the gramsAdmittedly, I can be a little slow sometimes. Especially when it comes to getting through all of the many projects on my plate. This is also true for radio because I tend to get a lot of amazing music submissions so it can take me a really long time to get around to listening to them. I have a whole box of CDs at my office that I have yet to sift through.

Tonight I came across a couple nifty gems in that box. One CD was from The Grams, pictured left, who probably mailed me their music several months ago. Upon hearing their track Via Katalin I was pretty intrigued. I have learned not to have expectations with bands, but I just can't help it some times. The folksy persian sound coming out of that song was not at all what I expected and it was a delightful surprise. Not surprising is that The Grams have been nominated a few times for Best Americana act in San Diego and won the title in 2006 & 2007.

Tonight @ 10:15 PM
Hear the heartpounding finale of The Falcon Saga!
Featuring even more excitment, adventure, and drama than ever before!
Chases. fights, betrayal, and the final showdown between Jonnie Kidd and Boss Falcon!
Starring John Cohen, Quin Shanahan, Collin Miller, Gregory Gallagher, Corey Hickenbottom, and Andy MacKenzie!
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The Sharp Knife of Forced Simplicity; the Numinous Rebellion is the intriging title that we will discuss this week on Writers' Voices. Sharp Knife
What does it mean to truly be an American? How much freedom does a person have in the world? What is "forced simplicity" and why is it a sharp knife? When do problems really start to become a problem? What is real power and how can we use it in life? Is idealism the dream of the immature, or a path to fulfillment? What does "numinous" mean anyway?
These are some of the questions that local author and philosopher Ron Khare tackles in surpsising ways in this collection of essays.
"The writing is clean and clear, and the insights are informed with the passion and excitement of original discovery." -- Angela Mailander, Ph.D.

Cell tower radiation has been a hot topic in Fairfield with the construction of a US Robert PalmaCellular tower underway on Depot. The 20-watt transmitter on an 80-foot tower has led to a citizens' action group opposing the tower on health grounds. A demonstration on the square several weeks ago was covered in the local paper.

James Moore speaks with Robert Palma who graduated with BSEE (electronic engineering) about Radio Frequency and related topics. [Click on pic to go to his website.] First job with US Navy. Designed first RF instrument for RF strength measure for use on Navy aircraft carriers to preventSky Factory inadvertent initiation of explosives from RF. Later used throughout US Navy.

He joined Naval Research Laboratory. Designed spacecraft and launch vehicles for 23 years. One of my specialties was design of electroexplosive systems. These are inherently sensitive to inadvertent RF initiation. Did extensive work in measuring and characterizing RF - always with safety as goal.

Also, on the show will be Sky Factory owner Bill Witherspoon and storyteller extraordinaire Tracy Chipman, just in time for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.


What better way to neutralize the dreaded Friday the 13th than with A "Lucky" Reasonable Alternative St. Patrick's Day tribute! That's right- as is our annual custom, "Mac" Halley and Matt O'Mullen will be playing an hour of songs by Irish musicians. And no, they're not Bono! OK, some of them are Bono...and The Edge, Adam and Larry. But in addition to playing some of U2's latest, "No Line on the Horizon", we'll also feature bands like Bell X1 (pictured) and the Cranberries, as well as artists like Damien Rice and Rufus Wainright (he's just a quarter Irish, but that still counts). So tune in to KRUU FM Friday evening from 8 to 9!

Join cohosts Stuart Tanner and James MooreWest Bank for further discussions on the world financial crisis, particularly as it relates to the US. They will also talk about recent developments in the West Bank, as an Israeli human rights group, Yesh Din, alleges Israel is violating international law by exploiting the West Bank's mineral resources for its own benefit and a confidential EU report that accuses the Israeli government of using settlement expansion, house demolitions, discriminatory housing policies and the West Bank barrier as a way of "actively pursuing the illegal annexation" of East Jerusalem. Palestinians consider the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip essential parts of their future state.



I was looking through my record collection last week, and I found 30 albums featuring Paul Kantner. I found 35 by Neil Young, and 37 by the Beatles. Incredibly, my feature artist of the day came in at 40.

So, today, on the show, I will feature the man that I have the most music by, and I know you will be as charmed by this gentleman as I am.

The G Man


Has spring arrived? Can it be true? Will the wind chills change to heat index? Yes, maybe. Therese reports at approximately 9:00 am this morning, March 12, 2009 on Salina Road she sighted a Red Winged Blackbird the truest indicator that Spring has arrived. Don't tell me about Robins...some winter over here in Iowa. Don't tell me about Meadowlarks. If the Red Winged Blackbird is on the wire I can tell you Spring is not far off. So get those garage sale items ready the weather is about to break!

This is Minnie! The 2 lb dog with the 20 lb voice!


jack bruceIn 2008 music legends, Jack Bruce (photo left)jackandrobin and Robin Trower (photo right with Bruce), released their third collaborative CD effort called "Seven Moons" .... Bruce, best known for his vocals with Cream and Trower's vintage electric blues guitar first noticed as the lead guitarist with Procol Harum. On this night, you will hear the track, "Just Another Day" and recent version of "Theme from an Imaginary Western." Echoing back to the '70s, listen closely for King Crimson's "I Talk to the Wind."

"> Pulling from a dusty back shelf, DJ Andy Bargerstock will introduce the Fringe Toast audience to the 1987 album, Orbit, produced by William Orbit. Officially, this is considered dance/electronica with sophisticated, refined grooves... just the kind of stuff to make you move and get in the mood.




Find out how to participate and enjoy three seasons worth of great food right from the garden!

Deann Goodale, Kim Steele-Blair, and Alex Kachan talking CSA's on Great Taste plus MORE!!!!

Kathy and Pam are out of town so Steve is going to create some "fast food" mischief.

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