Credit: Royal Society Open Science, Published 14 January 2016.DOI: 10.1098/rsos.150645

Did you know that research suggests some of the bedtime stories and fairy tales were first told during the Bronze Age!

New research suggests some of the most treasured stories, or some variation of them, date back thousands of years. To come to these conclusions, the researchers applied a technique normally used in biology—building phylogenetic trees to trace linguistic attributes back to their origin.

I guess Wilhelm Grimm, of the famous Grimm brothers was right. He published his famous fairy tales back in 1812 and wrote that he believed the tales were many thousands of years old. But that was discredited not long after. Now researchers suggest he was right all along.

- Grandpa D

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A FINE FRENZY & THE STAVES Wed. Jan 20 at 8pm CT

Alison SudolAnother LIVE program with DJ Andy Bargerstock with spotlight on the ladies featuring Seattle singer Alison Sudol (photo left) and her band A Fine Frenzy and the English folk-rock sister trio The StavesDouble-spins in the first hour from T Bone Burnett and Hiss Golden Messenger. First-timers to Fringe Toast include Jesse Iaquinto and the Fireside Collective and Ray Bonneville.

In the epic second-hour Chill Session, your ears will delight with endorphin-producing tracks from a variety of international electro-acoustic artists including Emou (Germany), Darkside (Chile), Adham Shaikh (Canada; photo right), Blue Adham ShaikhFoundation (Denmark), and Sand (UK).  The swirling swoon is sure to bring a smile.

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None Of The Regular Rules Were True

G ManIf I only knew the rules...Oh well. At least we have each other. Thanks to the Iowa caucuses coming to a facility near you on Feb. 1, I have had this amazing media bias thrown in my face like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist. It makes me realize that I myself am biased. I have a problem with authority. I have a problem with people who do not recognize my authority; I am the G Man, the only government you will ever need on Planet Rock & Roll. Fortunately for you, I have proof...

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get out and caucus

anitime to get psyched up to get out and vote. this week, all political music: muse, dylan, lennon, rundgren, cash, neil, and ani [pictured].

Lysistrata, open up the bedroom door
What is the matter, ain't you in love with me no more?
I enlisted in the army today,
One more time before I march away
Make me feel like a big strong man
You say you don't care about my pride,
You love me too much just to let me die,
And you won't let me come inside
Unless I don't go to war no more.

RIP Glenn Frey, Founder of the Eagles

On today's show I'll be playing my favorite downtempo electronica from 2015. DJ Krush, Four Tet, Random Rab, an-ten-nae and a whole lot more. Stream it live January 19th, 5pm-6pm CST right here on KRUU radio.

Some of the music is available for free streaming/download from the artists themselves. For links check out the playlist here.

Judy Batalion



From Canada to Harvard to London to NYC, Judy Batalion takes the reader deep into the messy parts of life in White Walls: A Memoir About Motherhood, Daughterhood, and the Mess in Between.  


Tune in today for her live conversation with

Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices.

The lovely, talented, exciting Koko-Jean Davis joins me to catch up on her amazing life. Lead singer of the internationally-acclaimed retro R&B group The Excitements, the former KRUU host is visiting all the way from Barcelona. Just about to release their third album, we'll be sharing some of her exciting music as well.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

[[[  A portion of last week's broadcast can now be heard here ♥  ]]]

I cannot prove as an absolute fact that I was glued to my television set the night of January 12, 1966. But I like to imagine that I was. I was two weeks away from turning five and that was the night that "Batman" debuted on ABC-TV. Whether I was there or not, that night changed my life(for the better). I became a full-on comic book/sci-fi/monster movie geek.

And I celebrated that night fifty years(to the hour) later by watching the first episodes of "Batman" in the living room of my own home in the Chicago area. I surrounded myself with many of my Batman souvenirs(some of them purchased during the original run of the tv show). And I wore the cape and cowl from the costume my mom made for me back then. Zap, pow and biff indeed!

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