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Romance Is Dead on Planet Pete

Join me on Saturday 11PM to midnight for an hour of rock n roll music featuring Oasis, The Who, AC/DC and much much more. I guarantee there will be no love songs.

Huffington Post entertainment contributor Mike Ragogna has an engaging conversation with seminal Nashville artist Mac Gayden who will be performing with his group Sweetwater at the Sondheim Center this Saturday, Feb 12th at 7:30pm.

Mac is the co-writer of the rock classic "Everlasting Love' and has played on records by Dylan, Elvis, JJ Cale and many more rock'n'roll luminaries. He is a 5th generation Nashvillian who grew up down the street from the Everly Brothers, rode home from school with Hank WIlliams, Sr, and has the sweetest touch on slide guitar this side of anywhere. He is a wonderful songwriter with a soulful voice.

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Classic Soul

Following the segregaEtta Jamestion of "popular" and "race music" in the 40s and 50s, the liberal values of the 60s and 70s saw an integration of sounds without regard to labels and genres. If music was good, we listened to it, whether it was rock, soul, country, or jazz.

This week my show features some of the earliest and best voices of classic soul music. Before the Beatles scorched their version of "Twist and Shout" The Isley Brothers sang it in a looser, more danceable style.The first dance at a wedding may still be Etta James' [left] slow "At Last" but her "Tell Mama" will move you from head to toe, along with dance tracks from Otis Redding and The Four Tops.

Then I play a medley of soulful love songs, featuring The Spinners and Al Green. Some is sad, some is blissful; it's all about love.

Centripetal Sounds

I have discovered that there is an amazing amount of great music out there for a dollar or so. I am talking about a whole album of music, not this 99 cent deal at Amazinnian or Eyetuneian or your feedbag of choice.

Some lovely stuff out there, so I am bringing it, I am bringing the proof this week.

Here are some highlights: Tame Impala, The Verve, Steve Wynn, Dead Meadow, and Sleepy Sun. Also, The Asteroid No.4 had an official release for 'Hail To The Clear Figurines' this week. We will sample that monster hit record.

Well, it's a hit with me.....Oh, and check out my blog Friday for the 2-4 am time slot: new music for you the entire month of February.

The G Man

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Like the rest of you Shoegazer is licking its wounds after the deluge from upon high. Power outages, massive snowdrifts and arctic winds are hardly cause for celebration. That said, and gladly ignoring the risk of pedantry, we'd like to stress that it's all a matter of perspective; a point made more clear by some of the tracks we've lined up for this installment of the show. Take a moment to "Listen [to] The Snow Falling" (Galaxie 500) and you'll find "Peace of Mind" (The Radio Dept.). After all it's "Non-Toxic" (Telekinesis) and it "Glitter[s]" (No Age) so arrestingly. Manage to "Stay Alive" (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart) and winter is just a "Short Intermission" (Big Phony) until the "Bloom" (Duchess Leo) of spring. When you're grasping at straws corniness will do. Saturday evening at 6 and again Thursday morning at 9. Break out the toboggan.

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The Feed Store with Ken Mottet

Ken Mottet I love the town of Fairfield as much as I love my wife, my stuffed bear and my rockabilly music. Being born on a farm in Jefferson County in the sixties and going to FHS in the seventies informs every move I make every day.

Tune in to KRUU thursday mornings and find out how I got from here to there and back again. I'm pretty sure my mom will be listening too. 

Dr. James ShapiroDr. James Shapiro MD, PhD is a Professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada. He is one of the world's leading researchers in the treatement of diabetes. Dr. Shapiro maintains an active immunology/transplant research laboratory focused on aspects of tolerance induction relating to islet transplantation with emphasis on costimulatory blockade and chimerism, with translational potential to clinical islet recipients.

Ari Berman is a contributing writer for the Nation Magazine and frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, etc. His new book HERDING DONKEYS, is an in-depth look at the Democratic Party from Howard Dean's adoption of a 50-state strategy through Obama's triumph in 2008 and beyond.

Chef DuffyWhat kinds of food go into creating the type of energy needed to sustain a professional cyclist? These guys push their bodies to the limit riding in races up to three weeks long, spending hours on the bike many days, and enduring the dual punishments of terrain and weather.

Recently, we went to the Tour of Missouri's final stage in Kansas City and caught up with Chef Duffy of the Astana Cycling Team. He let us in on what Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer and the other Astana boys eat on the road and the bike. Then we chatted with Timmy Duggan who rides for Team Garmin-Slipstream. Timmy, who hails from Boulder, CO, makes Girona, Spain his home during the racing season and uses some of his time off the bike to study the wines, cheeses and other foods of the roads he rides.

As you'll learn on the next GREAT TASTE pasta is a fittling meal for us to make in the studio during our cycling special. Kathy will have the water boiling and local ingredients cooking. Stop by for a taste!

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FRINGE TOAST - Sweetwater Rose & Blue Tofu emergence -

fringe toast(See link to play list at bottom). Former Traffic leader, Dave Mason kicks off with live version of "World in Change," a fitting commentary on contemporary events even though it was written 40 years ago.  DJ Andy Bargerstock highlights the music oMac Gaydenf Mac Gayden (legendary songwriter: "Everlasting Love" and "Crazy Mama") and his female trio, Sweetwater Rose (photo) that includes Fairfield's own Ali Sperry.  Join the live concert with Sweetwater on Saturday, Feb. 12th at Sondheim.  Later in this Fringe Toast episode, Andrea Matthews and Tim Story (aka, Blue Tofu) take the stage with tracks from their 2001 CD offering a full plate of chilled, downtempo, acoustic-electronic swoon. Click on "Read More" for play list. New artists to the Fringe Toast play list: Sarabeth Tucek, Quincy Coleman, The Civil Wars, House of Fire, Dave Thomas Junior, and Flunk. More new tracks Swell Season, Flower Travelin' Band and DarksideClick here for play list!

(2/8/2011) Pretty original music. That's what up today. I have a mix of oldies, new music, rock, anti-folk, electronic, indie pop...hope u enjoy

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