Ben Gulley

Ben Gulley is an American operatic tenor. He is a member of the SONY/BMG recording group, the American Tenors. The winner of the Metropolitan Opera's 2009 National Council Distict and Regional Competitions, Mr. Gulley recently embarked on his first national solo tour.   "Trinity Demask has one of those voices that gives your heart and spirit a double-take. Wonderful songwriting, great production. 'Crucible' is a gem!"
- Wendy Wham, KUNC 91.5 FM Greeley, CO

"After a seeming eternity between releases, Trinity Demask returns under her own name, with an album's worth of material that places her squarely in the ranks of singer-songwriters like Dar Williams and Jonatha Brooke."
- Chris K., host of "The Colorado Sound" radio show (KRFC 88.9 FM, Fort Collins)

Trinity Demask’s music is a soundtrack for life’s little detours, breakdowns, and roadside revelations.  Her enthralling voice and melodic, insightful songwriting capture the essence of life’s journeys with tales that are both personal and universal.  Some songs lift you like a carefree, summer joyride while others explore the dark, empty places off the beaten path, shining a light of hope in the darkness.  

poet at heart with a knack for writing catchy melodies, Trinity has garnered songwriting accolades (2005 New Song Showcase winner at the Walnut Valley Festival) as well as praise for her emotive vocal style (“Trinity Demask has one of those voices that gives your heart and spirit a double-take” – Wendy Wham, KUNC).  Often drawing comparisons to the angelic, rootsy tones of Alison Krauss, Trinity’s voice can also pack a powerhouse punch reminiscent of blues rocker Susan Tedeschi.  Her signature Americana tunes blend the introspection and social awareness of folk and the warmth of country with rock and roll passion.  The Indie Acoustic Project named her first CD Venus In Retrograde (released under her band name Third Road Home) "one of the best CDs of 2004" in the acoustic ensemble category, and her follow-up Crucible was named "one of the best CDs of 2009" in the lyrics category. She is currently working on her third CD scheduled for release in early 2015. For more information visit

Katey Sagal(Playlist link below). DJ Andy Bargerstock broadcasts LIVE on this program postponed from last week. We begin with five songs from the TV series Sons of Anarchy featuring beautifully gritty performances from Battleme, Paul Brady, White Buffalo, and Katey Sagal (photo left) who also plays a character in the series. Listen for her song with house band from Charming, CA, The Forest Rangers.  More new tracks from recently featured artists including LA singer-songwriter Meiko, and UK bands Alt-J and Smoke Fairies.   First timers to Fringe Toast include Kat Edmonson (photo below), Neulore, Kat EdmonsonGideon Grove, and duo Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer who will play at Cafe Paradiso in Fairfield, IA on November 29, 2014.

The second-hour international Chill Session offers more fine ambient electro-acoustic tracks from La Hell Gang (Chile), Laid Back (Denmark), UK’s Phil Mison (a.k.a., Cantoma), Deep Dive Corp. (Germany), Ásgeir  (Iceland), Krono (France), and the amazingly duo Tosca (Austria).

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends worldwide to share the live stream every Wednesday at 8pm CT.  Fringe Toast offers the best music you never hear!

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The Feed Store


KRUU's Ken Mottet


This might sound fairly pompous. Shoot, this statement IS very pompous. I like listening to The Feed Store.

"Obviously," you say. Not necessarily so. When asked, many a Hollywood celebrity film star type will tell you that he or she does not watch his or her own films after they are completed. They say it gives them the heeby jeebies. That can be true. Some folks like to record it an move on.

But I still find myself drawn to my computer at my home in Chicago on Sundays at noon central time when I can listen to The Feed Store. And most of the time I enjoy what I hear. Hooray for me. Hooray for me.

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Dawn To Dark and In-Between

C SoundsAnother show in the 'life' series. We begin with Dawn Is A Feeling by The Moody Blues, a clever and evocative bit of story-telling off of the classic Days of Future Passed album. Next up Black Mountain and their admonition: 'Oh no, you don't ever want to get someplace where you cannot believe...' Robert Palmer will suggest you Get Outside, Cracker will badger you to take action, and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils will point their collective fingers in the direction they feel you need to take. All a part of the big fun and killer rock and roll on Centripetal Sounds this week. The G Man

i've played in a few bands over the years. one of the problems with keeping the band together is whether the musicians are compatible, musically, personally. another issue is goals: one personal just wants to get together and play, another wants to record, another wants to tour. all those things can break up a band if they don't gel just right.

david gilmourthe bands i enjoyed playing with the most had great moments that transcended all those differences. that's when the music was so great that it didn't matter what else was going on. beginning at age 14 until my fuse blew and blisters burst, i've been blessed to play with some of the best musicians in the midwest, and have had more than a few of those musically transcendent moments.

since i probably won't be able to get all the bands back together again any time soon, i'm going to share our (collective) first hour setlist, featuring the original artists' live versions of the songs we used to play. 

so thanks kelly, gino, john, pat, mark, jim, mark, john, scott, joe, and myron. and everyone else. enjoy our first set vicariously...

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Calling All Lovers Of Life



Well, after that long season of political ads that were the digital equivalent of something that dropped out of a tall cow's butt, you may be ready, like I am, for some humor, some levity, some general soothing of the spirit. Celebrate?

That's the show this week, folks. Frank Zappa, The Fraternal Order of The All, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, and Jefferson Airplane set the bar for frivolity. Plus some of my favorite lyrics from the likes of Faine Jade, Blind Faith, Cracker, and Illinois Speed Press. Lots of songs from lots of genres, and no commercial interruptions. The G Man

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Trip-Hop of 2014

On tonight's edition of The After Hours I've got some more great sample-based and breakbeat-laced instrumental hip-hop & trip-hop from 2014. I'll be featuring New York-based producer Francesco Climato AKA Groove Cereal and the EP he released last month: There's A Surpise In Every Box. We'll also hear some singles from Blockhead's upcoming LP Bells and Whistles (Out Nov. 18th).

On top of that we've got: Erik Jackson, Neroche, mononome, Boogie Belgique, MEDL4Kill EmilThe Stuyvesants, Blockboy, KormacKOGNITIF and a whole lot more. Stream it live November 8th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU radio.

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SerialBox Compilation on Roots Rockhouse

This week's feature is the new compilation by the groundbreaking, audio visual project: SerialBox. A multi-cam, multi-track, live, one-take sonic/video recordings with no over-dubs or fixes.

The compilation is available as a free download at  Some of the songs from these have already become Roots Rock Roadhouse favorites like David Rameriz's song Fire and Noah Gundersen's song, Cigarettes. But this week we'll get a chance to explore more hidden gems from SerialBox including Andrew Bell, J Thoven, Mathew Mayfield, Thad Cockrell, Fiction Family and The Damnwells.

Lori Belilove Dancing

Rarely seen dances that explore the legacy of Isadora Duncan will be performed by Lori Belilove and the Isadora Duncan Dance Company in Fairfield, Iowa's Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts at 7:30 PM Saturday, Nov. 15th and 3 PM Sunday, Nov. 16th.

Through her own dancing and through the dance company and the nonprofit foundation she established 33 years ago, Lori's dedicated her life to extending the dream, dance legacy, and indomitable spirit of Isadora Duncan.

Why? Where did Lori's passion for Isadora's dances originate? Is Isadora still relevant today? To learn more about the mother of modern dance and about the woman considered by many as the living embodiment of Isadora's grace, power, and mastery of weight, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Lori.

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