Dick Dale If you loved the haunting guitarwork from the movie Pulp Fiction, you'll love to hear this rare interview withDick Dale Miserlou maestro heavy surf god guitar slinger Dick Dale by KRUU Lo-Fi host Scott Puffer.

The man who blew out 50 of Leo Fender's amps, a true American original, check out what he has to say about just about anything. 

Dick Dale invented surf music in the 1950's. Not the '60's as is commonly believed. He was given the title "King of the Surf Guitar" by his fellow surfers with whom he surfed with from sun-up to sun-down.

He met Leo Fender the guitar and amplifier Guru and Leo asked Dale to play his newly creation, the Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. The minute Dale picked up the guitar, Leo Fender broke into uncontrolled laughter and disbelief, he was watching Dale play a right-handed guitar upside down and backwards, Dale was playing a right-handed guitar left-handed and changing the chords in his head then transposing the chords to his hands to create a sound never heard before.

Listen to the archive of Dick Dale talking with Scott Puffer

Prof. Ronaldo Lemos, CC-BrazilRonaldo Lemos is the director of the Center for Technology & Society (CTS) at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School in Rio de Janeiro, and Project Lead for Creative Commons in Brazil.

Ronaldo Lemos was professor of Sociology of Law at the University of Sao Paulo Law School and at the Brazilian Society for Public Law (SBDP). Professor Lemos is the author of several articles published in Brazil and abroad, and of two books, Comercio Eletronico (2001) and Conflitos sobre Nomes de Dominio e Outras Questes Juridicas da Internet (2003). He earned a J.D. from the University of Sao Paulo Law School, a Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School, and a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Sao Paulo. 

Professor Lemos coordinates the Intellectual Property area at the FGV Law School in Rio de Janeiro. He works with the Brazilian Federal Government in the implementation of its Free Software program, and with the Ministry of Culture in the implementation of its digital culture policy. He is one of the four members appointed by the Ministry of Justice to its electronic commerce commission.

I talked to Professor Lemos about the history of collaboration, the work of Creative Commons, the tecno-brega music movement, and the very active world of Free Culture projects in Brazil.

Tune in at 7pm on Tuesday and 7am on Thursday. 

At the 5th Annual Women (& Men) for Women Gala Benefit fundraising Event for the Crisis Center & Women's ShelterRoland Wells flanked by accompllces sponsored by SEVA, held at the Morning Star Studio Saturday night, May 12th, KRUU founder Roland Wells was presented with a People to People Humanitarian Award. The People to People Award was created to acknowledge and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to promote well-being within our community.

Accepting the award, Roland thanked the Crisis Center and SEVA for the work they do and encouraged everyone to become directly involved volunteering time for non-profits. 

Also, receiving awards were Stacey Hurlin, founder of the ArtLife Society and First Fridays ArtWalk and Michael McBurnie, who has been on the forefront of the legslative battleground to confine Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

Don't miss "Besh o droM"
on Magyar Mix - Sunday at 1 pm !

Besh o droM
We will play as many songs from this great band's 4 CDs as possible in one short hour ...
Besh o droM was founded in 1999 in Budapest (Hungary). Their music is inspired by Balkan, Hungarian and Romanian Gypsy tunes and Middle Eastern traditional music.They interpret this music in their unique style, mixing various musical genres and backgrounds. Most of the tunes they play are traditional but they take the liberty to use any tunes they really like and enjoy. They have developed a very loyal following in Hungary and have started their career in the international world music circuit.

   Besh o droM in Gypsy language means "sit on the road" literally, but its real meaning is "follow your path, get on with it". It is also wordplay in Hungarian meaning "I am rolling…"(a cigarette).
The band's line-up is centred around a highly experienced pair of fantastic musicians, Gergo Barcza and Ádám Pettik. Besides being friends and brother-in-laws, they have been playing together for many years. They choose the musicians they like to work with and select the musical material for the tracks.
An urban wedding band, Besh o droM's sound is ethnic tradition with the best of club culture, the unique sound of the cimbalom with jazz improvisation, a fantastic Balkan brass section with locked-down funk grooves.

This morning on Local Yokels we highlight the talents of the Roches, who have just released their first record in 10 The Roches MOONSWEPTyears called Moonswept.


The Roches are a female vocal group of three songwriting sisters from New Jersey (Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche), known for their unusual and rich harmonies, quirky lyrics and casually comedic stage performances.


They will be performing in Fairfield at Cafe Paradiso on June 2nd.

ENjoy intelligent downbeat ambient music in the wee hours / OPEN SOURCE MUSIC HOUR every day 5am-6am


Joerg Huettner founded "Saros" back in 1998 together with DJ Jan Osh as a Goa/Ambient project.

After 8 months of work they already had their first live gig in front of an enthusiastic crowd in December of the same year.

In 1999 first CD compilation releases followed on the German based label "Zoomia".

After Joerg relocated in 1999 he went on solo with "Saros", focusing more and more on ambient and downbeat tracks.

During this time the first album "reaching out to the other world" was released solely on MP3 websites --including MP3.com and peoplesound.com-- garnering many of rave reviews.

In 2001 and 2002 further CD compilation releases followed on "Waldorf Records", the label of the world famous Germany synth company Waldorf, as well as on Ceiba Records, USA, in 2003.

Linkin ParkMetalica/ApocalypticaOn tonight's StevieMix Alternative Dance show (9PM-10PM Fridays) we'll be playing new music from Linkin Park, the Arctic Monkeys and the Noisettes.

We'll also be playing two takes of Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' including the original and a classical version by Finish band Apocalyptica.  Apocalyptica blends classical and metal elements.  I love genre bending songs like this!  Check it out!

On Thursday nights from 10:00 to 10:30 PM, I usually play a set of comedy built on one or more themes. But starting last week, for the following 10 weeks, I'm playing episodes of the short-lived, little-loved sketch comedy radio show "KPUT", originally broadcast on KRUI in Iowa City.

Comedy Playlist for "Ain't That Peculiar" 5/10/07 (10:00 to 10:30 PM)

From 10:30 to 11:00 PM, I play soul, funk and R&B from the 50s, 60s & 70s. From 9:00 to 10:00 PM, I play pop & rock from the 60s up 'til today.

The new Wilco album "Sky Blue Sky" will be released next week. I'll play a track from it called "What Light". I'll also play (again) the Neil Young song "Let's Impeach The President" from his album "Living With War", which was released one year ago this week--plus a few other fun surprises, so be sure to tune in! 














CameraGirlOne of the more fascinating cultural experiments in the US today is the phenomenon known as Burning Man . It's been 20 years since the event started with a few friends having a party at a Bay-Area beach. Today the event attracts over 35 thousand people from around the world, and the impact of the event has stretched beyond just the experimental: the project has helped spawn pragmatic volunteer efforts such as Burners without Borders, to help crises situations such as Katrina.

My guest this week goes by the pseudonym CameraGirl. She is the lead technical coordinator for Burning Man , and is in charge of getting all the Information Technology pieces working in the desert location that Burning Man manifests itself in.

CameraGirl, aka Heather Gallagher, gave me some insights into what makes Burning Man happen, and where the open and transparent models of the free culture world intersect with the societal exprimentation and performance art that the event is about.

Tune in a 7pm on Tuesday or 7am on Thursday. 

Maxine IsaacsMaxine Isaacs, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard University's John F Kennedy School of Government. She received her PhD from the University of Maryland, where her dissertation was on the relationship between elite and mass opinion on American foreign policy. Since 1994, she has taught at the Kennedy School and George Washington University and delivered lectures at the Maxwell School, Humphrey Institute, APSIA, and others.

She was Walter F. Mondale's press secretary and Deputy Campaign Manager from 1983 to 1984 and served as Project Director on Mondale's Fifty Years memoir project. Isaacs worked in the White House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. Congress from 1971 to 1981. Isaacschairs the Women's Foreign PolicyGroup and is a Trustee of Skidmore College, the Sidwell Friends School, Signature Theatre and a member of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press Advisory Board and others. She received her BA from Skidmore College and her master's from Johns Hopkins's SAIS.

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