Friday, May 11, 2007 - from the gracelistRio de Janeiro

It's another Friday afternoon at the office, except for one thing: the director of the Center for Technology and Society (CTS -- where I spend a good deal of my time during the week) just got off the phone with "a radio station in Iowa."

Of course I perked up my ears. Iowa? You don't hear too much about my state here in Brazil. But it gets weirder. Turns out the station wasn't just from Iowa, it was from the town of 10,000 (okay, technically I think the population hovers just below that) where I spent the first 18 1/2 years of my life. Yep, Ronaldo Lemos, the director of the CTS at the FGV in Rio de Janeiro just got off the phone with KRUU, "the voice of Fairfield."

The whole KRUU wants to wish Caroline Kilborn, mother of Monica Hadley, co-host ofHappy Birthday WRITERS VOICES and show host extraordinaire, a happy, happy birthday and many happy returns. Your experience as a deejay, velveteen radio voice and tradition of quotable quotes elevates KRUU every week. Thanks for all your great work and many blessings for blessing us and the community with your wit, wisdom, interviewing skills and mother-daughter repartee.

working class herovelvetrevolver.jpgThis week's StevieMix Alternative Dance show (Friday 9PM-10PM) will have a number of Brand New 2007 alternative and rock tracks from Green Day, Velvet Revolver, Linkin Park, Sick Puppies and Nine Inch Nails.

We'll also be playing Fort Minor, Vertical Horizon and a track from Brand New - that's the name of the band- whatever they play is Brand New- even though this songs is from 2003.



Stay tuned to 100.1 FM KRUU Radio for the best in grass roots community radio!



On Thu Jun 14 from 9:00 to 10:00 PM, & also from 10:30 to 11:00 PM, I'll be playing--in order--the songs performed by Fountains Of Wayne in their Minneapolis show of Wed Jun 13.

From 10:00 to 10:30 PM, I'll play episode 7 of the short-lived, little-loved sketch comedy radio show KPUT, originally broadcast on KRUI in Iowa City.

Comedy Playlist for "Ain't That Peculiar" 6/14/07 (10:00 to 10:30 PM)

Open Views: 7pm Tuesdays and 7am Thursdays.

Doc SearlsTonight's guest on Open Views is one of the co-authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as we know it , and Senior Editor of Linux Journal, Doc Searls.

In August, 2005, Doc recieved the fist annual Google O'Reilly Open Source Award for Best Communicator.

In 2006, Doc was named a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Information Technology and Society at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Mark Powell
Get in on another TASTY show!

Tonight's guests
  • Mia Littlejohn of the award-winning Eat Feed podcast (
    and Mark Powell, Director of Fish Conservation at The Ocean Conservancy and podcast author of blogfish (
  • What's Been Cooking at our House-Kathy and Steve share recipes for fresh cheese, tiramisu, and other delectable dishes.

Join us from 7:00-8:00 PM

If you have any questions or would like to submit a comment or recipe send an email to:

Dick Dale


I just found my copy of Surfer's Choice, which is the first

and best Dick Dale record. I interviewed him on a previous

show, but, having this record again makes me want to

continue in this vein.


So, I'll be playing surf/hot rod stuff,

both known and obscure, mixed with actual recordings of

car/hot rod racing.




Ari Berman

This week's Politickin with Ari Berman will focus on:

1/ A review of the second Democratic debate in New Hampshire

2/ The impact of Republican hopeful Fred Thompson on the '08 race

3/ The affect of John McCain's attacks on Republicans over the issue of immigration

Ari Berman is a contributing writer for The Nation, Puffin Foundation writing fellow at the Nation Institute, Fairfield Native and has appeared on C-Span, MSNBC, and FOX as a political analyst.

Ari was interviewed this past Thursday by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now about his recent article for The Nation entitled "Hillary Inc", an expose of Hillary Clinton's corporate team of advisors.

This week on ICON Art Radio Bill and Allen interview Dave Butler, organizer of the Dodge Power Wagon Rally, and George Farrier, Wendell Phillip's sidekick on his famous expedition to Arabia in 1950 to find the Temple of the Queen of Sheba. Wendell Phillips is commonly understood to be the inspiration behind the "Indiana Jones" character.

The story of the adventure would make a great Hollywood film – getting the President of Chrysler to give them 17 Dodge Power Wagons, going where no westerners had tread, finding Sheba's Temple and its priceless artifacts, leaving 15 Power Wagons and many artifacts behind as they fled chased by armed tribesmen.

Iowa Contemporary Art (ICON), is presenting an exhibition celebrating the "Legendary Dodge Power Wagon and the Arabian Expedition" through July 21st.

ICON Art Radio airs Wednesdays 8:00 a.m., repeated Sundays at 8:00 a.m.


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