Soul Product is back tonite in the studio LIVE
With an all new lineup of artsits garunteed to get your neck crackin to the beats...
Johnny Cope is out of-state on a short trip... So host Alexander Stone, will take ill billover the airwaves... sure to be some suprises and great music..
Tune in for a live show from 8-9PM tonite...

Artists on this weeks playlist include but is not limited to....

Ill Bill
Jazz Addixx
Jazzmatazz feat. Blackalicious

gyptiansolid sounds and key riddims from Natural Black (a Guyanese reggae superstar), Admiral Tibett (the honorary Mr. Conscious Culture) and Gyptian (the latest and greatest straight from the Rock) as well as a few thrown in from likes of Gentleman, Morgan Heritage and Marlon Asher

**if you are curious (like me) about familiar riddims that are consistantly re-used, re-cycled and referenced, check out the Jamaican Riddims Directory- your comprehensive source for most versioned drum beats and bass lines.
this week we'll throw out two of the most famous riddims of all times: Stalag and Real Rock. check for those mid-set by Admiral Tibett.




We are still selecting songs for Saturday morning's

annual electronic holiday special.


Ho Ho Ho

Richard HeinbergRichard Heinberg is the author of eight books including The Party's Over, Powerdown, The Oil Depletion Protocol, and Peak Everything. He is a Senior Fellow of Post Carbon Institute and is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost Peak Oil educators.

He writes a regular column for The Ecologist, and has also authored scores of essays and articles that have appeared in such journals as The American Prospect, The Futurist, European Business Review, Earth Island Journal, Alternative Press Review, The Sun, Power Down, and Transition Culture; and on web sites such as,,,, and

He has appeared in numerous video documentaries, including Leonardo DiCaprio's 11th Hour and the feature film, Crude Impact.

Ho-Chunk Nation

Co-hosts Stuart Tanner and James Moore discuss Stuart's recent journey to the Ho-Chunk Nation in Nebraska to document their elders' decision to consider Transcendental Meditation as a tool to combat the deleterious effects of diabetes on the tribe.

Included are interviews with the elders.

Former BBC filmmaker Stuart currently works with the David Lynch Foundation overseeing documentary film production.

Good Rockin' Tonight!!!

Thursday at 11 pm on the Odds & Ends show with Simon Brooks!!!

The cramps

Dr. Judy Carman, Director of the Institute for Health and Environmental Research (IHER), an internationally respected food biologist, a recognized authority on genetic engineering and an Australian Public Health expert.

Howard Vlieger, President of Verity Farms. Mr.Vlieger works with farmers in 6 states who are dedicated to natural crop and livestock production. He has assisted farmers with biological crop production techniques and the natural feeding of livestock since 1992.

They will be speaking: Thursday, December 11th, 8:15 pm, at Dalby Hall, Argiro Student Center, Maharishi University of Management. Admission is free.

BBKING100% new tracks this week! B.B. King (photo) and friends, Clapton and John Hooker, celebrate the blues tradition to begin this week's program with "Riding with the King" and "Blues Summit." Later, you'll hear from Buckethead (yes,missy higgins the guy who wears a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket while he plays) named by GuitarOne magazine as one of the "Top 20 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time." Haven't heard from him? Don't miss it! Really, you will want to hear his ear-soothing work. Thanks to Stephen Kult.

New Prarie Camerata

Chamber Music Society Fairfield presents New Prairie Camerata with Claudia Anderson, flute, Nancy McFarland Gaub, violin, Eugene Gaub, piano and guest artist Christine Rutledge on viola on Thursday, December 11, 7:30 p.m. at the Sondheim Center.

Nancy McFarland Gaub
speaks with Classical Hour about the upcoming performance organized by Freddy Fonseca.

Presented will be duos and trios by composers from six different nationalities, including Max Reger (German) and Bohuslav Martinù (Czech); the humorous Virgil Thomson, Alan Tormey (both American) and Jacob ter Veldhuis (Dutch) with compositions inspired by American popular music; the meditative Arvo Pärt (Estonian); and Frenchman Jacques Ibert whose passionate works are inspired by Spanish music!




tonight on the life and times of jefron
we're going to have a solid 2 hours of
cassette tapes from africa, more iraqi pop,
the usual doom and psych freakouts and
probably some yeasayer and pocahaunted.


make yourself a drink and settle in.

it's cold outside.


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