Well, I found the PERFECT SONG to intro the show. It says everything about the "Centripetal Sounds" experience, what I have been working for for the last couple of years. Fun stuff. All the songs Thursday have sneaky little messages built into them, or giant moral themes. Which add up to a way of living. How's that for the FM radio experience??? Captain Beyond, Quicksilver, JA, Savoy Brown, Santana, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, The Sopwith Camel, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Hendrix, The Dead- whoa, I am getting light headed here...



tonight on the

life and times of jefron, child prodigy.


jesus and mary chain.

the liars.

brian jonestown massacre.

a place to bury strangers.

noise and shoegaze.


at 11pm Muffin Top:

Live in the Studio





Punxsutawney Phil has spoken:

six more weeks of winter.

Wake me up when spring arrives or when President Obama has fixed everything, whichever comes first.

Songs of Sleep on this week's I.W.H.


Tuesday 2/3/09 8-10 PM

Kyler EnglandNo interview this week, but that means more time for great music! Tune in for new songs by Kyler England, Kate Graves, Kathleen Taylor, and a bunch of other artists with names that start with other letters too!

Lyrical Venus Radio Hour

Focus on Female Singer-Songwriters

Every Tuesday 9-10 AM


Charles Mingus
Thinking about bop (da-biddy-boom, da-biddley-biddley-be-boop), big boppers, post-boppers and re-boppers. Some Charlie Parker, some Tadd Dameron, some Thelonious Monk, some Art Blakey, some Max Roach, some Dizzy Gillespie, some Bud Powell, some Miles Davis, some Fats Navarro*, some Charles Mingus and even more. 

No squares, no moldy figs, no haters - just pla(y)in(') jazz...Monday afternoon from 2 until 4 in the cold, February sunlight.

*Have you read Charles Mingus' "Beneath the Underdog" yet? He has many post-mortem conversations with Fats in that unlikely book.

Last week's broadcast was chopped up and re-circulated due to a minor glitch in the matrix.

Thankfully, James Moore (Station Manager extraordinaire), was in the KRUU studio late on a Sunday night and was able to rearrange recovered pieces of the original production; mixing them together LIVE with his deft skill, talent and ability to whisper the words "Obvious World" over and over and over and over while fading bits of music in and out...
If you heard it, you know what I'm talking about. Very groovy stuff - thank you again, James. This week you'll hear the original production, as it was intended to be enjoyed
...beyond the matrix.
Sunday Night February 1st 2009
3 hours beginning @ 11/10c
Obvious World on KRUU
rock ON

Bill SackterRecep Tayyip Erdogan & Shimon PeresJames Moore's Jamboree

Listen to a special plenary session from this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and the emotional exchanges from the Prime Minister of Turkey, the head of the Arab League and the President of Israel over Gaza while discussing peace prospects for the Middle East.

Vicki & Ed Malloy in DCAlso, an interview with Iowa City filmmaker Lane Wyric about his full-length feature film "A FRIEND INDEED: The Bill Sackter Story."

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy talks with James about his forray to DC for the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama. He attended the Midwest Ball that featured music by Sheryl Crow and appearances by the President and the Vice President and their wives.

Janet ThompsonPlease help us welcome Janet Thompson to Writers' Voices this Friday at 1pm. Janet has been prolific in sharing her personal experiences with Breast Cancer, once being and then having a "prodigal daughter", and in Christian mentoring. In addition to being a speaker and mentor, Janet is the author of three books, with three more in the works, and is the founder of About His Work Ministries and Publishing.

"Dear God, They Say It's Cancer" is the book that Janet wished he had when she was going through breast cancer. "Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter" offers hope through the success stories of both herself and her daughter. "Woman to Woman Mentoring" is Janet's answer to a call from God that has become her life's passion. She has also published a Bible study series entitled, "Mentoring God's Way".

Janet is currently working on three books, "Dear God, Why Can't I Have a Baby?", "Lunch with Jesus", and "The Team that Jesus Built".

patolast thursday i braved the Houston night-life in order to catch a glimpse of Pato Banton live at Fitzgeralds. i had heard an intriguing interview the day before on one of our local college radio stations [ktru] and was immediately inspired. the show reinforced this.

Pato has a smile that is contagious. an energy that is hard to contain in one room. a spiritual center that is entirely ligitimate. he passed my tests.

Pato currently is on tour promoting his Positive Vibrations album with back up band, Mystic Roots- a Chico, Cali. group that is entirely talented in their own rite. they opened the show, fired up the arriving crowd and took it up a notch when Pato stepped out. [several years back Pato had invited Coot- front man and amazing beatboxer- on stage at one of his Cali shows thinking that he was singing all the words to his song. Coot whispered that he was actually singing his own words to the track. that experience led Coot to start his own band- Mystic Roots. at a show several years back, Coot and Pato reconnected and Coot asked if his band could audition for Pato's next tour. Pato was hesitant, but it turned out to be just what he wanted. the rest is history.]

Lucille Morgan Wilson is the editor of Lyrical Iowa and has been involved with the Iowa Poetry Association for a quarter of a century. She speaks with host Rustin Larson about the history of Lyrical Iowa, The Iowa Poetry Association, and this year's poetry contest. Rules are printed below:
64th Annual Contest

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