Politickin' with Ari Berman features discussion with co-hosts Dennis Raimondi and James Moore about Ari's latest feature in The Nation, in which Ari and Mark Ames reveal Presidential hopeful John McCain and his campaign manager Rick Davis' cozy ties to the Kremlin.

McCain's Kremlin Ties

Smearing Obama (The Sequel)

It appears the Montenegro connection goes much deeper than the photo these two Nation
contributing writers broke of McCain and Davis on the gangplank of the rented yacht of admitted conman Rafael Follieri and then-girlfriend actress Anne Hathaway.

Jonnie in flight








Sarah SamplePieta BrownYou were on the run from your parents and the law
I didn't see it then but I was your get-away car
I didn't have a bottle yet you drank down all my love
But to you the edge was never close enough
~ Never Close Enough, Sarah Sample

Just a few minutes listening to Sarah Sample's latest album Never Close Enough and it's easy to see why she was the winner of the 2007 Rocky Mountain Folks Showcase. Intelligent writing, memorable melodies and a super sweet voice come together for something worth listening to over and over again.

If that weren't enough, Pieta Brown & Bo Ramsey will be playing Cafe Paradiso this Saturday October 11. Pieta will be calling in to discuss her new EP Flight Time!

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am for interviews with Pieta & Sarah!

Kevin Hosbond


This Thursday join host Ken Malloy on GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR. Ken speaks with local high school faculty member & Harper's Brush 2008 Teacher of the Year Kevin Hosbond.

Mr. Hosbond talks about his 8 years in Fairfield and his love affair with everything Fairfield. Energetic, creative and open-minded, Hosbond credits many of his past teachers for his success.

Listen in Thursday @ 1pm (Tuesday re-air @ 8am)

Set your dial and stay awhile.

Irving Toast


Poet Dorianne Laux wraps it up with host Rustin Larson in a delicious 6 minute conclusion to her interview.

Then after a brief musical interlude, poet Rustin Larson reads his lyrical narrative essay "Elegy" which first appeared in the journal The MacGuffin in 1997. Ah, literary history. Can y'all smell it in the toaster? Whiff the sesame seed, the poppy seed, the garlic and onion bagels of beauty and truth.


Laurence Olivier & Merle Oberon, Young Will

or Mrs. Smith or the smart blonde who throws,

Robert McDowell



Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM this Monday at 8am to hear Robert McDowell on Writers' Voices. We'll be discussing his book, Poetry as Spiritual Practice.

At once an engaging technical primer on the mechanics and terminology of poetry, a profound meditation on the relationship between poetry and the Divine, and an inspirational guide for integrating poetry into daily spiritual practice, Poetry as Spiritual Practice will become a cherished companion, inviting you to recognize poetry as "the pure sound and shape of your spirit."



Joe Sugarman


At 2:15pm, James talks with direct marketing gurOudu Joe Sugarman from Las Vegas. A top advertising and marketing entrepeneur, Joe will be in Fairfield Saturday October 4th & 5th at 9am for the launch of Maui Joe Coffee. He is working in conjunction with local businessman Cliff Rose. James is joined by infomercial indutry pioneer Tim Hawthorne, Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Hawthorne DIrect.

At 3pm, master oud player Udi Erdogan performs in the KRUU-FM studios. Enjoy a whirling dervish and Sufi concert at Cafe Paradiso Saturday October 4th at 8pm with Oudi aOther Side of Israelnd Friends. Sunday at the Church of the Holy Spirit at 1:30pm.

Jerry Yellin
At 3:30pm, James talks with author Jerry Yellin about his new book THE BLACKENED CANTEEN, which goes on sale today. The book is a histroy lesson for young people.

At 4pm, James speaks with author Susan Nathan about her book THE OTHER SIDE OF ISRAEL: My Journey Across Israeli/Arab Divide. She is in Canada today but will be speaking at the old Brick Church on Sunday evening in Iowa City.

Sunday Night October 5th @ 11/10c
~3 Hours of the Currently Present Future~


heavy on the dance tracks for this one kids. picture your self with lights, a crowd of dance friendly folks.... and well what ever the other necessities are that you require for dance-a-licious times.

the show is spent giving big ups to varioius Thievery Corporation tracks, rediculous Rub-a-dub samples, and the likes of Talvin Singh, Asian Dub Foundation and Groove Corporation.

Crucial Roots motto: get out on the dance floor of life and skank hard.


Listen up hip hop heads... tonight you are in for a treat.. with a much needed live edition of Soul Product tonite @ 8PM!jazz addixx

I (Zander Stone) will be holding down the fort at KRUU FM from 8-9PM with an ill line up
And Jonny cope will be calling in live on the show from Boston
The playlist this week is as follows...
Cesar Comanche- All Praises Due
Jazz addixx- it's a shame
Kev Brown- Hold Fast
The roots- no alibi
Immortal Technique- Leaving the past
Wu Tang Clan- Windmill
Da Grassroots- Last Days
Eminem- Any Man
Neek the exotic- exotics raw
Wendy Rene- After laughter comes tears

Tune in, turn up, sit back, and enjoy
Soul Product will be kicking and snaring your radiowaves live tonite on 100.1 FM KRUU
questions? comments? requests?
email: stone.zander@gmail.com

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