Winter Songs
Rock Paper Scissors

It's cold outside but there's plenty of good music on the radio to give you warm fuzzies! Tune in for a set off the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs compilation with new originals and fun new takes on classic songs by the talented ladies from The Hotel Cafe Tour.

We'll also have a sneak preview set from the brand new album by some other talented ladies - the Fairfield band Rock Paper Scissors. They are releasing the album this Friday the 19th! (click the pictures for more info about the albums)

Join host Special K and his Irregular Guest PGK tonight @ 8 -10pm for more of what they are known for crackin music and snappy banter. Tonight on 180 degrees they will explore music and all things Yellow.


So if you are wanting to stay inside and stay cozy,

tune in 100.1 FM, your friend in the radio biz.

Oh my goodness all of the comrades are here! Dom, Camille, Phoebe, and Talia reunited in a fabulous joy of music listening extravaganza! It's so good you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think you're every member of Journey!


the comrades 

RumiDr. Ali Arsanjani, a Rumi scholar who is versed in the tradition of Rumi's "Erfan" poetry, or mystical Sufi poetry, is starting a new series of M.U.M. Library lectures that systematically explore the work of the great Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi. Recently, Dr. Arsanjani joined Rustin Larson at KRUU to record an introduction to Rumi's work and to talk about the upcoming lecture which will focus on a story in the famous Book of the Sun and one poem from the Masnavi Maanavi (Couplets of Inner Meaning). Says Arsanjani, "Rumi's poetry touches deep within us and resonates with our experiences of life and spirituality, regardless of denomination. It celebrates the passion of the human spirit in its quest of Unity with the Divine." Dr. Arsanjani's lecture, "Rumi Returns," will be at the MUM Library, North Lounge, Tuesday night, December 16th at 8:00 pm. For those who would like to know more about Rumi, please visit the Rumi blog. It offers a rich selection of Dr. Arsanjani's translations and commentaries.




Sunday Night 11/10c


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Listeners;  Our Lord reigneth He is clothed with Majesty;  Our Lord is clothed with strength, He hath girded himself:  Our world is established, that it cannot be moved.  Thy Throne, established of old:  thou art from everliving.

This week the nineties of Psalms and a continuation of the coptic story; some older voices and shango axe closes us out.


Be Kind;  Bro. Joel 

guitar jr.



And since I like this old pic of Guitar Jr. so much, from before he moved to Chicago and changed his moniker to Lonnie Brooks, we'll play some Lonnie tonight, too.

Who else?

How about some Poppa Hop (that's Hop Wilson to the squares)? Shoot, how about 2 or 3 Poppa Hop songs?!? Yeah, now we're cooking! John Lee Hooker? You got it, man.

Oh, what the heck, let's just lay down the bluesiest music you can find in Jefferson County, how does that sound?

What's that? You say Blues KRUUz does that every Saturday evening at 7?

Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Soul Product is back tonite in the studio LIVE
With an all new lineup of artsits garunteed to get your neck crackin to the beats...
Johnny Cope is out of-state on a short trip... So host Alexander Stone, will take ill billover the airwaves... sure to be some suprises and great music..
Tune in for a live show from 8-9PM tonite...

Artists on this weeks playlist include but is not limited to....

Ill Bill
Jazz Addixx
Jazzmatazz feat. Blackalicious

gyptiansolid sounds and key riddims from Natural Black (a Guyanese reggae superstar), Admiral Tibett (the honorary Mr. Conscious Culture) and Gyptian (the latest and greatest straight from the Rock) as well as a few thrown in from likes of Gentleman, Morgan Heritage and Marlon Asher

**if you are curious (like me) about familiar riddims that are consistantly re-used, re-cycled and referenced, check out the Jamaican Riddims Directory- your comprehensive source for most versioned drum beats and bass lines.
this week we'll throw out two of the most famous riddims of all times: Stalag and Real Rock. check for those mid-set by Admiral Tibett.




We are still selecting songs for Saturday morning's

annual electronic holiday special.


Ho Ho Ho

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