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Pirate Satellite

Buddha Lounge 7 coverSaturday morning we'll hear music from Sequoia Records, featuring Buddha-Lounge 7, the newest sounds from the wildly popular European downtempo music series. "With an attention span focused on the slow-burn rise and fall of a yoga session, the Buddha-Lounge 7 stream of consciousness is rich and soulful." - Daily Om http://www.sequoiarecords.com

Hear music from Nirvana Groove by David & Steve Gordon, masters of the chill out lounge mood and award winning healing music artists. Also, music from Gratitude: Relaxing Native American Flute Music and David Gordon's The Lotus Room, jazz-tinged electronica David recorded over several years. For 25 years Sequoia Records has been dedicated to creating music to enlighten the mind, nourish the soul and celebrate life. The Buddha-Lounge is a place that makes you feel good. Relax and enjoy the ride through the magical universe. Live steam @kruufm.com. We'll post the playlist afterward.

Yes, tomorrow morning marks the next month of new music in the 2-4 AM time slot. At least until April 2nd, we have shows lined out until that morning. As usual, I am starting out tonights show with last weeks closer: 'Denver Harbor' by Charalambrides. Haunting music by that duo. Perfect for that late night feel.

Also, there is a Des Moines band called The Autumn Project, and we will hear from their This We Take With Us release. I actually obtained a copy of this from the public library- go figure! Boy, I have Simply Red, Blue Sky Black Death, and Alphastone for the vamp crowd. Lots of other goodies, check the playlist out after midnight on the left panel.

Cool Breeze

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Many Cups of Chinese Tea with Dora Pollak

Dora PollakTea eggs

Ah, tea.  It was a wonderfully entertaining, relaxing and informative hour spent with Dora Pollak recording this week's Great Taste.  The previous weekend I had been to Gong Fu tea in Des Moines twice, and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere while sitting on a tatami mat with family members and sipping green tea.  So I was ready to learn more when Dora brought her pot, teas, and delicious goodies for tea snacking into the studio.  The aromas and smells of the different teas we tasted were divine.  The tea eggs and scones were perfect partners. 

Take the tea road with us on Wednesday, March 2 at 7 PM CST or Friday, March 4, 7 AM CST.  You'll enter another world.

Here's some information Dora sent over to help you enjoy the journey even more:

The Teas We Tasted

The Civil WarsThe fun just doesn't stop on Mike Ragogna's 2.0.

Wednesday at 1pm, Mike talks with hot, up and coming group, The Civil Wars. The duo, comprised of John Paul White and Joy Williams, perform their own original folk-infused Americana materialBlessed. Their new album, "Barton Hollow", debuted at #12 on Billboard.

Also hear an interview with guitar legend, Steve Vai, talking about an upcoming online guitar lesson he is giving.

Thursday, it's award-winning singer/songerwriter, Lucinda Williams. A longtime favorite at KRUU, Williams' new album, "Blessed," releases this week.


Anybody born in Fairfield is lucky.

Anybody who moved to Fairfield is lucky. 

It is one of the greatest towns around.

And it is always on my mind even though I live hundreds of miles away these days.

Find out why I am proud to be from where I'm from...

and why I'm from there...I think.

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Classic Country

Classic country music grew out of influences from swing (especially influenced by the rhythmical guitars of Django Reinhardt), bluegrass, and cowboy music. So guitar-based was it, that a number of classic country songs from today's show have no drums whatsoever (Hank Williams Sr, Leroy Van Dyke, Brenda Lee, Roger Miller).

willie nelsonToday's show isn't crossover country, or outlaw country, but because it mostly originated before the hard and fast lines distinguishing country from rock, it will feature music for everyone's taste (mostly from the late 50s to the early 70s).

There's Willie [left], Johnny, Johnny, Jimmy, Buck, Hank and Merle. Country names, all.

A surprise: notice how many songs positively swing: like Tennessee Ernie Ford's "16 Tons" and Hank Williams' "Hey, Good Lookin'," Hank Snow's "Everywhere Man," Roger Miller's "King of the Road," and Marty Robbins' "Cool Water."

The complete playlist is here: http://kruufm.com/node/add/station-playlist/3945

c soundslovers, water brothers, ...for groking the latest show Thursday afternoon at 2 PM. I have 14 songs that highlight female vocalists, everyone from Grace Slick to Etta James. Maybe Siouxsie is somewhere in between.

I have some Rare Bird, MacDonald and Giles, and John Starling, people you may have missed until now. I am bringing one of my favorite John Hartford songs, and my favorite Jackie Lomax song...and in time, maybe others, like, Triad, if you catch my drift... breakin' all the rules so you don't have to, its

The G Man.

morcheeba(see link to play list at bottom) Still sizzling from recent House of Blues concert in Chicago featuring UK band Morcheeba, DJ Andy Bargerstock lays down a second-hour, six-song set of his favorite M-tracks.  When Austin, Texas folk singer-songwriter Eliza eliza gilkysonGilkyson (photo) takes the mic, you will wonder why her music isn't more widely recognized. Lots of music on this show from Eliza's label, Red House Records where as the website says, "the roots meet the here and now." You will hear RHR artists, Guy Davis and Cliff Eberhardt. Other Fringe Toast first-timers include AJ Roach, Zaac Pick, Jeff Kelly, Anna Calvi, and former member of Jefferson Airplane, Jorma Kaukonen.

You don't want to miss the Guns and Roses cover, "Sweet Child O' Mine" performed by Taken By Trees with Swedish singer, Victoria Bergsman.  This track dedicated to Margo Lenmark, who loves it so much.  Click here for play list.  You can stream this music program live at www.kruufm.com. 

Click here to listen to audio music reviews from DJ Andy Bargerstock that were originally published in print form for the monthly magazine for Southeast Iowa, The Iowa Source.

InceptionThe Oscar winners have their statues, tDragonhe nominees have been recognized and the conversations/debates will long continue over who should have won. That aside, there was, no doubt, exceptional film music over the year and you'll hear choice selections this week from Black Swan, The Kings Speech, 127 Hours, The Social Network, Inception, Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon, Alice in Wonderland, The Wolfman and HP & The Deathly Hallows. 

Tune in Wed March 2, 3-4pm and catch what you might have missed on the big screen.


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