When the laws of physics are obviated, the universe disappears, and what is left is the tightly bound plenum, the monad, able to express itself for itself, rather than only able to cast a shadow in physis as its reflection.

From the way the gyre is tightening, I predict that concrescence will occur soon -- around 2012 A.D. It will be the entry of our species in hyperspace, but it will appear to be the end of physical laws accompanied by the release of the mind into the imagination.

~Terence McKenna

Sunday November 1st

Obvious World



Rustin Larson, Host of Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost (Sun 10:30am; Mon 1:30pm) featured this month in Pirene's Fountain: A Poetry JournalRustin Larson, Poet & host of Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost

Any given Sunday or Monday, if your radio's tuned to KRUU 100.1 in Fairfield, Iowa, you'll catch Rustin Larson hosting his talk show with the quirky-hip title: “Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost.”

With an eye on creating a venue for poets, Larson spent several years in magazine publishing, but the venture ran its course. Still looking to showcase writers, he met with the KRUU station manager, who gave him free reign. “Irving” (the spirit of poetry who lives in the hearts of all) hit the airwaves in April 2008, and features live readings and interviews with new and established poets.

A published poet and writer himself, the five-time Pushcart nominee has authored three poetry collections, Loving the Good Driver (Mellen Poetry Press, 1996) Crazy Star (Loess Hills Books, 2005) and most recently--The Wine-Dark House (1st World Publishing, 2009). His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Iowa Review, North American Review, Poetry East, Atlanta Review and others.



First of all, to get in tzomhe proper spirit, so to speak, have a look at the world's only all-zombie Beatles cover band, The Zombeatles, singing our theme song:


And for those of you who always thought of Mary Poppins as a horror movie, here's the trailer:

Without waiting for the year to finish I want to share some of the creative music beintoscag made as we speak. This week's show features 2 tracks from Tosca's "No Hassle"--a creative gem from the Austrian duo Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber. Their style might be categorized as chillout grooves, but that might also be too limiting. "Fascinating" certainly covers it.

I'll also play two tracks from Muse's "The Resistance"--a less-inspired, but occasionally brilliant album of political and social defiance--and anthems by Black Eyed Peas and Rascal Flats.

My favorite live band Umphrey's McGee released a creative studio album in 2009. This was a welcome release because their live vocals are so pathetically lame as to be virtually unlistenable (their fabulous musicianship and improvisational creativity more than make up for it).

Welcome Beloveds of the father of light

In thy light will we be light, for;

In Hymn is no darkness at all !

babylon big tree; rasta roots small axe


Psalms 50-59 Oblation

Apocalypse of Iesus Kristos chapter 21

Songs and chant psalms in between 


Love, Brother I O E L 


Enjoy a Halloween treat.

It's David Patterson's original radio theater drama "The Haunted Domes" with fellow KRUUcumbers Diana Flynn (Off the Subject TUE & THU 7am), Corey Hickenbottom (Country Music Jamboree TUE 10am), Andy MacKenzie (Intercranial Whizbang Hour TUE 8pm) and Zander Stone (Soul Product SAT 10pm).

Everything is an illusion...

Mark DwanePerhaps a mystical Hallowed Ween morning with Pirate Satellite. Begin On The Rocks, then Paul Takes the Water Of Life. Mark Dwane flows the Halloween Oracle. "Inner space. Absolute, Unbounded final frontier." There's Mysteries Of Science flowing Chaos Pleasures. "Everything Zen? I don't think so." Hear a Basic Instinct. Daniel Ash down slow conjues a ghostly Casablanca. Procol Harum dazzles in hallowed gothic rock. Zamfir flows Hallowed Ween Fantasy.

Live stream kruufm.com Playlist posted afterward

Hallowed Be Thy Ween

Vampire Weekendmonsters of folk










This Halloween Eve the tricks and treats are all rolled into one on A Reasonable Alternative. We are featuring bands with scary names like Vampire Weekend (above left) and Monsters of Folk (above right). Not to mention tunes about Skeletons, Phantom Limbs and other frightful topics. But don't be fooled, the music isn't scary at all- just the usual low-key modern alternative rock you are used to hearing on our show. So be sure to tune in from 8-9 Friday, Oct. 30.


Part Two of my series, "Brought to You By The Letter G". The Count here is used to adding up things, and when you listen to the show Thursday 2-4, you will want to add my show to your list of "must listen to's" at the crew. Let me name drop a few bands here: Soulhat, The Beach Boys, the Green Pajamas, Sugarloaf, Pink Floyd, Redbelly, The Friends of Distinction, and The Cryan' Shames. I also have some interesting tunes courtesy of my son Sam, from Portishead, and DJ Shadow. David Roback of Rain Parade and Mazzy Star fame kicks in with an obscure number from Fell From The Sun. All this, and a few more goodies, very little talk, and alot of great music, to add a little "ah,ah,ah" to your day. And on a further programming note: December 3 show will be 1-4 PM most likely, and it is my 3 year anniversary show, and I will have live interviews, guests, and lots of my favorite music. Mark your calendar for a day to help celebrate the wonder of local radio! The G Man

bruce hornsbyBruce Hornsby (left) and Mark Knopflermark knopfler (right) anchor this week's program of fine tunes! You'll hear tracks from Hornsby's recently releashed Levitate CD. Knopfler offers two tracks from 2002 CD, Ragpicker's Dream that highlights both his vocals and lyrical guitar-playing.

NOTICE: In case you haven't noticed, DJ Andy Bargerstock has produced a new program invoking theme song based on "Where Are We Now" by the virtually mysteriously unknown band, The Burned. Tune in early as he opens with the traditional Manfred Mann Earth Band theme that morphs to the Burned theme.

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