This Memorial Day, JPJ concludes our 2-part exploration of the music (and influence) of Miles Dewey Davis III a day after what would have been his 82nd birthday. We'll smilestroll through a few of the wings of the mansion that is Miles' music, pausing to examine some of his work with Gil Evans, his groundbreaking work with electric instruments (see "fusion"), straight ahead tracks like "Somethin' Else" with Cannonball Adderly and, of course, a taste or two from his touchstone album "Kind of Blue".

Alongside his own music, we'll give a listen not only to music that would have been unthinkable (unplayable?) without Miles' own trail-blazing efforts, but samples of some of the sounds that influenced him (look for sneaky, non-jazz appearances by James Brown and Jimi Hendrix).

Whether your Memorial Day plans include trancing out to repetitive, free-form funk grooves, snapping your fingers to stylish post-bop improvisations or introspective musing to lush, orchestral arrangements - there'll be something for everyone on JPJ this week!


soulThis Monday evening, TUNE IN 8:00pm-10:00pm with Host Special K and his irregular guest PGK as they explore music with (the word SOUL) in the title or other.

Chatter on tonight's program will vary from summer food ideas, international travel, weather, music appreciation, and remembering our veterans.

Set your dial, and stay awhile, you groove-hungry cats.




This week, T.I.W.H. is proud to present the show we were unable to present last week, featuring recordings made for children by artists who don't who don't normally do children's records, including They Might Be Giants, The Flaming Lips, NRBQ, The Roches, Buckwheat Zydeco, Jonathan Richman, The Chenille Sisters and lots more.

Monday 5/26/08 10PM-Midnight


Bill Wolford's Head Steals Erin Skipper's Show




Erin got a little tied up this week.


Tune in Saturday night at 9pm to find out what kind of trouble I can get into without her around!-Bill



always forward. nevah backward.

ital rulin'. dub stylee...

disheyah a takeovah. not a makeovah.

Dub.Divine continues with vol.2. we begin where we ended last week...Steel Pulse kick starts it. forward movement with some Indo Dub randoms and some Yahadanai. a slice of Qawwali perfection from Gaudi and two drops from Midnite. it's about here that a tease of next week's show is planted. the dub theme continues. but no further clues. sorry. some original Elemental Harmonics (personal friends and favorites a la Atlanta.) we round things out with Dj Cam and Scout some Swayzak, the Pleb and Tycho. Tycho? yeah. sometimes we break the rules. whatevs. enjoi!

Say hi to KRUU's VISTAcorps outreachTheo Bowen of the SHORT LIST Sundays 8pm-10pm CST-pic by Will Meredyth director Tom Knight at the Fairfield's farmers' market at Howard Park this Saturday May 24th... oh yeah, and bring an umbrella!

Northwest Area Foundation
Tom will be attending the Grassroots and Groundwork Conference in Minneapolis May 28-30. Sponsored by the Northwest Area Foundation, Fairfield was a finalist for the NWAF Great Strides Award and received a $25,000 prize for our local work on poverty reduction, wealth creation and grassroot entrepreneurship.

The mayor is here
It's p5k!
And we're playing music on a radio show.
Each week we love to let you into our musical world. What fun will we share this friday night?

Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline welcomes former Fairfield resident Jennie Rothenberg-Gritz back to the show on Friday May 23 at 1pm to discuss her recent ventures into multimedia story tellilng and her behind-the-scenes coverage of the David Lynch weekend for The Atlantic Monthly.

Jennie Gritz



Jennie is an alumna of both Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment and Maharishi University of Management. She earned her masters degree in journalism from UC Berkeley in 2002 and went on to internships at Time Out London and The Atlantic Monthly. She spent two years as senior editor at Moment, a national magazine founded by Elie Wiesel, before joining the Atlantic Monthly staff full time. She is currently one of two editors responsible for all web content at The Atlantic online.

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