Who decides these things?  Anyway, it's the perfect excuse for building up your tolerance for huge quantities of sugar before Halloween arrives.  

An I.W.H. salute to those little circles of joy to open this week's show.

Tuesday 10/19/10  8:00 PM   Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

Sarah SampleI have got a feeling
Can't see the ceiling over my head
I'm ready, make my hand steady
~ I'm Ready, Sarah Sample

Her newly released, third full-length album is titled Someday, Someday, but if Sarah Sample is referencing her music career, I'd say the day has already arrived.  

Press play and Sarah's sweet voice washes over you, feather-light on some tracks, smoldering on others.  That just gives you a brief idea of the range Sarah can cover.  Knowing that she's been a finalist in just about any folk songwriting contest you can name should give you even further evidence to her talents.

Sarah will bring her energetic, sincere folk-rock to Cafe Paradiso on Saturday, Oct. 23rd.  Get to know her a little before then by tuning in to the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour from 9-10am Central this Tuesday, Oct. 19th.  Music by many other amazing women for the first half, Sarah will be calling at about 9:30. Read more on the new album over at


Sen. Becky SchmitzAndre Perry, executive program director of the EnglertMs. Sandy Greiner Theater in Iowa City, speaks with Planet Erstwild host James Moore about upcoming events there, including the Max Weinberg Big Band on October 22 and Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer in early November. Andre also books muscial acts for the Mill in Iowa City. He is a musician himself and singer/songwriter with the Lonelyhearts, as well as an author with a graduate degree in Nonfiction Writing Program from the University of Iowa.

At 2:45pm, KRUU will broadcast the IA Senate forum with Democratic incumbent Becky Schmitz and Republican challenger Sandy Griener, recorded this week at the Sondheim Center and moderated by Chamber Executive Director Brent Willet.

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I'll Draw You a Map

HeadlightsShoegazer is all new and rollicking in its roots this week bringing you a host of tracks that you can't get a hold of by conventional means, so much so that this installment could aptly be dubbed Obscure Sound (and it's all the more sweet because of it). So many good, underappreciated songs that we feel like we're performing a public service. The line-up includes newcomers Computer Magic (whom are offering their EP free of charge from their website), Finland's Satellite Stories, The Non-Commissioned Officers and The Migrant as well as Shoegazer favorites Headlights, Pomegranates and Ra Ra Riot. You'd be remiss to miss. Saturday at 6pm and rewound Thursday at 9am.






The Jonas Magram Show

Talk with Jonas Magram is not currently scheduled.

Jonas talks about life and more.

James Moore speaks with Ashu about his concert this weekend at the Sondheim AshuCenter Saturday, October 16th at 8pm with pianist Kuang-Hao Huang.

Concert saxophonist Ashu, age 26, has continually defied conventions winning major international and national competitions traditionally won by pianists and violinists. He made his recital debut at Carnegie Hall's Weill Hall in New York and, at age 16, made his concerto debut at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. Since then, concerto and recital performances have taken him throughout the USA and Europe.

With a dynamic style that captivates audiences, and a repertoire ranging from original works by Ibert, Debussy, and Villa-Lobos to his own arrangements of Piazzolla, Rachmaninoff, and Morricone, Ashu has shown that the concert saxophone can reach beyond stylistic categorization and to a large diversity of people. His playing has been described as "Riveting...Brilliant...Pizzazz to burn!" (National Public Radio Performance Today host) and "...just as much fun to watch him as it is to listen to him." (Dallas Morning News). [Read more below.]

~ Warm up with chill Saturday morning from downtempo upliftment ~

JazzboxSleeping On The Edge Of The World by David Helpling

From Pale Hands To Weary Skies by Darshan Ambient

Mossebo by Johan Agebjorn, Bless You by Lulu Rouge.


Jazz Is The Grass I Cut by Jazzbox, Elixir by Kaya Project

Michael Whalan's ambient piano release My Secret Heart... and more.

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The 1st Post-Beatles Beatles Album

The Beatles broke up in 1970. Or did they?

Each of the 3john and paul song-writing members released very strong solo albums that year. The best tracks from each album collectively make a very strong Beatles album--a post Beatles album if you will.

Missing was the studio collaboration, but a lot of these songs were rehearsed, arranged, and influenced by the other Beatles anyway.

The 3 featured albums are John Lennon's "Plastic Ono Band," Paul McCartney's (excuse me if I don't call him "Sir") "McCartney," and George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass."

I produced an hour's worth of the best of these albums in my best George Martin style. So pull up a chair, or drive to the nearest parking lot, and listen to a new Beatles album.

The track list can be found here:

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