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Its position as mid-way, as a place of boundary crossing, also reflects our vision for the journal.

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Dr. O


Regardless of how you may feel about President Obama or the Health Care Bill, the fact remains that he's pulled off what American presidents have been trying and failing to accomplish since Teddy Roosevelt.  (And if the passage of the bill has no other effect beyond sending Rush Limbaugh out of the country, at least occasionally, I'd say it was worth all the effort.)  This week's I.W.H. opens with a not particularly serious salute to doctors and health care.

Also: Pay no attention to those little bits of white stuff still lurking in dark corners - Spring has officially arrived.  Songs about green things, coming up.

Tuesday, 3/23/10   8-10 PM  - REBROADCAST Friday midnight after P5K

Ginny HughesJoin James Moore for a lively discussion with Ginny Hughes, communityDean Goodale family relations manager for the Jefferson County Health Center, and learn all about the new state of the art facility. Ginny is also a board director of the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

James also discusses winter CSAs, the upcoming spring CSA and more with Dean Goodale, who is running Maharishi Vedic City Organic Farm.

Just about 48 hours from now you will have just listened to the latest installment of Centripetal Sounds, and you will probably be wondering how so much great music could be made without you ever hearing it before.

Hour One will be dedicated to a band called The Out Crowd. Leader and bass guitarist Matt Hollywood has played with the feature artist of Hour Two of the show, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Yeah, the Anton Newcombe band, who has just released their new CD called "Who killed Sgt. Pepper?" That CD is an exercise in trip hop and electronica, and it is reminiscient of their first release called Methodrone.

Tune in early to hear vintage, yet rarely heard Procol Harum (photo left) procol harumtunes, "A Salty Dog" and "Song for a Dreamer"mark knopfler featuring Robin Trower on his dreamy, blues-laden guitar and band founder, Gary Brooker, on piano with his enhanting, metaphysical lyrics. Soon, thereafter, Mark Knopfler flashes his skills with a double-play. On this night, the first-timers include female singer-songwriters: Madeleine Peyroux, Meg Hutchinson, and Anne Heaton. Listen for return visits from Deb Talan and Asa, introduced last week.

We're recreating the hip scene of the "beat generation" as GREAT TASTE  presents poetry, java and simple food with every element served up in the KRUU coffee house.  Drop into a couch to listen if you are close by or pour yourself a steaming cup in the confines of your own cozy quarters. 

Susie Niedermeyer will join us in the studio.  For many years Susie lived in rural Jefferson County on land sporting a large organic garden, a herd of Alpine dairy goats and a flock of egg-laying chickens.  Naturally, she developed recipes to use seasonal produce as well as her ample supply of goat’s milk and eggs.   Also, she developed an interest in growing beautiful flowers…roses, in particular.  Her signature recipe using these roses is that of an all organic rose petal conserve.  As an everything-from-scratch cook other standouts from her kitchen include sesame crackers, herbed panir spread and poetry. 
Susie in Flowers

Petr Venkrbec - ALONE

The electro jazz album by Czech saxophone and clarinet player Petr Venkrbec brings a collection of short, distinctive pieces which combine brilliant woodwind playing with original electronic arrangements.The CD is called ALONE.

This series of short compositions can evoke chapters of your life or make you feel like you're being led through a process of solving a hard problem or, on the other hand, you can just choose to enjoy the abstract qualities of the music. Some pieces may sound a little rough, however, the music never stops supplying you with positive energy.

Jan SmithWe talked a long winding road
while I press my ear against the phone
to hear the changes in your face
as we spoke about songs
~ Honey, Jan Smith

Lyrical Venus welcomes back Jan Smith to talk about her upcoming album, as well as getting a sneak preview of some of the new tracks.  Her poetry is arresting, her assured guitar chugs and clickety-clacks like a steam engine, her voice lays bare the heart (hers and yours).  Tune in for this treat!   

Lyrical Venus starts at 9am Central, Jan will call in around 9:30am.


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Bare Ruined Choirs

Bare Ruined ChoirsFairfielder, MSAE English teacher, and outstanding poet, Tom Kepler, will read and discuss his book, Bare Ruined Choirs, with host Rustin Larson on the next installment of Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost.

Tom says of his interview (from his blog): "It was a fun and interesting experience. For most of my life I have been a writer, but it has been many years since I have conversed with writers about writing. I found myself articulating concepts that I believe but have never explicitly expressed.

In many ways, the interview was similar to writing this blog. It gave me the opportunity to think about what I write and why I write.

Therese Cummiskey at Chamber awards banquet w last year's recipients - by J. JohnstonCongratulations, dear Therese, cohost of two programs on KRUU-FM, OFF THE SUBJECT (Tue & Thu 7am; rebro Fri 8am) with Diana Flynn and A VIEW FROM THE PEW (Sun noon) with Sally Denney, Jane Scott, Laurie Woody and Diane Whitney.
From an article by Lacey Jacobs of the Fairfield Ledger Friday, March 12, 2010:

Cummiskey accepted a job with the Jefferson County Park in 1989. As the park’s naturalist, she leads a variety of programs, including creek stomping, geode hunting, animal tracking and owl calling. Her educational programs touch the lives of more than 3,000 children each year.

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