Coral Rose For over twenty years Coral Rose has held Senior Management positions in Merchandising and Product development, for major Retail Corporations, in Ladies sportswear, intimate apparel and accessories; from DMM for Wet Seal, to her most recent

In 2004 she was able to integrate her sustainability values into her profession. She led a grass roots movement in bringing organic cotton and sustainable fabrics to the everyday consumer. She and a fellow co-worker led the Wal-Mart Sustainable fibers and organic cotton environmental sustainability team. That team was the catalyst for global change.


Mysterious yet joyful and celebratory as well, the close harmonies of the Eastern European women's vocal music ensemble, Kitka, provide a moving and deeply satisfying listening experience.

features eighteen earthy and ethereal Balkan and Slavic folksongs including Kitka fan favorites such as "Shto Mi E Milo," "Dumai Zlato," "Tsintsharo," and "Hopp Ide Tiszt-n."
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frantiI aim to please....This week's feast offers some new tastes, sounds and delicious recipes to tempt the palate. I actually hate to give any of it away. Suffice it to say, it's a mixed bag o' chips, including some ital appetizers and healthy maincourse of dub-a-licious sounds. Including a fresh, side dish from a dj friend o' mine, DJ.Dog J* (better known to some of us as good ol' J.Dog.)

Hey, I wouldn't make this stuff up. But then again, i'm not one for sticking to the recipe.....The rest, well, I'm going to refrain from giving more info. Be prepared to get yuh skank on.

Listen. Be surprised. Enjoy.....As always Crucial Roots is dedicated to upful sounds that liberate and spread the message of Fiyah and Freedom. Keepin' it upful every Sunday....WAKE UP and LISTEN!!!



Tonight on Saturday Nite Live,

following the BLUES CRUISE,

catch the Starlings

right here on KRUU-FM at 8pm.

Gravel Road's Dennis James

interviews Joy Mills, Tom Parker and Aimee Zoe Tubbs fresh off their tour bus across America's heartland. 

Also, the Apocalypso Tantric Boys Choir and the legendary OUThAUS.

No-Fi Field Guide Balck Magic

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GRC Radio Quilt

The Grassroots Radio Conference 2006 Quilt
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Be there & be on the square!!

Come and say "hey" to the Happy Hour Gang, A Reasonable Alternative & Alternative Dance Mix

A Lso, live on FPAC!!!! That's right, folks--you can listen listen to KRUU on TV 2nite! Seeing is be-hearing!!!


Well, today on Centripetal Sounds, I am playing some snotty, snarley, gnarley songs with primitive emotions that will test your level of endurance.

If you tune in, and I am only suggesting here, you may not like what you hear.

In which case, you need to pay attention a little more closely ;)



On Thursday nights from 10:00 to 10:30 PM, I usually play a set of comedy built on one or more themes. But starting 4 weeks ago, for the following 10 weeks, I'm playing episodes of the short-lived, little-loved sketch comedy radio show KPUT, originally broadcast on KRUI in Iowa City.  
Comedy Playlist for "Ain't That Peculiar" 5/31/07 (10:00 to 10:30 PM) 

From 10:30 to 11:00 PM, I play soul, funk and R&B from the 50s, 60s & 70s.

This week & next week, from 9:00 to 10:00 PM, I'll be playing songs featured in The Sopranos. There are only 2 episodes left in this great TV series. 











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