It's a cliche, but what the hell. Some songs to salute the seasonal shift, from John Coltrane, Harpo Marx(!) Leo Kottke and many others will open this week's I.W.H.

Tuesday, 9/23/08 8-10 PM

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I've been getting a bunch of new albums in to the station these days and there's so much good music to share!  So tune in and meet some of my new musical friends like Lynette Diaz, Rebecca Folsom, Sarah Sample and more!

Lynette Diaz Rebecca Folsom Sarah Sample 

Lyrical Venus Radio - Focus on Female Singer-Songwriters
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Norman Whitfield


Norman Jesse Whitfield (May 12, 1940 - September 16, 2008) was an American songwriter and producer, best known for his work with Berry Gordy's Motown label during the 1960s. He was credited as being one of the creators of the Motown Sound, as well as one of the major instrumental figures in the late-60s sub-genre of psychedelic soul. 

Dr. Vernon Katz

Holocaust memoirist, Dr. Vernon Katz, discusses his beautifully-written recently-released book, The Blue Salon and Other Follies, about growing up in the 1930s in rural Lippe in the shadow of Nazi Germany.

Professor John Solow

University of Iowa Professor John Solow talks about his research with host James Moore using the Iowa Creativity Index which correlates the creative class and economic growth, and places Jefferson County 6th out of 99 counties, the leading rural county in the state. Gives a new meaning to the art of commerce.

[Click John's pic for blog by Brent Willett, Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Fairfield Economic Development Association Executive Director.]

Our guest this week on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline is Iowa City physiPatient Listeningcian Loreen Herwaldt, who uses the illness narratives of two dozen writer-patients to teach listening skills to medical students, residents, physicians, and other health care providers.

Herwaldt skillfully pares each narrative down to its most basic elements, rendering them into powerful found poems that she has used successfully in her role as a teacher and in her own practice. Drawing from narratives by writers who are both emerging and well known, each poem reveals the experience of illness and treatment from the patient's perspective.

Join us on Writers' Voices Friday at 1 pm or Monday 8 am for insights on the use of poetry in the practice of medicine from Dr. Loreen Herwaldt, author of "Patient Listening: A Doctor's Guide."

Sunday September 21st beginning @ 11/10c


czech it out


Karl Blau on Eden's Hour by Erin Skipper Troubadour of the Northwest, Karl Blau, kicked it in the studio with us this week while he was passing through Seattle on his way to Portland. Karl and I have been talking about doing a show for a couple months now and the timing couldn't have been better. Karl's latest album Nature's Got Away is coming out on K Records September 23rd and on 9/16 Spin Magazine named him Artist Of The Day. In good taste I might add. Tune in Saturday night for an hour of beautiful "live" music by Karl including a song that he wrote and recorded this week and an absolutely stunning acoustic version of 2 Becomes 1. Listen to the whole show in the archives


From the beginning of the week, temperatures had reached 112 every day. But that was down in the valley, and in the shade. Up here, exposed on the hardpan, he could easily add five more degrees to that figure. In combinations of leisure and speed he worked his way in a more or less straight line toward a steep swell of sandstone that rose up into the sky and blocked from view whatever lay beyond. At its foot, the boulders became smaller and fewer. Further up, they lessened and eventually ended altogether. Elias paused a moment and contemplated whether or not his feet could withstand the ascent without first resting and then climbed down into the shade of three large boulders that had propped themselves together. He gasped and pressed his hands and face against the shaded stone as if trying to absorb and store the meager coolness it had to offer.

--from "Mythic" by Craig Deininger

As always we will bring you a edgy look at recent sports news. Never short on the latest great sports stories and totally jaded and bias opinions. Also lots of help and advice for all you fantasy football managers. Have a question over who to start or if you just need help with the waiver wire, feel free to write in a question that might be answered on the air.

Dear Listeners,  This week an interview with uncle Eustace.




Coming back next week with psalms and reasonings fit for de King.

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