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the Harvest Moon and the Autumnal Equinox

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Dear Listeners; Thanks and Praises unto IAH !


This week:  Review of Black History according to the Prophets

and the Congregation of Ieudea

Bro. Buie,  "the Israel of God"   Chicago 2010


Louv and Peace,  Bro. Joel

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    Sep 25
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The South Rises

PomegranatesShoegazer's gettin' low this week with a dose of southern rock- trucker caps, scraggly beards, plaid shirts and chew included. Sounds appealing, right? Not to worry, for the more highbrow folks amongst you we've also included the requisite entree of cerebral and trenchant tunes to wet the palate. In fact I've had a little of both this week after seeing three shows that ran the gamut, including Built to Spill, School of Seven Bells, and the highly impressive and underappreciated Pomegranates, whose new album One of Us is not out for another month or two, but whom were kind enough to lay a copy on me. In addition to a track from that album we've also got songs from Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket and Dead Confederate (three bands that know how to whistle Dixie), as well as Frightened Rabbit, Navajo Bixby and a new offering from Les Savy Fav, amongst others. Grab a sixer and saddle up.


You know you love yard sales on Saturday. So after a long day of poaching other peoples stuff you need to sit back and exam your loot to the wonderful tunes of econimic success. That's where Kruu radio 100.1 fm and Lord Octo come in folks. Why? because we want you to enjoy every moment. So here is what Lord Octo has in store for you this Saturday evening. Absolutely nothing. (just kidding) I'm not going to leave you feeling denied or let you be some steppin stone to some matchstick man. I promise you  happiness is a warm gun.Yes I will stir it up because I'm on fire. With that said I feel almost human and i brought you some crimson and clover to get you back in my life. Well what's new pussy cat? If a six turned out to be a nine would you paint it black or leave it to frankenstien to bring it straight to hell for you? Me and the devil know God stirs the ship while it's sinking. There for you better  tune in, drop off , and turn out this saturday at 5pm central time For some FRIED OCTOPUS................!

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    Sep 26
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The group Mountain has a big sound. You need a strong nervous system to fully appreciate and assimilate it. Fortunately their sound is varied musically enough to make this hour interesting from beginning to end.

From the raucous chords and Leslie West's vocals of "Never in my life" through the charming melodies and sophisticated compositions of classically trained Felix Pappalardi, Mountain keeps the listener moving. "Theme from an imaginary western" and "Nantucket sleighride" are songs you'll be singing throughout the day.

West is a mountain-sized man, and his size and vocals stand in contrast to his tasteful and sweet guitar solos. Equally, the raw power and guts of Pappalardi's bass is a surprise, coming from his thin frame. Together they were a perfect combination and made some of the best and (still) freshest hard rock.

Haruomi Hosono

Saturday I'll be playing songs from the 1994 Pirate Satellite compilation Dripping Patchouli. We'll hear from Banco De Gaia; Haruomi Hosono; G.O.L.; The Orb; Cranes; Human Mesh Dance; Moby (a fave musician of the 90's); Mars Lasar; Karma De La Luna and more, time permitting.

"I'm on a train?... No one seems to notice I just arrived.... It's as though I've been traveling on this train and just woke up."

Hear downtempo electronic ambient dub music from the early 90's, on Pirate Satellite, Saturday morning at 9:00. We'll post the playlist.

"We have come to visit you in peace and with good will."

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Halley Family Triathlon Talk on A Reasonable Alternative

Fairfield's first annual SEI-Tri (Southeast Iowa Triathlon) is happening on the morning of Saturday, September 25th, so we'll be doing a little Tri-talk on A Reasonable Alternative. My sister Connie is traveling all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio to visit her bro and compete in the event. She's become quite a triathlete and runner in the past few years, winning races and brandishing fancy plaques in the SW Ohio area. While I only have a few flashy pictures to show for my two past triathlons, I've been inspired by Connie's success and hope to get something shiny for my efforts this time around. I know all our KRUU friends and fans will be rooting for me and my sis! :-)

  • Fri
    Sep 24
    12:30 pm -
    1:00 pm

The Filmosophers Movie Talk

Lucy's been listening to The Filmosophers: "We are in a golden age of documentary filmmaking," says director Lucy Walker (Countdown to Zero), who has two movies out in 2010. "There's been an amazing outburst of talent and action. Audiences are experiencing a new era of world-class filmmaking (that) can have the same impact as a fiction film." The Filmosophers have been excited about this golden age for a long time. Last week we featured the small gem Herb & Dorothy. There's nothing small about Friday's release: Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim's documentary Waiting For Superman opens. The anticipation is high on this film as Guggenheim won his Oscar for what's now the most well known documentary in the last decade: An Inconvenient Truth, the film that paved the way for Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The buzz is good on Waiting for SupermanDavid Edelstein of "New York Magazine" and CBS Sunday Morning wrote: "This is one of the most galvanizing documentaries I’ve ever seen." (click on "Read More" to continue)


Why do I find it ironic that the official website for The International Day of Peace is not functional as I write this?  Still, September 21st is the designated day, and the I.W.H. will do its part with an hour of appropriate music.

Lennonpeace That radical peacenik John Lennon is likely to show up for the occasion.

Equally weird is the fact that some calendars declare the start of autumn to be September 22nd this year, while others say the 23rd.  In either case, the seasonal shift must and will be welcomed with song a little later in the show.


The Uncle Bunkin Country and Western Music Show for Thursday, September 23, 2010, at 10:00 a.m., will feature Truck Driving Songs. Yes, Friends, truck driving is a big part of country and western living. We'll be hearing some great truck driving performances, like C.W. McCall's "Convoy" and "Wolf Creek Pass," and George Morgan's "Man Behind the Wheel," and the beautiful song "Roll, Truck, Roll, by Red Simpson. Story songs will be featured, including "Giddyup Go" and "Teddy Bear" by Ferlin Husky. Mac Wiseman will perform the dreamy "18 Wheels a Humming."

If there's time left over, we'll play a couple of favorites by The Origninal Carter Family and the greatest yodeler of all, Slim Whitman. Be sure to listen in for this one!

So long, Uncle Bunkin

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