"Grub Street" Associate Editor Aileen Gallagher
visits with Steve, Kathy, and Pam on the next KRUU food experience.

Check out New York magazine's food blog at: http://nymag.com/daily/food/
for a daily dose of the Big Apple's slice on eating. We'll feature two recipes from the mag so drop on by for a taste!

7-8 PM Wednesday at the KRUU Gourmet Food Studio-- It's Great Taste

Rebro 7am Friday

Ogdens inside

The G Man, and Samuel Silas Maximus Garles, will be in studio Thursday from 2-4PM, both with new music they have been listening to, and stories to tell about it.

Calexico, The Fireman, The Chesterfield Kings, Galactic, Drive By Truckers, Dead Meadow, T Bone Burnett, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Keys, Nic Armstrong, Interview, and more......

warm up with some hot new music on a chilly day!

Maurice Jarre's magnificent film music is presented this week.

Once you hear one of his themes, you can hum or whistle it for years to come.

Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Ryan's Daughter and A Passage To India are tributes to some of Jarre's finest music to spectacular films. Selections from Ghost, The Professionals, The Train and Witness will also be highlighted. Tune in for an enjoyable hour listening to this world class composer Wed, January 14 3pm.



drone, drums,


screeches, hollers.

you're stereo

isn't broken,

it's just

tuesday night.







Ice maiden

This week the I.W.H. celebrates--or at least wearily acknowledges--the glory that is winter in Iowa, along with a special salute to the all-too-common cold.



Plus: music played on instruments made entirely of ice. How cool is that?

Tuesday, 1/13/09 8-10 PM

Rebro Saturday 12am

Hannah Riley Bowles is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the Kennedy School and on the staff of the Center for Public Leadership. She is engaged in research on negotiation and leadership. She is interested in how people negotiate for resources and opportunities to advance into leadership positions and when gender differences tend to arise in negotiation expectations and performance. She teaches and has conducted case research on leadership in crisis and complex multi-party conflict.

Ralph Marino was an elite athlete excelling in baseball and golf. Ralph was drafted by professional baseball’s Pittsburg Pirates.
Over thirty years ago, in a collision at home plate, Ralph Marino received a neck injury that left him paralyzed from his shoulders to his toes. Since that day, Ralph has gone on to graduate from college and has been a successful high school basketball coach and school social worker. www.ralphmarino.com/

Jill Bolte Taylor

My Stroke of Insight author Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is this week's guest on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline. Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM Friday Jan 9, 1pm, or Monday Jan 12, 8am. Dr. Taylor, a brain scientist, had a stroke and recovered to tell the story of how her consciousness shifted during the experience. One of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2008, and featured on Oprah, Dr. Taylor feels that greater peace is possible by choosing to cultivate our right-brained consciousness, and that this is a message worth spreading.

Dr. Taylor first became interested in the functions of the mind when she was a child, growing up with a brother with schizophrenia. She has devoted her career to the study of severe mental illnesses as a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist.

ShroesbreeRumi is read from the MUM Library; a confused puppet interviews himself; the blues guitar goes twang; Rustin reads a robust rendition of some rousing rural rarebits. This all happens Sunday at 10:30am/Monday 1:30 pm central.

bloom, fevers
flash, nebulae hover,

white and yellow. Can you smile dawn and dusk
and pretend it doesn't hurt? The nurse

a moment her whirl,

too perky, asks if you glitter,

dj dog j.- creation step

groove corp.- dub plates from the elephant house

kiddus i- rockers

sasafras- works of jah

natural black- sidewalk university riddim

cali p.- lyrical faya

Dear Listeners, Brothers Sisters; anyone awake.

This week new morning Oblation Psalms, yet first, shango axe covers a beatles tune.  Holy Herbs exposition four, and music in between cool meditations.

Love Brother Ioel


glossary:  Yah Jah Elohim  God Iesus Christ Rastafari{elohim is a man}

 EIE eternal infinite everliving

Yessirie IE{son of Iessie}

GEG {great everliving creator god}

Alla Iah     Alla Lu Yah    Ies~us

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