 35 years. Her work has been featured in several magazines including A Poet's Cut, Skyline Publications, Saplings Magazine, Purpose, Mature Living and Weeones.She has published three poetry chapbooks, and has self-published four books: Dontay's Alphabet Book of Color, Dontay's Poetry Playground, Enter Eve's Poetic Paradise, and Enter Eve's Musing Moments. One of her goals is to publish over a dozen of her books for children. Her next book is titled Dontay's Dog (

Tonight, Eve will share some of her poems which are oriented to children's bedtime. We will also be reading The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt and published by Cook Communications ( You won't want to miss this show.

And that's just the first half hour. Check out our playlist. 

Every Thursday night from 10:00 to 10:30 PM, I play a set of comedy built on one or more themes. This week's theme is TV--featuring National Lampoon, KPUT and The Simpsons.

From 10:30 to 11:00 PM, I play soul, funk and R&B from the 50s, 60s & 70s.

From 9:00 to 10:00 PM, I'll play some more "Gender Benders"--songs originally performed (or made famous) by an artist of one gender, covered by an artist of the opposite gender.

At first the show was called Midnight Metal but it was changed after advice from our station manager to Metal Health in homage to the classic Quiet Riot hit of the mid 80's.Well, it was a good thing we went with Mr Moore's idea because we are now no longer at midnight. Due to the late night time constraints my good fellow DJ Wrath(love that name)is no longer to find the time to do his show Little Seattle so we are being bumped forward an hour and from now on Metal Health will find home in our new timeslot on tuesday nights from 11pm until midnight. For those of you unfamiliar with the show we play a heavy mix of bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb Of God, Devildriver and Cradle Of Filth as well as an occasional break in pace from bands like His Infernal Majesty and Stone Sour and then on occasion a throwback from the 70's and 80's with such bands as Black Sabbath and the Misfits so tune in on tuesday nights and check out our new slot.

Tune in Sunday - April 8th - at 1 pm

18-year-old Hungarian folk singer and zither player Alexandra Berta is giving a short interview and we will play a number of songs from her new album "Ifijúság gyöngykoszorú.."

If you'have missed the Sunday broadcast you can still catch the show on Tuesday  at 10 am
or listen to the interview here in English: or in Hungarian here:

Berta Alexandra

"It is my belief, that once the magic of folk music has touched your soul, you will be enchanted by it forever..."     

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