Cypress Villages Fireworks Blowout 2009rockabilly bobcats2 LIVE REMOTE BROADCASTS This Weekend from the ARTWALK & FIREWORKS!!

Thanks to everybody for making the KRUU sound stage such a success Friday at the pARTy in the park. Sweet commando teamwork. Bus looked nice out there, too. The bands were fantastic. The music flow was excellent, the Americana vibe perfect for the 4th weekend. The reception very positive from those enjoying the evening's events.

It was another good night all the way around and a perfect way to celebrate KRUU-FM's 3rd year anniversary tower raising. Thanks be to Dwight Harris!!!

Heather Largent (Obvious Girl) and I (Obvious World), with our combined love of music from many genres and time periods, have come together to tag-team our first ever 3 hour broadcast here on KRUU. We'll begin with the lady's selection and then on to mine...from there it will be one for one the whole way through (with the exception of perhaps a double-play here and there). This will open the door to many more possibilities and directions which this broadcast has yet to explore. We both are excited by the prospects of what we discover and hope that you too can come along and enjoy the ride! rock ON
3 hours beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
Sunday July 5th 2009


The long-fingered guitar maestro with the mask and KFC bucket on his head is for real. And 2008 was a typical year for him: 4 albums in disparate styles, all unique.

On one album Buckethead played and overdubbed all the instruments. I've never been a fan of the monochromatic sound that results (Prince, McCartney, Rundgren), but the tracks I selected do show off his soloing skill.

More enjoyable is the work he did with others. He frequently plays with Bill Laswell's Praxis and I showcased several songs from their 2008 collaberation "Profanation." They're joined by vocalists Maximum Bob singing or groaning the song "Worship," Killah Priest on "Galaxies" (he sings the F-word "funk," so no one needs to alert the FCC), and Ramellzee on "Revelations Part 2." The rest of the hour is all instrumental.

I close out this hour with a beautiful track from another of his collaberations - Brain with Travis Dickerson called "Future Evolution."

Love of the Truth and Praise of Iah !

Kaneabossom - Fragrant Cane - Sweet Incense - Anointing oil

Flowering Cane - Exodus 30

Frank [of Italy] had nothing to do with it.

There came smoke out of his nostrils and fire out of his mouth, devoured coals were kindled by it... exodus 20 & psalms

The earth shook and trembled, the foundations were moved, at thy rebuke oh Iah; at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils.

The Ancient of Days, Opened the Book: The end from the beginning and, the beginning revealed in the End of Time, End of men's crime!

Songs and chants with Daniel 7 to close out.

Tracy ChapmanIndependence DayM83

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to ignore alternative rock bands which all sound like the others, and tune to the separate but not equal KRUU radio station.... for A Reasonable Alternative on Friday nights from 8 to 9 pm. That's right- we have declared independents, or "indie" music as something worth fighting for. Michael and I will celebrate Independence Day by playing music inspired by our great nation. Did you know that Tracy Chapman (above left), Simon & Garfunkel, Razorlight and M83 (above right) have all penned odes to "America"? Be sure to listen in.)

henry mancini
We just finished a new show. Inspired by Henry Mancini's 1960 album "Combo". My friend Tom bought the re-release for me, knowing I like Mancini. Tom liked it so much he kept it...

But I did get it to record this show.

We'll hear other Mancini, including soundtrack cuts to Playboy's Theme, Mr Lucky, Peter Gunn, Pink Panther and more.

Plus hear cocktail music from Ray Connif; Bent Fabric (!); Sir Julian, James Bond & His Sextet and others. We'll include some Pirate Satellite surprises from Jazzbox, Stardust Steel Band, Jakatta and more.

Swing lightly with Pirate Satellite, Saturday morning, 9:00 Central.

~ Bartender, champagne! ~

Friday marks the return of superstar guest Big Al Green. He and Nancy have been traveling all over the place, so it's nice to have them back home. Big Al wrote "Debbie Brill recommended that I take Nancy to see The Hangover. I was very impressed with it. There were many levels going on at once,
plus we both laughed real hard (the most important quality of a comedy).
I am still laughing today at some of the outrageous scenes from the
movie." So ladies, it's not just a guy flick!

Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, The Insider) is one of our favorite Directors. His latest is Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp, one of our favorite actors. So is it a classic? Maybe not, according to the critics. Still anxious to see it.

Shier Madness Dance Party
KRUU DJ's Theo Shier and StevieMix will be performing with cousins Raphael and Aaron at the Shier Madness! Party after Art Walk, Friday, July 3, 2009 at 10PM 'till late at the Beauty Shop (103 S. Main near the square opposite Natural Selections store). This is a Shier family musical reunion featuring:
Theo Shier and company playing original songs live!


  • StevieMix (Steve Shier) spinning House,Electro,Hip-Hop,Techno, & more.
  • Le Boy Electro (Aaron Shier) spinning his own Electro remixes.
  • DJ Astro Raph (Raphael Shier) spinning his very own original Electro House/Breakbeats.

Optional $2 donation requested.
All proceeds to KRUU-LP FM.

Steve Sisgold As an author, speaker, practitioner, singer, film maker and businessman, Steve Sisgold has modeled and taught thousands how to use their innate body intelligence to create better health, prosperity and richer and more authentic relationships. His success in all of his endeavors are the result of his heart-felt commitment to embody his true calling. "At least once a day I say the words of Gandhi to myself, 'Your life is your message.' This serves as a constant reminder that I have a purpose which is the catalyst for everything I do.” Steve holds an M.A. in Communications, a B.S. in Business and Certifications in body-centered psychotherapy and relationship counseling. He specializes in body centered therapy and breath work and works out of his retreat home in Novato-Marin County California and also does sessions and retreats in Maui, Hawaii, his other home.

I wanted to say a few words about the upcoming shows for Centripetal Sounds.

Last week was my first in a series of Album Oriented Rock shows, where I play whole album sides of certain artists. This will usually be 6 bands per show. I am starting a Blues series this week: Each show in the series goes deeper into the roots of the blues. I am also developing a series of shows called Progression, where we visit bands that play classic progressive music. I have some stand alone shows that have very descriptive titles: Where The Blacktop Ends, Wah-wah, Sing Along Songs, and Cowboy Movie (a la David Crosby!). And I have recently acquired some old vinyl that I will have some brilliant songs from, showcasing bands like Blodwyn Pig, and Sweet Thursday. And, if that is not enough, well, I have a new series coming up called Your Drug of Choice. Very tongue-in-cheek, of course. Hopefully you are like the individual in the pic, a "Satisfied Consumer"! The G Man

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