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The Ides of March

Well it's been a rough couple of weeks in the world hasn't it? Natural disasters, wars and civil unrest. And of course in the U.S. we're preoccupied with... Charlie Sheen. At least we have our priorities in order :/. Not to worry, you can count on Shoegazer to be as irreverent as ever with brand new music from Scattered Trees, Lykke Li and British Sea Power, who will be playing Iowa City on the 28th, as well as tracks from LCD Soundsystem, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, early Phoenix and The National among others, and two bands we saw in person last week: Cotton Jones and Maps & Atlases. Saturday evening at 6 and again Thursday morning at 9. Beware the Ides of March.

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FRINGE TOAST - Eva Cassidy & Emiliana Torrini

fringe toast(See playlist link at bottom). Icelandic singer-songwriter and former lead for band, GusGus, Emiliana Torrini (photo) sings "Me and Armini," an electro/jazz/pop stalkerish obsession on lost love.  emiliana torriniOther female singers who grace the Fringe Toast soundstage include Eva Cassidy, Leslie Feist, Tina Dico, and actress Minnie Driver who delivers a very interesting blues song as second track of this program.   New tracks from experimental US performance artist, Laurie Anderson, and Margo Timmins' Canadian band, Cowboy Junkies.   More music from Canada's Harry Manx with mellow and engaging folk-blues-Hindustani acoustic guitar and spiritually-awake lyrics. 

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Great Taste visits Indian Hills' Culinary School Headquarters!

artichoke soupIt's almost Spring so it's time to eat baby artichokes that make their way here from California.  The best I've found are grown organically by T & D Willey Farms in Madera.  We've had them in soup, pasta, risotto, and braised.  Every day is artichoke day; at least for a short while.  Before we know it asparagus will arrive, and the flood that follows that amazing stalk.  That reminds me I still haven't ordered seeds for a number of plants.  Hmmm, better get on that.



psychedelic cave of wonders doom drone // japanese psyche noise.

genoan cinema post rock // icelandic black ambient noise.

ballet drone hiss // dmt summer jamz.





As a sympathetic response to the ongoing disasters in Japan, this week's Whizbang will be devoted to the music of that country - traditional as well as pop & rock, jazz, electronic, ska, experimental, rockabilly, lounge and more.

Tuesday 3/15/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

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(3/15/11 )Life is crazy! College is crazy :P!

No time to choose music! AAAAhh, but why do we have friends? Because they are awesome like my dutch friend, Rosalie, who gave me the playlist for today. I will mostly Play Alternative and Pop.

Thanx to the Dutch <3 (And that from a German ;)









(3/8/11) OMG I totally forgot to blog that day. Well, I just played music anyways...

Jill GoldbergCause on the outside I’m just a girl polite
 In my head I’m still that little child in the dirt
Who puts up her arms to fight
But if only I could be that in real life

~ Girl, Polite, Jill Goldberg

Originally drawn to creating instrumental film scores as a teen, Boston-based singer-songwriter Jill Goldberg joined an acapella group in college and got a taste for performing in front of crowds.  After graduation, Jill fit her two musical passions together into writing and performing her own songs.  With her polished mahogany voice, empowered lyrics, and fresh yet catchy melodies, Jill's new EP Girl, Polite, is set to make a splash when it drops April 1st.  Join us on Lyrical Venus to get to know Jill and have a sneak peak at the new songs!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday morning for your weekly dose of great music by female singer-songwriters.  Show starts at 9am Central, Jill will be calling at 9:30.

i am continually amazed by the awesome power of nature and humbled by people, who, when faced with unimaginable adversity, courageously carry on living with strength and deep rooted optimism ♥

At 3pm, Francis Thicke of Radiance Dairy and Dean Goodale of Maharishi Vedic Farms speak wiTed Beals, MDth Ted Beals, MD, a lifelong advocate for organic principles, sustainable and local agriculture and the nutritional and medical values of nutrient-densMother Jones 1837-1930e foods. Active in promoting the rights of farmers to provide and consumers to obtain milk and other locally-produced fresh unprocessed foods, Dr. Beals is the retired National Director of Pathology & Laboratory Services, Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He is an international consultant and educator on the medical aspects of agricultural product safety. Dr. Beals lives with his wife Peggy on 40 acres in rural Michigan.

At 2:15pm, Corey Hickenbottom interviews Sean Johnson about their beekeeping workshops being offered Saturday in Fairfield as part of the Backyard Conservation Series.

At 4pm, enjoy some chapters from the Autobiography of Mother Jones highlighting her amazing life as an union organizer.

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Susan Collins on Midwest Writing Center

Midwest Writing CenterFor over 30 years, the Midwest Writing Center, in Davenport, Iowa, has been offering opportunities and resources for writers and readers throughout the Quad Cities region and beyond. On this week's Writers' Voices, we will be speaking with the Writing Center's Board President, Susan Collins. The Midwest Writing Center offers a space for Susan Collinsreadings, writer's reatreat, writing workshops, book clubs, book signings and more. They offer a reference library, computers, and also do special project book publications. 

Susan Collins, a former High-School social studies teacher, is retired from working as a coordinator at Black Hawk College. She has also written articles for "Illinois School Board Journal".

Don't' miss this great conversation about a wonderful local resource!

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