My darling bride and I have just returned from another great trip to Fairfield. I spent time catching up with the family. We flipped mom's mattress. We visited KMCD (my former broadcast home). We even visited the grave of the legend himself Turk Balderson.

It was, as always, a very successful trip. All these stories and more will be heard in upcoming episodes of The Feed Store, thursdays at 10AM CT and sundays at noon CT (P.S. I didn't actually beat up that wise man in the town square. I was just funnin'. Actually I was recreating a scene from my favorite film "Diner." No foolin'.). 

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The Open Gates of Your Dreams

Centripetal SoundsThursday at 2PM you can hear the Eleven Year Anniversary Show of Centripetal Sounds. Pictured is a section of the banner that adorns the studio where the show is produced. Originally created by Don Bozarth, lately of Chipley, Florida. The centripetal part of the name comes from the definition of centripetal force, that which moves one towards a center. In this case, the tiny hole in the center of each record I play. Or, the center of the known siderial universe- depending on how much you like what I play. I am The G Man, a name suggested to me by former DJ Ken Malloy. I immediately adopted that moniker because of the old G Men in the 50's film noir movies featuring shadowy men with fedoras. I play music you cannot hear on any other station, thanks to James Moore, Roland Wells, and a host of other fine people that have a vision of all-inclusiveness. I do not take this for granted. I want you to note that it takes productive people to help you do your best. You can hear what that sounds like simply by tuning in.

The Inspiration InitiativeJoin show host Luke Davids on this week's episode of The Inspiration Initiative to hear some of today's most prolific underground singer/songwriters.

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KRUU's Great Taste radio program was LIVE at Green Building Supply on Tuesday, December 5.  Pete DeCicco and Ed Malloy prepared Italian holiday fare.  The dishes were outstanding with bright, distinctive, and light-up-your-mouth flavors.

Ed made the Malloy version of caponata and it was served in a unique style with a dollop of homemade tomato sauce over pasta.  Pete created a root vegetable puree starring celery root, turnips, rutabaga, and parsnips with white wine, lemon, garlic, and a few other flourishes.  Those folks who stayed around for the final flourish enjoyed cannoli with fresh ricotta and cream.

Tune into Fairfield Media Center's video HERE.  Scroll down to the LIVE EVENTS panel on the lower left of the homepage.

Cat PowerDJ Andy Bargerstock paints a sonic experience in the key of TRUE BLUE. Many of this program's songs have a connection to the color blue or the blues genre. In the first hour, the spotlight shines brightly on singers Cat Power (left) and Sia Furler (below right) who share their spell-binding vocal talents. More tracks from Pentangle, English folk/acoustic jazz band featuring acoustic guitarists John Renbourn and Bert Jansch.  Seattle-area Emancipator from his 2017 acoustic/electronic fusion CD. Female Indie band Big Moon provides a twin-spin from new CD. Fairfield's own Mirabai Britton sings her creation "Deep Blue Sea".

In the second-hour Chill Zone, prepare for relaxing sounds from a variety of international artists including Elbow, The Karminsky Experience, Tya, Blue Tofu, and Musicpool Wavesurfers.  It's the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast Music on KRUU-FM at 100.1 in Fairfield, IA or streaming at www.kruufm.comSia Furler


Click here for playlist.  Spread the word. Mark your calendar. 

Watch for DJ Andy's music review in December Iowa Source magazine on Montreal-based Barr Brothers.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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The Nightime Real Deal, Also Generated

RRA bunch of new bands with a slightly psychedelic tinge to them, plus some sweet guitar vamping, and presto, you have a show. Playing a track from the album of the month by Hendrix, People, Hell, and Angels. Playing a nice prog piece, also from 1969, by Reign Ghost, and a short track by Pete Seeger. The rest of the show is some 2017 work by a host of fresh rock and rollers. Look for tracks by East & West Rendevous, The Citradels, Headroom, and The Paperweight Array. Get the exact playlist off of the blog for the show. Check into the bands online as you drift through a fine set of songs. Cool Breeze

The Plant CollectiveTwo terrific cookbooks share the spotlight on this week's show, and they are both integral parts of the culinary world's social conscience.  First up is The Plant Collective, 50 plant-based holiday recipes curated by Fairfield's own Emily Rose Shaw.  The ebook will be available beginning December 1, and proceeds will benefit The Edible Schoolyard Project established more than 20 years ago by the iconic chef Alice Waters.  

I am very excited as Emily has chosen KRUU and Great Taste as the spot to publicly unveil the cover of the book and discuss the details of the project.  As soon as the URL for the book is live I'll add it to this post so you can order copies for holiday gifts.

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Generating The Real Deal

G ManI am going to pick up exactly where I left off last time, wild and Wooly, and will proceed to boggle your mind with an amazing set of genre-hopping tunes. The underground passageways have been extended for this show. The G Man

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