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Joy Lyle & Nynke Passi

Nynke & Irving ToastJoy LyleA reading recorded in April 2010 at the MUM Library.

Joy Lyle teaches at Indian Hills Community College and has been published in Poetry Northwest and other journals.

Nynke Passi teaches at MUM and is featured in the new anthology THIS ENDURING GIFT set to appear later in September.

Peter SterlingToday on Local Yokels, James Moore interviews award-winning magic harpist Peter Sterling about his angelic journey into worldwide musical success from surfer to ski instructor to the silence of the Sedona mountains to Stonehenge and beyond. Sterling will be performing in Fairfield at a rooftop concert under the stars across from AJ's Bicycle Shop Friday, September 3rd sponsored by the Dharma Foundation, Circle Crop Restaurant ans KRUU-FM. He'll lead a workshop on Sunday. Thymely Solutions has more ticket information.


This Saturday from 5-6pm on the Lord Octo show nothing else matters. Let Joe, Mick, Paul, and Topper bring the punk out of you.

THE CLASH, folks, the greatest band ever to grace this planet.

So turn your dial to 100.1 fm. - go straight to hell in your brand new cadillac and get gripped by that deadly phantom.


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    Aug 28
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I'm Not David Carter

I've got to relay some tragic news. David has finished the compound and will no longerRa Ra Riot grace us with his presence (at least for the forseeable future). On a positive note, he did say anyone who reads his manifesto is permitted entry into his personal shangri-la. So I'm tipping my forty of O.E. in his honor and retiring his black turtleneck to the mannequin I set up in his place. But hey, the music is still too compelling to stop so I'll be bringing you fresh produce for a soft landing, including Ra Ra Riot (if you don't know 'em you should), Bill Baird, The Crookes and the semi-local Elsinore as well as tracks from Blind Pilot, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Built To Spill and Broken Social Scene among others. Who said boys don't cry (yeah that's foreshadowing).


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Pirate Satellite

Rudy AdrianRudy Adrian
Saturday morning hear electronic music from Jon Jenkin's "Flow"; Markus Reuter's "Trepanation"; David Helping's "Sleeping On the Edge of the World"; Kaya Project's "Elixir"; Rudy Adrian's "Moonwater"; Dean De Benedictis' "Salvaging the Past"; Between Interval's "Radio Silence" and Lena, with a song from "Extended Gestures For Cello".

"Letting go,

I can see the sadness what once was me.

And all this time I have known that

the river,

this river

would carry me home." ~ Jon Jenkins "Flow"

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More good vibrations


Jimi HendrixBlues, that's all I'm singing about. It's today's blues. 
Jimi Hendrix

Tegan & SaraAnother week of killer interviews with KRUU's Mike Ragogna,Jon Chu entertainment contributor to the Huffington Post.

On Wednesday at 1pm CST (rebroadcast Friday at 8am), Mike talks with filmmaker/screenwriter Jon Chu and Canadian rockers Tegan & Sara.

Chu is an alumni of the USC School of Cinema-Television. There, he won the Princess Grace Award, the Dore Schary Award presented by the Anti-Defamation league, the Jack Nicholson directing award, and recognized as an honoree for the IFP/West program Project: Involve. After making his student short, "When the Kids Are Away", Jon was scooped up by the William Morris Agency and attached to several high profile projects.

Tegan and Sara is a Canadian indie pop/indie rock/New Wave band led by identical twins Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin. Both Tegan and Sara play guitar and keyboard and write songs, most often separately. Whoever writes each song typically sings the lead vocals for it. The band has released six studio albums since 1999, most recently Sainthood in 2009.

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    Aug 27
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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

The Fairfield Film Festival "is a 5 months long series of events, mainly of the screenings of documentary movies at the Sondheim Center." It opens this Friday night with Burzynski: The Movie directed by Eric Merola. Burzynski "is the compelling story of  pioneering medical doctor and PhD biochemist Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, who has discovered the genetic mechanism to cure most human cancers. This timely, eye-opening documentary takes the audience through the treacherous, yet victorious, 14-year journey that both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons."  Eric Merola and Fairfield Film Festival Director Anya Petrova will join us in the studio to talk about Burzynski  and the film festival. [Click on "Read More" below to continue...]

Beth Howard, fresh from her stint as judge of 22 pie contests at the State Fair will be in town this Wednesday. We are very excited to have her as our "live" in-studio guest. She promised to come teach us how to make great piecrust and that's just what she is going to do. Founder of The World Needs More Pie, she's toting in all her pie-making equipment plus her special crust-rolling tablecloth. Kathy's got the flour, sugar and fruit. I'm bringing the butter and the toaster oven. We'll be making two pies--one apple and the other yet to be decided. This is definitely going to be a GREAT TASTE standout food moment. We're even going to try and stream video live so check us out at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/great-taste">http://www.ustream.tv/channel/great-taste. Come by and learn how to make a terrific piecrust from the "pie baker to the stars." It's Beth, Kathy, and Steve Boss in the KRUU studio at 7:00 PM CDT or catch us in cyberspace at kruufm.com.

Big DogI get to spin some records Thursday 2-4 PM, and I am going to take advantage of the situation to play a number of songs that always get cut at the last minute when I am putting together a show. Wrong length, wrong genre, not in the mood, you know, just off the beaten track... which some might say is where I live anyway. I have some Grand Funk Railroad I unearthed from a box in my basement. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys put out a solo record last year, and we will hear the song 'Mean Monsoon' from Keep It Hid. I have some Clinic, and some Rolling Stones. Wayne 'The Train' Hancock is going to do my theme song for the day, 'Double A Daddy'.

If you are not familiar with a little spin-off band called The Dukes of Stratosphear, you are in for a treat, I am going to light you up their over-the-top brand of psych/garage rock. I am even going to incite a potential riot in the studio by playing a cut from The Reverand Horton Heat album 'The Full Custom Gospel Sounds'. Not to be outdone by the psychobilly king, my obligatory Green Pajamas song of the day will be 'The Way I Feel About You', written by Mr. Joe Ross, who just had a birthday and is in Seattle making great music today. All this, and more.... The G Man

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