Gastronomic Creation12 Indian Hills Culinary students along with the director of the program, Chef Gordon Rader, returned this week from two weeks in Spain.  They spent the mornings learning Spanish, cooked all afternoon and enjoyed excursions to wineries, restaurants, and farms while basking in an atmosphere overflowing with the red carpet treatment.  They are all going to crowd into the studio and give us the chance for some vicarious thrills while relating some of the trip's significant happenings on this week's GREAT TASTE.

The program they participated in is part of a larger cultural and educational exchange created by Rader and his Spanish counterpart, Fernando Perez of Escuela do la Cocina International in conjunction with the Univ. of Valladolid, University of Salamanca and the Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain.  One objective of the program is to have year-round classes for high school and college students, farmers, producers, and anyone involved in the world of food.   These classes would be held in both Spain and the states.

quicksilverDJ Andy Bargerstock reveals the rarely-heard QMS track, "Fire Brothers," during this week's second-hour Chill Session. See band photo with Dino Valenti tending to the sail.  The "best music you never hear" promise continues to deliver with Sophie Barker's (photo below) "Calling" recorded during her collaboration with the electronic band, Bliss.  You may know Sophie as one of the pivotal singer-songwriters with Zero 7 during their electric ride in the early to mid 2000s. Among the many first-time performers on this week's Fringe Toast play list aresophie barker Steen Thottrup, Cellar 55, American Analog Set, Tarmac, Tosca, and vintage early '70s underground band, Lothar and the Hand People.  For those who listen regularly, your heart will skip with joy with more marvelous sounds from Starseed, Soundbuffet, and Bombay Dub Orchestra. You are destined for another fine ride on this program made available LIVE worldwide via the KRUU-FM website at .  Click here for play list.

Green PajamasA musical excursion featuring the faves of my faves The Green Pajamas.

I rarely use the entire show for artists; Indeed, just a handfull like Pink Floyd, John Hartford, and the Beatles have been produced. This is number two of three shows I have featuring Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross and the band.

I have 27 albums by them, so no way am I going to be able to cover all thats good in Green land. However, you will likely be amazed at all the variations in songwriting that occur here. I have cuts that cover hard rock, pop, paisley underground, psychedelia, india, alternative, ballad, chamber, and plain old MOR. The band has a new CD coming out around the first of August on Green Monkey Records out of Seattle, so be on the lookout for new music from them coming your way. The G Man

Thanks for joining us on the Vegan/Raw Challenge.  Here's your info for the first week.  We'll be sending out more during the week so check back frequently, and listen in this Wednesday during Great Taste for an additional dose.

If you have any questions, send them to and our group of experts will be happy to answer them.

UPDATE:  July 25

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KRUU reminds you that as of Tuesday there are only 158 days until Christmas - and they're not all shopping days either, so get with it.

In that spirit, the I.W.H. proudly presents it's first annual Hot Yule segment as an opener for this week's show.

Tuesday 7/19/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.











Good grief, holy cow and holy mackerel (I have to cut down on Batman reruns).

Now there's twice as much Feed Store on KRUU. The program is now heard twice a week--thursday mornings at 10 (while you're running errands you can listen in the car) and sunday afternoons at 3 (curl up on the the couch with a good book and the radio).

I shall do everything in my power to make you proud of me and my popgun radio hour. 

gillian welch(See link to play list below). After Mac Gayden helps us "Shake Something Loose", Gillian Welch and collaborator, David Rawlings, (photo) tell us about "The Way It Goes" their new release CD, The Harrow and the Harvest that combines elements of Appalachian, bluegrass and rock music.  Late in the second hour, you will hear from Australia's Adalita (album photo), formerly with Magic Dirt.  About 30 minutes into this program, listen closely to the true chill blues improvisations from Zero 7 and Thievery Corporation (two tracks from new CD).  Sprinkled liberally adalitathoroughout the show, there will be many charmingly seductive individual tracks by new FT artists that will include Ranga, Cool Yogafit (yeah, the name tells the form), Daniel Lee Kendall (Australian singer-songwriter), Daniel Masson (electronic world fusion Buddha Bar series contributor), and Anugama (German spiritual musician).  Oh, and yes... the Chill Session that so many enjoy will be packed with good stuff!  Invite your friends from around the world to listen via LIVE Internet streaming at . Click here for play list.

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Annie Dressner Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 7/19

Annie DressnerWhat if I climb a really tall tree
and what if the branch it breaks under me?
Then where will I go? The only place is down
And I'm scared that my world will be turned around
~ Fly, Annie Dressner

Strangers Who Knew Each Other's Names may be New York singer-songwriter's Annie Dressner's debut album, but her graceful, relaxed and assured delivery make it sound like she's got 4 or 5 releases behind her.  Evoking the likes of Jenny Lewis or Neko Case, Annie's confessional quirkiness hooks you in at first listen, and her sweet voice and the lush, layered production will have you pressing "repeat" and adding the album to your summer backyard BBQ soundtrack.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central for your weekly concentrated dose of music by female singer-songwriters.  Interview with Annie starts at 9am.

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Rudy Wilson on Writers' Voices

Rudy Wilson 

This week Writers' Voices features an interview with local author Rudy Wilson.

WIlson's books include "The Red Truck," "Sonja's Blue," and more. His work has appeared in The Paris Review.

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