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I am very happy to be blogging live in the studio, here to announce some fabulous developements....we have selected our official resident Dj Posse and the winner is.... Housewerk LA!!  I'll be featuring one or two mixes per month as they are just that inspiring and representative of the Space Hop Shanti Sun vibe of love, life, positive energy and bliss.

Now I must admit being a Los Angeles native has brought me joy and everlasting bliss at the quality music brought to the airwaves by HousewerkLA.  The mixes are underground yet global, refreshing yet reasuringly seasoned in their consciousness and emotional resonance.  In short the Housewerk LA Dj 'Posse' is nothing short of excellent, inspirational and of the divine heart.  I can feel the love each dj puts into their work and this is what sets HousewerkLA appart! BIG LOVE HOUSEWERKLA!


  • Sun
    Dec 12
    12:00 pm -
    12:30 pm
  • Wed
    Dec 15
    8:30 am -
    9:00 am

Sports Talk with Paul


Fantasy Football Playoffs are Here! We talk about all the hits and misses that could make the difference this year.

You deserve a championship for all your hard work this year. Tune in for the extra help. We also talk NBA and of course week 14 NFL picks.


A very short blog post indeed.

New Soul Product. New Tracks.

Good Hip Hop Grooves.

Tune in tonight from 10PM to 11PM!

playlist info below...



Here's a special pre-holiday treat for KRUU listeners! This Saturday night at 7 Skunk River Medicine Show (Tom Morgan and George Foster) will drop by to preview songs from their new CD, share some stories, select some favorite tracks by other artists and get us in a bluesy mood for the holidays!

Tom was lucky enough to play with Rev. Gary Davis and Son House in years past and is sure to share some background on both men, but we'll also hear how Tom and George met and what led them to form Skunk River Medicine Show together.

"Miracle Music Cures Ills, Removes Stains"

  • Sat
    Dec 11
    10:00 am -
    10:00 am

Pirate Satellite

holiday music

Greetings and holiday salutations once again from Pirate Satellite!

This Saturday morning will be another installment of our all holiday music shows, from 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. Central.

This season's Pirate Satellite audio Christmas card is complete and we'll hear music from that, all in celebration of a cool yule season! We'll post the playlist afterward. Yo-Ho-Ho Enjoy!  

"Little boys have action toys for brains.

We're living proof it can last a long time"

Dave Matthews

Shelby LynnMike Ragogna: Thanks again for visiting us at solar-powered KRUU-FM... We're trying hard, in our own way, to make a difference.

Dave Matthews: That's very cool. Oddly, I think, at least publicly, you are the only solar-powered radio station I have ever spoken to, so doesn't that say a lot?

Shelby Lynn: "I think every radio station should be solar-powered!"

Matthews owns 1,340 acres of farmland near Scottsville, Virginia where he grows organic vegetables, flowers, and herbs through a community-supported agriculture program. The organic farm is called, "Best of What's Around," named after one of his band's songs. Matthews also serves on the board of Farm Aid, along with Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young.

  • Thu
    Dec 09
    11:00 pm -
    11:00 pm


get in tune with the universe party, dance the last two hours of thursday night away, fall in love, take a ride, and hear some new songs by:

-Lindstrom and Christabelle

-Fitz and the Tantrums



-FM Belfast

too much here to list, too much to try and think about. just be at the universe party...


SHZA M. Sinn

It's double trouble this evening on Captain's Quarters, as Tama Eagleson drops by to guest-host our seventh episode.

We've got the Dexter OST, the new Deadmau5 album, and who knows what else. Don't miss this!


Thursday(s) 5-6.

(For more information about Captain's Quarters, or what diabolical plans we're up to, check us out at Captain Captain Industries - our official blog.) 

C.C.I xx

A travelogue of sorts Thursday 2-4 PM. I have picked out 26 songs that tell a small story about movement. This playlist cracks me up, because when I went through and listened to the wholefeet thing myself, I really enjoyed it, more than I expected. Starting off with the Canned Heat classic 'On The Road Again', the long version with the amazing guitar/harmonica coda. Next up, 'The Letter', by The Box Tops, a number one single for four weeks back in 1960 and 7. Later through the show I have three other singles that charted, 'Up, Up, and Away', 'Riders On the Storm', and 'Born To Wander'....anyone know the band names? Anyone? Some other highlights to mention: 'I'm on The Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep' by Blue Oyster Cult, 'Call Me The Breeze' by Lynyrd Skynyrd, 'Driftin and Driftin' by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and 'Beyond The Blue Horizon' by Mike Nesmith & The First National Band.

  • Thu
    Dec 09
    12:00 pm -
    1:00 pm
  • Sun
    Dec 12
    9:00 am -
    10:00 am


The musical year in review reveals enough musical creativity for several of my shows--taking up the rest of the year.

Alot of critics were blown away by Kanye West's new CD. I was "mehed" by it--especially his intentional (god, I hope it was intentional) off-key singing, and inconsistent rhymes. But I found something worthy of your listening

Eminem's "Recovery" was also released last year. Compared to Kanye, his highs were higher and his lows were lower into the gutter.

arcade fireMy vote for the possibly-best CD of the year goes to Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." The Montreal-based, surprisingly anglophonic group cannot be readily categorized, except to say that their melodies are fresh and their arrangements nearly perfectly understated.

For the complete playlist, see:

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