Welcome to the Feast of first Fruits Week

Starting Full Moon wednesday Fifty Count complete :

New Moon Sabbaths Thursdays this moon.

To start, The Book of Galacians, with Revelations commentary from Willis Mead 1906.


The new grapes are in, in Ierusalem new sweet wine at the Feasts !

The Word The Herbs The Man

Christ Iesus our Laud

Both Theirs and Ours


Love and Peace... Brother I E O L

Fo' Immediate Release:

Ear Ye, Ear Ye!!


The Jukebox Boogaloo will now be getting your Saturday Night Soul Party started even earlier! 


Tune in at 8:00 pm (Central) for the rarest and rawest deep cuts of Soul, Funk, R & Beyond, with your host,


The Prince O'Wails,

keepin' it Surreal on the Wheels of Steel.


[SOUL PRODUCT moves to 10pm Saturdays]


James Moore & Mike Love of the Beach Boys

Mike Love of the Beach Boys dropped by KRUU-FM for a little one-on-one with Planet Erstwild host James Moore.

The two talked about a whole host of topics from foreign policy to the Chevy Volt to collaborations with cousin Brian Wilson to Love's commitment to sustainability (Mayor Malloy is making him "Green Czar" for a day) to experiences with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, MIU and Transcendental Meditation to 48 years of endless summers on the road.

Love, who co-wrote and sang many of the Beach Boys hit songs, was in Fairfield for a press conference at the Convention Center to promote his upcoming concert on Labor Day, September 7th, at 1pm at the Fairfield Middle School. Seminal Iowa rockers The Nadas will open. The event is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation, co-produced by the FACC and the FVCB.

Dick D & Vocal Point at KRUU-FM



Brigham Young University's world champion collegiate a cappella group, Vocal Point, appears live at the KRUU studios for a special half hour interview and impromptu taste of their stunning vocal harmonies.

Dick DeAngelis hosts this nine-man jazz/pop nonet who will delight and surprise the listener both on the air and at their subsequent free noon concert in front of the Convention Center.

After almost three years we FINALLY are getting some professional cooks into our KRUU studio kitchen! Chef Gordon Rader, Program Director and Lead Culinary Instructor at Indian Hills Community College,
takes over the duties of cooking James Moore's dinner, and he's bringing a crew to help: Adam Darland, a recent graduate from the IHCC program and Jon Ulrich one of his current students. The menu includes eggplant parmesan and local greens plus lots of insight into what goes into a culinary education.

Lights, camera, action!! Fairfield Public Access Cable (FPAC) will record this show for future broadcast. We're hoping to video most upcoming episodes of GREAT TASTE so you can doubly enjoy our kitchen antics.

Carter Sampson


Hey y'all.

I've been away these past few weeks and am happily back in the saddle again, welcoming to Crooked Sisters Radio Hour the lovely and talented Carter Sampson out of Oklahoma City. "Good for the Meantime,"

Carter's fourth album, has been getting regular airplay on both Crooked Sisters and Gravel Road Radio and she will be passing through Fairfield, this Friday, August 14 for a show at Cafe Paradiso.

With a powerful voice that is at once passionate and vulnerable, lyrical and edgy -- and song writing to match -- it promises to be one heck of a show.

So tune into Crooked Sisters, this Thursday, August 13 from 10-noon for a conversation with Carter Sampson, and, of course, great roots and Americana music!


Milo Bekins with Benoit NdameuJames Moore interviews Milo Bekins, chairman of the Analog Forestry Network. Born in California, Bekins followed the surf down to Costa Rica where he met his wife and settled into farming, which he's been doing there for the past 35 years.

Analog Forestry is a system which seeks to establish analog ecosystems with architectural structures and ecological functions similar to the original climax or sub climax vegetation. It also seeks to strengthen rural communities, socially as much as economically, through the use of species that provide commercial products.




So, what do you do when you want to bop down the highway and have a good time doing it?

Well, you crank up the tunes and sing along. That's the point of today's show.

You can check out the playlist to the left and see that there is NO WAY you can go through this two hours without singing along with


The G Man..... heh heh

International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum Twin Galaxies started in Ottumwa, Iowa in 1981 and came to be known as the most famous video arcade on the planet. After being proclaimed the "Video Game Capital of the World" in '82, Ottumwa is finally kicking off its campaign to create the International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum.

Listen Wednesday August 12th at 1 P.M. on KRUU to "Twin Galaxies & the Video Game Capital of the World," a special report by Dan Mescon on the history of Twin Galaxies and Ottumwa's quest to gain its rightful place in video game history. The special will continue to air this week following Free Speech Radio News on KRUU.

For those "game" enough to experience the action in person, the Hall of Fame's kickoff party is Thursday, August 13 from 1pm to 9pm at Ottumwa's Bridge View Center, and will feature celebrities from the world of gaming, contests and more. Free video games for the kids!!!

stillsIn 1968 Stephen Stills (photo) recorded an impromptu session at a record studio while his lady, Judy Collins, recorded in another. The tapes werecary bros lost for many years and resurfaced a few years ago resulting in the 2007 CD, Just Roll Tape, which is what he told the sound engineer in '68. On this week's show, DJ Andy Bargerstock plays "Treetop Flying" from that session, a song covered capably by Jimmy Buffett. Deep into hour two of the show, you will hear the incredible sounds of the Cary Brothers (photo) highlighted by their chill-out version of "If You Were Here" originally performed by the Thompson Twins

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