We'll be chilling out to some breezy summertime vibes on tonight's edition of After Hours. I've got a basketful of jazzy trip-hop and instrumental hip-hop from 2016, featuring Casablanca-based beatsmith and guitarist Saib with his amazing debut LP Around the Word.

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Lonnie Mack, the pioneering blues guitarist whose work helped expand and redefine his instrument’s role in modern music, has died of natural causes at the age of 74.

Born in 1941, Mack was raised in Indiana, where he was bitten by the musical bug at an early age, picking up his first guitar at the age of 6. “I could hardly reach around the neck. My whole family plays. My brother is real good on guitar. We all played country western music,” he told Hit Parader in 1968. “My brother had a country band. He had some Nashville musicians that went on to be something. Then Elvis and these guys came out and I switched over to rockabilly. Then I went to rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues or soul music.”
Lonnie Mack with Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones
That musical progression shaped the whole of Mack’s career, starting with his 1963 instrumental hits “Memphis” and “Wham!” and continuing through a catalog that proved as rewarding as it was difficult to define. Unconcerned with fame and prone to irregular recording schedules, Mack never achieved the household name status he arguably deserved, but his impact reverberated through the work of countless artists whose fans absorbed his legacy whether or not they realized it.

Mack was particularly close with Stevie Ray Vaughan, who covered his work often and helped nurse him back to health with a benefit concert after Mack fell ill. Although he largely focused on live performance during the latter years of his career, he continued to remain active through the early years of the 21st century — a period that saw his work repeatedly honored through inductions into the International Guitar Hall of Fame and Rockabilly Hall of Fame, among others.

“You’d better love the guitar better than the women,” Mack laughed when asked to offer advice for young guitarists. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of women, but my first love was always that guitar. If you love it that much, you’ll spend a lot of time with it. If you spend a lot of time with it, you’ll get what you want. A guitar is a lot like a woman — they both have their different moods.”

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Prine Tonight!

Prince!!! Prince

Tribute to this extraordinary musician mixed live at 9-10PM U.S. Central Time on the StevieMix Dance show tonight April 22, 2016.

Great sadness in your passing and great joy and love in your music.  May you move on to an even bigger and better life.

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Joyce Goldstein on Great Taste WED 7pm FRI 7am CT

The New Mediterranean TableFew restaurants have had as lasting an impact on the San Francisco (and beyond) food scene as Square One.  Opened in 1984 by Joyce Goldstein, who served as the iconic spot’s chef/owner over the next 12 years, Square One showcased Joyce’s passion for not only the Mediterranean food of her beloved Italy, but also encompassed dishes from Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, and Morocco.  The menu changed daily, and the focus on the plate was whatever was fresh and seasonal. 

Joyce GoldsteinThroughout the years Joyce has continued to teach and inspire as a consultant to the restaurant and food industries, and as the author of numerous books and magazine articles.  Her latest book, The New Mediterranean Jewish Table:  Old World Recipes for the Modern Home, is an extensive collection of 420 recipes designed to expand the understanding of Jewish food beyond its generally narrow confines of matzoh ball soup and brisket.

Each easy-to-follow recipe is presented in its context as part of the Jewish culinary spirit that thrived in the Mediterranean, the Sephardic, Maghreb, or the Mizrahi cultures, as opposed to the familiar, but limited dishes of the Ashkenazi or Eastern European Jews.

Joyce continues to be one of my culinary heroes.  I look forward to Passover, and the difference some of the recipes in this book will make to our table and understanding of the journey to freedom.

This week's feature is the new album by Graham Nash:

This Path Tonight


"It’s almost certain that a few years ago, the idea that vaunted ‘60s singer-songwriter Graham Nash would have ended his decades-long marriage and scuttled his extremely lucrative partnership with David Crosby and Stephen Stills to embark on a renewed solo career with a fresh love interest would have probably seemed preposterous. And yet here we are. For his first solo album in 14 years, Nash mines a trio of themes that have sustained a majority of writers throughout history: love, loss, and finality. At 74 years old, the former Hollies singer offers a unique perspective on all three, a view that rarely gets explored by din of the fact that there just aren’t many people his age writing up to the same level of viable music. --Album review at ConsequenceOfMusic.net

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New Rock & Soul


Sneaker PimpsLast week's Fringe Toast Retrospective Part 1 show created quite a stir. One listener characterized the experience as “hypnotic” and another said it was "other worldly in a really good way."  This week's Retrospective Part 2 entails yet another trance-inducing installment from brother Charlie’s favorites list. Spotlight shines on Kelli Ali lead singer for the Sneaker Pimps (photo left). Click here for complete playlist.

We start off with Roy Buchanan’s blues guitar "Sweet Dreams", followed by "Shut Your Eyes" by Snow Patrol (photo right) and "Low Times" by the School for Seven Bells. Then, comes the TV theme music from thesnow patrol BBC crime drama Luther which is Massive Attack's song "Paradise Circus".  And Greg Laswell offers his "Undone" used as a theme song for Friday Night Lights.   

We revisit "Wonderful Life" by DJ producer Carl Craig, and a marvelous  church organ-baritone sax piece "Good Places" with Beaver & Krause and jazz great Gerry Mulligan. In the Chill Zone second hour, prepare for the works of Brian Eno, Zero 7, the Egg and Magic Sound Fabric.  Many of these are destined to become classics in your music library.


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