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Join an all-new reunion show, where host Zander Stone reunites with his partner and co-creator of Soul Product John Cope, We will play some of our favorite tracks from our first year, and discuss them and the direction of the show....


Be Sure to tune in tonight, it will be live and we will be offering Soul Product in it's original new state as you remember it.


So tune your dials and browser to the KRUU realm and join us for a solid hour of Hip Hop and underground tones...



The P5K Radio Workshop

The online debut of The P5K Radio Workshop, featuring original radio dramas uninterrupted by commercial advertisement.

Click "Read More" for a cast list and description of each episode.

First impulse is to write this is a big weekend for movie fans, but it seems like we hear this almost every weekend. Let's put it this way- if you enjoy movies, if you're a fan of the film industry, a fan of film technology, interested in box office handicapping (what film will be seen the most this year?), and if the word Pixar peaks your attention, this is indeed a big weekend in southeast Iowa. All because the Pixar film Up opens nationwide today and will be showing in 3D in Ottumwa.

We took a tour of the Ottumwa 8 Theatre projector room with Manager Vickie Schleif and saw the brand new computerized digital projector that will be showing Up. We'll hear some of that experience today on the Filmosophers.

Co-hosts Chris Busch and Bruce Miller will also have reviews, previews and more on the Filmosophers- where we give our filmosophy on the movies and have filmosophical discussions.

ring of aces


Boy, have I ever got the tunes lined up for this week. I will be live in the studio a whoopin' and a hollorin' and playing the most unlikely set of songs. I have two great versions of The Days of Wine and Roses.... think about that as you are staring at the picture on the screen.....and be ready for some uptempo rock and roll...

The G Man

Craig MullaneyCraig M. Mullaney is a United States Army veteran and the author of The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier's Education. He was on the national security staff of Barack Obama's presidential campaign and served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Department of Defense Transition Team under co-chairs Michele Flournoy and Dr. John P. White. Mr. Mullaney graduated from West Point and attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. On March 10, 2009, Mr. Mullaney appeared as a featured guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Dr. Robert Boyer is a clinical psychologist with forty years of experience as a researcher, clinician, and teacher. His latest book is Cool Mind Warm Heart: How to Communicate with Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. The book distills the most useful skills into an effective, user friendly system of communication for the practical person.

david crosbyInspired by numerous requests to identify the background music played before the leon russellbeginning of "The Good Die Young" concert at the Sondheim Center, DJ Andy Bargerstock has assembled some of this favorite, lesser-known Underground FM cuts from the Golden Era 1968-72.



This week's I.W.H. kicks off with a typically atypical post-Memorial Day salute, featuring John Wayne, The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Marx Brothers, The Decemberists and many others.

Also: Imagine Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue arranged for piano and four voices. The Bobs bring their usual brilliance and irreverence to this classic, which will be played sometime around 8:30 PM.

Tuesday 5/26/09 8-10PM

REBRO Friday Midnight after P5K

LYNN TWIST Feature on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM, 'The Voice of FaLynn Twistirfield, Iowa... and Beyond' Thursday, May 21 at 1pm and Friday, May Jack Canfield22 at 3pm

Jack Canfield, Dr. John Gray, Marci Shimoff, and Janet Attwood, four leading transformational speakers and authors, talk with James Moore in praise of the upcoming Fairfield visit of humanitarian Lynn Twist, author of The Soul of Money and president of the Panchamama Alliance. She will be honored with the Mayor's first Humanitarian Award on June 8 at the Sondheim Center.

While in positions of leadership spanning three decades, Ms. Twist has raised hundred of millions of dollars to solve humanity’s most pressing problems and inspired countless thousands of people along the way.

Ember Swift - Lentic

So what does moonlight represent when it disappears?
Even if I can't see it is the light still here?
~ Eclipse, Ember Swift

Independent Canadian artist Ember Swift has been touring internationally since 1996, and has released 9 albums plus a DVD project in that time. In 2007 she finally realized a goal of traveling to China and has been splitting her time between Canada and China ever since. Her new project, Lentic, is a musical expression of her experiences in merging East and West - everything from the lyrics to the packaging to the instrumentation is a beautiful merging of languages and cultures, allowing the two to learn from, inform and celebrate each other.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour, including songs from Ember's new project Lentic, plus an interview with Ember!

Mark Cox

natural causes
Mark Cox
chairs the Department of Creative Writing at UNC Wilmington and teaches in the MFA in Writing Program of Vermont College. He is the recipient of the Whiting Writers' Award, a Pushcart Prize, a Kansas Arts Commission Fellowship, two awards from the Vermont Council on the Arts, and a Bread Loaf Writers' conference Fellowship.

Cox has published poems in such magazines as American Poetry Review, Poetry, and Crazyhorse. Ampersand Press published his chapbook, Barbells of the Gods, in 1988. Godine published Smoulder, his first full-length collection in 1989. His second collection, Thirty-Seven Years from the Stone, and his latest book, Natural Causes, were both published by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

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