Dr. Eboo PatelTune into a special rebroadcast on this week's Writer's Voices. Dr. Eboo Patel, the founder and Executive Director of Interfaith Youth Core(IFYC), an organization dedicated to growing the global interfaith youth movement, discusses his book "Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, in the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation", published by Beacon Press. The book tells of his life, work with the IFYC, and vision of making interfaith cooperation a social norm.

Dr. Patel served on President Obama’s Advisory Council of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, was named one of "America's Best Leaders 2009" by U.S. News & World Report, and has been a regular contrubitor to to the Washinton Post, National Public Radio, USA Today and CNN.

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Unrequited Love

Home VideoDistraction is paramount, so I'm reinforcing my defenses with some atypically trenchant tunes. Unfortunately they're mostly of the reflective variety. Coincidence?

Self-mortification aside, Shoegazer rolls on with a gratuitous offering of new music from Weekend, Deerhunter, Home Video, Jonquil and Fredrik, among others, backed by standbys Elliott Smith and Headlights. Saturday evening at 6 and again Thursday at 9. Put on a brave face.

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Pirate Satellite

holiday musicGreetings and holiday salutations from Pirate Satellite!

We play ambient electronic music, heard every Saturday morning, from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Central. This Saturday morning we'll feature all holiday music.

Much of it will be remixed holiday classics as well as original holiday songs. During the holidays we include other genres of the music world, all in celebration of a cool yule season! We'll post the playlist. Yo-Ho-Ho Enjoy! Sponsored by Manger 6

"Hi, this is Shane Miller, I love you guys!"



In honor of the 40th anniversary,

Hepcats' Holiday presents an hour of

demos and live versions of songs from

George Harrison's All Things Must Pass,

along with songs intended for the album

which didn't make the final cut.


Friday 11/26/10  9-10 AM.

Irving Toast

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Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green

He's one of my favorit guitarists. BB King said, "He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats."

Peter Green

Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Gary Moore love his playing. He's one of the few white guitarists to actually get the blues. We're all talking about Peter Green, guitarist with the original (pre-pop) Fleetwood Mac. This was Fleetwood Mac at their best and most creative, from 1968-1970. Particularly blissful was the interplay between Green and fellow Fleetwood Les Paul guitarist, Danny Kirwin. If you like the sound of sweet, soulful guitars, you will love this show.

Click http://kruufm.com/node/9062 for a list of all tracks played on the show.


 I have a mellow bunch of tunes for a mellow kind of day. If you are not watching football or munching, check out some great tunes from Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moonalice, Little Feat, Jimi Hendrix, Grace Slick, and a host of others.

See the playlist for the holiday goodies.

The G Man

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It's a GREAT TASTE Thanksgiving!

Turkey in the dock

The show this week features a look at the wide variety of dishes that can make up a modern  Thanksgiving table.  We have guests galore starting off the hour with Jeanne Sauvage, author of The Art of Gluten-Free Baking blog.  Jeanne has been baking gluten-free for over 10 years, and will help you make a gluten-free dressing for the turkey and simplify the art of preparing a pan gravy. 

How about a raw foods holiday banquet?  Joining us again from the already snowbound state of Minnesota is Susan Powers, creator of rawmazing.com, and author of Rawmazing Desserts and Rawmazing Holidays 2010.  Susan's ever-evolving raw food philosophy might surprise you.

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FRINGE TOAST - Beaver & Krause meet Christina Perri

all good men(Link to play list at bottom). Special alert: Listen closely for extremely rare Pink Floyd tracks during this program. In 1974, the experimental avant-gard electronic duo, Beaver & Krause, released their final LP, All Good Men (album cover photo) but few people ever heard christina perrimuch from this eccentric mix of musical styles.  You will hear two tracks: "All Good Men" and small masterpriece "Legend Days Are Over" with spoken word by an elderly Native American who laments the loss of her people's way of life.



A Very Harry Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, 11/22/10  8-10 PM  



Friday midnight

after P5K.

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