This week, Selector Cleofus Williams [Asheville, NC, based dj/promoter] and Higher Intelligence Agency [UK based live electronica/ambient pioneer] will be sharing coconuts under a tree on an island of groove. Cleofus will be featuring his unique mix of ambient, dub, and dubstep and we'll hear original music from HIA, performed live at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival on the Pyramid Stage in May of 2007...kick off your shoes, put your toes in the sand and pull up a coconut for some laidback, late night chillage.
Sunday night January 31st 2010
Beginning @ 11e/10c/9m/8p
::Obvious World::

derpWell, skibbery biscuit, looks like we're in for some new shows soon!  But first enjoy a rebroadcast of the interview with Joseph Millar.  Coming up in February:  interviews with Gladys Swan and Marge Piercy, an excursion into angel-headed hipster madness with Albertino Alma Spaghetti, and special tracks laid down by The Lear Jets and The Gargling Barbers of Frankfurt.  Spitzen nagel!

I drove to Iowa City to hear Rhino read from his new book, “The Rutabaga Dalliances.” It had been 13 years since I last saw him, and in that near decade and a half he had received many piercings to his face and body. Couple that with his tattoos (an anaconda whose head peeped out on his neck and wound– I was told– round and around his various body parts with its tail finally doing a little shimmy-shake number around his ankle), he resembled a stage version of Queequeg who had been attacked in the face with a staple gun. He read well. A flock of grad students, with hair dyed the twenty flavors of Hawaiian shaved ice, listened attentively. The upper room of the bookstore where he read was well packed with the curious, the kooky, and the radio and television techs from the university FM and cable stations.




Cope and Stone have put together another playlist full

of jazzy, funky, original hip hop. 

Artists this week include:

Jamal, Jeru Tha Damaja, Freddie Foxx, O.C.G, KRS One & Buckshot,

Sadat X, Surreal & The Sound Providers, Aesop Rock, Busta Rhymes...

And Including Some Soul As Always...

So tune in and enjoy the sounds.

~~~~~~Saturdays 10PM-11PM~~~~~~

Louv Belouved of the Father and His Son:

                              First the Psalms, 108-116

                              Second, the apocalypse of Iesus Christ...chapter 18

                              Thirdly, a review of Acts 21-23

                              Tim and Joel sing us out.


                                                                          Thanks folks,  Louv Bro. Ioel


Last night the FMC MOTOWN R&B benefit concert played to a souled-out full house at the Sondheim Center. KRUU's own Prince O'Wails, Jeff Martinek, host of JUKEBOX BOOGALOO, did the emcee honors presenting over 60 musicians plus a 20-piece Soul Revue Orchestra.

Two sets of era-defining, soul-satisfying hits from the Motor City and beyond. Yes, Ethyl, people were dancing in the aisles, singing along and shaking their tail feathers.

Amazing performances by some of the area's most talented performers.

All in support of the Arts and Convention Center.

The final show is tonight at 7:30pm.

Head's up to KRUU's extended family of internet streamers: Let's just say there may be a very special JUKEBOX BOOGALOO tonight!!!


Motown 50Motown Label




In honor of the upcoming Motown/R&B show at the Sondheim this weekend, a uniquely I.W.H. salute to open this week's show, featuring: foreign-language versions of Motown hits sung by the original artists; cover versions; remixes; Funk Brothers instrumental tracks and more.


Tuesday 1/26/10  8-10 PM

REBROADCAST Friday midnight after P5K


Marisa Handler Loyal to the SkyMarisa Handler, author of Loyal to the Sky: Notes from an Activist is our guest on Writers' Voices this week. Chamaigne Montana and Caroline Kilbourn will ask Marisa to tell about her fascinating journey from apartheid South Africa, to the U.S., to Israel, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru.  Not surprisingly, Marisa became deeply interested in social justice work during her travels, and this memoir takes a look at the social justice movement.  It's a riveting and educational read, that has received high praise.  Please join us for what promises to be an intriguing interview. 

Porcupine TreePictured here you see the band Porcupine Tree. I am starting off the show today with a three song mini set from them. My son Sam turned me on to this band. They have elements of Dredg & Pink Floyd in them, fascinating stuff. I have 13 other songs during my 2 hour set. I am also bringing you the proof with a song called 'Uncle Jed Say' from Happy & Artie Traum. Yes, they did some guitar instruction stuff over the years, same men, but they also built a wonderful country album back around 1970 and it took me years to find a copy. You win! I will be playing alot more of them in future shows. I have some Beatles, Darker My Love, Bob Dylan, and a long progressive number by Blood, Sweat, & Tears. The final track today is Fifty States of Freedom by Brewer & Shipley. Food for thought as we process the speech from last night. Check out the playlist on my show blog. Do not hesitate to send in a request for specific songs or artists. I am on it!

toddThis week wraps up my very brief overview of the music of 1970. I didn't want to repeat artists or albums that produced several creative, long-lasting songs. Artists like Neil Young, Led Zepellin, The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, Wishbone Ash, Procul Harum, Cat Stevens, Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, and John Lennon, all released incredibly brilliant albums with songs that are still being sung today. This show features classics you know well, like Edwin Starr's "War" and Santana's "Samba pa it," as well as songs you've never heard before (or maybe forgotten), like Wishbone Ash's "Phoenix" and Todd Rundgren's "Birthday song." 

I may conduct a contest in the near future for listeners to vote on the most creative year in music. It's safe to say that 1970 would be in the top 3, and quite possibly should wind up #1.

camelThis week's musical journey showcases the magical talents of British progressive rock band, CAMEL (photo), from their 1976 LP, Moon Madness.  You will hear tracks, "Another Night" and "Spirit of the Night" and previously unreleased delightfully delicious demo version of Spirit. Tune in early to hear Camel, not to be confused with Peter Frampton's group. This group comes from the fabled Canterbury area of England, the same city that spawned Soft Machine and Caravan, both of which have been highlighted by DJ Andy Bargerstock, on previous Fringe Toast episodes. Early in the show, from the same era, listen for guitar wizard, John Martyn, and a rare Ten Years After blues selection.  Oh yes! ... the endorphin levels will get elevated.  For sure!  (PLAYLIST)

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