Sheila NichollsIn the desert by myself
I can find the goodness in you again
~ Bardo, Sheila Nicholls

It's always interesting to hear what sort of music an artist comes out with after they've been with a label and decide to go independent.  It's also always interesting to hear what sort of music an artist comes out with after having a child.  

I admit to not knowing Sheila Nicholls' music before either of these events that happened in her life, but I do know I like what I hear now! Ranging from acoustic to alternative to trip hop, Sheila's style is grooving and twinkling by turns, her versatile voice sliding easily up the scale and dropping into a gritty growl. With song after multi-textured and rich song, Sheila is one of those artists so easy to put on repeat!

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of Lyrical Venus!  Sheila will be calling around 9:30.

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Irving Toast Poetry Celebration 3 of 4



I am co-author of a poem cycle called, "Disappearance in Greece." The cycle runs 14 pages. My fellow co-authors are Kirpal Gordon, Ernest Kroll and Carl Conover, all very good poets. We have never met each other. We never intended to co-author a poem cycle. The grouping of our poems is merely a typographical perception, and, apparently, accidental and not editorial. If you access EBSCO Host and type "Disappearance in Greece" in the search bar, you will be able to view and print the poem sequence, if you so choose.

 Originally our poems appeared in the Winter/Spring 1989 issue of Boundary 2, a journal of postmodern literature and culture (once published out of the State University of New York at Binghamton and later sold to Duke University Press). Indeed, an archivist assembling sections of the journal for presentation on EBSCO could have easily perceived these poems to be all of one piece. After an essay entitled "Criticism, Historicism, and the Rediscovery of Lyricism: Frank Lentricchia's Post-Existential Divigations" (title in bold type and followed by a thick underscore line) here comes "Disappearance in Greece: A Cycle of Poems" (title also in bold type and followed by a thick underscore line). The section appears to continue for fourteen pages and end with Carl Conover's two poems just before an art feature on "The Works of Jim Stark." My poems are incorporated somewhere in the middle.

Jimmy WebbFriday, July 9th at 8am CST: Legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb talks with Mike Ragogna about hisDweezil Zappa latest project, Across the River, which features collaborations with Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams, Mark Knopfler, Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Linda Rondstadt, Glen Campbell, J.D. Souther, and more. Webb's hit songs include MacArthur Park, By the Time I get to Phoenix, Galveston, and All I Know.

Tuesday, July 13th at 8am: Mike interviews Dweezil Zappa about his recently released 2 CD set Return of the Son of... on Razor & Tie Records. Dweezil, son of the late brilliant musical iconoclast Frank Zappa, waxes poetic about his approach to music, his life in the Zappa household, and a whole lot more.

Next week Mike interviews Mark Olson, formerly of the Jayhawks, Beth Nielsen Chapman, and and OK Go's Damien Kulash.

young muddy

We'll be doing our part on the Blues KRUUz tonight to keep the temperature hot, the pace torrid and the mood STEAMY as Jefferson County swelters in the July evening breezes. 

With your eyes closed, and the right sounds coming out of your radio, you'll think you were smack dab in the middle of the Mississippi delta with the music of a guitar or a piano carrying over the fields. That music can conjure up an image of an evening spent celebrating - getting through another week, catching a big haul of fish, meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. It can be a friend when you're in need and can heal you when you're suffering.

No matter what your situation, whatever your mood, the blues is right there, nodding its head and saying, "Been there, done that and wrote a little song about it, goes something like this..."

Ready for some fat BEATS! I think you are...ter

This week's show features more attention to the producers, beat makers,               instrumentalists, etc. Modern Hip Hop producers use an array of techniques creating some hot tracks, and it can really be the beats that inspires the artist to write something just as ill to match. Scope the list below. 

OK, if you look back at my blog for May 6 you will notice that I had a show scheduled that never aired.

graceI am trying again Thursday. The leadoff hitter is Steve Miller Band with their song 'Your Saving Grace'. I am also playing a song that got cut from my Hot Tub music show due to time: 'Stoned Soul Picnic' by The Fifth Dimension. Yo La Tengo, who just played at the 80/35 fest in Des Moines, will contribute 'The Room Got Heavy'. I have some Beatles, the obligatory Green Pajamas, and a real nice Neil Young song 'The Old Laughing Lady'. All a part of that great centering experience you get when you let the G Man pick the tunes.....Thursday 2-4 on your sound companion.... :)

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The Viking bluesman - Mr. T - is diving into the vaults again

Shemakia CopelandThis time we will have something old, something new

We will have acoustic and electric blues.

We will have male and female singers.

We will get a bit of the history of the blues.

I hope you enjoy the selections I picked out for the show today.

July 8, 2010


George Strait

Mexcian chocolateChocolate  Chip cookies

On two recent trips to India, chocolate and candy maker Paul Poole has been fortunate to catch an intimate glimpse into the lives of some Indian families.  The key was the sharing of food, but not only meals.  Paul taught his Indian friends how to make various types of chocolates and they shared the knowledge of local sweets.  GREAT TASTE listeners will not only hear about Paul's adventures, but learn the recipes involved in this cross-cultural exchange.

Fairfield, IA craftsman Paul Poole began making chocolates, toffee, and other sweets in the late 70's in San Francisco.  At times he actually sold his creations, but for the greater part of three decades you might have received some as a gift if he made a custom kitchen cabinet for you.  Even now you have to be lucky.  If you aren't on his holiday list, then the "right place" (KRUU's studio) is your best shot.

steve miller(See link to play list at bottom). Sounding better than ever vocally, Steve Miller (photo) and his band just released a new CD, "Bingo!" and on this week's show you will hear two tracks. Paul fairport conventionMcCartney returns with additional tracks from CD, Flaming Pie.  Johnsmith (recent Fairfield performer) offers two tracks from CD, Traveler.  But, hold tight, for UK legendary  folk-rock band, Fairport Convention (photo), performing Fringe Toast favorite 1970-track, "Sloth", an epic nine-minute commentary on the folly of war.  It's the extended instrumental segments that will carry you away.

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