Burt Chojnowski will join Chris Busch and Bruce Miller in the studio today. BurtState of Play will talk about his dinner with the iTunes International Movie manager (a long with the founder of Wikipedia, the founder of Chuck E. Cheese and Atari); the Digital Hollywood conference and more.

Hear reviews of State Of Play ("Jason Bateman was exceptional") and other films.

We'll briefly touch on next week's Summer Movie preview. "It's almost summertime and the movies are about to get LOUD"

We're the Filmosophers, where we give our filmosophy on the movies and have filmosophical discussions.

- Did we just break the law?

- Nope. That's what you call damn fine reporting.

State Of Play


Italian Cooking Class with fresh and local ingredients and a game with our "live" audience so don't miss the next GREAT TASTE on Wednesday from 7-8 PM!!!!

Kathy and Steve were "At Home" doing a full evening of cooking Italian-antipasti, primi, secondo, contorno, insalata, and dessert (dolce). Join the fun and if you miss us the rebro is from 7-8 AM on Friday. The pics-up top is amazing produce (already!) from a local greenhouse and underneath is Spinach Trieste style. Follow Great Taste on Facebook and become a fan-http://www.facebook.com/pages/GREAT-TASTE-kruufmcom/63761156614?ref=ts.

Mrs. Lincoln

The following interview has been postponed -stay tuned for the rescheduled date.

Please tune in to Writers’ Voices this Friday, April 24, at 1pm for this illuminating interview with Catherine Clinton.

Abraham Lincoln is the most revered president in American history, but the woman at the center of his life, his wife, Mary, has remained a historical enigma. In this definitive, magisterial biography, Catherine Clinton draws on important new research to illuminate the remarkable life of Mary Lincoln, and at a time when the nation was being tested as never before. Authoritative and utterly engrossing, Mrs. Lincoln is the long-awaited portrait of the woman who so richly contributed to Lincoln's life and legacy.

Catherine Clinton is the author of Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom, which was named as one of the best nonfiction books of 2004 by the Christian Science Monitor and the Chicago Tribune, as well as Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars. Educated at Harvard, Sussex, and Princeton, she is a member of the advisory committee to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Bicentennial Commission, and holds a chair in U.S. history at Queen's University Belfast.

Rebroadcast Monday April 27 at 8am CST.

Usual Thing

So, after excursions into themed shows, and jazz last week, this week we return to 'The Usual Thing'! A tasty and richly rewarding mix of all sorts of killer rock and roll. We start with my theme song for the show, and then we continue our little journey with Joe Cocker, Clinic, Norman Greenbaum and Chicago with some sixties singles, and Clinic.

Further into it, as we center ourselves once again, look for a 13 minute plus opus from Shawn Phillips, a space case song by Tones on Tail, another couple singles by Herb Alpert, and Sugarloaf, and the Dream Syndicate will tell you what you need to know about quasi-governmental organizations and the idiots that run them. You probably wonder how all this will fit together....

heh heh The G Man

Pete FuentesMr. Pete Fuentes is an award winning TV journalist who has worked for WOR TV in New York and FOX News in San Diego. Pete's achievements at FOX 6 include 17 San Diego Emmys, and as head of Special Projects, Pete's unit has garnered more than 30 local Emmys, 10 Golden Mikes, 3 RTNDA Murrow Awards, plus top honors in the National Association of Hispanic Journalists competitions.

Mr. Ed Petersen is a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his time with the Bureau, Mr. Petersen investigated a wide range of federal violations including general criminal matters, international and domestic terrorism, and foreign counter intelligence. He has also served as the director of security for major league baseball. Mr. Petersen is currently one of the directors of Buckley Petersen Global, a private investigative and consulting company. He will discuss his role in solving the case of the kidnapping of former Exxon executive, Sydney Reso.

trafficAs original members of legendary group, Traffic (photo), in the 1970s, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, and Steve Winwood stirred the world with their brilliant songwriting. On this week's show, you will hear a 2004 live recording of Capaldi and Mason performing Mason's composition "Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave" originally on his solo 1970 LP, Alone Together. Not only is this song one of DJ Andy Bargerstock's favorite all-time pieces, but also this version morphs into the Beatles' "Dear Prudence". The musical slide from one to the other is amazingly delightful -- so seamless that you might think they are one composition. Tune in early to experience this endorphin-elevating episode! Late in the show, you will hear from Wah!, who will perform in Fairfield on the weekend of April 30, 2009.



Lend your ears Wednesday and listen to a fabulous mix of Bachelor Pad, Crime Jazz, 'B' Movie Music, Surf Rock Instrumentals and More.

You could feel like the life of the party just by tuning into the best Ultra Lounge music with an edge around.

Wednesday, April 22, 2-3pm and every Wednesday giving you the ultimate soundtrack for High Living.

Special Advisor Van JonesSpecial White House Adviser Van Jones Discusses Urgent Need for Green Economy, Energy Independence

[Full comments by President Obama in Newton, Iowa below]

– Council on Environmental Quality Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Van Jones will hold a conference call with reporters to discuss the urgent need for green job creation and energy independence. The call will be presented the day people across the country and around the globe celebrate Earth Day.



In honor of Earth Day, this week the I.W.H. will be talking trash, musically speaking, and then giving the planet a good Spring cleaning.

Tuesday, 4/22/09 8-10 PM

REBRO Friday Midnight after P5K

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