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Classical Music in Pop songs

The Inspiration InitiativeJoin host Luke Davids on this weeks episode of The Inspiration Initiative to hear how classical music has influenced a large number of the most popular songs we hear on the radio. 

This Week on You Bet Your Life! Mondays @ 11am, Fridays @ 7pm

Cool, fresh, crisp and hip new music! Including Lithics, Leila M. & Tired of Triangles, Skepta, and Finally Some Action! More surprises galore! So Refreshing! 

(Clockwise from top left: Leila M. & Tired of Triangles, Aubrey Hornor of Lithics, Skepta, and the totally sweet logo for Finally Some Action!) 

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~
9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

Marian HillSee link to playlist below. DJ Andy Bargerstock delivers Part 2 of his favorite music discoveries over the past 50 weeks from off-the-beaten path.  In the first hour, you will hear tracks from male singer-songwriters including Mike Posner, Chris Joss, Steve Mason, Greg Laswell, James Vincent McMorrow and Henry Jamison and then the ladies take the stage including Ruelle (with Zayde Wolf), Marian Hill (duo photo left), and Diane Birch (photo right). Diane Birch

In the second-Chill Session, get prepared for longer endorphin-producing sets that feature international world music and electro-acoustic artists including Shy Girls, Peer Kusiv (Germany), Parov Stelar (Austria), Daniel Spaleniak (Poland), and AURAH (Switzerland).

Mark your calendar and spread the word to join the live stream anywhere in the world at www.kruufm.com and click on the phrase "LISTEN LIVE". It is the best music you never hear unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.  Click for playlist.



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RRYour next chemical experience listening to music is akin to me tossing a big bunch of alternative tunes in your face like sparkle graffiti. There , I said it. Outvocation is a wierd and wonderful exercise by Psychic Ills. Outer Realms by Cave Singers, Further Outro by Salvia Plath, Out There by Blue Faces, Out of Sight by The Holydrug Couple: Well, you get the idea. New music by Horseback, Astral Son, and Between Interval, as well as Lazy Eye all the way from the big island. Can't say enough good things about the great music available this year. Cool Breeze

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A Waltz of Melody, In Two Parts

T Shirt

The sun is rare

And happiness too

Love goes

Astray throughout


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Simple Songwriting on "The Inspiration Initiative"

The Inspiration InitiativeJoin host Luke Davids to explore the art of simple songwriting. Inspired by the passing of Tom Petty and the resulting resurgence of his most popular tunes.

Interview and Music with Luke Davids

Luke Davids is a London-born singer-songwriter with inventive arrangements & hooks that remind listeners of Elvis Costello and Ben Folds Five.

Alexi MurdochIt's time for DJ Andy Bargerstock's 11th Annual Best of FT Music programs on October 11 and Oct 18. Discover what has been kicking around in DJ Andy's head for the past 50 weeks. You will hear some of the best tracks of music from off the beaten path that deserve you attend. For example, Fringe Toast song of the year is "Breathe" by Alexi Murdoch (photo left). On Alice Phoebe LouOctober 11m the program highlights singer songwriters including River Whyless, Elephant Stone, Angel Snow, Io Trio, Aurora, and Alana Yorke

In the second hour, your ears will tingle with endorphin-enriching tracks from artists that include Alice Phoebe Lou (photo right), Kaleo, Sohn and Ayla Nereo. Mark your calendar and spread the word.

Click here for the play list.

For more background on these artists, read the October Iowa Source article on these Fringe Toast music events.

METAFORE MAGAZINE COVERCalling all writers: Evoke the world in the way only you can! A new literary magazine is currently seeking authentic, diverse, voices for its December 2017 debut issue. METAFORE MAGAZINE will feature genre-bending and convention smashing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Deadline? November 21st. Submit only previously unpublished material. Check out Metafore's #MegaMondays feature, too: poetry or flash fiction of up to 500 words will be published every week. Hear more about this new online publication this week on The Studio with Cheryl, Nynke Passi, and James R. Davidson, Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor of Metafore Magazine. 

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