Misty BoyceHate to disappoint you
Hate to start a fight
But I don't much like what I just tasted
Stand up from the table
No more appetite
~Razor, Misty Boyce

Singer-songwriter Misty Boyce is currently based out of New York, but a quick look at her bio will show that she has lived in several states and learned many a life lesson before landing in Manhattan.  A listen to her self-titled debut LP will show that those life lessons provided plenty of fodder for songs. 

Add to that all of Misty's musical experience - writing songs from the age of 9, studying jazz piano in college, touring as a keyboardist and backup singer (to name a few), and you can imagine that not much stands in the way of her expression. Whether Misty's smokey-sweet vocals are dancing over hook-y piano riffs or hovering above guitar chords, they always seem to find a way into your heart.

Tune in Tuesday, April 27th from 9-10 am Central for great tunes by women in music and the interview with Misty. Show starts at 9, Misty will be calling at 9:30.

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La Crosse, Wisconsin

AudreySynonymous with elegance, refinement and real sophistication, La Crosse, Wisconsin are the two words (or are they three?) which led Irving Toast upon a small cross-region trek to find poetry alive and thriving in its natural habitat.  This open mic, recorded on March 18, 2010 at The Pump House Regional Arts Center, is filled with the strong, the strange and the pure strombolic elements of poetic achievement.  Featuring National Poetry Series winner, William Stobb; Ruth Lily Prize winner, David Krump; and a cast of characters culled from the students and faculties of Viterbo University and The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, this program is sure to tickle the teleportation unit of the muse.  Give a listen and a half.  Yours, clear, cold and fire-brewed, Irving Toast.

“A small key opens big doors.” 
~ Turkish Proverb

Sunday night April 25th 2010
Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
::Obvious World::

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Shoegazer Ca Va?

Felicitations gentle folk (David's going medieval on us again). Shoegazer Ca Va? is fresh and hormone free this week with new music from Phantogram, Band Of Horses, SayCet, Miracle Fortress, Spoon, The Pixies, Family Of The Year and more... Saturday evening at 6.


Buddha's BrainTune into KRUU 100.1 FM in Fairfield Iowa, or listen live at kruufm.com, to hear Wellspring Institute co-founder Rick Hanson discuss his latest book, Buddha's Brain. Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist, contemplative neuro-science researcher, and meditation teacher. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, he cofounded the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and edits the Wise Brain Bulletin (see www.WiseBrain.org). He and his wife have two children.

This book is co-authored by Richard Mendius, MD. He is a neurologist and cofounder of the Wellspring Institute. He has taught medicine at University of California, Los Angeles, and Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. He also teaches weekly meditation classes at San Quentin State Prison. He and his wife have three children.

We're out of town so our treat is to serve up an archived version of a sweet GREAT TASTE.  This one left us feeling very satisfied and good despite indulging in several desserts.  Enjoy the rebroadcast.  We'll be back with a new show on May 5.

Ani's Raw Food Desserts

Eat some dinner, but leave room for dessert as GREAT TASTE features a "live" interview with raw food chef, Ani Phyo exploring her book, Ani's Raw Food Desserts-85 Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats.  We'll find out how to create some simple and healthy final course magic PLUS several of our local home cooks will be in the studio with desserts they made from Ani's recipes.

Can gluten, dairy, processed-sugar, and cruelty-free really taste delicious? Is it easy to make nutrition-packed raw desserts? We're going to find out.

Wednesday 7-8 PM and the rebro from 7-8 AM on Friday.

Here's a few more things you might like to do:

Check out Ani's website.

TurtlesG Man here, bringing you another fun and interesting session this week. I absolutely love this album by The Turtles. They put together this disc and acted like they were 11 different bands. The ensuing battle being each band trying to win the competition. Well, the music is great, and of course their sense of humor is over the top. I am going to put a slightly different spin on the whole process. Instead of playing the album start to finish, I am going to play a song off the album, and then play a song or songs by other bands that are in the same genre of music, rock, country, bluegrass, ballad, whatever. Instead of the usual short battle you would attend, you are getting a 2 hour version of a battle of the bands. So I am playing the 12 songs on the Turtles album in order, with breaks for other bands in between. I am going to list the songs by the fake name of the band in the playlist, so you can laugh about those, too.

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The Moody Blues 1967

It seems like this show has been stuck in 1967 for a while, and it has....1967 is a very sticky year, because so much great music was released then.

moody bluesThis week features the birth of classical (not classic) rock: The Moody Blues' album "Days of Future Passed." I'll play most of that album, along with other songs from the same year, such as Bill Cosby's "Little Old Man"--a shaggy dog tale based on Stevie Wonder's "Uptight" that was (strangely) a monster hit in 1967.

The Doors lit up and created a buzz with "Light My Fire" and The Four Tops released "The Same Old Song."

Other songs from 1967 that you're still singing: "The Letter" and [best Lawrence Welk voice] that sentimental favorite "Never My Love."

(See link to play list at bottom of article). Pieta Brown (photo) releases her new CD (One and All) with Bo Ramsey's ethereally delicate guitar licks.   Oh, yeah!  We love it every time thekristian leontiouypieta brown visit Fairfield.  On this night, you will hear three tracks from One and All.  The UK Indie band, One Eskimo leads off featuring lead vocals by Kristian Leonitou (photo) with his magical, ambient amazement about the human condition, love's heartache, and redemption. Blues legend, Miller Anderson is resurrected by DJ Andy Bargerstock who has tracked this guitar-master since 1970. (Click on Read More)

Green light

Dudes!  I was, like, totally going to tell you about the theme for this week's show but I...uh...what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, 420 Day!


Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, the current and previous two Presidents of the United States, have all used marijuana.  So have other heavy hitters (so to speak) on both sides of the political fence, including Al Gore, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name but a few.

President Jimmy Carter supported  "...legislation amending Federal law to eliminate all Federal criminal penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana."  President Richard Nixon suppressed a study (that he had commissioned) by the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, because it concluded that cannabis prohibition was probably unconstitutional.

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