kooper bloomfield(See link to play list at bottom). Ain't nothing like the blues! In 1968 Chicago blues legends, Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper (photo) along with Stephen Stills, recorded the famed "Super Session" LP. On this week's show, DJ Andy Bargerstock selects two tracks from this quintessential bluesupreme beings of leisures treasure. Early on, you'll hear from Memphis soul band Booker T and MG's and Harvey Mandel from his Shengrenade LP. Folk singer-songwriter, Shawn Phillips, contributes his '70s era "Steel Eyes." Without doubt, the most obscure tune of the evening will come from 1968 acid-folk-rock Chicago band, HP Lovecraft, with their little known yet marvellous, "Electroallentando." This is among DJ Andy's favorite all-time fringe classics.

FrithIf you're an aficionado of British progressive/experimental rock of the '70's, or a follower of New York City's 'Downtown' music scene you may have heard of Fred Frith.  Otherwise probably not.

Fred Frith is a composer, improvisor and multi-instrumentalist.  He's worked in rock, jazz, classical, and completely undefinable contexts since the late 60's.  He's written music for dance, film and theater.  He has played on over 400 albums.  Guitar Player magazine said that his album, Guitar Solos "...is to mainstream guitar what quantum mechanics is to auto mechanics."  He also plays violin, keyboards and xylophone, among other instruments.

You can read more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Frith.  He's also the subject of the documentary film Step Across the Border, which is available from Netflix.

KTVO's Alex Halfmann covered KRUU's ice cream social networking event yesterday. It's up on their Heartland Connection website.

KRUU became the first solar-powered radio station in the midwest last year. Thanks to everyone who showed their support. What a beautiful day to celebrate KRUU listeners! Live deejays with over 300 people dropping by. More than 200 servings of homemade ice cream made & served on the premises using donated Radiance Dairy ingredients topped w/ organic raspberry sauce and blackberry compote from KRUU's own permaculture gardens. Thanks to everybody who made it possible, and to Coolzey for his final mix before heading to LA. Keep listening!

Just came across this Editor's Note on the Blog for Iowa website from Trish Nelson for a July 2010 piece on KRUU. Special thanks to Jay Mattson:

"The Blog for Iowa would like to acknowledge the fine work of James Moore and KRUU-FM, a community radio station in the true sense of the word and a role model for all of the Iowa progressives who will be applying for low power FM licenses soon!" Very cool! Thanks, BFIA.

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Sallie Felton on GPS For Success

Sallie FeltonSallie Felton, life coach, author, radio show host, facilitator, hypnotherapist, and inspGPS For Successirational speaker, will be this week's guest on Writers' Voices. 20 years ago, Sallie Felton made a major life change to follow her passion and she hasn't looked back. Sallie's writing is featured in the upcoming anthology "GPS For Success", which also features writing from Stephen Covey. Sallie has also written the book "Stepping Stones To Success" with Deepak Chopra.

Make sure to tune in for this insightful and fascinating conversation!

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John FitzGerald

John Fitzgerald


John FitzGerald is an attorney for the disabled who writes in every spare moment. His three books of poetry are Spring Water (Turning Point, 2005), Telling Time by the  Shadows (Turning Point, 2008), and The Mind (Salmon  Poetry, 2011).

John also contributed to the anthology Poetry: Reading it, Writing it, Publishing it (Salmon Poetry, 2010).

John has worked as Development Director for Red Hen Press and as the Associate Book Editor for Cider Press Review.


Here are some links to his work:

3 poems at Moonday:
Descended of Thieves
Tooth Fairy

Corey Hickenbottom, Mayor Ed Malloy, James Moore w/ KRUU Proclamation

Note: The Mayor was in the studio to read the proclamation live at 9am.


Whereas: KRUU’s solar power source is one of the first demonstration projects in the city's Go Green initiative, and;

Whereas: KRUU is the first solar-powered radio station in the Midwest, and;

Whereas: KRUU is 98% locally-produced programming with 100 show hosts creating 80 programs a week performed by community volunteers, and;

Whereas: KRUU is grassroots, independent, and listener-supported, a community resource for local events, news, politics and more, and;

Whereas: KRUU's mission is giving voice to Fairfield, Iowa and beyond as well as being a model for citizen journalism and grassroots community radio, and;

Whereas: KRUU has been recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for its incorporation of open source, Free Culture software, and;

Whereas: KRUU has inspired time, talent, sweat equity, creativity and over 100,000 volunteer hours to the 'Voice of Fairfield, Iowa and Beyond'

Therefore be it resolved that I, Ed Malloy, Mayor of Fairfield, do hereby proclaim September 5th - 12th as KRUU Listener Appreciation Week and congratulate the volunteer programmers and DJ’s who dedicate their time to the station.

                                 Mayor, City of Fairfield


Sunday Nights
Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
:::Obvious World:::

We're Pirate Satellite, an ambient electronic music show. Saturday's show includesmagic sound fabric songs from Steve Roach & Robert Rich; Boards of Canada (a duo from Scotland!); Ulrich Schnauss (Germany); Jon Hopkins (England), Bluetech (San Diego) and more. Listen for surprises, including 9 soundbites from Richard Linklater's spiritual film Waking Life mixed in the song "Dimension Shift", by Magic Sound Fabric. “Are we sleepwalking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?” - Waking Life He's close. He's real close, on Pirate Satellite 9:00 AM Saturday morning-LISTENER APPRECIATION DAY! We'll post the playlist.

  Now let us hear what Lord Octo has to offer the air waves this Saturday September 11, 2010 at 5-6 pm central time. Yes folks that's right it's some good time rock -n- roll. So what if you might still miss some one just rootie tootie on over to Memphis and let lucille know your going to break those chains of Love. No you ain't superstitious that's just lovin' your baby. So get wooly with your bully become that sixty minute man and let out your indian love call for your rock -n- roll Rubby becuase Bo DIddley told you so. Always remember If no one loves you Lord Octo always does.

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Shoegazer will be on hiatus this weekend but back on Thursday. Enjoy the live entertainment KRUU's got in store for Listener Appreciation Day (something about a larcenous monkey planting poisonous dates in people's food).



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