Dear Listeners,  This week we continue the book of Daniel and relate to the Apocalypse of Iesus Christ chapter 18.  Then with Psalms in between, the admonitions of Paul on conduct of the congregations and orderly wisdom as we await our beloved man's return in cataclysmic clouds of justice and judgment and new creation {wormwood about four years out now}. Let everything that hath breath Praise the Living Goud, for he is kind!

The song "here a short while",and closing psalm in remembrance of our departed brothers and sisters.......Bro. Joel

John Cope and Alexander Stone
return to the airwaves

with a brand new playlist...

Artists include:

Classified / Akrobatik / Smif 'N' Wessun / Nine / Jaylib

and much more.

Listen in for your rhythmic soulful fix.


Saturday from 7 to 8pm, the Blues KRUUz takes you on a musical voyage away from mopery and indifference and to an altogether more involving (and entertaining) engagement with the world via the musical magic of seasoned mood-shifters like Junior Parker, Geno Delafose, Slim Harpo, Chuck Berry, Big Walter Horton and Boozoo Chavis.

Some sizzling zydeco, some earthy blues from the gritty, urban streets of Chicago, some acoustic guitar-tickling...hey, wait a minute! Dang, out of time again! Go ahead and tune in this week, but I'm already stuffing the leavings into next week's bag.

Rebroadcast Wednesdays at midnight.

James Moore interviews Yashar Vasef and Clyde Cleveland on Planet Erstwild this Friday September 5th.Tehran storefront

Yashar was born in Tehran after the Islamic revolution. During the infamous 1988 'war of the cities' (Baghdad/Tehran) in which Tehran was bombarded by Russian and American missiles supplied to Iraq, his parents fled Iran in hopes of a brighter future for their children. So they ended up in Istanbul, Turkey as refugees of war and about two years later received asylum in the United States of America.


Amy Biancolli

Amy Biancolli, film critic for the Houston Chronicle will be interviewed by co-hosts Bruce Miller and Chris Busch.

Starting Friday in Fairfield is Mongol, Oscar-nominated in 2007 for Best Foreign Language film (subtitled). The Filmosophers would like to inform the many film fans not aware of this "stunning historical epic of the life and legend of Genghis Khan."

"... a stirring and majestic film — a work that dramatizes, romanticizes,
heroizes and humanizes one of history's towering figures." ~ Amy
Biancolli, Houston Chronicle

SuDorianne Lauxnday at 10:30 am central (and Monday at 1:30 pm central) get ready from some girl fights behind the pancake house!

Poet Dorianne Laux rumbles into the haunted studio (via phone call) and shakes things up with her unstoppable verse.

Dorianne Laux was born in Augusta, Maine, in 1952. She worked as a sanatorium cook, a gas station manager, a maid, and a donut holer before receiving a B.A. in English from Mills College in 1988.

Laux is the author of Facts About the Moon (W. W. Norton 2005), which was the recipient of the Oregon Book Award, chosen by Ai, and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.

Her other collections include Smoke (BOA Editions, 2000); What We Carry (1994), finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; and Awake (1990), which was nominated for the San Francisco Bay Area Book Critics Award for Poetry.

Simon Brooks in Special Occasion


Join Simon Brooks for his rock lobster grab bag

known as Odds & Ends

every Thursday at 11pm

following Glen Keenan's Ain't That Peculiar



Rabbi Abraham CooperRABBI ABRAHAM COOPER is the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights organization he helped found in 1977. For over three decades, Rabbi Cooper has overseen the Wiesenthal Center’s international social agenda ranging from worldwide anti-semitism, Nazi war crimes and Restitution, to extremist groups and tolerance education. Rabbi Cooper'S editorials have appeared in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, Le Monde and the Japan Times.

AWARD WINNING TEENAGE CLASSICAL PIANISTS REBECCA WEN, MEIGEN YU, AND JOHN WEN ALONG WITH THEIR TEACHER FEILIMN LIN. John Wen was this year's winner of the Annual Chopin Youth Competition. They will be performing this Saturday Sept 6 at 7:30 pm at the Sondheim Center of the Performing Arts.

Sharon Bousquet


Hey folks. Join me this Thursday on Crooked Sisters Radio Hour for some music and conversation with live, in-studio guest, Sharon Bousquet. Sharon will be joined by Eric Hurlin who, along with Heather Love, fills out the sound in Sharon's new band Beaucoup Shakti. We'll get to hear some new material from Sharon, fresh off her week-long song-writing fest in Colorado, and hear the latest musical news in her life.


Tune in to Crooked Sisters Radio Hour this Thursday, September 4 from 10 to noon!

In celebration of KRUU's second anniversary during the month of andy and camieSeptember, DJ Andy Bargerstock (photo left with sometimes co-host Camie Bargerstock) will be producing a series of "BESTarlo of FRINGE TOAST" shows beginning with Volume 1 this week. Over the past two years there have been nearly 100 broadcasts of DJ Andy's picks of exotic tunes from the late 60s to the present. Recently, Andy assembled his favorite tracks from the past two years .... the cream from nearly 2000 tracks played. Oh, this will be schweeeet!

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