Norah Jones(Note: Playlist linked below). Fabulous blend of epic Fringe Toast classics and new tracks from contemporary artists.  DJ Andy Bargerstock lays down another program of great music from off-the-beaten path. The ladies garner the first-hour spotlight. Norah Jones (photo left) shares tracks rarely heard from her albums. Austin-based Sarah Jarosz (photo right), the new grass Indie composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and overall wonderkind offers the track "My Muse" followed by 1969 Underground Music track "Moonsong : Pelog" by Joe Bryd and the Field Hippies.  Yeah really!  Listen closely for tracks from Sarah JaroszChristina Perri and Gregory Alan Isakov.

In the second-hour Chill Zone, prepare to hear the UK electronic composer and producer William Orbit in his collaboration with singer-songwriter Beth Orton with the exotic "Water from a Vine Leaf".  Stay alert the chill electronica set featuring Jai Uttal and Buddha Sound along with Ian Moore's "Black-eyed Dog" and Sebastien Tellier's "Curiosa."

Enjoy this playlist. Invite friends to join the live stream at on Wednesday at 8pm CT and Saturday mornings at 8am CT. Click on "Listen Live".  Fringe Toast offers the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM. 

Read DJ Andy's music review of Canada's Barr Brothers from December issue of Iowa Source magazine.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~
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Alan Tardi and the Story of Champagne

Alan TardiTwo months ago on a stunningly beautiful October day, my wife and I met Alan Tardi at Agriturismo Il Torriglione in La Morra, a small Piedmontese village in the Langhe.  Il Torriglione sits atop one of the many distinctly rolling hills dotted with grapevines, where the dominant grape is Nebbiolo in this Barolo wine-producing zone.  The Gagliasso family makes the only wines served at the agriturismo and winemaker Luca Gagliasso's mother and sister can be found in the kitchen or greeting hungry patrons on the weekend.

Over a bottle of their Barolo, and through many courses featuring typical Piedmontese cuisine, four hours slipped away unnoticed as we talked of family, especially little girls, wine, and champagne.  Our thanks to Alan for a fantastic afternoon that we will always treasure.


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The Things We Do Are The Way We Choose To Live

G ManCatch me if you can, live, Thursday from 2-5 PM with a replay next Wednesday morning the 20th of December at the 2-5 AM slot. Actually part two of four shows celebrating 11 years of spinning records for dreamers like you and me. These shows are the aural equivalent of a blaze of glory. Part two starts with a half hour of dream pop, a la Moody Blues. The next half hour is a tribute to late sixties AM radio, with each of the eight songs completely different from one another. I will mention Chicago and Kyu Sakomoto here. Hour two is all blues and soft psych, highlighted by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young and Pink Floyd. Hour three I double up on The Beatles, Asteroid No. 4, and The Green Pajamas, plus tracks by the likes of The Stones, The Turtles, and Sopwith Camel. Something for everyone, at least that is business as usual... The G Man

Steve and Michaela McLain

From the past 11 years of Fringe Toast Music, DJ Andy Bargerstock resurrects his favorite tracks from Fairfield artists. Yes, the entire program features musicians who currently live or formerly lived in our town. Listen for tracks from Steve and Michaela McLain (photo left) who continue to anchor the solid lineup of current musicians in Fairfield.  Many eagerly await a return visit from Mirabai Britton (photo right) with accompaniment by father Tim Britton. Additional first-hour talents include Mt. Thelonious, Arthur Lee Land, Robert Reeder and Taylor Ross.

In the second-hour, you ears will tingle with delight from artists including Jenn Mirabai BrittonTrimpe, Jose Overmyer, Society of Broken Souls, Skunk River Medicine Show, Mr. Nasti, and Dagmar

Click here for playlist. Mark your calendar to hear the best music you rarely hear unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 and streaming live at and click on LISTEN LIVE at 8pm CT on Wednesday with replays on Saturday mornings at 8am CT.

The Inspiration Initiative

Join show host Luke Davids on a continuation of last week's episode of The Inspiration Initiative where we listened to an array of top underground singer-songwriters. This week features new artists that you have most likely never heard but need to.

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Handprints of Our People

Handprints of Our People is the album name from the duo of Anthony Wakeman & Aaron White. A nice acoustic mix of native american tunes. You will hear it in its full glory during hour one of the show. Hour two finishes up the record, and then six bands take us through some excellent prog music: Fragile State, Barrio Jazz Gang, Al-Pha-X, Akama, Brooklyn Rider, and Chicago, from their second double album release. Cool Breeze

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The Music of Andrew Combs

Introducing Andrew Combs

Andrew Combs is simply one of Nashville's most poetically gifted songwriters!

- NPR music review

KRUU Announces Transition


Now into its second decade of broadcasting, and with great appreciation to Fairfield Youth Advocacy/The Beatbox (FYA) for creating and maintaining a valuable community asset, as well as setting the compass and trajectory of our community radio station, a time of transition has arrived.


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