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Time and The Tale of The Bad Boss Man

G ManMillennials, Generation Y'ers: Stick around after Mr. Tint's show at 2 PM tomorrow for Centripetal Sounds. I have a time machine, and I am going to use it! Of course, the past and the future only exist in the mind... you will need to be present, you see. And, by request, we will blast through songs that blast you through your day. If you are like Todd Rundgren, and you run home to bang on a drum and pretend it's your bosses' head, you will relate to this show. The 'great' boss- decrier of the status quo, purveyor of purpose, crafter of passion and focus, master of regulating all things to their proper place: This individual will be completely absent from our survey. Side one is gritty, side two rocks a groove hard. Let's get busy. The G Man

sheila chandra


Back from snowboarding adventures in Colorado, DJ Andy Bargerstock rediscovers his almost forgotten CD collection with rare tracks from 1980s and 90s. 


Listen for rare music, e.g., UK/Indian songwriter Sheila Chandra (photo), Canterbury lads known as Caravan, The Call, Alphaville, Cocteau Twins, Canada's Delerium, Thompson Twins reformulated as Babble, and French acoustic guitar master, Pierre Bensusan. 


So, mark your calendar and invite friends to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com

The playlist will emerge during the program.  Okay, here it is: The Playlist.

Mimosa's September 2011 Mix
Two Fingers by Deep Jinx
Alchemie Dub by Bluetech
Blue Milk by Big Chocolate
Purple Daze by Minnesota
Dissolving in Acid by Deceptikon
Clairvoyer by Random Rab
Empathy by Crystal Castles
Bassline by Miss Kittin
Forever Shining Soul by Shwex
About You by XXYYXX
Strawberry Cough by Ganja White Night

I got some more new jazz, funk, rock and electro-swing to play for you on today's edition of That Righteous Jive. 

I'll be featuring Boogie Belgique, a producer from Belgium who mixes together swing and hip-hop. We'll be checking out the new LP he released yesterday: Nightwalker (Vol. 2).

We'll also hear singles from upcoming albums by The Black KeysStanton MooreThe Mighty Sceptres and Ikebe Shakedown.

On top of that we've got Mike Dillon's Band (from the album he released today Band Of Outsiders), Rock Candy Funk PartyThe Souljazz Orchestra and Moodymann--all from albums released this year. Stream it live April 1st, 5-6pm CDT right here on KRUU radio.

Infux Bloom

eclectic with Angelia Mahaney on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Tuesday 10-11pm.

Influx Bloom

Independent publisher Darcy Pattison discusses her new nonfiction picture book, Aboyomi, and her latest childrens's novel, Saucy and Bubba, a contemporary Hansel and Gretel tale that explores the tangled threads of a family touched by grief, alcoholism, and economic frailty. During this second visit to The Studio, Darcy also discusses novel revision techniques and how she researches nonfiction. Acclaimed by major review media, Darcy's books have been translated into eight languages. Be sure to tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Darcy this week to learn how this prolific author accomplishes all that she does.  

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 11e/10c/9m/8p ♥

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"Writings from The One: 108 Insights from the Divine"

Writings from The OneThose of you who listen to Writers' Voices regularly know that, on Fridays, our live broadcast follows "The Filmosophers" featuring Chris Busch and Bruce Miller.  Bruce is a freqent source of recomendations for Writers' Voices and has also stepped in as co-host several times (including last week at a moment's notice), and we are pleased to welcome him back as co-host this week.  Our guest,  Julia Desmond, comes highly recommended by Bruce.Julia Desmond

Julia, a Wisconsin native, is a former investment banker and now serves as a "spiritual teacher for the modern world."  She teaches Oneness Meditation, and wrote this book to inspire others to experience their own insights from the divine.  Tune in for what promises to be an enlightening conversation!

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Jazz & Swing Inspired Electronica

Acid jazz, trip-hop, electro-swing and funky breaks... sounds like another fine time on The After Hours.

Tune in tonight for some great jazz and swing inspired electronica and hip-hop (all instrumental), courtesy of Erik Jackson, Boogie Belgique, Parov StelarAkshin Alizadeh, Moderator, 9Lazy9 plus a whole lot more.

Stream it live March 29, 10pm-12am CDT right here on KRUU radio. 

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Inside the Headlines with JP Sottile and James Moore


Join us for the astute and judicious insights of JP Sottile, the Newsvandal and semi-lucid meanderings of co-host James Moore, as we go "Inside the Headlines" for another full court press of the week's stories of note.

Our three tiers today are Remember CopernicusA Widening Gulf?, and Elephant and Rhinos are not Eggs . Well, I'm ready. Tune in and turn on. As always, links to all the headlines discussed--and then

 For links to headlines discussed, click "Read more" below. 

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