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Just Out of Silence

G ManIf you are just coming out of silence on the twelfth January, the show begins beside a babbling brook. Soft horns and lilting strings give way to songs invoking subtle feelings. And then, it's back to the regular ass-kickin' show I usually do. I just attended a lecture on the album Sgt. Pepper, so we will hear a song originally meant to be included on that iconic disc. I have three songs by my favorite album artists, brand new tunes by Hiss Golden Messenger, The Baudelaires, and Robbie Fulks, and and old Mason Proffit hit. The 'In Root' portion of the show 4-5 PM includes Taj Mahal, Paul Revere, The Rolling Stones, The Raybeats, and Dion. Lots to love about life. Spend some of it with The G Man.

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Three Songs Each By Eight Bands

RRI have a three-fer going for each band for this weekends show. The eight bands, in order of play time, are Astral Son, Horseback, Haunted Leather, Psychic Ills, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Adrian Younge/Venice Dawn, Bokaj Retsiem, and Creepy John Thomas. Haunted Leather, Psychic Ills, and Horseback have songs on them that rate as the best of the year in my annual review. One of the BJM songs is my theme song for Centripetal Sounds. The other four bands are fun and interesting. If you are up late Friday night, or up early Monday morning, this is your best bet for high quality sound in these here United States. Come and hear the proof. Cool Breeze

THE WEEK THAT WAS w /the Newsvandal

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Mexico’s climate migrants are already coming to the United States

What It’s Like to Live Where It’s Not Even Safe to Breathe

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the most interesting music of 2016

not necessarily the biggest selling, but the most creative and interesting music of 2016...

bowiedavid bowie's last bow..."i'm the great i-am...i'm a black star."

shearwater, from austin, tx, plays an undefinable style of creativity.

claypool lennon delium is one of the surprising yet perfect collaborations...

beck goes to the edge of electronic r&b; david crosby releases a beautiful new song, the band quilt flashes the senses with a new sound and harmonies, the most solid cd of the year by the red hot chili peppers, and a dancing singalong by tiggs da author, "run"...

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Starting The Year Off Right

G ManNot wanting to waste an opportunity, my first half-hour of the new year is a set of anti-war songs. A collective peace has always been just outside our grasp by my reckoning, but not for lack of trying. A more detailed examination of the concept of no war will arrive in an upcoming show. Then it is on to mostly newly released music, some of my favorite songs from the past year. New tracks by The Rolling Stones, Wayne Hancock, Iggy Pop, DIIV, and The 1975 just to name a few. Again, about every sub genre of rock I can get my hot little hands on will be present. You be present, also. The G Man

Chef Eric RodriguezWhat a pleasure it was talking with Chef Eric Rodriguez of Everybody's Cafe at the Great Taste LIVE show.  The kitchen at Green Building Supply was really humming as Michael Zador, James Spielmaker, and Anna Shaner were assisting in the prep of several dishes.  

Everyone in attendance at the live show sampled nachos, a veggie wrap, bruschetta, and a roasted cauliflower soup. One common denominator of each dish was a simple vinaigrette-four dishes, four different vinaigrettes, and Chef Eric explained and showed how to make each one.

Cauliflower Soup

This was part of his presentation on what he terms "real" fusion cooking, which begins with bringing all five tastes-salty, sour, savory, bitter, and sweet into balance, plus considering how the other senses o

f sight, smell, and touch will come into play.  Add to that the interplay of the dish with our emotions, thoughts, and spirit, and the result is a "tantric dining experience."  

I'm going to continue exploring Chef Eric's "fusion" style in a follow-up interview scheduled for late February.

The next LIVE show at Green Building Supply is on Tuesday, March 7 with Chef Matt Steigerwald, former owner of the Lincoln Cafe and Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon, IA.

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