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From Interstellar Overdrive to Blue Jay Way

RRCamper Van kicks off the next Rainbow Rider experience with their version of the classic Floyd song Interstellar Overdrive. Things stay novel with the next song, a live Jam by Shiva's Headband. Then two new bands Lazy Eye and Aie (shout it, it's the only way) do some cool groove work. Some loner folk from Search Party and Damon, rock courtesy of The Animals, Paperhead, and Things To Come, plus some surprises by Henry Mancini and Frank Zappa, all coming up straightaway. Cool Breeze

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The Filmosophers movie talk

With Logan Lucky 
Logan Lucky poster

Steven Soderbergh has saved the summer for fans of the summertime-fun drive-in movie experience:

Soderbergh's return to features is a redneck riff on his Ocean's 11, a cool breeze of summertime sweetness that restores the good name of movie escapism. Daniel Craig is off-the-chain hilarious. - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. Smart, clever and hilarious, it is fun from start to finish line. - N.Y. Daily News. The whole movie is a trick, reversing our expectations at nearly every turn and casting actors in roles that they were not exactly born to play, but do so with relish. - David Edelstein, N.Y. Magazine. These actors include Channing Tatum, Kylo Ren... that is, Adam Driver, in a role completely different, Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them), Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Academy Award winner Hilary Swank, Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road), Dwight Yoakam, and "introducing Daniel Craig as Joe Bang!"

"When the plot stops cold for a beauty-pageant performance of exquisite purity, you'll feel like you're watching the most American film of the year." - Time Out

We'll talk about this, other new releases and more, on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions."

- We need a computer whiz.  - I know everything there is to know about computers. OK? All the twitters, I know em. - Logan Lucky

WED 1pm | FRI 3pm | SAT 11am: Singer/songwriter, artist, activist and organizer JENNY SAMMONS talks with James Moore about music, love, standing up, making a difference, compassion, community building, and where she's coming from.

Jenny is holding a special gathering Wednesday August 16th at 5pm at the Phoenix Rising Hall in solidarity and to show support for those activists in Charlottsville who have suffered trauma and harm. The first half hour will be a meditation and then some song and witnessing.

She performs this Saturday at the Fairfield Farmers' Market and leads regular Sunday services at the Phoenix Rising Hall at 10am-noon. The first hour is a safe space, judgment-free, kind of spiritual variety show and the second hour is a livestream with Michael Beckwith and Agape.

Mt TheloniousThe opening spotlight shines on Mt Thelonious (St. Louis trio photo left) who will perform live at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 8pm.  Reviewer Roy Kasten of riverfronttimes.com describes Mt. T as "led by singer and guitarist Ian Lubar and featuring violin and bass from Alissa Avery and Mark Wallace, who combine boot-slapping rhythmic drive and old-time melodies with more than a little spirited and well-honed musicianship."  Fairfield's own Mirabai Britton shares "Diamond in the Frost." Twin-spins from UK's Dido and Ayla NereoNorthwest's Ayla Nereo (photo right) who was introduced last program.

The second-hour Chill Session brings forward tracks from Fringe Toast first-timers Passion Pit, Yvon Mounier, Monte la Rue as well as Death Cab for Cutie, John Gorka, and Daniel SpaleniakCLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST.

Mark your calendar to hear live shows on Wednesday at 8PM CT with replays on Saturday at 8AM.  Fringe Toast Music offers the best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 and streaming at www.kruufm.com.

Read DJ Andy Bargerstock's review of the new compilation CD Cafe Del Mar Vol. 23 that was published in August issue of Iowa Source Magazine. Live link provided.

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A Conveyance Themed Presentation

G ManComing up Thursday at 2 PM Central, a frolic, gambol, and spree through some rather fine examples of rock and roll. Getting from Point A to Point B is a matter of some discussion amongst academics. We have a different sort of ride in mind today. You can catch some brand new tunes by Paperhead, Cotillon, Saw Black, and Mac DeMarco. You can also hitch onto some Wilco, Mark-Almond Band, John Hiatt, or a double shot of Led Zeppelin without trying too hard at all. DeMarco's album This Old Dog is my CD of the month. Get all the information about playlists, and seminal musical offerings, on the blog elsewhere on this site. And, please enjoy the show. The G Man

Vegetarian Heartland

Why is it that most of the authors I talk with are usually from California or live on the East Coast?  That's something to think about, but this week is the exception.  I get to chat with Shelly Westerhausen, a life-long Midwesterner, and the author of Vegetarian Heartland.  Check out one of the recipes from her book below.

In the second half of the show, I visit with Emily Kaiser Thelin, author of the moving and intimate biography of Paula Wolfert.  Wolfert is someone I have admired for years, and Thelin's biography illuminates the amazing career of this often overlooked and prolific contributor to our modern cooking scene.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~
9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

RRThe Dead Man's Band has a brand new release out, called Dr. Midnight, and you will get to hear the whole thing at the top of the second hour of the show this weekend. Prior to that event, in hour one I have two interesting jams. First up, The Seeds from their Travel With Your Mind release, song 900 Million People Daily. Five songs later Stud gives us the song Stud off the album Stud. I am beginning to see a pattern here with those folks. Last but not least is a cover of the Pink Floyd song Interstellar Overdrive by Camper Van Beethoven, and it is a doozy of a version. Please check the playlist online for other songs, like a 2017 release by Ray Davies, and email me with requests. Cool Breeze

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Last Of A Dying Breed

Creative ChemistryMaybe not the last, but I am certainly one of a dying breed. I guess the older you get the more you can relate to a wide range of experiences. There is magic in the technology used to create this radio experience, and for that I am grateful. I am thinking there are not enough people that are paying attention to what is around them. Else, why would a truck have to have 'Do Not Follow Into Work Area' printed on its tailgate? If you are in a rush, and you cannot afford to listen to some songs, skip this show. These songs have lyrics that you will want to hear, and perhaps ponder. If having fun helps you be productive, you came to the right show. XTC, Mac DeMarco, Neil Young, The Kinks, and David Gilmour will dazzle you, and I have twelve new songs by a range of interesting artists. Plus a song by Glen Campbell, who passed away yesterday. He was a stellar artist. Centripetal Sounds: Where creative chemistry works wonders for you... The G Man

The Pho Cookbook

Can you ever get enough soup?  Whether it's cold or hot outside, I can always eat soup.  It must stem from my grandmother's chicken soup, which enthralls my childhood memories, and is, of course, associated with love.  French onion soup at Famous-Barr, a local department store chain in St. Louis, is another of my touchstone soup memories.

Today I will go out of my way looking for a spot that is known for its great bowls of steamy delights.  Some of my most satisfying experiences, outside of our home, are definitely bowls of ramen and pho.  My first guest, Andrea Nguyen, has written a primer on pho that will appeal to pho novices, as well as, those more nuanced pho eaters.  Enjoy listening, preferably while you down a bowl of pho.


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