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Christmas Special 5pm: Ricky Skaggs & Chicago's Lee Loughnane

Country superstar Ricky Skaggs and Chicago's Lee Chicago's Lee LoughnaneLoughnane are Mike Ragogna's featured special guest interviews. Both have festive new seasonal offerings and talk about them and much more with ebullient Huffpo entertainment contributor. Chicago's 33rd release!! They certainly live by their own words: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, baby, please don't go. And if you ever wondered what the song title "25 or 6 to 4" meant, tune in.

Happy greetings from your friendly neighborhood community radio station where you can hear what your friends and neighbors are saying and playing 24 hours a day--super variety for a super community. That's solar-powered KRUU 100.1 FM, the Voice of Fairfield, Iowa... and beyond. Listen fresh, listen local.

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The Uncle Bunkin Show

Popular Music Showcasing Great Musicians with Uncle Bunkin is not currently scheduled.

Popular Music Showcasing Great Musicians

January 8, 2012  Kenny Rogers

January 15, 2012  Joan Baez

January 22, 2012  Joni Mitchell

January 29, 2012  Carly Simon

February 5, 2012  James Taylor

February 12, 2012  Joni Mitchell

February 19, 2012  Getz/Gilberto/Jobim

February 26, 2012  The Beatles

March 4, 2012  Linda Ronstadt

March 11, 2012  Paul Simon

March 18, 2012  Woodstock

March 25, 2012  The Eagles

April 1, 2012  Fleetwood Mac

April 8, 2012  Songs of Ireland

April 15, 2012  Kris Kristofferson

Today on Kruu 100.1 fm Lord Octo & His Fried Octopuss Show will be playing

The Nightmare Before Christmas. 5-6 pm

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Pirate Satellite

Oh boy, our Christmas Eve show. Hear holiday music from this season's Pirate Tesla's Christmas coverSatellite Christmas compilation and we'll feature Richard Souther's album Tesla's Christmas, an intriguing "experiment in Ancient Electronica Christmas Carols". I asked Richard about this and he wrote: "Nikola Tesla was an amazing inventor and deeply religious man. The word 'ancient instruments,' in my mind, can mean everything from a 2000 year old Jewish Shofar ram's horn to a 'Moody Blues type' Mellotron string sound. I chose sounds to create something that could remind the listener of something vaguely familiar...yet not quite distinguishable. My dearest friend, Eric Persing, developed a virtual computer instrument called Omnisphere, which I used to create most of the Tesla soundscape."

We love Christmas, holiday music and You. Enjoy. Live stream always available @kruufm.com. We'll post the playlist afterward. - Shane, it's Christmas again! -Oh yeah!

From "Letters of Note": In the summer of 1899, whilst alone in his Colorado Springs laboratory working with his magnifying transmitter, the inimitable Nikola Tesla observed a series of unusual rhythmic signals which he described as 'counting codes'. Having just detected cosmic radio signals for the first time, Tesla immediately believed them to be attempted communications from an intelligent life-form on either Venus or Mars, and later said of the experience, 'The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another'. [Click on "Read more" to continue...]

Two albums highlight this mornings show. First uP: Nature's Clumsy Hand, by Asha Vida. Very loose, unstructured, free form jazz and trance music. The songs range from 6-18 minutes long. Second uP: Tabula Rasa by Arvo Part. 10-13 minutes a piece, and centered on a sort of floating kind of classical music sound. These songs are long becasue they take time to develop. So I guess they are not really background music. You have probably heard me say that before, hah. This is some contemplative fare for a Christmas Eve day. Blessings to you....Cool Breeze

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Mexican Hot ChocolateSorry for the late notice, but we are cooking LIVE in the studio TONIGHT!Latkes and Sides

Terrific show on tap with the Indian Hills Culinary students.  Chef Gordon Rader announces a new $1.3 million grant that will be used to expand Ottumwa's Farmers Market and much, much more.  We're making latkes, Mexican hot chocolate, and there will be some cookies and more. 

Don't miss out.  Tune in at www.kruufm.com at 7:00 PM CT or for Friday's replay at 7:00 AM CT.  Come by if you are in the neighborhood and share in the holiday fun.

Happy Holidays to All!

Yesterday Republican presidential hopeful Senator RickSenator Rick Santorum & KRUU Host Dennis Raimondi Santorum of Pennsylvania stopped by KRUU studios to record a brief interview with SPEAKING FREELY's Dennis Raimondi. This was the second time he's been to Fairfield. He has visited all 99 counties in Iowa. Accompanying the senator was his daughter, a college student who attends school in Texas.

Other presidential hopefuls in the vicinity: Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann was also in Fairfield but unable to do an interview. Texas Congressman Ron Paul was in Mount Pleasant campaigning. He has spoken with KRUU 2-3 times in the past but not yet this cycle.

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Sure Looks Real

eyesLook, look carefully, look closely, look into it, look and see, look what you are looking for dear listeners. Real rock and roll with passion delivered with verve, that is the show this week. Beginning with Eden's Children from their 'Sure Looks Real' release, and ending with The White Stripes from 'Get Behind Me Satan', a solid two hours of nuance delivered with a hammer. We will hear a great blues song from Canned Heat, 'One Kind Favor', and a awesome rendition of 'Voodoo Child' live with Steve Winwood, the keyboardist on the original with Hendrix. He has Eric Clapton doing the guitar, btw. Bear from The Grateful Dead sings deep gravelly lead on a live cut of 'Dark Hollow'. I have Bettie Serveert and Michael Hill's Blues Mob, two bands you may be hearing for the first time. Oh, and I stuck in two top twenty hits from the sixties by The Stones and Johnny Rivers.

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Christmas again

It's that time again. That time when you're driven out of your mind by mindless Christmas music. But this week I play music that will help keep your sanity--and keep you in the spirit of the season.

aimee mannAimee Mann (left) and Michael Penn (her husband and brother of Sean) start the show off with a dreary reminder that "Christmas time" returns again. But the tone quickly shifts with the humor and good spirits of Brave Combo, Mel Blanc, and Danny Elfman. Read More....

Sarah McLachlan(See play list link below). Seriously! Are you ready for a new soundtrack for the holidays? Then, you must print and pilfer the play list for this program so carefully selected for the Fringe Toast audience by DJ Andy Bargerstock (a.k.a., UndergroundMan).  You will discover more than 30 tracks of some of theerin bode best music you will want to hear all year long. Among the beautiful voices and faces: Sara McLachlan (photo left) and Erin Bode (photo right). Some songs are new interpretations of classic tunes like Magic Sound Fabric's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and other pieces are totally new compositions such as the three contributions by the Ypsilanti, Michigan Indie band, Lightning Love, that come from annual holiday collections by SuburbanSprawlMusic.

For those who especially enjoy the Chillout Session during the second hour of Fringe Toast, you will not be disappointed due to the musical talents of groups such as Rainman, Moodchill, From the Future, Blondfire, and the BareNaked Ladies. Do yourself a favor and mark your calendar for this very special musical program.  Click here for play list.  Invite friends to join via live streaming at http://kruufm.com/

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