picYou decide if these scores are equal to or betterpicpic than the films themselves. Rupert Gregson-Williams "admirable job at capturing the spirit and essence of this most iconic of female characters" in "Wonder Woman"; Tyler Bates entertaining music to "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"; Brian Tyler's stylish action/adventure score that can't be understated, "The Mummy" and more. 

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Adam West changed my life in more ways than I can count. Adam West, of course, shot to fame as the Caped Crusader in the "Batman" tv series that bowed in 1966. I was a five-year-old farm kid who was just beginning to discover comic books. Science fiction was still a few years in my future. And then "Wham," "Bam" and "Pow" came to my television and I was transformed. I found my guiding light--superheroes, bright colors, camp comedy. I was hooked. And I am still hooked to this very day. Bless your heart, Mr. West, for taking on a character that nearly destroyed your career but endeared you to millions. He seemed like a genuinely good person who made so many people happy.


FYI, the cape and cowl I'm wearing in this picture was made for me by my sainted mother when "Batman" was originally on the air. I wore it for many a Halloween...as did my nephews in Minnesota. Now it hangs in a place of honor in my own Chicago batcave. 

Great piece by the great Mike Kilen of the Des Moines Register on a great Fairfield couple, John Freeberg and Susan Walsh.

Yep, these home artists are rocking it big time, as this piece elucidates. Solar-powered, too. John, long-time community radio supporter who helped with reconstruction at the station and much more, is even wearing his "Join the KRUU" t-shirt!

Congratulations, John & Susan, on doing Fairfield proud with your amazing vision and work together. [Click on title to read the whole piece...}

An Iowa Couple Used the Earth Around Them to Build A Small Home That is Powered by the Sun

FAIRFIELD, Iowa — The house is made of soil, timber, straw and rock that John Freeberg and Susan Walch gathered on their land and assembled over the last six years. It is powered by the sun and its water pumped from a pond.

Sitting atop a wave of meadow near Fairfield, the home is an expression of art from the landscape and connection to curious community members who often drive down a gravel country lane to see it.

“People come here and they don’t want to leave. They say it makes them feel good,” Walch said. “This is heaven. We never want to leave.”

Their 1,100 square-foot home is featured in the new book “Small Homes: The Right Size,” which showcases dwellings between 500 and 1,200 square feet.

The Inspiration InitiativeThis weeks playlist consists of those songs that when you hear them make you instantly 100% happier. They're the songs that you wouldn't mind being stuck in your head for weeks on end. Artists like Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Supertramp and more. 

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Take A Break From Current Events

RRI have a wonderful idea for you overnight, take a break from all those pickle-heads in the news and listen to some quietly awesome psychedelic rock. I am playing the entire side one of Pure Electric Honey by Ant-Bee. I am playing the long version of The Id song Inner Sounds of The Id. New music from Energy Gown, and five songs from our fifty years ago sweet spot, 1967. The End, The Deep, The Inn, we got it all. Two hours of this- I'll get you out of your head. Cool Breeze

Book Cover Betrayal at IgaSet in 16th century Japan, SUSAN SPANN'S HIRO HATTORI murder mystery series features a detective duo that pairs her Ninja protagonist Hiro with a Portuguese Jesuit, Father Mateo. BETRAYAL AT IGA, the fifth mystery in the series, will be published soon by Seventh Street Books. A practicing transactional att

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T ShirtYou have perhaps heard of The Beach Boys? How about Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, or The Mamas & The Papas? They are from the great state of California, as is all-but-one artist for the show. I could not resist putting in a song about California by John Hartford (who was born in NYC and grew up in Saint Louie). You may not want to live there but you have to appreciate the massive influence it has had on rock music, thanks to countless creative bands. I have 60's garage rock, ballads, blues, punk, jazz, and country ready to go. Join me Thursday at 2PM, with a replay on the 14th at 2 AM. The G Man.

Morgan JamesDJ Andy Bargerstock shines the weekly spotlight on Fringe Toast first timer Morgan James (photo left) who leads off this program with a live version of Credence Clearwater's song "I've Got a Spell on You."   Later in the first hour Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer (photo right) offer special track "Dark, Dark Woods."

In the second-hour Chill Zone your ears will tingle with delight with tracks from Chet Faker, Alexi Murdoch, Syml and James Blunt.... plus a variety of down-tempo Dave McGraw & Mandy Ferelectro-cool tracks.  Listen closely for the rarely-heard 7-minute 1983 song "Worlds Away" by Strange Advance that should have been a classic.

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Read DJ Andy's music review on Alice Phoebe Lou from June issue of Iowa Source.

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