Regarding 2012 and conscious evolution, it is crucial that we understand the evolutionary engine behind this momentous developmental stage for our species, unconditional love, not as a weak abstraction but as an omnipotent creational force of torsion energy that birthed—as it is still birthing—everything in the multiverse, including ourselves.
Unconditional love is aptly named because the creative principle of love places no conditions on its creations, allowing for the exercise of free will in the karmic cycle of evolving human consciousness. For the ancient Egyptians and Mayans, to cite but two examples, such infinite love associated with the life-giving feminine principle emanates from Galactic Center, also called the Central or Healing Sun. ~ Sol Luckman
3 hours on sunday june 28 @ 11e/10c/9m/8p

DaveThis week on Writers' Voices we will bepat talking about the Iowa Play Festival, coming up July 8-12 at the Sondheim Center.

From 1-1:30, we'll be talking to David Patterson and Savannah Quinn, organizers of the festival. From 1:30-2:00 we will talk with Dave again, and Patricia Saunders, who have both written plays that are featured in the festival.

Tune in to learn more about this great event.

Love Brothers and Sisters,

     Come to the Word of Goud; Iesus is the only Shelter from the Storm!

[His congregation the woman in the wilderness] 


The late brother Dimitri Dudeman, from Romania gave a warning to America, with the scriptures for it too;  take Heed ! 


The Israel of God,Chicago: elder Bro. Buie

Subject and Title: Famine for the Word


Psalms  87


Love Brother,  I O E L 

Tonight from 8PM to 9PM Live in the studio we have Special Guest Tracy Clark

visiting from California to discuss the new selections of this week.


We are premiering Grand Puba's track: "Hunny" Off his new album "Retroactive" Just released within the week.


A Special short tribute to our dearly departed Michael Jackson...

And Much More. So Sorry for the late notice, but you know the time in the place.. listen in for an all new LIVE installment of Soul Product!

Also our phone lines will be open during the show for any questions, comments or requests @ 641-209-1083


Like many of us, the 1970s were a time of spiritual awakening for Todd Rundgren. This Sunday morning at 8:00 AM (3:00 AM Hawaiian time), I spend an hour sharing some of his healing and initiation music.

His album "Initiation" reflects describes his awakening, starting off with biblical references and gnostic experiences of "Real Man":


When I was a child I thought as a child
I spoke as a child - I didn't know better.
But now I'm a man, I look like a man,
I'm old as a man and I should know better.

human blue
Saturday morning we'll play electronic music from Interchill Records. You'll hear music by Human Blue, Chaos By Design, Pushmipulyu, Gaudi, Kaya Project (a Pirate Satellite fave), Eat Static, Drift, Adam Shaikh and more, from the compilation releases Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2, Devil In The Details, Sanctuary: A Shanti Mix From the Interchill Garden and other titles, including 133 Thursdays, Elixir and Journey To the Sun.

~Interchill Records - organic electronica for the expanding mind ~

"I can only show you the Door. You're the One that has to walk through it."


P5K kicks off the all night Michael Jackson tribute show.
Mention "#52556 in your twitterings to join the party :)"


Millard FillmoreThursday at 2 PM, I am initiating the first in a series of shows I call 'Album Oriented Rock'. Brand new take on an old tradition. Back in the late 60's and early 70's there was a radio station in Des Moines that had a show called 'The Millard Fillmore Memorial Record Hour'. Basically, it was an excuse to play whole albums over the radio. I purchased an incredible amount of vinyl due to that show, albums I still play today on Centripetal Sounds. So..... I am not going that far, but you will get to hear about 20 minutes each of six different bands. Like listening to an old album side. We start off with Chicago, from Chicago Transit Authority, go to Meddle, by Pink Floyd, and then hit songs by four other bands. Sometimes the best listen to an artist is to hear how they put together a whole album side. That's the deal here. Stay tuned on this web page for a blog about the other new series I am starting soon. And thanks for listening. The G Man



There are approximately a skidillion* versions of George Gershwin's immortal "Summertime", but the I.W.H., in its infinite mercy, will not devote an entire show to them, despite the recent solstice. Only every other song will be a version of "Summertime", from around 1935 to the present - the rest will be the usual assortment of summer-themed tunes deemed crucial to the event.


*This is a technical term. Do not attempt to count this high without the assistance of a professional.

Tuesday 6/22/09 8-10 PM

REBRO Friday Midnight after P5K

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