Click here to go read full article.WHAT LOCAL RADIO MEANS TO FAIRFIELD

FAIRFIELD – KRUU host Talia Winningham and her Tea Time Camaraderie team grace the cover of this month's Cityscape, a glossy publication put out by the Iowa League of Cities. Cityscape is the leading source of information for city officials in Iowa delivered to some 870 member cities.

Written on request by KRUU station manager James Moore, "What Local Radio Has Meant to Fairfield" gives a brief history of the station, now in its 8th year of broadcasting. There are pictures of President Barack Obama and former Governor Chet Culver holding up KRUU t-shirts (then Governor Tom Vilsack received the first t-shirt but was not photographed). Other shots include Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy presenting a KRUU Listener Appreciation Mayoral Proclamation and Great Taste host Steve Boss interviewing Eldon Pie Lady Beth Howard. [Click pic to read the full article.]

KRUU became the Midwest's only solar-powered radio station, designed, donated and delivered by the community, on September 9th, 2009 at 9am. The piece also highlights the station's role in spearheading the successful three-day free annual music and more festival known as FAIRfest, held the third weekend in June; the production of a 20-part radio series in 2011 on statewide sustainability and energy efficiency done in conjunction with the Iowa Power Fund and MUM Media & Communications Department; and some of the scores of programs offered by the 100% locally-produced, nonprofit station who lives up to its mission of giving voice to the community.

Author & Pie Baker Beth HowardDe-stress holiday baking! Ignore rules & focus on what's in front of you. So says Beth Howard, the author and adventure traveler who taught pie baking classes and ran the Pitch Fork Pie Stand inside the Eldon, Iowa farmhouse made famous by artist Grant Wood. Beth's iconoclastic pie-deology enlivens her book, MS. AMERICAN PIE: BUTTERY GOOD PIE RECIPES AND BOLD TALES FROM THE AMERICAN GOTHIC HOUSE.

eth made pies for Steven Speilberg (coconut cream), Dick Van Dyke (strawberry rhubarb), and Barbara Streisand (lemon meringue). She gave pie away and taught pie baking classes in the grieving community of Newtown, Connecticut. Although Beth's closed the pie stand and moved out of the Gothic House, she still believes in the healing power of pie. You will, too, if you read her books or listen to this rebroadcast episode.

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Peace in the Valley, Week #2


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What Colors Are Trending This Year?

No one does color like Pantone.Pantone on Fashion

Remember the line in "The Devil Wears Prada" where the newbie assistant (Anne Hathaway) tells the high-power fashion editor played by Meryl Streep that she doesn't see how what they are doing affects her life, and Meryl gives a lecture about the history of the color of the sweater that Anne is wearing.

With this gorgeous book, "Pantone on Fashion: A Century of Color in Design" we get the inside scoop on fashion colors.  Joining us this week on Writers' Voices is writer E.P. Cutler, who worked with the executive director of the Pantone Fashion Institute to bring us this book.

James Moore talks with Sierra Club environmental attorney Wally Taylor about a topic and an issue that is of grave concern to many enviromental advocates in the Jefferson County area. The Bakken Pipeline would deliver so-called sweet crude in pipes across the state of Iowa from North Dakota and then down to the Gulf.

Here's a blurb from a recent article in the Des Moines Register titled "Branstad Won't Stop Pipeline Through Iowa":

Wally Taylor of Cedar Rapids, a lawyer for the Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club, said Iowans must do everything they can to stop the pipeline project. "We cannot let fossil fuels continue to damage and wreck our economy and environment and our earth," Taylor said.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETF), who also do business as Dakota Access, announced plans for a proposed oil pipeline that will run diagonally across Iowa, through 17 or 18 counties. The company also announced that some of the crude oil will be loaded onto rail cars for shipment to the east coast.

Attorney Taylor will be in Fairfield on Monday November 24th at 7:30pm at the Fairfield Public Library to address the issue and answer any questions people may have. A county meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2nd at 9am at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Activity Building where the company will present their agenda and then hear from local community members about their plans.

This Sunday night on KRUU i will be broadcasting a variety of songs composed over the past 20 years. Handcrafting each composition was a deeply rewarding personal journey of discovery for me and i am thankful to have the opportunity to share a handful of this original Obvious World music + sound design now.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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Duane Jones' Smooth Jazz

Duane Jones


"Duane's Smooth Jazz"

Bass player and computer programmer DJ Duane Jones fine tuned his ear for jazz playing in jazz bands around the "Windy City" Chicago.

Duane graduated from North Eastern University with his computer programming degree. While DJing for WCRD and other stations, Duane expanded his mental library of music and really acquired a knack for creating effective set lists.

Enjoy two hours of superior jazz programming from "Duane's Smooth Jazz" twice a week Mondays 2-4pm and Thursdays 1-3am on and 100.1 FM in Fairfield IA.

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Featured positive music singer/songwriter Lisa Bell

Embracing the genre-transcending spirit of today’s great independent artists, Bell cooks up a bubbling stew of roots,, jazz, pop, and country, with spicy vocals simmered to perfection.

For more than a decade, Lisa has shared a personal connection with her fans. From her evolution as a songwriter to her performances with legendary artists and her work with the healing benefits of music & sound, Lisa has invited us in to relate our own life experiences and journey we are all on together.

Lisa understands that positive music can make the world a better place and has been on a mission to inspire the listener take heart and take action with music that is fun, fresh, upbeat and thought provoking. For the past 11 years, she has been writing and performing songs that make a difference through positive, empowering lyrics at venues across the country and internationally. Her upcoming CD, The Italian Project (to be released February 2013), will be her fourth and the first transatlantic project that includes collaboration with her new friends and immensely talented musical colleagues in Italy.

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Music For Travelers In The Dark

RRIf you have no sense of direction, and no common sense at all, you are either a politician, or you tend to stay at home in the nighttime. For those of you in the latter category, and all of you roaming around in cars in the bitter cold, have I got a treat for you. Five epic songs spaced thru the show by Om, Earth, The Lemon Pipers, Kaleidoscope, and Uriah Heep. A six-minute-long dip into Symphony No.3 in E-flat Major by Beethoven, an adaptation of Toccata by Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, and a long strange trip by Jefferson Airplane keeps it interesting. Plus some ditties by Albert Hammond, Jr., Jarvis Humby, and The Beatles. As a two hour block, it is quite exquisite. Cool Breeze

New format. Same dudes.

INSIDE THE HEADLINES with Newsvandal JP Sottile and James Moore.

It's underwater sparklers and quirky perks time in newsville.The men from UNKLE are upping the ante and you're warmly invited to glisten in!

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