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The Silence 2

Thursday and Sunday's shows are about silence.air

I found music and artists--from all styles and genres--who express silence in and inbetween the notes.

This week's music ranges from classical (Isao Tomita plays the music of Debussy) to Chick Corea's jazz group Return To Forever, and French electronic duo Air (left).

Not to be missed is the downtempo, space arrangement of Sarah McLachlan's "Silence," and surprise guest appearances from Johann Sebastian Bach and Aaron Copland.

Robin AbrahamsNOTE:  GREAT TASTE this week features a past show.  Steve Boss has been in Chicago conducting food research for upcoming GREAT TASTE broadcasts.  You can follow his eating adventures by checking out his recent tweets-@stevenboss on Twitter.

Can a restaurant these days be so fancy that you cannot request a doggie bag with dignity?

What’s a nice vegetarian to do if Gypsies give her bread smeared with lard?

Don't miss this hour of GREAT TASTE as Robin "Miss Conduct" Abrahams will answer these mystifying questions of food etiquette, and help set your "friends" straight on tipping, splitting checks, what to bring to a party, and many other food conundrums.

From her website: Robin Abrahams writes the popular “Miss Conduct” social advice column for the Boston Globe Sunday magazine. “Miss Conduct’s Mind Over Manners” (or “MCMom”) is her first book. She blogs six days a week here and at boston.com/missconduct, and conducts online chats twice a month on boston.com.

A Cambridge resident with a PhD. in research psychology from Boston University, Robin also works as a research associate at Harvard Business School.

Return with us now to those classic years in the late 1950's and early-to-mid 60's, when a new dance style was invented every few days and someone immediately made a record to cash in on it.  


Those of us who grew up during that period may well remember the Twist, the Frug, the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Pony, the Swim, the Jerk, the Hully Gully, the Shing-a-ling, the Stroll, the Monkey, the Dog, the Hammer, the Boogaloo, the Funky Chicken and possibly even the Freddy.  


But who remembers the Razzle Dazzle, the Bug, the Utee, the Choo Choo, the Popeye Waddle, the Doolang, the Sand, the Egyptian Shumba or, god help us, the Snacky Poo(!)? (What were they thinking?)

This week's Whizbang will open with a salute to these and other dance crazes that never quite caught on.  Roll up the rug and tune in.

Tuesday 7/27/10  8-10 PM

Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K

Bill KirchenGrammy nominated musician, Bill Kirchen, is coming to town August 7th. I will be speaking with him on the next Country Music Jamboree.

In 1972, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen had that top ten hit record, Hot Rod Lincoln. It featured their guitarist, Bill Kirchen, playing his Fender Telecaster. He's been seen singing and picking ever since. Known as the Titan of the Telecaster, King of Diesel-Billy, Kirchen mixes hard country, rockabilly, western swing, and blues to create some fantastic music. I'll be spinning several tunes from Mr. Kirchen, including some from his newest album, Word to the Wise. The interview will air at 11am.

Besides the Bill Kirchen tunes, keep tuned in for songs about guitars, truck driving, and the experiences of the human heart. In a word, country music.


Ok Go

Friday at 8am, it's Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo. Devo is playing Des Moines Friday night.

Join Mike Ragogna Tuesday, July 27th at 8am CST for interviews with Chris Difford & Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze about their new album Spot the Difference, debuting 8/3/10. Also stay tuned for talk with OK Go's Damien Kulash. The show will be rebroadcast Tusday at 8:00am.

Next week Wednesday and Thursday at 1pm, tune in for interviews with Amy & Emily of the Indigo Girls, Counting Crow's Adam Duritz, and singer songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman.

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Feathe Interview on Lyrical Venus!

FeatheI ride on the wings
of the evening wind
and move like a hopeful prayer
~ Fields, Feathe

While students at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Alyssa Rieper, Johanne Swanson, and Adelyn Strei decided they wanted to join musical forces.  The result was a band called Feathe. Featuring guitar, accordion and light rhythms layered with delicate harmonies, their mellow and sweet folk-pop would fit nicely in a playlist with the likes of Iron & Wine, Neko Case, The Starlings and The Decemberists.

This is the kind of music you can have as a soundtrack to so many things - an art day in your room, a sunny long-distance drive, tea with friends to name a few.  No matter what, it's going to bring a little smile to your face and to your heart.

Feathe is coming to The Beauty Shop for a show on July 31st with She Swings, She Sways and X-Ray Mary!

Join me Tuesday from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters!  Feathe will be calling in at 9am.

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David Bowie


Playing a few songs from his Psychedelic Folk period [1969-1973], The Ghost presents one the most lyrically interesting composers of the late 20th century, David Bowie.


Possibility of Everything The Possibility of Everything,examines how an otherwise mainstream mother finds herself making the rather unorthodox choice to take her three-year old daughter to Mayan healers in Belize. The Possibility of Everything chronicles the magical week in Central America that transformed Edelman from a person believing only in the visible and the "proven" to someone open to the idea of larger, unseen forces. Tune in to Writers’Voices on KRUU 100.1 FM this Friday, July 23, at 1 pm Central Time or Monday July 26, 8 am to hear this rebroadcast of Monica and Caroline's interview with nonfiction author Hope Edelman . Edelman’s books include bestsellers Motherless Daughters (1994) and Motherless Mothers (2006). Her articles and reviews have appeared in publications ranging from the New York Times to Seventeen, and her essays have appeared in numerous anthologies, including The Bitch in the House (2002).

"The quest is to be liberated from the negative; which is really our own will to nothingness. And once having said YES to the instant, the affirmation is contagious, it bursts into a chain of affirmations that knows no limit. To say YES to one instant is to say YES to all existence." ~ Waking Life

Sunday Nights 
Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p 
:::Obvious World:::

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Rasta's Roots Radio Show#187

Dear Listeners and Hearers:

THIS WEEK:  Morning Oblation

Apocalypse of Iesus Kristos, Letter to Pergamum

The Epistle of John

[the whole of rasta doctrine]

Paul on IAH WH 's  Free Will

Iah Moves in a Mysterious Way

Love, Brother I O E L 

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