Gillian Welch and David RawlingsIt's a big deal when one of the most significant and prominent artists in the Americana music scene comes out with a new album.  But when that artist is Gillian Welch and that new album is eight years in the making, it's a really big deal.  Gillian and partner David Rawlings officially release The Harrow and the Harvest today and in honor of that, Gravel Road Radio will be featuring tracks from their new CD as well paying homage to their place in the Americana music world with a set highlighting some of my favorite tracks from their previous four releases.  The esteemed duo did release an album in 2010 under the name of The Dave Rawlings Machine called, appropriately enough, A Friend of a Friend.

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Little Grey Girlfriend - Featured Artist on Lyrical Venus 6/28!

Little Grey GirlfriendBroken wanderer, open to it all
Happy in your soul
If it is not written in the stars
Write what you know
~ Lovesick for the World, Little Grey Girlfriend

Mash up a foundation of classical training with years of honing a pop sensibility, mix in a generous portion of creative originality, a splash of quirk and top it off with the liquid silver of Erika Lloyd's voice and you get one of Brooklyn's more unique indie bands - Little Grey Girlfriend.
Bringing to mind other stylistic trailblazers like Regina Spektor, Bjork and Joanna Newsom, more for a sympatico of fearless approach and extensive range than a similarity in sound, Little Grey Girlfriend is ready to take their show on the road this summer.

Tune in at 9am to hear a feature set of music by Little Grey Girlfriend and stick around for the rest of the hour for more great music by women from all over the map. Check out Lyrical Venus for a full blog interview with Erika.

Just a reminder that the wifey and I will be in Fairfield for the 4th of July. Looking forward to all the flags on the square. Give me an email shout if you want to say hey in person. See you on the Square. 

Tedeschi Trucks BandWendesday, June 22nd, 1PM, Mike Ragogna speaks with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi of the Tedeschi Trucks Band. After having successful careers with their own bands, this husband and wife musical super-duo teamed up to create and perform music together. Tune in to hear the whole story and sample some incredible songs off their new album, Revelator.

Flogging MollyTuesday, June 28th, 8am, tune in to hear a conversation with Dave King, the founder and leader of everyone's favorite Irish-American celtic punk band, Flogging Molly. Dave speaks about the band's history and their new album, "Speed of Darkness".

Also on the show, Mike will speak with Tom Gray of the indie-rock band, Gomez. They will be discussing and listening to tracks off of their new album, "Whatevers On Your Mind", which releases this week.

Singer, song writer Eli Lieb. After ten years in NYC, Eli has returned to Fairfield where he has been writing and recording music. He recently completed a CD and will be performing at the Sondheim Center Friday July 8, 2011 at 7:30 pm. In the last year, Eli's recordings posted on youtube have received close to one million hits.

A mellow celebration of rest and relaxation, meditation and appreciation.
May peace and harmony guide you as you enjoy these gentle moments of transcendental sweetness, space and silence.

[All the mellow music you hear was sourced from Rural Colors]

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Dr. Norman Rosenthal on "Transcendence"

Writers' Voices welcomes world-renowned psychiatrist and author, Dr. Norman Dr. Norman RosenthalRosenthal, to the show this week. Dr. Rosenthal's most recent book is "Transendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation". His wide-ranging book uses stories, research, and his own clinical experience to show the benefits and value of TM. The book also features interviews with such celebrity practitioners as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Martin Scorsese, Russell Brand, and Laura Dern.

Dr. Rosenthal has written a number of books and has been a leader in describing "Seasonal Affective Disorder" and pioneering the use of light therapy to treat it. He has maintained a private practice in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area for over thirty years.

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Pirate Satellite

Morricone RMX cover"A beginning is a very delicate time." ~ Dune

Saturday morning hear Ennio Morricone's spaghetti-western classic "The Man With The Harmonica" remixed by Apollo Four Forty; hear Union Jack's ambient classic "There Will Be No Armageddon"; Patrick O'Hearn's beautiful, expansive "Night Becomes Her" from his album Beautiful World. Also, electronic music from Ulrich Schnauss, Morcheeba, Lucia Hwong, Fragile State and more.

Ambient electronica. Saturday morning at 9. We'll post the playlist afterward.

- Looks like we're shy one horse.

- You brought two too many...

Once Upon A Time In The West

Sunflower with BeeTaggert Siegel



We have an amazing show lined up for you this week.  Our first guest Taggart Siegel is the director of Queen of the Sun:  What Are the Bees Telling Us?  Taggart was the acclaimed director behind the recent documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John which told the true story of John Peterson, a farmer near Chicago who through a series of misfortunes ended up developing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that serves 1200 families.  

The award-winning Queen of the Sun will be shown in Fairfield this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Arts and Convention Center.  It opened to critical acclaim two weeks ago in New York and had its Los Angeles premier last week.

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A lot of the music released in 2010 could be called neo-pop (in the best possible sense): it was singable, hummable, and eminently listenable. This week's show features several tracks from Broken Bells, a duo consisting of The Shins' James Mercerbroken bells, and Danger Mouse (Brian Burton); their sound is a little of both: uptempo, creative arrangements sung in mostly minor keys. Their debut album "Broken Bells" was a great collaboration, and we can only hope for more.

Also this week will feature relative newcomers, Janelle Monae, Local Natives, and Macintosh Braun.

The full playlist is here:

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