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The creativity of an artist comes from within, one has to have vision, the ability to focus, and a mind that can travel without being transported.

This month we will focus on the on The Music, The Mind, The Matter of March.


I personally am busy #advocating #CivilRights for a #minor.
Guests this month will speak of their POV on #activism #hacktivism & #SpeakUp #SpeakOut #Organize #File

Ft, KalCahoone Singer/Songwriter/Anarchist/Activist
Speaks of 'The Sickness & The Cure' to international & local police brutality, oppression & empowerment in uniting CopWatch, Occupy & similar HR organizations overground & underground.

Reference: 'CASH FOR KIDS' - DocumentarySupreme Court investigated judges & overturned hundreds of delinquency adjudications. Juvenile Law Center filed a lawsuit against judges & numerous other parties. State legislature created commission to investigate wide-ranging juvenile Justice Judge FraudJuvenile Law Center maintains related court documents. 
- 'THE NEW JIM CROW' -  Written by Michelle Alexander a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate, and legal scholar "EXPOSING Mass Incarceration .... in modern America."
Special Note - "When you are in the arena, Remember who the Real enemy is." - Hunger Games II (Catching Fire)
Volunteer attorneys willing to consult for my minor email JessicaBurksOffice@gmail.com from your business account.
Peace, Kindness & Respect, JessicaBurksMusic

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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I can now freely admit that this winter almost got me. The cold, the snow, the overshoes, the dirty drifts in front of my house---all this and more combined simply took its toll on my good nature and aggravated my daily aches and pains.

I was turning into a very grumpy guy.

And then, as if by magic, the daily temperature rose above thirty degrees, the sun came out and so did my neighbor's big yellow kitty. I began to feel hopeful. I'm in the mood to wear a red stripey t-shirt and skip to my lou.

We have broken the back of old man Winter shortly before it broke me. 

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More New Music From 2015


On tonight's edition of The After Hours I'll be playing some more great music from 2015. We've got some swing courtesy of Clare Teal & Her Mini Big Band, some jazz-rock with the piano/drum duo Wreche, and some instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop from Mounika, Esbe, Little People, Ruhe and Dirtwire. Last but certainly not least, we'll hear some tracks from indie-rockers Modest Mouse off their upcoming album, Strangers To Ourselves

Stream it all live March 7th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU radio!

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Inside the Headlines w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile & James Moore

Gary Sick on Netanyahu’s Speech

>>Quid Pro Quo Pros
Top Lobbyist: 2016 To Be “Bumper Year” Thanks to Clinton Campaign
& Bush Asks Donors to Limit Themselves to $1 Million
& The Goldman Sachs primary

>>Sheriffs of Nottingham
A City Where Policing, Discrimination and Raising Revenue Went Hand in Hand

For all the headlines with links, click "Read more" below.

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Robert Reeder on Roots Rock Roadhouse

Robert Reeder and his music are  our feature on today's edition of Roots Rock Rockhouse.

Robert and his stellar group of musicians and singers (including our beloved and uber talented station manager James Moore)  will be appearing at Cafe Paradiso tonight, Friday March 6th.

See you there!!!

Great show at GrFlavor Flourseen Building Supply last night with Eric and Denyce Rusch of Breadtopia.  We consumed terrific red fife bread and cookies.  Thanks to both of them, and our sponsors GBS and Everybody's Whole Foods.  You can hear part of the discussion in the second half of the show on our "Iowa Cooks" segment.

The first half of the show features Alice Medritch, author of the new and highly-acclaimed book, Flavor Flours.  Join us.  Here is what Alice wrote to me about her book:

"The book is about new ingredients and a whole new approach to what people insist on calling Gluten Free, and I want to discuss why that is so, and what the advantage is of not thinking about these flours as merely substitutes.  This book is about broadening horizons and new tastes and textures.  The recipes are mostly quite easy, of course I have advice about how to best to succeed with the recipes, but there is not rocket science involved."  This is going to be a fascinating look into what up, until now, would be considered baking outside the box.

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Live Local Radio Inspired By The Beat Merchants

G ManWhat a great name for a band: The Beat Merchants. What a great song title: Moanin'. And that is the beginning of a carefully crafted set of tunes spinning in the studio tomorrow on Centripetal Sounds. I am The G Man, the only government you will ever need on Planet Rock & Roll, and I am bringing the proof. Here are some bands new to the show: The Liberty Bell, The Insect Trust, Elysian Fields, Moloch, Kingdom Of The Sun, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Dantalian's Chariot, Raik's Progress, and Orange Peel. Actually I have potentially eight more new bands to the show, but space is limited, so tune in and give a listen to this kickin' music. Yass. 

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