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Here Comes the SUN and Buddy Holly

Buddy HollyHere comes the...Enjoy your Hosts Special K and Irregular Guest PGK as they play tunage of the sunny flavor.

Bee Bop a Loola , for 2 hours of music that has sun in the title or a buddy holly song.

All the banter plus lots of finger snappin , and ear poppin for one low low price.

set your dial, and stay awhile.

Tonight from 8-10 pm on your radio station that puts the

unity in community.

An amalgamation of heartfelt moments arising from conscious harvest, strawberry jams and the wings of angels gently rustling. ♥ Sunday night January 24th 2010 Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p ::Obvious World::

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The Fairfield Model for Energy Security and Economic Viability

Fairfield is a rural community with surprisingly big-city initiatives. "Going green" means a whole different thing in this Southeast Iowa town.

Look no further than the local radio station... powered by an array of solar panels...

Read the whole report.

An Original Radio Drama, Sunday, January 24th at 7 PM. Hey there boys and girls! It's that time at Williams City High School again. That's right, prom is right around the corner! All the boys and girls are excited, setting up dates, picking out dresses and tuxedos - it sure will be a swell time! Though... don't let anyone know I told you, but my sources from inside the prom committee have told me that this year the decorations have gone missing! Nobody knows what happened to them, but not to worry, I've heard Principal Felding has Danny McLipstick on the case. Remember how he solved that counterfeiting case with the help of the secret service? And how he recovered those valuable missing baseball cards? I'm sure with him on board, everything will be fine! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the KRUU Theater of the Air, bringing you original and grammified radio dramas dedicated to man's imagination, the theater of the mind. This Sunday night at 7 pm we ask you to gather your family around the radio, dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy the night's thrilling program: America's favorite mystery solving lifeguard, soda-jerk, and all-American Danny McLipstick in The Perplexing Case of the Perilous Prom.
Find out more at The P5K Radio Workshop Website.

Sandstorm by Darude50 CentThe StevieMix Dance Show this Friday night from 9PM-10PM features Part 1 of our two night "Best Dance Songs of the Decade". Part 2 will be Friday February 19 from 9-10PM.

Artists features will be Darude, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga,M.I.A.,Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Usher, Rihanna, David Guetta and more.

We'll be spinning House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Pop remixes, mashups and other genres all mixed live as usual. Tune in, get on the floor and dance to your favorite tracks!

Ms. De La Puente-Forte, a graduate of Maharishi University of Management, is a humanitarian aid worker whose focus is Women's rights. Ms. De La Puente-Forte began her work in Calcutta working on an HIV & AIDS project. She also worked in Bangladesh where she founded a project to help adolescent girls who were the victims of early marriage. She then went to Honduras where she worked for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). Devanna has worked in Darfur with the International Rescue Committee, as the Gender Based Violence program manager.

Timothy Patrick McCarthy is a Lecturer on History and Literature, Adjunct Lecturer on Public Policy, and Director of the Human Rights and Social Movements Program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard University's Kennedy School. Dr. McCarthy's research agenda focuses on the relationship between human rights and social movements in three main areas: race relations and civil rights; LGBT politics, policy, and advocacy; and modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Writers' Voices welcomes Michael Murphy to the show. We will be discussing his books, "Murphy's Laws of the Inner Life" and "What the Animals Said to Me". "Murphy's Laws of the Inner Life" is both a memoir and an example of a writing technique that Michael teaches. He has taught writing at MIU and independently. Both of these books were wonderful reads and we are looking forward to getting to know Michael a little better in what promises to be an engaging interview. To find out more or join the conversation, check out our new website, writersvoices.com

It's me, The G Man, back with another Centripetal Sounds today from 2-4 PM! I am spotlighting the following: Bob Dylan, from his new CD Together Through Life, The Flatlanders, from their new CD Hills and Valleys, and Booker T, from his recent Potato Hole release.
I also have David Roback, Mazzy Star and Rain Parade guitarist, with selections from an obscure release Fell Thru The Sun. Bloodrock, from their self-titled first album, and also Ben Vaughn, from an album recorded in a car, Rambler '65. Talk about serious music.....
I never knew how much I look at this website until it was gone for a week. Jeez. Tune in and enjoy life a little more than you are without me.....

Server Restoration Progress

After about a week kruufm.com is back. We took the opportunity to upgrade to highly energy efficient hardware, a new version of Drupal & refine our backup systems. All systems are operational at the moment but there are still some issues with images and archived programs on the website. Over the coming days we will continue to resolve any issues found. Feel free to use the contact form, email info@kruufm.com or call 641-209-1083 if there are any questions.

Have you noticed that no one writes songs with lyrics referring to their beloved as 'Sugar' anymore? Perhaps it's because, thanks to modern health-awareness (if not necessarily health-practice) it now feels like calling your loved one 'DiSugarabetes' or 'Kidney Failure'. And somehow 'Xylitol' just doesn't make it as term of endearment.

This week's I.W.H. opens with a salute to the confectionary qualities of love. Sweet.

Tuesday, 1/12/10 8-10PM

REBROADCAST Friday midnight after P5K

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