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"Stumbling Into Infinity" with Michael Fischman

Michael FischmanTune in to the next Writers' Voices for an interview with Michael Fischman. Michael is the author of "Stumbling Into Infinity: An Ordinary Man in the Sphere of Enlightenment."  The book is a spiritual memoir recounting Michael's journey, from a challenging childhood to a successful Madison Avenue advertising career, through a mysterious turn of events that leads him into a relationship with a great humanitarian and one of India's most revered spiritual leaders, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Michael recounts inner traumas, glimpses of wisdom, a fight at an Indian ashram, and a blossoming of love and devotion.

The Artist's Way; A Spiritual Path To Creative Recovery with Carol Lee

Please join my special guest, Carol Lee, and me for a discussion of The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron's powerful approach to discoverying and recovery our creativity. Whether you think of yourself as an artist or not, uncovering and living your creative potential can enrich life immensely. In this week's show, Carol Lee, who has led several Artist's Way groups here in Fairfield, shares her experience and insights, both personal and through her observations of those who have participated in her groups.

This Sunday, at 9:00AM.

I just have some awesome tunes to play for you awesome people.

Lord Octo is going all over the place this weekend. I'm not even sure where we will wind up.

Hell I'm not sure what I am going to play.

All i know is it will be awesome.

Kruu 100.1 FM the voice of the sea and beyond...

5-6 pm Iowa time.

So get on the scuba suit. Hop in your submarine and prepare yourself for the ultimate in awesome. 



Valeris Plame WilsonPlanet Erstwild host James Moore has another full-tilt boogie of a show planned today. The featured interview is Valerie Plame Wilson, the CIA agent outed by the Bush administration, who will be speaking at the IMU Ballroom, Wednesday, November 10th. A movie based on her book Fair Game premieres in Iowa City today--one show only--at the Bijou Theater at 6:30pm, starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

He'll talk with ICON Gallery director Bill Teeple. Then there's Burt Chojnowski, Lou Bolster & Dave Patterson, all of whom are connected with films that are showing this week at the Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines, considered to be one of Iowa's signature film festivals.

Next up it's Way Off Broadway director Randy West with three members of the cast of the upcoming Sondheim Center musical-comedy "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," which will run from November 12-21. Cast members include Scott Woodward, Andy Bosworth and Miranda Lawson. The final guest is DJ Andy Bargerstock who highlights his upcoming Wed November 10th special: Underground Music 1967-72 on Fringe Toast.

trance meditation coverSaturday morning enjoy "Musical Medicine for the Soul". "Ambient electronic, Shamanic, Intergalactic Space Music" by Dan Pound. "Fusing indigenous, ethnic instruments, voice & percussion with guitars & space synth sound worlds, this music is at once other worldly & evocative. Hear sounds meant for creating a sacred space, as well as invoking a primal & dark inversion of introspection. Dan Pound's music is used for meditation, yoga, massage and deep zone transportation to another time & place. Enjoy atmospheric soundworlds unlike any other, moving and soothing the inner senses to the core." Music from Dan Pound, Saturday morning at 9:00 AM Central. Live stream @kruufm.com. We'll post the playlist after the show. Learn more @DanPound.com

"It is the essence of order and leads to all that is good, true and beautiful."

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

School is out Friday which means Filmosopher's junior reviewer Shane Miller will join Chris and I in the studio. Shane and Dad are excited to talk about our Hayao Miyazaki festival experience. We've recently seen Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle. As mentioned last week, we saw Princess Mononoke (DVD available at the FF Library) first and expressed deep admiration for what is ostensibly an animated adventure film which makes "a statement on the ecological devastation brought on by human advancement". Filmosophically it is so much more: a visually beautiful, magically resonant, spiritually profound epic journey of desire versus conscious awareness. -click "Read More" to continue-

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Captain's Quarters - Season One, Episode Two


Captain's Quarters -- KRUU FM

After an impressive debut last Thursday evening, Captain's Quarters returns with an all new, action-packed hour-long episode.  Today's show is absolutely stacked with premium artists, from the incredibly daunting blues/garage rock revival of The Dead Weather, to the swirling blends of pure intrumental jazz, electronic, and hip-hop that Yesterday's New Quartet provides. 

One show down and it's already a hit.  

Will the Captain keep riding the successes of his debut, or will he feel the pressures of a sophomore slump? -- Find out today, as well as every Thursday evening, from 5-6 P.M.  Stay tuned after Captain's Quarters for a brand-new Free Speech Radio News as well as the quality tunes that Planet Erstwild has always catered. 

I'll see ya' at five o'clock sharp.

-Captain Captain Industries

So I was just standing in line at my local precinct (a good sign) listening to The Minutemen on my personal music player of choice (a great band for political statements) and reflecting on all the research I had done about the candidates. Despite digging in and really studying information, there were still some races that came down, in my mind, to a choice between 'Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee' (Bob Dylan). God Bless those third party and 'nominated by petition' candidates for their resolve.... Anyway, I have some heavy stuff, and some off-the-cuff humor for the show this week. Plan on hearing Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and the Jefferson Airplane. I just saw Patrick Sweany live in Ames, and I was seriously impressed, so, probably a mini-set from a couple of his releases.

wax(Link to play list at bottom). Grammy-nominated CD, Melted, by early '70s Philadelphia-area band, Wax (photo), sets the pace of this week's program.  Recorded in 1971 as a live peach head(unmodified) studio session, this high-quality recording recently resurfaced and features the talents of friends of Fairfield, Rick Levy and Beau Jones (who recently passed away).

HellSongs for this Election Night and songs about Hell.  I can't imagine why I thought of putting those two themes together.

If the polls are correct, the majority of American people have decided that life during the administration of George W. Bush was just fine and are going to do their best to return us to that era, if not all the way back to the Middle Ages.  That's for 2012.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, and those are the people who watch FOX news."


I would never be mistaken for a political thinker but I wonder, in all seriousness, if anyone else has brought up the following idea:

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