Gingko Leaf


Centripetal Sounds, Thursday 2-4 PM.

"The Gingko leaves fell,

I could not see the ground

I picked them up like halo's

to light the love I'd found..."



Join Great Taste show host Steve Boss
Barbara Wacknov, Carol Carlisle, Laurie Harvey and Rachel Boss
for some FUN summer savory and sweet recipes
some drinks to help you keep your COOL

One hour of delicious talk
7:00-8:00 PM CST
Open Views airs at 7pm Tuesdays and 7am Thursdays.
Bill Witherspoon
Bill Witherspoon is founder and CEO of The Skyfactory, located in Fairfield. The company has instituted a transparent management model called Open Book Management, which makes all financil information within the company (with the exception of individual salaries) completely open to all employees.
Bill Witherspoon is an artist and entrepreneur. He has founded six companies, and served as President and CEO of Genetic ID. His artistic endeavors have included large-scale land-art projects in Oregon and Iowa.
On this week's episode of Open Views we'll be discussing what Open Book Management is, what its challenges and benefits have been for The Skyfactory, and whether or not this is just the latest management fad.

Robin Lim1pm:

Ms. Robin Lim is the executive director of Yayasan Bumi Sehat, the Healthy Mother Earth Foundation, based in Bali, Indonesia and the Medical director of the Bumi Sehat Tsunami Relief clinic in Indonesia. She operates two general health and Maternal /Child survival clinics, one in Aceh, very close to the epicenter of the earthquake and Tsunami of Dec 26, 2004.
Jerry Yellin
The clinics deliver approximately 500 babies per year, mostly for very poor families. The terrorist bombings in Bali have demolished the economy, leaving young families jobless for years. Babies born in the hospitals here may not go home until the bill is paid in full. There is no socialized medicine. Bhumi Sehat also operates a youth center in Bali, where free English and computer courses are taught.

In 2006, Ibu Robin was awarded the Alexander Langer International Peace Award. As a guest the Alexander Langer Foundation and the Italian Senate, she toured the Italy to lecturing about women, babies and the miracle of birth.

Her books include: After the Baby's Birth, Eating for Two, Tsunami Notebook, and Obat Asli: The Traditional Healing Herbs of Bali.

w.a.s.p.w.a.s.p.After many requests, it's time to devote one night to an era often laughed at when looking back on it. It's an era of men with makeup, long hair and spandex pants.

Tonight on Metal health we will be playing our 80's-only show.

We're going to start off slowly with the likes of Dokken, Queensryche, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Guns-N-Roses, Twisted Sister and work our way up to Wasp, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura, etc....

So if you've got a nostalgic yearning to hear something from the past then check out tonight's show from 11pm-1am right here on KRUU.

Ari Berman of The Nation

contributing writer Ari Berman discusses two conferences he attended last week with Democratic presidential candidates--the Take Back America conference and the AFSCME Labor conference, as well as what's going on in Congress with energy and immigration.

Michael Bloomberg's potential run for president will also be discussed with Speaking Freely's Dennis Raimondi and Planet Erstwild's James Moore.

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ian mooreian moore


James Moore


Ian Moore

from the road.


Moore will be playing

Cafe Paradiso

Monday night

at 8pm.


It's not quite the French national holiday, Fête de la Fédération, we're still under a month away from the Celebration of the French storming of Bastille. I'm not usually a proponent for war, but... if this hadn't've happened such treasures would of been absent from our lives, namely the art of Monet, Chèvre Cheese, Croissants and The Kitsuné Maison Record Label, just to mention a few.

Today, The resurging French electronic music scene is down to a select few labels, the big ones being "Kitsuné Maison" and "Ed Banger Records". Kitsuné feeds the big clubs while Ed Banger pushes new, young French artists. I'll be featuring 4 tracks of the Kitsuné Maison Label.

Be sure to catch The Pulse at 6PM CST to say "Bonjour" to these hopping tunes.

papa and gen. smiley
An elitest, online membership to an endless, plethora of rare and hard to find reggae is the brain launch for this week's show. I couldn't have fully imagined it all on my own. So I thank the God's that be for its fledglingdom and creation. Blessings. YesI. A bit of Ziggy and old school Bob. A bit o' Dillinger and Augustus Pablo. And yes, even the infamous Papa Michigan and General Smiley...It's very true. And very new. Ohhh yes!!
Also note: this is the last live show in Fairfield for the Roots Dawtah. Relocating. Houston-bound as of Tuesday. So catch it live and fresh while you can. No worries, though, Crucial Roots shall continue as per usual--just pre-recorded from now on....Some guaranteed craziness shall ensue. Trust. Several new locations to come. More blessed riddumz and tracks. Upful vibes as desired. And a fun*ky Roots Dawtah at yo service.
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