JOHN LENNON | 1940-1980 | October 9th

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In The Moment

G ManA smattering of rock and roll bands on a Thursday afternoon, not having much in common with each other by way of genre, sound, production, or year. We go back to 1967 with The Beach Boys and The Glass Family, and up into present day with The Astronauts and The Black Keys. New blues phenom Gary Clark Jr. also joins us for a real tasty cover of a Jimi Hendrix tune. The G Man

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Part 2: 8th Annual Best of Fringe Toast - Wed., 10/8 8pm CT

Seabear(See link to playlist below). Discover what's been kicking around in DJ Andy Bargerstock's brain when he reveals the second batch of choice music tracks discovered during the previous year.

Various international musicians contribute to the 28-song fun including Iceland's folk-indie band Seabear (photo with lead singer Soley on right) and Mexico's brother-sister duo Rodrigo y Gabriela (photo) with their spirited acoustic guitar flourishes.  Thank goodness somebody discovered them playing on the streets of Rodrigo y GabrielaIreland.  Listen closely for Fairfield's own Robert Reeder with "Walking Shoes" from his first CD, the up-and-coming Swedish-West African singer Seinabo Sey, Maili's exotic desert band Tinariwen, Germany's electronic wonder Emou, Scotland's singer-songwriter Steve Mason and Nashville's Angel Snow with her charming vocals.

Click here for playlist of part 2 of 8th Annual Best of Fringe Toast. Discover why people say Fringe Toast is the best place to find new music ... some say better than Pandora!   Encourage friends worldwide to join the live stream at Check out Andy B's latest music review of English band Astronauts and New Orleans sister duo Rising Appalachia published in the October issue of Iowa Source magazine.

Author B. K. Loren


What's B. K. Loren up to? Her novel THEFT's been optioned for film! B. K.'s writing the screenplay! She just won the 2014 Colorado Book Award for Creative Nonfiction for ANIMAL, MINERAL, RADICAL: A FLOCK OF ESSAYS ON WILDLIFE, FAMILY & FOOD!

Here at The Studio we're celebrating these successes of one of our favorite authors by rebroadcasting an interview in which B. K. explains in detail how she approaches writing, creativity, and life. 

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Afrobeat of 2014 Featuring Jungle Fire


What happens when you take 70's-inspired funk & soul, stir it in a pot with Afro, Latin and Cuban rhythms, then turn the heat ALL the way up? You get the LA-based 12-piece funk group Jungle Fire and the amazing debut LP they released last week: Tropicoso.

On this Tuesday's edition of That Righteous Jive we'll be checking out some of my favorite tracks from Tropicoso, as well as a whole lot more great afro/latin funk & soul from 2014. On the roster we've got: The Souljazz Orchestra, Budos Band, Euforquestra, Ikebe ShakedownMotherlode and Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood. Stream it live October 7th, 5-6pm CDT right here on KRUU radio.

Ron Turner is the founder and director of Last Gasp Publishing. Last Gasp is a book and underground comix publisher and distributor, with its headquarters in San Francisco. Notable artists published by Last Gasp include Tim Biskup, Robert Crumb, Richard Corben, and Ron English.

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Jessica Burks interviews Debbie Goodman

Debbie Goodman


With a head full of songs and ready to tell about them, Debbie Goodman packed up a U-Haul and headed to Los Angeles with her guitar and her percussionist. She left behind a budding country career in Nashville to pursue pop and rock in more progressive California.

The song Beautiful Girl can be heard streaming in some major grocery stores across the US. Pop star Grace Potter sings her song "Stars". Debbie's rock and country crossover tunes and that undeniable twang in her voice reveals an Oklahoma City upbringing with a nice mix of Tennessee. Other influences include Led Zepplin, who she loves covering with a live band, and she looks up to country star Miranda Lambert for her rebellious feistiness.

From East Coast to West Coast and right in the middle, Debbie Goodman has touched the nation with songs that come straight from her own real life.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥
view video from the first 30 minutes of last week's broadcast

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Heroines of the Civil War - "Liar, Temptress,Soldier, Spy"

Karen AbbottMonica and Caroline are back live at KRUU today for an interview we've been looking forward to.  Karen Abbott is a journalist and historian.  Her two previous books, "Sin in the Second City" and "American Rose" were Liar Temptress Soldier Spyboth New York Times bestsellers.  Now she's back with "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy," the true stories of four daring women who served during the Civil War, risking all for their cause.

We will talk about the role of women in the Civil War and why history has largely forgotten them.  How did Abbott become interested in this topic; how did she find her subjects and what were her sources of information?  We will also discuss the challenges of writing history for a general audience.

Abbott is a featured contributor to Smithsonian magazine's history blog and also writes for Disunion, the New York Times series about the Civil War.

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