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Although dolphins were once land dwellers 50 million years ago, their collective decision to enter the waters of this great planet has not negated the fact they still breathe air. The earth's rainforests provide a sizeable chunk of available oxygen and help regulate the temperatures of our planet. Scientists have recently proposed that dolphins be considered non-human people, but in light of their decision to return to the water, perhaps they are more intelligent than we know. This broadcast is in honor of the oxygen-bond we share with dolphins as well as our shared dependence on the sanctity of our rainforests. rock ON
Sunday night January 10th 2010
Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
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Julian Boggs
KRUU-LP 100.1 FM general manager and PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore discusses the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center w/ Myron Gookin, Dave Neff, Ken Ross & Mark Cohen on www.kruufm.com Friday, January 8th at 3pm CST. [Link for download:Filmmaker Max Perelman http://kruufm.com/node/6829.]

In the first hour, James talks state politics with Senator Becky Schmitz at 2:30pm. Also featured will be a short movie review of Leni Reifenstal's controversial movie "Triumph of the Will" by State Senator Becky SchmitzTom Knight.

At 4pm, James speaks about clean water with Julian Boggs, field director of Environment Iowa.org. and at 4:30pm. interviews film producer-green builder Max Perelman at 4:30pm. Perelman will be in Fairfield Monday, January 11th to show his film "The Green Dragon" in Argiro Center at MUM which looks at sustainability issues in China.

Next week, January 15th at 4pm, singer/songwriter Jan Smith will be featured live in the studio.

Tune into KRUUFM.com or 100.1 FM in Fairfield this Friday, January 8 at 1pm Central Time to hear Sherry Ellis talk about her new book, Now Write! Non-Fiction. This is an essential handbook for non-fiction writers, featuring the trusted personal writing exercises of today's masters of creative non-fiction, including Gay Talese, Reza Aslan, John Matteson, Tilar Mazzeo, and many more!

During the second half-hour of the show, we'll talk with John Sorflatten about the upcoming Fairfield Art Walk Film Expo, February 5-6. This will be Fairfield's 6th Annual celebration of Iowa film-making and script-writing. If you missed the interview, you can listen to it at Writersvoices.com


Fairfield ‘blazing a trail’ for other Iowa cities eyeing sustainability

Community-by-community response to climate change offers Iowa its best chance to become a national leader in sustainabilityProf. Lonnie Gamble; photo by B. Dalby

— Lonnie Gamble, who lives in a solar and wind powered straw bale home in this Jefferson County community, hasn’t paid a gas or electric bill in two decades. The residents of Abundance Eco Village, a 13-unit subdivision Gamble developed with a partner, hope to replicate his record in their wood-construction homes.

Cypress Villages
, a 145-acre subdivision taking shape on organically-certified land north of Fairfield, aims to be Iowa’s first community to be completely LEED-Platinum — the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest designation.

The low-powered radio station KRUU-FM is believed to be the only one in the country to use solar energy to power its broadcast booth and signal.

And Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy is listed alongside big-city counterparts New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels on a list of the 15 greenest mayors in the United States compiled by the Grist, a Seattle-based online provider of environmental news.

[Click on pic for full story.]

Love Listeners, This Week A Reprise Of IEnoch's Calendar
Songs in between
Time is short, Love Brother Ioel

TONIGHT FROM 10PM to 11PM Soul Product returns to the airwaves and returns with original co-host John Cope along with Zander Stone to bring you an all new playlist, with songs from recent releases from such artists As:

Masta Ace & Edo G

Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva

Natural Elements


Souls of Mischief

And MUCH more...

So tune your radio dials and web browsers to feast your ears on the melodic rhythmic sounds of all new hip hop with the original crew that brought you hip hop from the beginning. Listen in, sit back, and bump the beats to warm up your bones.

1. "Rotten Love"- by Levy from Rotten Love

2. "Please, Please, Please"- by Shout Out Louds from Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

3. "Emily"- by Goldspot from And The Elephant Is Dancing

4. "Obviously Cold"- by The Answering Machine from Another City, Another Sorry

5. "Beach Baby"- by Miracle Fortress from Five Roses

6. "All The Wine"- by The National from Alligator

7. "Christians In Black"- by Rogue Wave from Asleep At Heaven's Gate

8. "Liar"- by Built To Spill from You In Reverse

9. "Consequence"- by The Notwist from Neon Golden

10. "Honest"- by The Long Winters from Putting The Days To Bed

11. "The Dreaming Moon"- by The Magnetic Fields from Get Lost

12. "Magic Beans And Truth Machines"- by Say Hi from The Wishes And The

13. "Re: Stacks"- by Bon Iver from For Emma, Forever Ago

Saturday morning we'll take The Crossing with Tacit Blue. Then we'll be Going Inland with Steve Roach & Robert Rich, from Soma. We'll hear from Heavens, by The Murgatroyd Trio- Heavens to Murgatroyd! We'll go In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country, with the Scottish duo Boards Of Canada; visit Knuddelmaus from Far Away Trains Passing By with Germany's Ulrich Schnauss. England's Jon Hopkins will play Cold Out There (you think?), from Opalescent. We'll visit Tranquility Base; hear the Pirate Satellite Waking Life mix of Magic Sound Fabric's Dimension Shift. Hear the Phutureprimitive Symbiotic remix of Bluetech's Oleander; experience Twilight In The Opal Atrium with Yuminale and more. All with Pirate Satellite.




When Garry Trudeau used the phrase "a gallstone of a decade" in Doonesbury, he was referring to the 70's, but I think this past decade fulfills that description much more accurately: the best thing you can say about it is that it passed.

It was "The Aughts", a decade in which a lot of things didn't get done that 'ought' to have been and waaaay too many things were done that shouldn't had oughta. All right, move along, nothing to see here...

A salute to the New Year to kick off the first I.W.H. of 2010.

Tuesday 1/5/10 8-10 PM

REBROADCAST Friday Midnight after P5K

g MaNI went to the public library the other day, and I found a whole bunch of brand new cd's they had purchased, and gol durn it, some of them turned out to be great. I am going to play a selection from Rodney Crowell off a disc called Sex and Gasoline. I also found a new cd by Marshall Crenshaw called Jaggedland, and we will hear the title track. Madeleine Peyroux has released a fine bluesy disc called Bare Bones, and I am playing the first song called 'Instead'. I have a two song mini set from Tom Petty, and a three song mini set from Jackson Browne. Saw him in concert in Des Moines, and it was very compelling. Instrumental tracks from Leo Kottke and George Harrison will punctuate each hour. And I am leading off the show with perhaps the sappiest song I have ever played in my life! One point nine hours of solid rock and roll will ensue. I guarantee it. If you want your satisfaction gare-un-teed, turn your radio on....The G Man

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