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Get your motor running…head out on the highway!

Classic Rock

But don’t forget to listen to KRUU, because for the next 5 weeks we are going to feature one of my favorite genres:  hard rock, classic rock, acid rock. etc.  Call it what you will~~and it has many names, some of them printable, some of them un~~I call it great, and hopefully you will too.  Personally my favorite definition of hard rock is: being able to make as much noise as you want, and still call it music.  Sounds about right.

So be sure to tune in for a magic carpet ride of some of the best noise you’ve ever heard.

Only at the Wildflowers Cafe.  Only on KRUU-FM.

Tune in for a special eddition of the Jacob Show!!!!!!!! Tonight in leu of the Blues KRUUz. 8-10pm ALL VINYL SET, wow!


one hour of music about the world's number 1 inspiration (sorry sex, love, and dog lovers; you were wrong): coffee.

coffee praises run the gamut from blues (mississippi john hurt), psychedelic (cream), swing (sinatra, ella fitzgerald), pop (squeeze), country (freedie johnson), soul (otis redding), and crazy creative (blurtodd rundgrenyung joc, and steve mclain & the jefferson county green band)...

here's what you'll be hearing sunday morning at 8:00 am CT, and here's where you can listen anytime.


RRHeavy on the guitar and studio tricks, light on the lyrics. Heavy on the electronica and improvisational, light on the melody. Going back to 1970 and Euclid with their Heavy Equipment release. Heading forward to 2014 with brand new tunes by Luluc, Electric Blue, and Hard Working Americans. Plus a long suite by Nudity called The Nightfeeders at about 3:09 AM, so be looking for that sweetness. Cool Breeze

Newsvandal extraordinaire JP Sottile takes us across the globe in pursuit of all the headlines fit to be rent, with co-host James Moore.

This week our three tiers include the deja voodoo of old boss/new/boss; the deja voodoo of the economy doesn't suck, it just sucks for you and yep, for me, too; plus the deja voodoo of journalism & journalisn't, as in n'er the twixt be twain, Mark Wall(Street)berg.

As always, all headlines discussed may be accessed by clicking "Read more" below. Thanks for tuning in. Archives available at http://www.kruufm.com/station/archives/16840.

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

 Film fans: the benefits of digital filmmaking and viewing has opened us up to Manhattan Short posterthe world. Literally. "One World. One Week. One Festival...Manhattan Short... the world's first global film festival. For one week, starting September 26, showing in over 250 cinemas in six continents. MANHATTAN SHORT is not a touring Festival: rather, it is an instantaneous celebration that occurs simultaneously across the globe, bringing great films to great venues, including our own Orpheum Theatre, and allowing the audiences to select their favorites. There were 589 entries from 47 countries, now down to 10 finalists.The judges of the finalists' films are you. Audiences at each venue will be handed a voting card and asked to vote for the ONE film they think should win. The over all winner is announced on Monday, October 6th at ManhattanShort.com. Our mission is to unite audiences across all seven continents of the globe for one week via the most compelling short films submitted each year. One World One Week One Festival is emblazoned within the rings that surround the Festival's logo, and it is this mantra that sets this festival apart from any other film event of the year."

Also, held over at the Orpheum is Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson.

We'll cover new releases, what we've seen and more, on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions." Fridays at 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings, 11:30. "So excited. I love this festival!!!" - Darla Hackman, The Walker Center

Emma WatsonActor Emma Watson addresses the UN in an impassioned plea for worldwise gender equality and feminism ideals with the HeforShe.com organization.

Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, the most highly decorated Marine in history who spent 33 years in service, wrote a book in 1935 called WAR IS A RACKET, bemoaning the role of Big Business, Wall Street and Coporations in profit-making. He fought in the Banana Wars in Central America, ostensibly fought to protect American companies in those regions, i.e. national interests. He fought in Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, the Philippines and later China.

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A Playlist Written By A Truck

56 panelWell, the playlist for this week's show was ghost written by my 1956 Chevy 3105 Panel truck. Pictured is a fine example of one of these classics. Mine refused to allow it's picture to be taken for this blog, and so remain anonymous. The songs are public as heck. Check the playlist out for fabulous tunes by The Beatles, The Animals, The Black Keys, Bob Dylan, Cracker, Modoc, and The Host Country. The road is something that every person needs to experience in their lifetime. The G Man

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Jessica Burks and Andy Ard

www.andyard.comOriginally from Atlanta, GA, Andy brings a bit of his southern twang along with a love of funk and British rock. Mix all that up into a guy whose mother is a classically trained pianist and a father who was a preacher that loves rhythm & blues.

The kind of song you get from Andy might depend on what day it is. Andy Ard is the primary songwriter for the Denver band, PJ Zahn, for whom he also sings and plays guitar.

He’s been a winner in the Durango Songwriter’s Expo “Write With a Hit-Maker” contest, as well as a longtime showcase performer at the Expo. Andy is a past nominee for Singer/Songwriter of the Year in the Westword Awards, and is currently signed to Lyric House Publishing in Denver.


Engels is a Brooklyn based artist originally from Haiti who is the subject of the soon to be released documentary film, "Someway, Somehow." A Swedish artist recently painted a portrait of Engel which last month was featured at the National Portrait Museum in London, England. www.engelstheartist.com

Tom Newmark is the chairman of the Greenpeace Fund USA. He also serves on the Board of the American Botanical Council. Mr. Newmark is currently sponsoring the Tropical Farming Systems Trial in Costa Rica.

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