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    Apr 30
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    11:01 pm

Brand New Show

tune in 11PM to 12AM for a brand new planet pete featuring lots of guitars. mmmmm guitars.

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    Apr 30
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Pirate Satellite

Saturday morning we'll feature music from the 2007 album "Deep" by Ror - Shak, ror - shak Deep coverrecently heard on Fringe Toast (http://www.kruufm.com/node/10410) as well as the Fringe TV show. Ror - Shak, fronted by artist's DB & Shaun Morris, AKA Stakka features guest vocals by Iowa born Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks theme song), Chantal Claret and Wendy Starland. I've found "Deep" and Ror - Shak a mysterious, under-appreciated one-album-wonder. Their label and websites have disappeared and I saw no mention of this excellent album on DB's site djdb.com.

Also hear music from the downtempo tango remix compilation Tango Chill Session "the day tango met chill out". Hear music from the album Borderlands by Evan Bartholomew (Bluetech)- Neo-Classical, ambient minimalism reminiscent of Eno, Glass, and Reich. Hear the jazzy classic "Rose Rouge" ("I want you to get together") a sensual flow of jazzy textures, Latin rhythms, and bass-ridden beats by St Germain a.k.a. noted French composer-producer Ludovic Navarre.

Ambient electronica from Pirate Satellite, soon to become Spirit Satellite. 9:00AM Central. We'll post the playlist afterward.

"...powder erupting into clouds and crypts like honeycombs; column waves and wave forms; current storms and storm currents..."

rrSaturday morning at 2 am you will get a real treat; 2 albums of great music, back-to-back. First up, Introducing The Asteroid No.4. Their first release from Lounge Records in 1997. This is without a doubt the best album I have purchased in the last 2 years. Since hearing this I have obtained ALL of their other releases. They even out Pink Floyd Pink Floyd on their song 'Underbelly of a Mushroom'. Then, I am playing Dreamweapon by Spacemen 3. Perhaps their most eclectic release, this was recorded live in concert around 1987/88. Extremely subtle variations on a theme. 2 songs that run most of the second hour of the show. If you can't sleep, put this on- it might help! Cool Breeze



Egg Salad Week,

by another historical coincidence of astonishing synchronicity,

always directly follows Easter Sunday.  

And yet some people continue to believe there is no order in the universe.

Songs about cackle-fruit to open this week's Whizbang.

Tuesday 4/26/11, 8-10 PM.

Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

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What's Up with the Aronia Berry?

Pollinating the aroniaI met this week's guest, Andrew Pitz, several weeks ago at Wheatsfield, the co-op in Ames.  Andrew was promoting his Sawmill Hollow Family Farm's two varieties of aronia berry wine.  Immediately, I was struck by his passion for not only the little purple berry that is packed with high concentrations of anti-oxidants, but his ideas about land stewardship, natural healing, and the importance of sharing that knowledge to enrich both people and planet. While I listened, I tasted the wines which were very pleasing and will especially appeal to folks who don't like the tannic quality inherent in many grape wines. 

round tripNothing quite like the spinning of a record on the turntable. Nothing like the spinning of a good tale to tell, in song. Lots of stories to tell in the next edition of the show Thursday 2-4 PM, with a rebroadcast now on Wednesday mornings 2-4 AM. Here are some album titles I will be sampling from: 'Saturate Before Using', 'In The Future', 'The Lost Cabin & The Mystery Trees', 'Outburst', 'Wheels of Fire', 'Designs in Music', 'Psychedelica Volume Two', 'Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun', and 'Chocolate & Cheese'. No cheesy songs, no talking backwards, no long excursions into space music, no Zappa, no need to worry The G Man is on the job. See you at two...

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In 1976 the rjoni mitchelladio and dance floors were full of it: overly stylized and commercialized disco music. My review of 1976 will have none of that.

Thursday and Sunday's shows will feature the creative side of 1976: Joni Mitchell's lonely biographical "Song for sharon," Bob Marley's cosmic "Positive vibration," The Atlanta Rhythm Section's remarkable "So into you."

Then there were the songs that will still play in your head all day if you hear them: John Sebastian's "Welcome back" (who does catchy melodies better than John Sebastian?), Peter Frampton's "Show me the way" (the studio version that no one plays), Bob Dylan's "One more cup of coffee" (and who can't use one more cup of coffee?), The Eagles' "New kid in town," and Steve Wonder's birth announcement, "Isn't she lovely?" And for those who have never heard it, be sure to check out the original "Cocaine" by J. J. Cale.

Complete playlist: http://kruufm.com/node/4908 

edie brickell(see link to playlist at bottom). The spotlight shines brightly on singer-songwriter and wife of Paul Simon, Edie Brickell (photo) who sings "Two O'Clock in the Morning" from her recent CD release.  Harry Manx of Vancouver, Canada offers a four-trackharry manx set from his Dog My Cat CD.  First timers to the Fringe Toast soundstage include The Gaddabouts, Ravens & Chimes, The Band of Heathens, Pete Yorn, and Human Response.  In the second hour, DJ Underground Man (Andy B) debutes his mix of two electronic music pieces from the early 1970s composed by former University of Wisconsin music professor Don Voegeli and Tonto's Expanding Head Band (Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil).  Then, listen closely for Emancipator's subsequent electro-acoustic tracks from his CD Safe in the Steep Cliffs (2010).  CLICK for PLAYLIST.


micronoise minimal techno // samsara field recordings

free country jazznoise // progressive psychic noisegaze 

ambient black metal //  psychedelic inferno freakout

cannibal ragas // russian space rock sabbath worship

featuring the likes of:

Kangding Ray. Ensemble Economique. Davenport. GA'AN.

The Psychic Paramount. Obscure Sphnix. Khmury. 

Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson. Samsara Blues Experiment



David S. Ware

Tuesday - Dr. Norman Rosenthal is the world renowned psychiatrist and author whose research in describing season affective disorder, SAD, and the pioneering use of light therapy has helped millions of people. His latest book is Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation. He has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and National Public Radio.

David S. Ware, the legendary jazz saxophonist. Ware's band became the avant- garde supergroup of the 90's. Wrote one critic, " His knowledge of functional harmony is above and beyond that of virtually any other free saxophonist. He is a true heir to Coltrane."

Thursday -  Rick Cutler is an outstanding jazz drummer andpianist. He studied at Julliard and with the great Chick Corea. Mr. Cutler served for eighteen years the musical director and keyboardist for tap dance legend Gregory Hines. Rick has shared the stage with likes of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Bill Eckstine. Dr. Norman Rosenthal will be rebroadcast.

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