widespread panic(See link to play list at bottom). Fresh from three weeks of vacation in Vermont, DJ Andy Bargerstock shares his latest musical discoveries.  Highlighted group, Widespread Panic (photo left), elite American jam band from Athens, GA is known for changing set lists for every concert. On this night, you will hear two tracks from recently released CD, Dirty Side Down. Tune early! You don't want to miss the opening set with some obscure and worthy blues tracks from Tab Benoit, Miller Anderson, and Harry Manx & Kevin Breit.


Be sure to tune in Thursday morning, August 20, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. for the Uncle Bunkin Country and Western Music Show, featuring the free and haunting old-timey, often a capella, songs of Appalachian mountaineers, especially coal miners.

These rare songs chronicle the difficulties of a miner's life in the mountains. The usual difficulties are aggravated by the dangers of mining and the often violent betrayal of the miners by the coal companies they work for.

The difficulties of mining seemed to be lessened for a time when the United Mine Workers of America stood up for the miners and organized them into a powerful force finally bringing a measure of fairness in the miners' employment. But even the UMWA became corrupted by its own power and failed to represent the miners as it once had. The miners organized again at the grassroots level and, after another long and bloody struggle, brought reform to the UMWA.

These Appalachian songs and the miners' plight will find a response in your souls, Country and Western Music Friends! Listen in.

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From nearly the beginning of the recording era it was an accepted truism that if a song was a hit for one artist it could very well become a hit for another.  In fact, several times during the 1940's the #1 song was knocked off of the top spot by another version of the same song.  During the 1960's if Motown Records had a hit with one artist then they would have several of their other artists cover the song as well, just in case.

And the 60's were such an active period of musical cross-pollination that a Top 40 hit would often be recorded by musicians in half a dozen other genres as well, from jazz to easy-listening.  Case in point: Light My Fire by The Doors, a song that has been recorded dozens of times, from the 60's to the present, and was in fact also a hit for Jose Feliciano.  

Juliana FinchJuliana Finch was raised in the South, in an Italian-American family, listening to Irish music. Her songwriting style reflects that bizarre cocktail. She has most recently been compared to Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Natalie Merchant, which flatters her and never fails to make her want to keep it up. Juliana is a professional eavesdropper, a perpetual student, and an amateur chef. Some of her favorite things include scarves, breakfast, handmade stuff, pugs and the color red.

Al Jardine

It's not unusual, pussycat, for Mike Ragogna to do incredible interviews. The Huffington Post entertainment contributor has been doing amazing interviews with show biz figures across the entertainment spectrum right here at solar-powered KRUU 100.1 FM for the past few months.

Listen Tuesday at 8am rebroadcast of Tom Jones, the 60's Welsh international sensation, who has a new gospel release out. Jones turns to his roots with this record and Mike, as always, uses his endearing style combined with musician/music biz insights to deliver world class interviews. New material from both releases will be presented.

Beach Boy Al Jardine talkis about his new CD "A Postcard from California." Joining Al on this record are Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Steve Miller, Stephen Stills, and David Crosby.

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Sharon Bousquet

Sharon Bousquet


It was a blast having Sharon Bousquet in the studio, hearing her new poems (which totally kick the proverbial @#$%, by the way) and hearing her mesmerizing way with the guitar and voice. New poems, new songs, great company. Grab a scone and a cup of coffee and tune in to some fine music AND poetry, and find out what Sharon has been up to lately.

Sharon Bousquet is an award-winning songwriter/fingerstyle guitarist, and a seminar leader of The Singing Body – a system combining yoga, singing, breath and integrative movement to free your natural voice.

With 5 CDs to her credit spanning a stylistic range from contemporary folk to pop to bluesy a cappella rants, Bousquet's work continues to deepen and reward repeat listening.

“The three great elemental sounds in nature are
the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and
the sound of outer ocean on a beach” ~ Henry Beston

Sunday nights
Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
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Rasta's Roots Radio Show #188 Sunday 4:00 AM

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This week:  Night Psalms to start

Apocalypse of Iesos Kristos chapt. 1-3

Piper at the gates of dawn

[live w/tim britton 2007]

Louv and Peace abide in Us always and in everything

Brother I O E L

New Soul Product Show Tonight!

I will let the playlist speak for itself, but a lot of good ones on this show.

It will premiere TONIGHT @ 10PM CST.

reflection eternal

Cormega - Dirty Game

The Sun Dragon feat. Klashnekoff and Kyza - Watching (remix)

Onyx - I Don't Want to Die

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