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Just what is inside Bill Wolford's Head? I'm not so sure myself sometimes ...but don't be scared.

The Eden's Hour sound engineer extraordinaire, Bill, will take you on a musical journey inside his mysterious and musical mind.

Thanks to Bill for filling in for me tonight because during the normal Eden's Hour time slot,

I will be recording a live broadcast of the Dolomites show in Seattle which I will share with you in the next few weeks.


Imagine tonight's Blues KRUUz as an hour long journey to a warmer clime - a visit to a place where the atmosphere is steamy and humid, where the sparks from a fiery solo turn into a blazing inferno. There'll be plenty of time to face the cold, icy truth, but, y'know, later... For tonight, it's a trip into some of the hottest sounds the blues can provide.


Passion, yearning, desire - all the things that inflame us are the due and proper subject matter of the blues. Whether it's Little Milton telling us "We're Gonna Make It" or Chuck Carbo complaining about "Drawers Trouble", these blues are gonna try and make you break into a sweat!


Abstract rude in cali

Hey there hip hop heads...

It's saturday, it's freakin cold... so we gots a hot all new playlist to keep that fire burning...

We have some all-time old favorites, and some hot brand new tracks...

Neil YoungDespite what the 'on air now' box in the top left says, the Odds & Ends Show with Simon Brooks out of St. Paul, MN is on right now till Midnight!

Some bands playing tonight are Neil Young, Black Mountain, Royal Trux, and Pavement.

The Odds & Ends show is Thursdays at 11-12 pm.

I try to make every show a bit different than the one before by changing up the style. So far I've done Blues, 50's rock, Country, Modern rock, and a few others. Check it out!!!




First of all, go here and read this great post-election commentary by Frank Rich:

I actually, seriously, feel sorry for George W. Bush right now. His presidency is viewed as an unmitigated disaster even by his own party--by almost everyone, in fact, except maybe the oil industry.

He is currently the subject of a major Hollywood film which depicts him as the drunken frat boy who drove the country into a ditch.

He sits in the White House now, knowing that America is looking at its watch and tapping its foot impatiently, waiting for him to get the hell out of the way so that someone else can come in and clean up the mess he made.

Yes, I feel sorry for him.

That said, I'd also like to have some bumper stickers made up that say, "FINALLY proud to be an American".

Marykate O'NeilNow you live in New Jersey
You have 3 kids and you're busy
fighting the gridlock off of 95
and I live back in the Village
where there's no more any signs of Dylan
I burn a candle by wearing stripes all the time
~ Green Street, Marykate O'Neil

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Marykate O'Neil just released her third solo project, mkULTRA, at the end of October. Marykate's brand of city-smart retro-pop will land in your ears like a square of dark chocolate melts on your tongue - with just the right balance of bitter and sweet. Yum.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for a live interview with Marykate and to hear tracks from her new EP mkULTRA, plus other Lyrical Venus-y goodness.

King Leopold of Belgium


Tonight's topics will range from a discussion on recent events in the Democratic Republic of the Congo including a brief overview of the dark period ofKabuika Kamunga Belgian colonialization in the heart of Africa under the brutal, genocidal rule of King Leopold to reflections on the landslide victory of Senator Barack Obama, the first African-American elected to America's highest office . (There have been only 6 African-Americans elected to the Senate.)

Joining the discussion, offering a layman's perspective, will be Kabuika Kamunga, a Congolese native with a Master's Degree in journalism, who has lived in Chicago the past 22 years and recenty come to school at MUM to pursue an MBA. She hosted her own daily hour-long international news program on Chicago's NPR station.



Butcher's Wife

How did a lapsed Catholic who once considered becoming a monk, end up writing a novel steeped in Jewish history?

Tune in to KRUU-FM on Friday November 7th at 1pm to find out!

Peter Manseau
spent several years working at the National Yiddish Book Center in Massachusetts.

He is also known as a spiritual philosopher, memoirist, founder of the webzine "", and is editor of "Search, The Magazine of Science, Religion, and Culture". His fiction debut Songs for the Butcher's Daughter has just been shortlisted for the 2008 John Sargent Sr. First Novel Prize.

"Rooted in the sharp, bittersweet Yiddish tradition, remeniscent of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Manseau's thrilling tale of secrets and revelations captures the diversity among Jews, then and now, in Shtetl, city, and kibbutz, and the elemental meaning of bashert, or destiny."
-- Booklist, Starred Review


Tonight I can be heard reading excerpts from my manuscript called "Making Sense" which is a rough sketch that broadly addresses many issues and points about consciousness, awareness and 2012 as an evolutionary "dwell point that lies ahead in the temporal dimension."

I assert that this most magnanimous time, during this historical period of rapid evolution and actual reattunement of paradigms, the Earth and her inhabitants are undergoing a unified-shift into and towards further expansion of conscious awareness. The unfolding of such, inspires and illuminates.

The Retrospektive with a Future Perspective
Begins Tonight, Sunday November 9th 2008 @ 11/10c
Right Here on 100.1 KRUU FM


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