First off I don't want to push my views on politics or the war in the middle east off on anybody.Everybody is going to have a different view on these topics and it will only lead to heated discussion and then physical aggression which I won't have a problem with because I'm bigger than you but some of you might so for the sake of avoiding an argument let's stay neutral on this subject and rejoice the fact that we can play whatever we want in the land of the free.

In observation of the execution of Saddam Hussein we at Metal Health have been playing songs about war and politics.We started this last week but since we only have a two hour timeslot on Saturdays we ran out of time and din't play all of the songs we had scheduled.For more info on this check out our playlist from 1-10-07.We did have a huge selection with songs from Lamb Of God, Slayer, Megadeth, Ministry, Rammstein, Exodus, Motorhead, Trivium and many others but unfortunately we got overzealous and ran out of time.We went back to the drawing board and kept the tracks we missed out on as well as added a few more. So check out our show on Saturday the 13th from 7am to 9 am for a great show featuring numerous track from System Of A Down, Slayer,Lamb Of God,Guns-N-Roses,Norther, Megadeth and many others.


On the StevieMix dance show this week (Friday 9PM-10PM) we'll be playing some brand new tracks-some Alternative with Boys Wanna Be Her (The Peaches) , some House -Pray for Love (Jason Hates Jazz with DJ Chus & David Penn).

Other House tracks include Release (JJ Flores and Steve Smooth) and Resist (Roland Clark), an intense and political song. As usual, we'll include some old school tracks (70's, 90's) and we'll end of with a little hip-hop to transition you to the great hip-hop show after our show-Soul Product at 10PM.

Great Taste's upcoming show on January 17 will feature an interview with Jeff Benjamin of Vetri on the topic of tipping. Jeff gives his personal and insider (as restaurataur and sommelier) view on the topic. Weigh in with your comments (email: after the show and I'll post some of them in the blog.

Any questions, comments, or ideas for topics of discussion; we want to hear from you. Great restaurant experiences while traveling; tell us about them.

Great Taste airs every three weeks on Wednesday night from 7-8 pm as part of the Abundant Planet series of shows.

Part of the Crew

A beautiful sunny January day outside Mission Control in lovely Fairfield, Iowa. How many volunteer deejays does it take to make a photo op?

And this is only 1/3rd of the gang!

Think about it - we have 85 active participants in our crew. This is a beautiful thing! Thank you all you beautiful, creative people!!!

And for all of you tuning in - thank you so much for your support!

Hey guys its Theo again telling you about Music & Mayhem. This week we are playing songs from like "Anna Molly" from Incubus or "Gods Gonna Cut You Dowm " one of the last songs Johnny Cash made before his death. We also have Matisyahu, Pearl Jam, White Stripes, Three Days Grace, Smashing Pumpkins, Tenacious D and many more. So listen in Monday at 5 o'clock.
Nathan and Valerie will be back.

Happy New Year y'all. Tonight I'm playing mostly Alternative including Nine Black Alps, H.I.M., Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more. Been playing a few oldies too including Cheap Trick and Mott The Hoople-All the Young Dudes. Dudes was a song written by David Bowie and sounding like Bowie but played by Mott the Hoople. Ending off tonight with some Linkin Park nu-metal and k-os, a really spiritual hip hop band from Canada.

I switch each week between alternate/eclectic or dance. The Show is Fridays 9PM-10PM. Next week is Dance and who knows what I'll play. All I can tell you is it won't be polka, it wont be waltz and it won't be quiet!

To be played at maximum volume.

David Bowie These sets are brought to you by Lance Morrison who showed me the light on Ziggy Stardust. Outhaus drummer, orange hair and all, dear Lance, who put the meta in metaphor and the leap in leap of faith.

Josh Young was out of town last weekend, so Mr. Bowie has been tapped to fill in. So what if the president is getting rid of his generals on the ground in Iraq and putting an admiral in charge of two land wars. Reminds me of the old Roy Buchanan song "Drowning on Dry Land", written by Al Jackson, I believe. So much for his oft-repeated dictum about listening to his generals. Maybe if we dig a deep enough hole, all the missteps will be swallowed up, eh? Do you ever get the feeling you're in the belly of a whale?

Greetings everyone, and welcome to my first blog. The empty page can be such a daunting sight to see, yet also a very inviting one. First, happy new years to everyone listening and/or contributing to KRUU. 2006 has been quite a remarkable year! Let's hope that 2007 continues to see the happiness and growth of our wonderful--albeit, quirky--station.

Second, an apology for the lack of content posted to this website. 2k6 has been busy, but I promise the content will come! Just be a little patient for a little while longer ;-)


I have some great music for you tonight--new year, old music, but I thought tonight that I'd bring you some of the first songs that sprang into the public's awareness, and into their ears.

Every Monday at 5pm.

Happie New Year to everyone, everywhere. Tonite's show is dedicated to the spirit of innovation, creativity, and hope; and to the people that embody that spirit.

If you're travelling tonite, via a private chartered bus perhaps, or just in your favorite armchair, it is my prayer that you enjoy the evening and the coming new year.

Happy 2007!

-Matt Ahearn

Obvious World

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