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Talkback w/ JP Sottile: Saudi Duty Time for The Donald


Tune in for Talkback with Newsvandal JP Sottile as he and James Moore go INSIDE THE HEADELINES for another WEEK THAT WAS.

And it most surely was another week in Trumplandia USA.

Will Trump be able to make headway on Middle East Peace on his trip abroad? Will the Russian collusionI investigation continue on its trajectory? Will Joe LIeberman be the new FBI Director? Who will replace Chaffetz to oversee the oversight committee? Will the Pope and The Donald hit it off? How about that embassy move to Jerusalem for Israel?


CHRIS CORNELL | Soundgarden, Audioslave

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet amazing people regularly because of the Great TastLucy Leane radio program.  Through solar-powered KRUU we get to bring those folks into your home or car or wherever you may happen to pick up the stream.

Right from the beginning of our conversation with our guest this week, Lucy Lean, Kathy and I felt like we had met a kindred spirit on many levels.  Lucy is a mother, wife, farmer's daughter, former editor of edible Los Angeles, blogger, photographer, a food judge for the Gordon Ramsay Fox hit TV show Masterchef, and the author of Made in America:  Our Best Chefs Reinvent Comfort Food.  The book features 100 recipes from chefs located all over the country and with varying cultural backgrounds.  The diversity of personalities and Lucy's vision of adapting 20th century regional comfort food recipes to today's ingredients and techniques makes for an engaging read and amazing recipes.

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VHF ( Very High Frequency)

As I often say about KRUU, we are low power, but very high frequency. Not because we are on 24/7/365, but because we are generated and driven by hundreds of volunteers working thousands of hours. All that attention to detail mainly because we all love what we do in supporting the community. So more to the point of this particular show, I have 29 songs over three hours that are sure to please the most discriminating rock and roll listener. Highlights include, but not limited to, bands like U2, Loggins & Messina, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, and The Moody Blues. New music courtesy of Woods and Shakey Graves, who will be appearing at Hinterland Festival this year. Enjoy. The G Man

The Inspiration Initiative

Join host Luke Davids on this weeks episode of "The Inspiration Initiative" to explore some of the most soulful and funkalicious music of the last few decades.

Introducing the Music of

Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy’s first album is a fabulous miniature, clocking in at just 34 minutes, that gets better every time you listen to it. It’s clearly a singer-songwriter record in that it’s the thoughts of one person, no matter how personal..... there’s plenty of space between the drums, bass, guitars and Glaspy’s voice, which is sometimes resigned, sometimes yearning.

-- The Guardian

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥


The Big C Jamboree (America's longest running monthly rockabilly jam session) has come to a close after 25 years. I was proud to be its emcee and number one cheerleader.

And now it's on to other things indeed. I'm making another speedy trip to Fairfield. I'll be in town very briefly saturday May 20 for a family gathering. I'm sure you'll be able to spot me running frantically into the Bargain Box, Goodwill and Orscheln's.

If anyone wants to say hey in person, drop an email to thefeedstore@kruufm.com. I'd be happy to see you. 

KILLER SET | It is sway past time for women to rule the roost

Mother's Day BLUES KRUUz Special
featuring America's finest: Bessie Smith, Memphis Minnie, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ruth Brown & Big Mama Thornton.

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