Anne Kilkenny


Back in September when I read Wasilla, Alaska native Anne Kilkenny's viral email about her take on John McCain's choice for running mate, former Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin, I inquired to see if she'd like to speak with me on Planet Erstwild.

By the time she responded this week, I'd all but forgotten I'd even written. 'Sorry not to get back sooner,' she wrote, 'but your request was buried in 13,700 emails I've received.'

The Blackened Canteen2

Our guest on Writers' Voices this week will be Jerry Yellin, author of "Of War and Weddings" and "The Blackened Canteen", and co-founder of LISCO. Mr. Yellin was an honored fighter pilot in the 1940s. In "The Blackened Canteen", he tells the story of how the compassion of one Japanese man toward fallen American soldiers, lead to a traditional day of prayer for peace.

Of this story, Yoko Ono says, "Having campaigned for peace for many years, this beautiful story strikes a deep chord with me. I hope it will become more widely known around the world and inspire other people too."

Jack GarciaJack Garcia is considered by his peers Making Jack Falconeand leading FBI experts to be the most successful undercover agent in the history of the Bureau. He was featured this week on CBS 60 Minutes discussing his book, "Making Jack Falcone, An Undercover FBI Agent Takes Down a Mafia Family."

In his 26 years of service with the FBI, Garcia is best known for his undercover role as "Jack Falcone," who penetrated the Gambino crime family of La Dr. Donald PalmisanoCosa Nostra in New York for nearly three years. The case resulted in the arrest and conviction of 32 mobsters, including the top members of the Post John Gotti Gambino crime family.


Dr. Donald Palmisano, MD, JD is a former president of the American Medical Association and a frequent keynote speaker on leadership. His new book, On Leadership, Essential Principles for Success, is now available in bookstores. Dr. Palmisano has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today Show, MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, CNN's Crossfire, and ABC's Nightline.



The G Man is LIVE this Thursday 2-4 PM.

This is a special 2 hour lovefest for the newly wedded Doctor David Hartman Turner... living in New Jersey and still a monumentally huge Deadhead, for you all who know him. So we will play that San Francisco sound and.....

have guests in-studio from far-flung places like Seattle and south

Jefferson County. Music from Jordan Chassan, The Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band live,

Ben Vaughn, Harpers Bazarre, JA, Marshall Crenshaw, on and on...

One of Iowa's true musical gems is Iowa City's mellow guitar master, Bo Ramsey (photo), who played last weekend with Pieta Brown at Paradiso bo ramseyCafe. All who attended drifted home on a sea of bliss produced by this fine duo. In this week's Fringe Toast program, you will hear some of DJ Andy Bargerstock's favorite selections from the combined work of Pieta and Bo... some of which were not heard last Saturday such as their new recording of the track "Even When" now available on the CD, Flight Time.

Seattle's Green Pajamas launch the show with two tracks from their "Box of Secrets" CD. Notice the flavors of Tom Petty and later-stage Beatles. By popular request you will hear again from the UK group Porcupine Tree and the electronica teams, Patchwork and The New Deal. Sprinkled thoroughout the evening, ladies will delight us with soulful melodies and soaring harmonies. Among them will be Danish songwriter, Tina Dico (former lead with Zero 7), Bird York, Imogen Heap, Dory Previn, Margo Timmins with Cowboy Junkies, and Allison Kraus teaming with Robert Plant.

From the extreme fringe, you'll delight to the obscure French acoustic guitarist, Michel Moulinie, with a track from his very rare early '80s LP, "Chrysalide" .... fortunately discovered by DJ Andy during a daylong dig through an Asheville, NC vinyl shop. Indeed, there will be other treats for your ears as your endorphin levels rise throughout the evening. Brew the tea and lower the lights. The Fringe Toast Meister is coming with his magical musical tour.

Flat Earth

The I.W.H.
persists in its mission to leave no holiday undamaged by its attentions. This week's show will be even more historically educational than usual as we recall that classic mnemonic device, "In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Three, Columbus sailed the big blue sea."

After that, the usual grab bag of weirdness.

Tuesday, 10/14/08 8-10 PM / Rebro Saturday at 12am CST

Jana PochopTook an offer for a ride to Amarillo
It was 23 miles by a drunken crow
Be careful who you talk to when you roll down your window
And you can't call home
~ Paper Rock Scissors, Jana Pochop

My fellow musician, blogger and internet buddy Jana Pochop (that'd be with a silent “h”) has just released her new EP The Early Year. The Austin based history major turned singer-songwriter has had a jam packed year, from going to Folk Music Grad school to putting out the EP (which includes playing all the instruments you hear on the album!) to touring as a Merch girl with the Grammy winning Susan Gibson and more.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10 am for great music by female singer-songwriters, an interview with Jana and to hear tracks from her new EP!

Beside a Burning Sea2 "Shores weaves psychological intrigue by looking at his characters' competing desires: love, revenge, and meaning. Both lyrical and deeply imaginative, BESIDE A BURNING SEA confirms again that Shors is an immense talent." -- Amy Tan, author

Highly recommended novelist John Shors is determined to make a unique connection with readers. An avid supporter or reading groups, he included a letter at the conclusion of his debut novel, Beneath a Marble Sky, inviting reading groups to email him and schedule an interview. The response was overwhelming. To date, John has spoken to more than 1,300 book clubs. This extraordinary commitment garnered him a feature on the CBS "Evening News" and an article in Newsweek. He looks forward to reaching out to reading groups again this fall to discuss BESIDE A BURNING SEA.

Please join us for Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline, this Friday, October 10th, at 1pm, to hear from this engaging novelist.


Sunday Night October 12th @ 11/10c
~3 Hours of Scantily Clad Soundwaves~

Dear Listeners,

This week a reprise of the book of Galatians , the word alone you add the commentary...psalms in between, next week new oblation and Ioel.

always and in everything,Bro. Joel 

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