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natural causes
Mark Cox
chairs the Department of Creative Writing at UNC Wilmington and teaches in the MFA in Writing Program of Vermont College. He is the recipient of the Whiting Writers' Award, a Pushcart Prize, a Kansas Arts Commission Fellowship, two awards from the Vermont Council on the Arts, and a Bread Loaf Writers' conference Fellowship.

Cox has published poems in such magazines as American Poetry Review, Poetry, and Crazyhorse. Ampersand Press published his chapbook, Barbells of the Gods, in 1988. Godine published Smoulder, his first full-length collection in 1989. His second collection, Thirty-Seven Years from the Stone, and his latest book, Natural Causes, were both published by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

Mariam Mayet On this week's show cohosts Stuart Tanner and James Moore will be speakingMariam Mayet, Amadou Kanoute & Charmaine Treherne with South African environmental activist Mariam Mayet.

Mayet. who lives in Johannesberg, is the founder and director of the African Centre for Biosafety. Under her direction, the organisation has developed from one with a focus primarily on biosafety to one with four key programmes: biosafety, biopiracy, agrofuels and challenging industrial agricultural models such as the Green Revolution push in Africa.

Her particular interest is in cutting edge research, providing sound credible information and analysis and putting information into the public domain.

Maximum security


Alan Gompers, author of Maximum Security - The True Meaning of Freedom, will be our guest on Writers' Voices this Friday, May 22, at 1pm.

Monica Hadley and Chamaigne Montanab will take a look inside this profound book about a man whose search for worldly security landed him in prison where he discovered real security and freedom through meditation and the teachings of Swami Muktananda.

He takes us on his journey with him through high finance, selling drugs, navigating the dangerous waters of prison, and finding unshakable peace. A former con-man, in this book he describes a spiritual awakining, profound insights, and inner peace with clarity that can't be faked.


There are two dj's (selectahs) that I know of, who are heavily immersed in the reggae-dub culture and can spin some authentic high powered tunes ...Cleofus and Crucial Roots... I presented to them the idea of a virtual one-night soundsystem -- an event where both selectahs play an hour-long set of classic dub, which I would then broadcast to the world. Both selectahs agreed, brushed off their crates and began selecting and mixing chilled out tunes...thus we have
Dub-Friendly Bumpercars [Cleofus vs Crucial Roots]
During the third hour, I'll be highlighting songs from one of my favorite [secret] dub albums...
Sunday Night May 24th
3 hours beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
rock ON

Love Beloveds of IAH,

This week a look at the true calendar of Goud the creator:

One not made with hands

one that no one can alter, for it is in the heavens, appointed for times and seasons and high set apart days.

[ nobody's right if everybody's wrong ! ]

Psalms in be tween the reasoning.

Love Bro. I O E L


1/  Ghedaliatazartes - une eclipse totale de Soleil Pt. 1

2/  intro -amanda backwards 3/  Rain 4/  see #1  5/ A Mexican parade

6/  Glaser family Recordings (wire recordings from 1947) (friend in a thrift store by Justin Clifford rehody) 7/  History of Man by Amanaz 8/  Music by Keji Al Fejv

9/  Rain / violin - me 10/  see #6  11/ the ghastlyGrimy orchestra of New Orleans

12/  Drone music by expo 70  13/  Mice and rats in the loft by Jan Dukes de Gray 

14/  see #12 



Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, Flavors of the Riviera, Opera 101 and numerous other books have been written by New Yorker Fred Plotkin. Fred describes himself as a "pleasure activist," and we're thrilled to have him on GREAT TASTE this Wednesday from 7-8 PM.

Don't miss this show for tips on Italian travel, Italian food, and some great insights into the world of opera.

Also, Lenora Boyle gives us a preview of the upcoming "All Things Italian" June Art Walk.

Become a "fan" of GREAT TASTE on FACEBOOK-and follow us on Twitter-@stevenboss.

Satisfied Consumer





Well, the list is long and varied for the show.


Check out the playlist, come for the Beethoven, stay for the Eels....



The G Man

Sarah Reinertsen Sarah Reinertsen was the first female leg amputee to complete the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Sarah was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, a bone-growth disorder that eventually lead to her becoming an above-the-knee amputee at the age of seven. She was featured on the cover of Runner's World and was named one of the first eight "Heroes of Running" in the magazine. Ms. Rienertsen has also appeared on the cover of Triathlete magazine and Max Sports & Fitness magazine. She also scooped up the well-deserved ESPY award in 2006.

Richard DownesRichard Downes is a seasoned international journalist; Richard Downes regularly cohosts the most popular daily RTÉ radio program "Morning Ireland" and reports for television news and for the RTÉ current affairs flagship "Prime Time." During the 2003 war, he stayed in Baghdad and covered the collapse of Saddam's regime from within. Vincent Browne described him as "the best reporter covering the war." Downes lives in Dublin with his wife and two young children. His latest book is In Search of Iraq: From Baghdad to Babylon.

Sly & the Family Stone

Neil Young Thursdays at 9:00 AM and Sundays at 8:00 AM I've been highlighting the best, most interesting music of the last 50 years one year at time. When I began surveying 1969's music, I thought, "This might take a couple weeks." Well, 2 months later, we're still not done, and for good reason.

1969 was a pivotal year (political and social issues dominated world discussion, Woodstock, The Beatles' demise, psychedelics spread coast to coast, FM radio was liberated from elevators, sex came out of bedrooms, music technology caught up with musicians' creativity), and likewise the music scene spun the world like a top.

Sylvester (Sly) Stone was at his creative peak, supergroups like Crosby Stills & Nash and Led Zeppelin debuted radically different yet equally mind-blowing sounds, Bob Dylan returned his fans to country roots they didn't know they had, and British progressive rock artists The Moody Blues, King Crimson, and Procol Harum merged musicology and pharmacology.

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