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Kathy Brodsky on "The Winner Is..."

Children's book author, Kathy Brodsky, makes a visit to Writers' Voices this weThe Winner ISek. Her most recent book, "The Winner Is...", tells the humorous story of a dog who tries to be someone else in order to win a contest. Her other books include, "My Bent Tree", "The Inside Story", "Just Sniffing Around" and "Purrsnikitty". Having worked as a psychotherapist for almost 40 years, Kathy has a wealth of material to draw upon for her work.Mission Creek Festival 2011

Joseph Tiefenthaler will also be a guest on this Writers' Voices. He will be discussing the many literary events that are part of the Mission Creek Festival, currently happening in Iowa City. 

The Feed Store is the greatest part of my week. I strap in and fire it up with stories of my gloriously mis-spent youth in the great city of Fairfield. Stories of the Fairfield Drive-In, Scotti's and Mr. Quick's(the greatest hamburger stands ever), the Co-Ed, the Stever House, Pamida Gibson's, the old Hy-Vee. Tune in every week for more stories from the city's recent past. 


" Lets go out walking, it's a shining and amazing time, my love..." So sayeth the bard that opens an all request show Thursday at 2 PM. Folks far and wide have written in and asked for songs to be played, and I am just the man for the job. This show is certain to be 'all killer, no filler'. I have Dr. John from the 1950's! He must have been a child prodigy. Alexi Murdoch brings 'Breathe', a solid example of tunesmithing, and quite relevant for todays mad, mad world. Also Lowell George, from his solo release. Brand X is my wild ride for the day. I have a song off of an old 45 rpm record someone gave me by a band called The Confederacy. If you know anything about this band, let me know, please. Stick around for songs by Eric Clapton, Alan Parsons, Fats Domino, and Bernard Herrmann. " Words are coming that have no meaning, never mind, and it's fine my love..." Ah, well, yes, I guess present company included.... The G Man

Liz Phair


WHITE CHOCOLATE SPACE EGG and EXIT IN GUYVILLE super grrrrrl Liz Phair is the subject of Mike Ragogna's epic series of continuing awesome friggin' interviews (pardon my french dressing).

The Chicago-based powerhouse talks about her latest release FUNSTYLE.

She is pure sunshine and a perfect foil to our Huffington Post contributor Mike. Do you wanna go "Bang Bang Bang Bang?"

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1965 part 2

herb alpert


I'm still reviewing the music of 1965, alphabetically, from Alpert, Herb [pictured] to Walker, Junior [not pictured].

So many artists were at their peak, and didn't know it: The Animals' "Don't bring me down" (which introduced a fuzz guitar), Roger Miller's "Kansas City Star" (almost excessively funny), The Kinks' "Tired of waiting" (a brilliant song that every guy can relate to). Bob Dylan's "Ballad of a thin man" (which could've been written today), and Otis Redding's "I can't turn you loose" (which was the definition of soul).

All 20 songs are here: http://kruufm.com/node/10086


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed KRUU's Inaugural GREAT TASTE dinner broadcast at the Main Stay Inn last night! A big, warm-hearted tasty success.
Thanks, Steve Boss, Chef Mangal Tamang & his helpers, Kate & Barry Ross, Caleb Flynn, Pam Whitworth, and all those who won coveted spots at the table. Stay tuned for future cuisine-fests!
Next Wed, Apr 6th on GREAT TASTE at 7pm:
the amazing Lillian Busch & her magical cheesecake.
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The Feed Store Thursday at 10am

Ferlin Husky arrives in Hawaii for vacation


Talking about the late and the great----last week we lost country legend Ferlin Husky. I'm spotlighting his rockin' side as the lovable character Simon Crum.

At the same time, my wife and I went to Green Bay, Wisconsin sunday night and saw the amazing amazing legend Ray Price in concert.

Tune in and hear all about it. 

Map of Nepal


Chef Mangal Tamang presents a dinner of typical Nepali food on our "live" broadcast from The Mainstay Inn this Wednesday.  Mangal is a Nepali native, graduate of the Indian Hills Culinary Program, and winner of an international cooking competition in Spain. 

The dinner is the first in our planned quarterly culinary extravaganzas that will serve as fundraisers for solar-powered and listener-supported KRUU. 

Here's what we'll be enjoying while you listen: [Click on the "Read More" link below]


(See link to play list at bottom). Join DJ Andy Bargerstock as he plays his favorite tracks discovered during Year 4 of Fringe Toast.  This "cream-of-the-crop" program is part 1 of a two-part sequence. It was originally aired in hank dogsOctober 2010. This week's show features singer-songwriters and indie/alternative bands.  Next week, the theme will be chill-out electronica and improvisational jam bands. Austin-based band, adrianneThe Burned, produced the new 2010 Fringe Toast theme music, "Where Are We Now" and leads off the program. UK indie band, One Eskimo, and British singer-songwriter, Thea Gilmore, are the only artists with two tracks in this Best of FT lineup.  Oops! Morcheeba, also joins the twin-spin list.

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