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Sweet Dreams Everyone

RRHappy New Year to everyone reading this, and through you all to the rest of the world. I am intentionally starting off 2016 with Sweet Dreams by Captain Beyond because they set a high standard for excellence in music, and because we all need to dream, right here, and right now. I dream of world peace, and the cessation of force by one group against another. You keep going with yours, too. And long live rock and roll. 21 of the 27 songs in #257 are from 2015, including my song of the year, Room of Strange Love, by Haunted Leather. Plus songs from perennial favorites John Lodge, Paul Weller, Buddy Guy, Blur, and Mark Knopfler. One hour and fifty-five minutes of high frequency, elevated quality, kickin' tunes. Cool Breeze

The Rock Shop

Rock and more with Duncan Cochran on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Monday 5-6pm and Wednesday 10-11am.

Rock and more.

Think and Grow Rich read by Rebecca Haven

Enrichment for body & soul with Rebecca Haven on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Tuesday 8-9am and Thursday 1-2pm.

Napoleon Hill's classic.

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Goob Show At 2 PM Thursday

G ManIn my family, if something is good then you say so , but if something is better than good, you say its 'goob'. Just so you know what we're talking about here. Got that term back in 1989 from The Bodeans, and they are leading off the set. I have two songs from The Black Ryder and Ben Vaughn that made my list of the years best music. Things, Leon Thomas, and Boy's Life will probably be unknown to most of you, but I am making up for that by having The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother, CSNY, JA, Little Feat, Moody Blues, and Loggins & Messina in the mix. Some great music for the afternoon hours, maybe as a lead in to football, or nighttime music if you are awake for the 2 AM replay. Either way- Happy New Year to you all. The G Man

Sea StarsKurt Baumann and Katie Gray have been performing under the duo name of Sea Stars since 2008.  Earlier Baumann played with rock group Kan'Nal and contributed an epic CD The Burned (2010) from which DJ Andy Bargerstock extracted one of the Fringe Toast theme songs "Where Are We Now?".  Katie contributed vocals on this CD. Having just discovered Sea Stars, DJ Andy lays out in this program the beautiful harmonies and solo vocals of these two exquisite performers.  

Additional fine tracks from Zero 7, Air, Mozez, and Hiss Golden Messenger add cool, chill-zone flavors in the second hour.   Tell your friends about the best music you never hear... unless you are dialed to Fringe Toast.  Click here for playlist.

On THU DEC 31 at 7pm CT, James Moore chats with former KRUU host Africa Yoon about her new Iowa Public Televison show. 

INSIDE AMERICAN FITNESS hosted by Africa Yoon premieres Friday, January 1st, 2016 at 6:30pm. Interview and workout with NBA hopeful Georges Niang and in the kitchen with chocolatier Noah Loin on IPTV 1 - Iowa PBS, following PBS NewsHour.

How well do you know NBA hopeful @georgesniang20? Is it true a) he's half African b) he sleeps on the left side of the bed C) he eats lucky peanuts before every game ?! Africa will find out.

For more times http://site.iptv.org/seri…/24963/inside-american-fitness/101

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For the Los Angeles Times salute click on the pic.

for people wanting to hear more oldies alla time, i've got just this to say: check out the best tunes released this year. music had a great year.

G ManMan, woman, birth, death, and infinity. The great circle of life. In time, all things get placed in a larger context. I had an opportunity a couple of months ago to ponder the music that played at a funeral. It led me to consider just exactly what I would want people to hear at my own. That list, as it turns out, was way too long for one show. And to top it all off, after studying the list I discovered that it looks completely inappropriate for any such service. So really what the show is, is songs you will never hear at a funeral. Which lands right in my normal wheelhouse of 'WTF?'. Go figure. You will, however, get treated to songs off of Dark Side of The Moon, Eat A Peach, Days of Future Passed, Super Session, Living The Blues, and Blows Against The Empire. I'm excited...The G Man

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Christmas 2015

Christmas music by your favorite roots rock and Americana artists

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