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Michael Cuddehe on "Chronicle of Catastrophe"

Chronicle of CatastropheTune in to this week's Writers' Voices for a thought-provoking conversation with Michael Cuddehe. Michael is a 30-year veteran analyst, trader and fund manager who has seen many fluctuations in the global financial markets over the years. With the election of George W. Bush, Michael noticed the economic shift he saw happening and felt that it would lead to disaster.

His book "Chronicle of Catastrophe: A Contemporaneous History of the Bush Years" presents Michael's real-time reflections of the markets, political issues, economy and global developments during the George W. Bush administration in order to put America's current economic troubles in context.

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Left Coast Leanings

Sun AirwayI've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that this week's show truly lives up to its indie inspired theme, unearthing obscure gems from all corners of the globe, with particular emphasis pacific coast way. The bad news is that this week's show truly lives up to its indie roots with obscure gems, most of which you won't be able to find short of employing a fine-toothed comb. All the more reason to tune in I say, ephemeral nature of the experience and all that... The line-up includes a veritable feast of newcomers; Finland's Paperfangs, Loon Choir, The Smiles, The Shape of The Earth, Sun Airway, Pepper Rabbit and more... Saturday at 6pm Central and brought back Thursday at 9am. Bliss-pop for one and all.


Halloween entertainment

for the living,


this Saturday night -

beginning at 10 PM

till 4am

hosted by Your Sacred Cowboy.

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Monster Mashup

Monster MashupHalloween DanceGet your Halloween dance on with the StevieMix Dance Show tonight at 9-10PM!  Our monster mashup will mix new and classic Halloween tracks live with monster mashups and sound effects for that truly scary feel. 

We'll have house, trance, pop, hip-hop, rock and remixes for new takes on old tracks.  And yes we will mix the classics-Thriller, Ghostbusters, etc. Stay tuned for monsters, visitors from the grave and outer space!




So i guess i will play some of Satan's favorite songs for all the zombies and ghouls in this world.

Why even i, Lord Octo, will play an original song for all you little monsters out there.

It's a trick or treat time from 5-6 pm Iowa time right here on kruu.


Beware take care and pull the strings.

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    1:00 pm

The Filmosophers Movie Talk

REDFriday, we're honored to welcome back returning co-host Burt Chojnowski. Randy West, Executive/Artistic Director of WOB will be our guest, because you know what? He's not only an exquisite talent of live theatre, but also loves the movies.

We had planned to talk about Clint Eastwood's new film Hereafter, but projector problems forced Randy into seeing RED instead. There are some well known actors in RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous), including Helen Mirren, and we'll hear from Randy about it.

Hereafter was our Filmosophical film of the week last Friday, before we even saw it. Burt and I will opine on that pick, after watching it this week. The critics are divided on Hereafter almost right down the middle. [Click on read more below to continue.]

Saturday morning we'll feature two recent releases from Lake Front recording artists Paul Adams and David Hoffman. Hear music from "Heavens; Further Explorations For The Dreaming Flute" by Paul Adams and "Calmness Of Spirit" by David Hoffman.

These recordings are for healing, stillness and to connect with a personal sense of peace. Paul Adams writes: "There is a slight air of mystery with what I hope is beauty.

My background in Ethnomusicology was expressed with my collection of exotic and unusual flutes, and the melodic approach was influenced in my interest in practical mysticism. Dream On !! (click Read More to continue)

Captain's Quarters, on KRUU FM

Almost five years ago, three legendary DJ's etched their names into history by challenging the modern patterns of youth radio.  Sword and shield in hand, they battled audio advertisements, conquered every unlistenable radio cliche, and laid waste to corporate trash that played songs strictly based on popularity, not quality. 

After the sudden departure of one of these DJ's, Ms. Terinel Font, the legendary trio became a mythical duo, and the goal became even more pinpointed towards discovering the best-of-the-best, whether it be an new, under-the-radar group, or through diving deep into the vault of past legends.  This duo toiled, week after week, until Thursday evenings became synonymous with the newly crafted 'Cameron and Patrick...Show'. (click 'read more'!)

James Young of StyxMike Ragogna chats it up on Wednesday, October 27 at 1pm CST [rebro Friday at 8am] with James Young of 70s seminal rock band Styx. The Miracles

Thursday at 1pm, it's Mike's interview with the "King of Motown" Smokey Robinson, an R&B and soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and record executHiram "Hank" Willimsive, one of the primary figures associated with Motown, second only to the company's founder, Berry Gordy. As an original member of Motown Records' first vocal group The Miracles and as a solo artist, Robinson delivered thirty-seven Top 40 hits for Motown between 1960 and 1987. He also served as the company's vice president from 1961 to 1988. [wikipedia].

NEXT Monday at 10am, it's Hank Williams' daughter, Jett Williams, talking about her father's life, legacy and work, and the new Time-Life box set collection of 142 previously unreleased songs. Known as Luke the Drifter and the Hillbilly Shakespeare, the country icon passed away on New Year's day in 1953 at 29. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize earlier this year.

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Wedding Cakes on the next GREAT TASTE!

cake samples

wedding cakes







A quick look at any programming guide shows that cakes are a hot topic among the TV-watching public.  The airwaves are filled with a plethora of shows on several cable networks including Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Amazing Wedding Cakes.  There is even a popular blog called Cake Wrecks and the blog's creators have over one million twitter followers.

Limiting your chances of becoming the next feature on Cake Wrecks and delighting your wedding guests are better objectives when it comes to planning for the Big Day.  Finding the right baker and the most amazing cake are major tasks just behind the perfect dress in importance for many families as they plan a wedding.  It's not easy because there are bakers and there are BAKERS.

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