2pm/ Fairfield's quiet zone is making noise with the city's hiring of Andy Mielke, AICP, a quiet zone specialist who works with SRF Consulting out of Minneapolis. He talks with James Moore about prospects for doing the same thing he spearheaded in Burlington, Iowa, and more than 20 other cities around the country. Focusing on the issues of safety and quality of life, he explains Federal Railroad Association requirements, his past work with the BNSF Railway, possibilitites for Fairfield's 8 train crossings, timelines, expenses, and more.

2:30pm/ James speaks with Las Vegas producer/promoter Adam Steck, CEO of Steck Productions International Entertainment, about his work and some reflections on growing up in Fairfield. Adam brought one of his 5 shows currently featured in Vegas to Fairfield last year, the country's most successful male revue, The Thunder from Down Under.

There are two major films released this weekend, the videogame adaptation Prince Of Persia for the boys and the sequel Sex And The City 2 for the girls. Early reviews indicate Prince is a "suitably entertaining swashbuckler -- and a substantial improvement over most video game adaptations." Unfortunately Sex is not the treat  fans are hoping for, it's not even the best "chick flick" currently showing in theaters. We'll tell you about not one, but two other films that we recommend instead. 

We saw two small international films on DVD we're happy tell you about. From Japan Floating Weeds, made in 1959, from Iran, the award winning Song Of Sparrows.[Click "READ MORE" below to continue.]

in threesGood things come in threes.... like part three of my three part show. Rolling along on the rock and roll highway of life, over the same stretch of ground we have been covering the past two weeks. If you take a close look at the playlists, you will notice one thing: I have played the same bands in the same order each time. With spectacularly different results. This part coming up sounds way different than the last two, which is very interesting to me, and hopefully, you too. Highlights include She Swings, She Sways doing an original song called Search Engine. They will be opening for the Nadas May 29 right here in Fairfield, IA, USA. Uriah Heep with a 13 minute opus called Paradise/The Spell. And, Katie's gone, by the Green Pajamas, from their Box of Secrets release. May has just flown by, hasn't it? In Iowa, it does not get any better than this time of year. The bearded iris are blooming, and their sweet fragrance drifts away from the plant and entices any passerby to reverie. All the fresh green on the new leaves.

Blind FaithBLIND FAITH Jam #3 will be the featured track of the evening.  Recorded originally in BLIND FAITH 1970 by Clapton, Baker, Winwood and Grech under the band name, Blind Faith, this unreleased 12 minute jam session was unavailable until the 2002 remastering of the classic album.  
The Doors will contribute this week with three fringe tracks from three different albums.  You'll also hear from the Dave's, i.e., Dave Mason and David Crosby.  But, the treats of the night may be Ben Harper's, "Another Lonely Day," or Pieta Brown's, "Tears Won't Do Any Good," or Zero 7's, "Red Dust."  
Just when you think you have landed again on Earth, your host, Andy Bargerstock, will take you on another ride ending the show with extended set of music by Enigma and Fripp & Eno.

Jerry Jarvis w/ Maharishi Mahesh YogiEnjoy this KRUU-FM special featuring Speaking Freely host Dennis Raimondi interviewing Mr. Jerry Jarvis.

Mr. Jarvis served as personal secretary to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and is a past National Leader of the Transcendental Meditation Movement. The Dharma Foundation benefit Saturday night at MUM's Dalby Hall will feature a live hookup with Mr. Jarvis.

Speaking Freely airs Tuesdays at 1pm.

Past archives available at http://kruufm.com/station/archives/34.

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    May 27
    9:00 am -
    10:00 am
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    May 30
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    9:00 am

Classical rock

"Classical rock" -- not classic rock -- is the theme for this week's show.

Perhaps it's a musical aberration, but the last year and a half has seen a strange increase in releases by rock musicians of classically-based music. Even stranger, they're mostly Americans rather than Europeans.

Trans-Siberiaes posthumusn Orchestra has been making and performing electric/classical Christmas music for years. "Night Castle" is their second non-Christmas CD. And while much of it is pretentious and mood-makey, some is excellent. I feature two tracks, one is their take on part of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana."

Also heavily influence by "Carmina Burana" is the 2010 release by new LA band E.S. Posthums, called "Makara." Formed by brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten, their debut features tracks inspired by Vedic deities, such as "Varuna," "Kalki," and "Kuvera." They create an almost new genre of music, fusing classical and rock instruments with powerful vocal choruses.


An I.W.H. salute to those fine folks at British Petroleum*, especially on behalf of the people (and pelicans) of Louisiana - who haven't had enough trouble, Lord knows.

(*BP, the fourth largest company in the world, according to Wikipedia, has been convicted of environmental crimes on three previous occasions and was once fined $87,000,000 for 270 safety violations by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.  I'd trust them to clean up this mess, wouldn't you?)





Also, on a lighter and less greasy note, Swedith, Goose, Tink, Lena and all the other residents of Tina return to regale us with an adventure entitled "Too Many Signs", starting around 8:30.

Tuesday, 5/25/10  8-10 PM   Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.


Walter Frederick Mondale  is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party. He was the 42nd Vice President of the United States (1977–81) under President Jimmy Carter, a two-term United States Senator from Minnesota, and the Democratic Party nominee for president in 1984.

Mary GauthierA foundling, a foundling, looking for home
Wanders through darkness and travels alone
~ The Foundling, Mary Gauthier

Known for her tell-it-like-it-is style, award-winning songwriter Mary Gauthier's previous albums told mostly other people's stories.  Often highlighting those living on the margins of society, her songs deal with tough subjects such as HIV, alcoholism and homeless travelers in a wise and compassionate way.  They give a window of insight to those on the outside, and a sense of support and validation to those feeling alone and misunderstood.

How Mary found that compassion is quite obvious with a listen to her brand new concept album called The Foundling. The autobiographical song cycle starts with her story of being abandoned as a child and leads up to finding her birth mother as an adult, only to be denied the chance to connect.  Somehow, through all that, she still manages to believe in and sing about love.

Join me Tuesday, May 25th from 9-10am Central for Lyrical Venus, where the focus is on music by female singer-songwriters.  Mary's segment will air at 9:30am.

Souixsie & the BansheesBauhausCome to the BATCLUB on 180 Degrees this Monday, May 24th from 8-10pm.

Host Special K will have a mix of goth/club/alternative music and rhythms from 1980/1990s for your eargasm pleasure.

Turn the lights down and the radio up. set your dial, and stay awhile this Monday night 8-10pm.

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