I was just reading an article which stated that Japan now has over 40,000 citizens who are one hundred years of age or older. Even more impressive is that this number is double what it was six years ago. And in many other countries around the world the statistics are comparable.

Look out, young people, we're coming for you.

A salute to the now seemingly never-ending process of aging will open this week's I.W.H. Tune in, if you can remember how.


Tuesday 9/15/09 8-10 PM

REBROADCAST: Friday Midnight after P5K

Under a Prairie Moon

In Under a Prairie Moon, Susie Niedermeyer doesn't so much observe the natural world as experience it flowing through herself. In a poetic voice that is at once down-to-earth and visionary, she explores inner and outer landscapes as they intersect and shape one another. Many of these poems are rooted in close, delicate observation of plant and animal life in the rural Midwest and are animated by the poet's acute sensitivity to the life within her and abroad. These poems carry the weight and the wisdom of lived experience: how memories accumulate in individual lives and cast their shadows on the present; how illumination and understanding can come suddenly, in a moment. These are poems of promise and regret, of fulfillment and loss, of love and longing, written by a poet who knows that "From all our moments something / must remain" ("Advent of Autumn") and yet also that the earth continues "huge against the smallness / of our passing" ("Amigo"). There are special moments here when individual being expands and there is no separation between observer and observed, whether under the vastness of a night sky or at the edge of waters, or in moments when the poet falls "deep into the quiet of trees" ("Home") or knows that couched within all things is an effulgent light. There are reminders here of Mary Oliver and Denise Levertov; these poems speak gently, with a fine intelligence, of a life reflected on by a woman who can feel, on a winter evening, "the body of the earth / Becoming my body, filled / with quiet stars and snow" ("Night Vision"). - Bryan Aubrey, Ph.D. Author of Watchmen of Eternity: Blake's Debt to Jacob Boehme

Paradigm Shift: A paradigm is our perception of reality, our view of the world. It is our interpretation of events based on previous teaching we have received…
A paradigm shift means to have a sudden change in perception, a sudden change in point of view, of how you see things.
Obvious World
Sunday night
September 13th 2009

to alcoholJust about all you ever see these days is health care hoopla, so I am going to jump on the bandwagon here with a series of three shows highlighting Your Drug of Choice. While the politicians are brow-beating each other about the next way to act irresponsibly with printed dollar bills, I will be spinning into the real world of health care, and it is called Self medication. You know- you are what you eat! According to rock and roll song writers, there are a serious bunch of us out there regulating our health with readily available substances. Like alcohol. Or Mary J Wanna, or some things that tend to be more invasive. There is the positive, and the negative, and room for all in our series. Today we have music by The Reverand Horton Heat, Cracker, Tom Waits, The Replacements, Traffic, John Hiatt, Los Lobos, Mike Nesmith, and Todd Snider, just to name a few. All tongue-in-cheek cracks during my programming are par for the course. The G Man

winwoodTonight, we honor Steve Winwood (photo) who burst upon the world stage at age 19 in 1967 with the Spencer Davis Group. Later, he anchored the groups Traffic and Blind Faith. On this week's touchshow, DJ Andy Bargerstock offers two tracks from the John Barleycorn, LP (1970) as well as a more recent track from Nine Lives, CD (2008). Early in the show, you'll also hear an exotic underground music track from Touch (1969), "Down at Circe's Place"(album art right). Listen closely for Winwood's and Brian Auger's versions of Auger's song, "No Time to Live." Treat for the ears.

Chef Phelix Gardner (background) Wild Grape bistro kitchenSweet corn risotto, scallops, piquilo pepper w/goat cheese










of the Wild Grape in Salt Lake City

By special listener request we're preparing risotti in the studio. Follow along with Kathy DuBois and Chef Phelix Gardner and you'll learn the techniques necessary to create one of the most satisfying of "comfort" dishes from Northern Italy. Cooking risotto is something that's easily done at home once you understand the process and have the right ingredients at hand.

The Whole Community Warmly InvitedHere Comes the Sun!

Join KRUU for Inaugural Solar Ceremony 09-09-09 at 9am: Featured in Ottumwa Courier. Fairfield's open source, independent, grassroots community radio station, KRUU-LP 100.1 FM, has received a letter from Governor Chet Culver and Lt. Gov. Patty Judge commending its efforts to go green. Calling the addition of solar panels "a symbol for Iowa's vision of renewable energy," he writes, "With this project, KRUU-LP is contributing to a greener, safer Iowa."

The letter will be read as part of KRUU-FM's inaugural ceremonies on Wednesday September 9th at 9am at the station (405 N. 2nd Street). Station manager James Moore will acknowledge the generous community effort by companies, organizations and individuals that has made this showcase sustainability project possible.

Iowa Radio Station Rocks with Solar Panels

By DANNY VO / Cooler Planet / Wednesday, September 02, 2009

In Fairfield, Iowa, deep in the Cornbelt, grassroots community radio station KRUU-LP, 100.1 FM, is rockin’ out from its 405 N. 2nd Street location thanks to the addition of solar panels... [Click title for whole story.]

Here comes the sun at Fairfield radio station
By MATT MILNER / Ottumwa Courier staff writer / August 29, 2009

FAIRFIELD — Chaos reigns at the KRUU studio in Fairfield.


As everyone with any concern for the important things in life knows, this is the week when the entire Beatles catalogue is being reissued, completely and painstakingly re-mastered from the original multi-track tapes for the first time ever. And about freakin' time.

However, there is still the matter of live recordings. Even official releases, such as Live at the Hollywood Bowl, are largely scream-fests. Fortunately, some wise soul has gathered the audio from many of the Fabs' television appearances over the years, both British and American, into a box set called The Beatles Telecasts, and the sound quality is surprisingly good.

This week the I.W.H. will feature a selection of some of the better tracks from this collection, probably beginning around 8:30 PM, after an opening salute to the seasonal transition which is now upon us.

Tuesday 9/8/09 8-10 PM

Rebroadcast Friday Midnight after P5K

Iowa Women's Music Festival 2009 logoThis weekend the Iowa Women's Music Festival will be celebrating their 16th year of bringing great line-ups of women musicians to the outdoor stage in Iowa City.

This year's performers on the Saturday day-stage are Michelle Shocked, Carolyn Wonderland with Shelley King, Cosy Sheridan, Tracy Walker, and Lynne Rothrock and Friends, with high-energy emcee Kim-Char Meredith.

This week on Lyrical Venus I'll play songs by a few of the performers and interview Laurie Haag, one of the festival organizers.

We'll also have a set of sun songs in honor of the KRUU solar panels going live on 9-9-09!

Tune in Tuesday 9-10am for Lyrical Venus.


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