pirate radio(4/25/11) Frohe Ostern! (Happy Easter)

Back in Germany and having a chocolate trauma from all the

easter candy ;)!

A good reason to listen to Rock'n Roll to get alive again. For today I chose the music from

the movie Pirate Radio which I enjoyed watching during my flight to Germany and threw some songs of mine choice in there as well.

It's about a Pirate Radio station on a boat broadcasting Rock music.

Great movie with great music!

Have lots of fun listening and next week I will be back again in Fairfield, live on air.

fringe toast(Link to play list at bottom). ... Another excursion into DJ Andy Bargerstock's world music selections revealed in this program through a 4X3 matrix (four bands each playing three tracks). Smoke Fairies (photo) is a UK female duo who blends American blues and English folk ballads in splendid compositionsmoke fairiess. Aidan Hawken with his former band, Highwater Rising, takes the lead on tracks from their 2003 CD, The In Between. The Woods is an LA-based trio featuring the singing and songwriting talents of Brad Cohen. Swedish electronica brother-duo, Velours Perfect, proves why their 2006 CD is rightly titled, King Size Brothers. Other FT first-timers on this week's show include film composer Paul Leonard-Morgan, North Carolina instrumental band Songs of Water, Ror-Shak featuring Iowa's own Julee Cruise, and Maui's Eric Stroeve.  Play list.

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Black Oil by William Kemmett

Black Oil

There was in the 1980’s (and perhaps there still is now) a place in Montpelier, Vermont called Julio’s. I guess you would call it a Mexican café; they were known for a hefty plate of nachos back then and any kind of drink you’d care to order. I remember sitting at a table with a group of young poets, short story writers, and novelists.

Before long Bill Kemmett came in and sat down at a table very nearby with a small group of friends. He ordered a tall glass of port with a second glass filled just with ice. Bill Kemmett was fond of port, and, I think still is. His drinking had an air of ritual about it. He smiled at the spirits in the goblet before pouring some in the glass of ice. And then, after a few moments, he would drink the chilled wine, closing his eyes.

Read the rest of this review in the new issue of Pirene's Fountain. Click here.

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Grass Fed and Hormone Free

The Phlegmatic One has found the time in his busy schedule to once again grace us with his presence but early rumblings about his fatigue may cause us to "re-moniker" him The Somnambulant. I'll be sure to bring my cattle-prod if it comes to that. This installment of the show features brand new music from Starf*cker, Scattered Trees, Beach Fossils, My Morning Jacket and the superlative Generationals (left), a band playing in Iowa City on Friday the 29th at Gabe's, as well as offerings from Blair, Washed Out, Sonic Youth and Deerhunter. Saturday evening at 6 and rewound Thursday morning at 9. Get along little dog(g)ies.

P.S. You can also hear us streaming 24/7 at live365.com. Just type Shoegazer Ca Va (no ?) in the search bar and voila!

rrYeah, you know, I have these CD's of the month on the Centripetal Sounds blog. It may be difficult to actually obtain these albums. It occured to me that I could just play them in their entirety for you all. That is half the deal with The Rainbow Rider: getting music on the airwaves that you cannot hear anywhere else. This idea originated with the radio station KFMG (Des Moines) back in the late 1960's. The had the 'Millard Fillmore Memorial Record Hours', where they played the whole thing as it was released. WAHOO! I am all over that! Saturday morning, 2 AM, tune in for two records, one old, one brand new. First up, the CD of the Month, Maids of Gravity with their initial release. If you remember the band Medicine, well, this is the lead guitarist, Jim Putman, and the bassist Eddie Ruscha's next band. This record is on my list of the top psych albums of all time. Think 'Electric Ladyland' filtered through The Spacemen 3, and you will get the idea.

To hair is you, man!


Sit back with PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore leading you on another topical safari with a plethora of informative guests and scintillating music. Guests inlude State Rep. Curt Hanson, Greater Fairfield Area Habitat for Humanity board member John Loin and Pre-Restore volunteer co-manager Jim Pedrick, Radiance Dairy owner Francis Thicke, who has a PhD in the soil sciences, filmmaker Stuart Tanner, co-chair of the MUM Media & Communications Dept and cohost of Tanner & Moore [Thur 7pm].

Also, we'll be unveiling a song by Kacey Jones which is a tribute to Donald Trump's hair. And so much Moore...

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Pollinators and Matzah Brei-Now that's Topic Diversity!

Bees doing some pollinatingTwo kinds of matzah breiWe've got happy shots adorning this week's blog post. The little guy on the left is taking his life's work of pollinating seriously as he checks out the bloom on a Meyer Lemon tree. It's pretty easy to forget about the role that pollinators play in bringing food to our table. The bottom line is that without them most of the vegetables and fruits we eat wouldn't grow. Wanda Sandfire and Sean Johnson have a website you can check out where the critical role of pollination played by a diverse number of insects, animals, and natural forces is explained.  Tune in as they help us understand and explain how we can contribute positively to the pollinator world.

The other happy face is the guy with the two dishes of matzah brei. The Jewish holiday of Passover started Monday evening, and we'll cook up a version of this dish for everyone in the studio to try. My matzah crackers are in the oven right now. My sister gets the nod as the inspiration for making them, but I changed the ingredient contents. We'll check out how they turned out using this very simple method:

Ah, so much music, so little time. This show features what was formerly known as 'heavy' music. Multiple guitar attack, riff heavy, kinda bluesy, kinda hard-edged, for the most part. Hah- with a couple of ringers thrown in as usual. The Beatles kick off the show with 'She's So Heavy', and later on, they sing 'Yer Blues', too. The last song of the day is from the first Red Hot Chili Peppers vinyl album, 'Grand Pappy du Plenty'. It has an awesome percussion track. In between I am featuring bands like The Liars, Social Distortion, and Queens of the Stone Age. Check the playlist out that magically appears at 12:01 Thursday morning on the left panel. Send your requests to centripetalsounds@gmail.com. Send your cards and letters to www.kruufm.com. Check out my album/CD of the month on my blog page. Enjoy life, it is short. The G Man

HofmannWeirdly enough, Bicycle Day celebrates, not bicycles themselves, but the legendary bike ride taken on April 19, 1943, by Swiss scientist Dr. Albert Hofmann after ingesting 250 micrograms of his experimental drug LSD.

You can read about that here if you're interested, but here at the Intercranial Whizbang Hour we're just going to pretend that Bicycle Day is about bicycles, okay? Two-wheeled songs will open this week's show.

Tuesday, 4/19/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

Brandenburger gate in Berlin

(4/19/11)Hello peeps!

I really hope this stormy weather is gonna take a break soon because I have to catch my flight tomorrow to.....GERMANY:). Yes, I am going home for ten days, and the mix I'll have for you today will surely keep me company on my journey.

But before I leave I have one more day in beautiful Fairfield and one more day at Kruu, so you will hear me life again today at 4.00pm! I have an interesting mix from Blues to Pop, Rock and Alternative. Well it has to be interesting, so I'll survive my flight ;).

Btw, I'll try to keep you updated and make an audio travel journey for you, so you can travel to Germany with me.

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