Mayor Ed Malloy discusses a report on the three new cell towers underway in the city of Fairfield at tonight's city council meeting which gets underway at 7:30pm.

Planet Erstwild host James Moore will speak with rocket scientist Robert Palma regading the issue of cell tower RF radiation at 2:15pm on his show. Robert has written a peer-reviewed article on the topic which you can access at

Two weeks ago a group of 80 concerned citizens held a demonstration on the square in opposition to the cell tower construction by U.S. Cellular at the Whitney Monument site, expressing concern over health and safety issues. The company says it is within compliance of all local and federal requirements of the FCC.

Mary Swander Named Poet Laureate of State of Iowa


Mary Swander, Distinguished Professor of English

Governor Chet Culver appointed Mary Swander as Iowa’s new Poet Laureate. Swander will serve a two-year appointment as the state’s symbolic leader of poetry. As Poet Laureate, Swander will deliver poems at official Iowa public events at the invitation of the Governor.

Ice Cube PressSharing, creating and learning since 1993, Ice Cube Press
books have specialized in Midwestern stories about the world in which we live. Sometimes this means examining the wild and the natural, sometimes we must pay attention to the social, the human, even the reptilian.

Who and what have helped us evolve in our place? ICP books tread deeply into new ideas such as living with topsoil, exploring tornadoes, blizzards, sometimes digging down to Devonian fossil beds. At other times ICP books explore humor, or landscape art. Whether it’s weather patterns, food, or prairies.

Ice Cube Press has earned a number of awards, including A Kansas Book Award, A Midwest Connections Pick and the Radish Magazine Award. ICP has worked closely with groups such as Humanities Iowa and the Iowa Arts Council.

Writers' Voices welcomes Ice Cube Press publisher Steve Semken to Writers' Voices, this Friday, March 6 at 1pm.

(3 hrs) Sunday night March 8th begins @ 11/10c

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

              Praise the congregation  to whom all blessings go...the Israel of God coming again with a reasoning about the church, what who and where, why when and how. Also general history relating to this current dispensation of this holy revelation, or this life and death situation. For more information and to make donations...[]


Love you one time too,  Bro. IOEL 

liquid stranger
"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was Sound. So what you're looking at here is particles formed into patterns by sound. And they were all over the place to start with, just in random positions on the plate, and as soon as the sound appears they form into these patterns because everything is sound and it is sound that turns matter and energy into form.

All you're looking at here are interacting frequencies making a beat. If the sound changes, the matter changes, the energy changes. This is how the galaxies and the universe and the solar systems were formed and continue to be held in the structure they're in, through sound."

~ Liquid Stranger; Vibration Ruling The Nation

The playlist is posted


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sunset Today: Part Two of my 2-4 AM Music shows. Songs that you might want to hear if you were listening to the re-broadcast in the dead of the night. Hopefully, by the fifth or sixth song, you will be able to smell the today, courtesy of bands like The Maids of Gravity, Mazzy Star, Dimentia 13, Spacemen 3, The Brain Jonestown Massacre, The Green Pajamas, Rain Parade, Los Natas, and even a little Dr. John, from his debut swamp/psych album.

Tasty tunes to satisfy your inner cravings... don't worry about the late night munchies, I got ya covered....The G Man

technodromeAs per usual, we've got an all new lineup for you diligent listeners.

House, techno, minimal.

You'll hear the ups without the downs, the flips without the flops...

...and an original track by Fairfield native Kenneth Scott!

Tune in at 10pm tonight! 

ARTHUR S. BERGER, THE UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM'S SENIOR ADVISOR FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS. In this position, he fRabbi Abraham Cooperocuses on the Museum’s international relations, VIP and Development-related outreach, and key aspects of the Museum’s public relations.

RABBI ABRAHAM COOPER is the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights organization he helped found in 1977. For over three decades, Rabbi Cooper has overseen the Wiesenthal Center’s international social agenda ranging from worldwide anti-semitism, Nazi war crimes and Restitution, to extremist groups and tolerance education.

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