berries Winter is here!

And in a couple of minutes ther will be music on "Cherry Chili", here on Kruu, to warm your heart.

My artists today include Tracy Chapman, Dispatch, The Beatles and many more, who I'll keep as surprise.

Just turn the radio on at 4.00pm, and you will know who they are!

ZappaThroughout the history of popular (and unpopular) music there have been stellar composers and performers who have received wide recognition and many honors.  

But how many of them can say they have an extinct mollusc (Amaurotoma Zappa), a jellyfish (Phialella Zappai) a spider (Pachygnatha Zappa - because "the ventral side of the abdomen of the female of this species strikingly resembles the artist's legendary moustache"), an asteroid (3834 Zappafrank) and a bacterium that causes urinary tract infections (zapA), named for them?

Not too dang many.  Read on.

Frank Zappa's birthday is actually Dec. 21st, but that's right in the middle of the Intercranial Whizbang Hour's annual holiday-music overdose, so we're going to celebrate it this week instead, beginning with an hour or so of Zappa compositions as interpreted by other musicians and arrangers in a number of different musical genres.  These will be followed by a recently rediscovered 25-minute recording by the maestro himself from 1967 - entitled How Did That Get in Here? - which became the basis for his early masterwork Lumpy Gravy.  

If you only know FZ as the poo-poo/wee-wee jokester of "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow"  and his other novelty hits you might just want to tune in.

Tuesday 12/6/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

Phil Black went to Yale University where he starred on the basketball team. Upon graduation he joined the firm Goldman Sachs. Deciding that was not for him, he enlisted in the Navy and became a Navy Seal. In 2000, he returned to civilian life and attended and graduated from Harvard Business School. He then returned to Goldman Sachs. Once again, he found the investment world unfullfilling so he packed his family and headed for San Diego where he joined the fire department. Mr. Black is still with the SDFD and also runs the company he founded, FitDeck, Inc.

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Barry Spector discusses "The Myth Of American Innocence"

Madness at the Gates Of The City

Click here to listen to interview archive

Barry Spector, a Harvard grauduate who writes about American history and politics from the perspectives of myth and archetypal psychology, is the author of Madness At The Gates Of The City: The Myth Of American Innocence (2011, Regent Press).

The book dissects America's belief in innocence and how that has allowed us to re-enact old patterns that cause us to subvert our goals and miss the deeper meaning in events.

Through his book, Mr. Spector uses Greek mythology, indigenous wisdom and archetypal psychology to discover new ways of looking at our present situation and finding healing solutions.

Arundhati Roy2:15pm it's an FSRN report with activist and author Arundhati Roy. She's been in India’s rural forests, where mining corporations and state militias have launched a violent assault on the Maoist guerillas and landless tribal communities. Her first-hand account of the hidden side of the global economy and this long-running and often misunderstood armed movement, is the subject of a new book called "Walking with the Comrades." We'll visit Matt Taibbi's Federal Judge Pimp-Slaps the SEC Over Citigroup Settlement. Richard Cohen

At 3pm, PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore speaks with Richard Cohen, weekly columnist for The Washington Post, who writes on domestic and foreign politics. Joining The Post as a reporter in 1968, his column became nationally syndicated in 1981 and has appeared on the op-ed since 1984. James talks with him about last week's article subtitled "Something Rotten in Iowa" where Cohen contends in the state caucus process that the real elite are the few who pick the president.

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Here's a shocker---I record The Feed Store. I record The Feed Store in my house in a Chicago suburb. And here I am in the middle of another recording session on a sunday afternoon. I took a break at that I could listen to The Feed Store on KRUU. I may be wasting time but it's inspiring me to do a great job on the rest of the episode I'm recording. Spooky, isn't it?!?


Thursday at 1pm CST [rebro Tue Dec 6th at 8am], Mike Ragogna talks for an hour with one of rock's premier seminal vocalists and songwriters Paul Rodgers.

The self-effacing charismatic blues-inspired Brit has traversed the rock'n'roll stages of the world through stages of his own development forming and/or participating in bands like Free ("All Right Now"), Bad Company ("Feel Like Making Love"), Queen with Brian May, The Firm with Jimmie Page, his own formidable solo projects, including the live blues release LIVE AT MONTREUX, DVD & CD, featured in this interview, and much more.

Sit back and enjoy an amazing discussion by the insightful Mike Ragogna, himself a gifted singer/songwriter/producer and regular Huffington Post entertainment contributor, with one of rock's gibraltars. Let's just say, it's all part of our rock'n'roll fantasy.

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Golden Gate '68

The so-called San Francisco Sound was an eclectic mash of disparate groups, themes, and voices from the bay area, and 1968 was its loudest and most creative year, helping to define the vibe and attitude of a world looking for coherence.

Well-known SF acts were Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, and Janis Joplin. Less well-known but also influential were Moby Grape, loading zoneUltimate Spinach, and  Chocolate Watch Band (ya gotta love the bay area food-based names, dontcha?!).

And no one should forget Paul Fauerso's influential band The Loading Zone. Yes, that's Paul on the left, with his influential laughing scream, which must be only too familiar to Fairfield audiences.

Some of this early music is raw and rawly produced, but I will finish this week's show with Quicksilver Messenger Service's brilliant, virtuosic, and still stunning instrumental performance "Gold and Silver."

The Playlist.

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