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A Stream of Consciousness Playlist

RRI always start each show with the song that I played last the prior week. The great thing about that is, no one will ever lose their place. So this week I start with Blue Mountain. That reminded me of an old Everly Brothers tune I had purchased recently. So naturally I began to think about the next song when I was playing that song, and the result is your next one hour and fifty minutes of pure music pleasure. Noteworth is a soundboard cut from David Crosby and the PERRO project, still unreleased, and still worthy of a proper package for the general public. Cool Breeze

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This week's Feature: James Taylor

James Taylor:

The Man and His Music


Eva de Roovere

Eva De Roovere is an accompished Belgian singer/songwriter in town for one night only. She was last in Fairfield in November when she performed as one of Cafe Paradiso's Open Mic Night's featured artists. This time, she's joined by James Moore and the Hurlin brothers for a night of all-original, folk-inspired indie rock.

Eva performs at the newly refurbished Orpheum Theatre, including a brand new sound system. on Saturday, April 9th at 8pm. Not to be missed. Tickets: $10 at the door.

Her website (www.evaderoovere.be):

In 2006, Eva decided to leave her musical friends after 7 years of playing each folk festival in Europe. She wanted to make pop music instead of singing traditional songs, so she started her own band. With this band, she toured Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa. She recorded 4 CDs in her own name: “De Jager” (The Hunter), “Over en Weer” (Back en Forth), "Mijn huis" (My House) and "Viert" (Celibrate). “The Hunter” sold over 30,000 albums in 2 years time. Her newest album, called "Chanticleer", is entirely in English and is produced by Peter Case. It was recorded at the Carriage House in Los Angeles.

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Space Cowboy Rides Into Town

Centripetal SoundsLast day of March. Seems like the perfect time to roll in and roll out the latest and the greatest in rock and roll. I am spinning a lot of recent arrivals to my collection. New releases by David Gilmour, Ray LaMontagne, The Soul Searchers, Trevor Jackson, Wall of Death, Fur For Fairies, King Mud, and Living Hour will make the cut. Just saw The Steve Miller Band in concert, and we'll revisit his particular brand of genius. Can't decide between the rest of them- yet. You will just have to tune in at 2 PM Thursday to squelch the anticipatory excitement. The G Man

Random Rab(See link to playlist below). DJ Andy Bargerstock returns with another program of incredible new tracks from international artists including featured spotlight on chill electronic band named Random Rab (album cover) and the acoustic guitar virtuoso Justin Johnson (photo right, yes he plays bass too).   First-timers on Fringe Toast include Dr. Dog, David Wiffen,  Wall of Death, Atlas Bound, and The Human Experience.   The second-hour chill session is beautifully crafted to stimulate serenity and calm.   Mark your calendar Justin Johnsonand encourage friends worldwide to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com every Wednesday at 8pm CT.  

CLICK HERE for playlist.

Watch for the upcoming Fringe Toast music review on the sparkling new English female duo Kaleida in the April issue of Iowa Source magazine.  Fringe Toast, the best music you never hear.... unless your tuned to KRUU-FM on Wednesday evenings!

Enjoy the Wednesday experience.

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In the 'Deep Dive', a look at America's Drug War Lords and original motivations

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Spring is in the air(please do not SPRING in the AIR!! You might hurt yourself). Now is just about the best time of year in Chicago and Fairfield. The snow appears to be behind us(but don't say anything to the folks in Rochester, Mn. who got a foot of snow this past week).

The little twigs and flowers are just pushing up through the trash and dead leaves in my front yard. And there is hope. Hope for a new year. Hope for brighter days. Hope for even better stories on "The Feed Store"(thursdays at 10 AM CDT and sundays at noon CDT).

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