Burns and Allen

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

Old Time Radio comedy tonight on The KRUU Theater of the Air, featuring George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bob Hope, Doris Day, and Bing Crosby!

First up a great episode of Burns and Allen. If you pay attention you will hear Iowa's own Meredith Wilson, as part of the show.


Doris Day


The second half will be The Bob Hope Show,

featuring Doris Day with special guest Bing Crosby.


Rebroadcast Thursday @ 10 PM

What The Bleeps

dubstep, drum & bass, breaks, electro, club, house, nu disco, and the occasional hip-hop track with djreevo is not currently scheduled.

^Central Standard Time^

Welcome to What The Bleeps radio with DJ Reevo, bringing you guys the hottest new electronic music.

Each week I scour the internet and the underground to find you the freshest, most cutting edge EDM music out there.

Have something you'd like to hear on the show? Or are you an artist wanting more radio plays on USA radio? Contact Donald.

Tracklists + archives of the mixes played each week are on Mixcloud.

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Shoegazer Ca Va?

The Arcade FireWe were going to wax poetic on Joyce's Ulysses this week but the prospect of a soliloquy did not appeal (that and we got stuck somewhere around the sixth-hundreth page). Instead we thought we'd bring you some fresh produce. On this week's show we've got brand spankin' new music from Inspired Flight, Delorean, The Arcade Fire and The National, as well as great tracks from Guided By Voices, Built To Spill, The Long Winters and more. Tune in 6 Central Saturday evening for a healthy serving.


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Your Own Private Idaho

B52'sThe B-52s (originally formatted as The B-52's) are a New Wave rock band, formed in Athens, Georgia, United States, in 1976.

In their heyday, their music was marked by the female harmonies of Cindy Wilson (vocals) and Kate Pierson (keyboards, vocals), Ricky Wilson's (guitar) surf-style guitar, Keith Strickland's (drummer) "go-go beat" drumming, and the generally spoken word or sprechgesang male vocal counterpoint of Fred Schneider (percussion, vocals).

The resulting unique "guy vs. gals" vocals, sometimes used in call and response style (as in their songs "Private Idaho" and "Good Stuff"), are a trademark of the band. Presenting as a positive, enthusiastic, slightly wacky party band, the B-52s have focused on songs telling tall tales ("Rock Lobster", "Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland"), glorifying wild youth ("Love Shack", "Deadbeat Club"), or celebrating wild romance ("Strobe Light", "Hot Pants Explosion"), all set to a danceable New Wave beat.

The correct name for the band had long been "The B-52's", but in 2008 they dropped the apostrophe, with their official website and Funplex album and single covers reading "The B-52s". [wiki] 


Kim Hendrickson

Savory Bites







Get ready for exceptional tasty tidbits on this week's GREAT TASTE.  Author Kim Hendrickson has created a series of three books that are all about bite-sized morsels.  Whether it's savory or sweet, dessert, appetizer or main course, Kim has it all covered.  Small is not only about party food, it's about having a fun and creative kitchen experience that turns out delicious morsels full of flavor.  We'll have some of Kim's creations in the studio care of co-host Kathy Dubois. 

Kim has a unique perspective as she not only is a cookbook author, but has worked in the publishing field for many years for both a large and small firm.  She's witnessed many changes in that industry and will share some insights on that topic as well.  Tune in for food, fun and a post-wedding food report on the next GREAT TASTE. 

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Play the 1967 game. These are some of the heros of 1967 who you'll be hearing this week , in reverse chronological order (see if you can go Z to A with these artists and no clues from the DJ):

zappamilestemptations vanilla fudgedonovan


cakeYou can have your cake and eat it too, Sam! My son turned 25 this week, and so we honor him, and Special k, and Tony Stenger, and through them, to all of the other birthday boys and girls. Oh yes, I am a great uncle again. My nephew Andy just had an 8 pound 5 ounce baby boy, Walter Jackson Dean Garles ( I am making that name up, he is unnamed as of yet!) Congratulations to them all, and, oh yes, I am live in the studio doing a show completely given to me by Sam. All the songs were suggested by Sam, and about half provided by Sam. The other half, I had to extend the underground passageways to obtain....(dig, dig, dig, diggety dig). I would be hugely surprised if anyone out there had heard songs by every one of these bands, we have some obscure stuff coming your way. Part One this week of another three part show which I detailed last week in the blog. You can celebrate the day by tuning in to your favorite radio station and hunkering down in our groove. The G Man

eddie turner(See link to play list at bottom). In July, Eddie "Devil Boy" Turner (photo) will play at the Fairfield Sondheim Civic Center.  You don't want to miss this event.  And, DJ Andy Bargerstock will educate your ears on this subject with two marvelous tracks that show the influences of his years in the Chicago music scene where he collaborated with legends including Otis Taylor who will also be heard in this opening set of blues.  The first track of the night by Ian and Sylvia melody gardot(1966) with "Catfish Blues" reveals a different side of their music.  Melody Gardot (photo) sings the jazz/blues  will such nuance and subtlety.

The Whispering TreeGo call the captain and hold the tight the rail
This ship is sinking and we need some help
Someone please save us from these wicked men
Who rule the world, rule the world, rule the world
~ Go Call the Captain, The Whispering Tree

Now based in New York, classically trained vocalist Eleanor Kleiner and French bassist Elie Brangbour met at the London Center of Contemporary Music in 2004.  Together they formed The Whispering Tree, Eleanor's liquid-sweet voice balanced and grounded by Elie's solid bass, their extensive training only evident in how effortlessly the songs flow. 

Since their meeting, Eleanor and Elie have traveled the world, sharing their music and picking up new influences everywhere from China to South America.  Their new release, Go Call the Captain, combines elements of folk, rock, jazz and bluegrass into a melting pot of musical inspiration that is at once familiar and otherworldly.

Join me Tuesday, June 1st from 9-10am for your weekly dose of tunes by female singer-songwriters and the interview with The Whispering Tree!

Yellow SubAiuto



This Friday's All Things Italian Festival ends at 9:30 PM.  In order to make sure that everyone leaves quickly, Yellow Submarine*, Fairfield's premier and only Beatles cover band will begin playing at that time.  

Seriously though, we've been practicing hard and are looking forward to keeping the party going until 11:00 PM.

Therefore it seems appropriate that this week's Whizbang opens with a set of Beatles songs performed in Italian by various artists, including "Ma Voglio Solo Te", "Nelle Tue Mani", "Non Cercarmi" and of course "Cerca Di Capire"

Tuesday 6/1/10  8-10 PM   Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

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