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"Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile & James Moore


>>CPAC-Up Your Troubles
CPAC: For Conservatives, It’s Burning Man Meets the Super Bowl
Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC

>>Geh-Stop In The Name Of The Law
'Gestapo' tactics at US police 'black site' ring alarm from Chicago to Washington

>>A Bigger Brother
How the NSA’s Firmware Hacking Works and Why It’s So Unsettling

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It's been awhile since Matt and I have hosted a live musician on our show because we don't let just anyone fill the airwaves. We look for interesting artists with real talent who our audience will be happy to listen to. Our latest find is Michael Dugan, a young man who's been playing gigs both solo and with his band, Captain Ascender, all the damn time. I interviewed Michael to find out how he got started and where he plans to go next.

Halley: Michael "The Dude" Dugan (I just made that up, feel free to use it), the question that's been on everyone's mind since you hit the FF music scene must be answered: did you get into the singer/songwriter thing just to become a chick magnet?

Dugan: You know, I've been asked that a number of times. I mean it is a common motive for a lot of musicians and I guess it's valid question, but my answer is: yes absolutely. It's also the reason I'm currently growing out my hair and why I do 12-14 push ups a day. Like a lot of kids, I was picked on when I was younger and regularly embarrassed in front of the opposite sex. I had a girlie hair cut and still thought that tight hemp necklaces were a cool thing. But I needed something to convince girls to come macramé with me and sports weren't panning out. So I joined three choirs, bought a cheap guitar and started learning Iron and Wine covers.

Cooked Raw-Matthew Kenney

This Wednesday I welcome back to the show Matthew Kenney.  I have great admiration for Matthew.  In the 90's he was in the top tier of chefs as a chef/owner of Matthew's and other restaurants in New York City.  But, much to the dismay, confusion, and derision of many of his colleagues he changed course in the new century to become an untiring champion of the plant-based, raw food lifestyle.  He has applied his extensive classical training, modernist techniques, and experience to elevate raw food cuisine to a level that wows people at his restaurants, his culinary academy, and through numerous books.  Despite numerous overwhelming personal and business challenges, his commitment to educating the public about the benefits of a plant-based diet and lifestyle is unwavering.  

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Fringe Toast - DREW HOLCOMB & THE NEIGHBORS Wed., 2/25 at 8pm CT

Drew and Ellie Holcomb(Link to playlist below). After the opening post-concert report on Dave Mason's performance at Englert Theater, the spotlight shines on Tennessee musicians including husband and wife team Drew and Ellie Holcomb (photo left) and Nashville songwriter Angel Snow (photo right).  100% tracks on this program except one are new to the Fringe Toast library.  Other shining contributors in the first hour: Dead Can Dance, A Fine Frenzy, and Angel SnowBattleme & The Forest Rangers.

The second hour Chill Session swirls with the unusually beautiful down-tempo electro-acoustic music that provides this program's signature brain-soothing balm.  This week the featured performers include The Punch Brothers, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Magic Sound Fabric, Hiatus, and Ibiphonic.

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream.

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Mouths of Babes on Lyrical Venus!

Mouths of BabesTune in to Lyrical Venus for an interview with Mouths of Babes! Wed, 2/25 9:30am.

Mouths of Babes is Ty Greenstein (Girlyman) and Ingrid Elizabeth (Coyote Grace). This tender tomboy and rough-and-tumble lady come together to melt hearts and shake souls with undeniable chemistry and a truly unexpected heralding of wisdom. Mouths of Babes' sound is equal parts celebration and blues, folk and soul, salve and anthem—an invitation to love this life, to sing your sob story and end it with a smile. These two songwriters light up the stage—juggling harmonies, guitar, bass, foot percussion, cajon, banjo, harmonica, and ukulele from song to song, inviting the audience to join the choir, and engaging listeners with sentiments that range from heartfelt to hilarious.

They will be gracing Fairfield with their tunes at Cafe Paradiso on Sat 2/28, 8pm.

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Happy Happy Joy Joy

G ManI loaded up 26 songs that are just fun and interesting, and the kind of thing that will put a smile on your face. Time to focus on the things that are making you happy. I'm happy and I am spreading it around. Join in the fun Thursday afternoon at 2. Replayed next Wednesday morning at 2 AM. The G Man

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Ben Woolf

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All Hail The Mighty Sceptres!

Two incredible albums dropped today.

The first I have been anticipating for a long time now, it's the debut album of The Mighty Sceptres, a collaboration between guitarist Nick Radford and singer Angeline Morrison. On All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! they effortlessly and beautifully capture the sound and attitude of 60's soul, from funk to doo-wop to R&B.


The second is one that I wasn't expecting but am just as excited about, it's a new album by rapper Ghostface Killah, Sour Soul, where he's backed by Toronto jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD, who lay down some great 70's blaxploitation style beats for the Ghost to flow over.

Maddi's FridgeHow can kids combat food insecurity in children? As a little girl, author Lois Brandt didn't know how to help when she discovered her best friend's family had no food to eat. As a grownup Lois researched strategies; then she penned MADDI'S FRIDGE so today's kids wouldn't feel as helpless as she did. Publisher Flashlight Press donates 10% of the book's profits to help fight childhood hunger, and Lois waives her author visit fees to schools that organize food drives. To learn how to empower yourself and the kids in your life to combat food insecurity in children (and also a little about how to write a great picture book), tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Lois Brandt!

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Malcolm X was a high profiled man.

His house was bombed, his children were threatend, and still he kept the struggle going.

How many people do you know that would sacrafice their life for the good of all mankind? Would you?

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