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Robert McDowell's poems, stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in hundreds of magazines and anthologies here and abroad, including Best American Poetry, Poetry, The New Criterion, Sewanee Review, and The Hudson Review. He also offers one-on-one mentoring and coaching for businesses and groups interested in improving their spiritual awareness, listening, communication, writing, and presentation skills.

Dear Listeners,  For an election party hardy;  enjoy yourself enjoy yourself it's later than you think!

a: federal reserve bank

b: federal reserve congress

c: federal reserve army

d: federal reserve media

e: federal reserve courts

f: federal reserve police

g: federal reserve sheriff

h: federal reserve church

i: federal reserve internment camps

j: federal reserve slavery


Love, Brother Joel 



Hip-hop fans abound, tonight is your night to tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM. Soul Product will be breaking a whole new barrier and having Akil from Jurassic 5 live in the studio for some Q and A, and discussion.

This is obviously very exciting for John and I to have this chance, and we hope everyone can catch the show.

Tune in @ 8 PM and keep it locked.

Playlist is as follows:

Madlib- Please Set Me At Ease

Kev. Brown- Hennessey Part 1

Camp Lo-Black Connection

Josh Lake of Shark Shark by Erin Skipper

On a recent trip to my hometown Port Townsed, Washington I met Josh Lake of Shark Shark who played an impromptu set at our friend's party. A living room show was a great introduction to his folksy music and I have been hooked on his lyrical genius ever since.

Josh has released some music through Murder Mountain Records and is planning on recording another album in the near future. But we got a special sneak peek at a few unreleased songs while he was in studio with us this week en route from his home base Portland.

This Saturday night tune in to Eden's Hour and treat yourself to a hidden gem from the Northwest. [Rebro 4am Friday.]

He has such a lovely costume.


But he lives beneath the sea don't you know?


In a world of crazy underwater bear-people.


Watch out for Gerrard. He's a nasty underwater bear-person.


How did you go an entire life knowing not of the crazy underwater bear-people? How did we all? How could we all have missed the overwhelming truth. 

The Inner Game of Russian RouletteThe Inner game of Russian Roulette, a unique and engaging book, explores many intriguing questions about the unfolding of enlightened consciousness. How does expanding awareness affect identity? Might there be some common ground between the Eastern spiritual goal of samadhi (enlightenment), and the Christian goal of salvation? Do Eastern spiritual teachers and Western psychologists mean the same thing by the word "ego"? Why is it that so many Eastern masters emphasize the need to transcend or dissolve the boundaries of ego, while most Western psychologists consider "ego dissolution" to be virtually synonymous with insanity? How might such divergent perspectives be reconciled?

Co-hosts Stuart Tanner and James Moore discuss the the global ramifications ofDr. Linda Yueh, BA (Yale) MPP (Harvard) JD (NYU, School of Law) DPhil (Oxford) the recent downturn in worldwide economics with Dr. Linda Yueh, a fellow in
economics at the University of Oxford and a visiting professor at the London Business School,
whose expertise is in economic and business issues, particularly on the macroeconomy.

MacroeconomicsHer work and recent book, Macroeconomics, focuses on the UK, U.S., EU and global economy, and her research examines emerging markets –- such as China, globalisation, international economic law, economic growth and development. She had previously practiced international corporate law while resident in New York, Beijing, and Hong Kong. She is an Associate of the Globalisation Programme of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA), and a member of the Bar of New York State in the U.S.

cream100% new music for Fringe Toast tonight! After UjackbruceK blues group, Savoy Brown, launches this week's show, Cream bassist and vocalist, Jack Bruce (photo), takes the stage with his 2001 version of the Cream classic, "White Room". Listen early to hear this exquisite track. Then, settle in for two tracks from one of DJ Andy Bargerstock's favorite UK groups, Morcheeba, from their recently released "Deep Dive" CD.

Magic will fill the airwaves as the singer-songwriters line up for the Fringe Toast Coffeehouse talent show. The ladies will spin their spell with delicacy and charm, lyrics flowing like wine. You will hear from AM & Meiko, Israel's Keren Ann (half of duet Lady & Bird), Scotland's Eddi Reader, Sarah McLachlan, Fono & Serafino, Mia Doi Todd, Vanessa Daou and Ivy.

In past shows, you have been introduced to the magical, multi-media PBS production and CD, "One Giant Leap," produced by Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman. DJ Andy has uncovered new tracks from this talented duo collaborating with other world artists in the "Happening - As Deep As We Can..." Listen closely for these tracks early in the second hour after Sarah M. There is indeed no better therapy than FRINGE TOAST for the mid-week transition blues. You'll end the evening with a smile on your face.

Alliant Energy and Ideal Ready Mix team up to lend support to Fairfield's independent grassroots community radio station. This is the first phase of erecting two solar panel arrays that will not only increase energy efficiency but will also allow KRUU-LP 100.1 FM to remain on air during power outages and provide emergency response information to the community. Pictured below are Jerry Price, Wes Van Antwerp, foreman Dan Fintel of Alliant Energy, and Ideal Ready's John Harvey.

Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy & Ideal Ready Mix


"LISTENING TO THE MOVIES" has moved to a New day and time: Now Wednesdays 3-4pm
following my ULTRA LOUNGE show. This Week: Dracula, Frankenstein and
Werewolves have been the icons of Scare and Fright throughout Cinema
history. Tune in to hear some classic horror music from Universal,
Hammer Films, 20th Century Fox and the best contemporary time honored horror
flicks of all time. Hop on The Teenage Frankenstein meeting the Horror
of Dracula Wed Oct 29th 3pm.

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