We've been getting a lot of people asking for it lately for the next two wednesday morning spots we will be playing nothing but Ozzy.This week we will be playing Ozzy in the Randy Rhoades years and then the next week will be the Jake E Lee/Zack Wylde years so Bark At The Moon or Go After the Rails on the Crazy Train or whatever it is you do these days and check out Metal Health on wednesday mornings from midnight to 1am on KRUU.


And if you don't think that's crazy enough than wait until you see who we're going to be showcasing on our saturday morning spots 

Those of you who tuned in today probably realized that Crucial Roots did not air as per usual and the posted blog was of course irrelevant as well. No names will be mentioned, however, there was a lil' distruption in this morning's schedule. Today's show will air next week. Thanks and blessings......

[Adden-dumb: That would be my bad. A thousand apologies to all, especially our esteemed roots daughta. Onwards and oopwards, your faithful station manager, 'what's-his-name'.]

Time is not counted from daylight, but from Midnite.

If you haven't heard the sounds of reggae band extraordinaire, Midnite, get up and listen. Much in the same way Bob put reggae in the heads and pulses of the globe, Midnite are revolutionaries for the times in their own right. Straight from St. Croix, followed by a six year stint in DC, the churchical expression of their word, sound and power is distinct, remarkable and fluid. Dynamic brothers, Ron and Vaugn Benjamin are the lead innovators of lyrics, vocals and instruments. Their tracks consistently speak of political, social, and spiritual Irations as well as blessings and praises of Jah and Rastafari. Their sound and brilliance will consistantly leave you upful, begging for more. 
Crucial Roots will be showcasing the genius of Midnite and nine of their fabulous albums. Impossible to do in an hour, so I won't try. I've made this a two part series- starting this Sunday and concluding next Sunday. Enjoy*
Wake up and listen!!!


 It's Friday eve, time to hear some beats take over the airwaves. It's time for Soul Product

(Friday 10PM to 12AM) 

We have another bangin week for you with a great line up for artists including:



Zion I

People under the Stairs

Wu Syndicate

Five ElementZ



M.F. Doom as Victor Vaughn

Pete Rock 

Just to name a few. We also have special guest "J-Boone" A.K.A "Jung Boon" in the studio with us. So turn your dials, or set your browsers to www.kruufm.com, turn up the volume and enjoy this rhythmic post art-walk treat.


(Just to remind you there is a re-broadcast Wednesday morning 3-5 AM if you miss this show)


Keep tuning in, and let us know what you think! we love feedback.





The White StripesThis week's StevieMix show is a kick-a*s set of rock and alternative rock from 9PM-10PM this Friday night-Art Walk night in Fairfield.  We've got The White Stripes (pictured), Arctic Monkeys and The Noisettes,a British band with a unique sound.  More intense tracks in this set include Land Of Confusion by Disturbed, Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance and Side of a Bullet by Nickelback.  Throw in some Papa Roach, Stephen Marley/Mos Def and a few oldies and you've got this month's art walk sound track.


Dear friends, foes and fans.....My apologies for Zero notice, but the Roxy Blue Show has been changed to 7-9 tonight.  This may be a permanent change.  I hope it works well for all of us.  Also, naughtily I've slacked on last week's playlist, though I will post it Eventually...  Stay tuned for a beautiful show tonight!  Thank you

(anjali was too shy to say anything so i'm going to speak for her - steve c) so, like, after justin king and band performed at cafe paradiso on valentine's day, like i saw a youtube video of him performing at someone's birthday and thought, wouldn't it be cool (groovy? wack? i don't know what word she would really use) if he played for my birthday, which just so happens to be, like, march 5. and, like all of my dreams come true because i am so cosmic, cuz they're gonna be performing at cafe paradiso this monday night, which, ohmygod, is march 5, i can hardly stand it, and maybe he'll dedicate "reach you" to me again, which is kinda about me, lol, i'm so sure, so, yeah, come to my birthday concert on monday (march 5, fools), and see what all the buzz buzz buzz is about, all my buds will be there (at least the ones who aren't totally lame), and everyone will be going crazy, and if you missed it last time, you really are crazy. (i had nothing to do with this - anjali.) (yeah right - steve.)

Join us on March 2 at 1 pm for Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline.  Our guest this week is Cindy Buck, co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul", and editor of "The Soul of Success: A Woman's Guide to Authentic Power" and other books.  Cindy will talk about her experiences writing, publishing, editing and teaching, including what she has learned about how to make a living as a writer.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has told us that they enjoy the show - it's sure nice to know you're listening!  If you have suggestions for future guests, please email me at writersvoices@kruufm.com.



hello all-

i'm back from my (unwanted) hiatus and stoked to be in the studio with monsieur octopus.

TONIGHT: special and surprising appearances by such wonderful wonderments as beck, deerhoof, nada surf, and pogues!!!. i'll be playing a good amount of pogues in preparation for our journey to see them in chicago monday night, and you'll be hearing about on our next show. 

nada surfbeckpogues

thanks for listening.


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