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Someone, hit me in the head with a scoop shovel. Please remind me just how terrible last winter really really was. So far this one has been rather cold(at least for the last week or more). But all of December we got almost no snow. Last December we got fourteen inches of the stuff. Time to hunker down and count our blessings. This one ain't so bad...so far. 

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Inside the Headlines w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile & James Moore

>Le Attack
France Kicks Islamist Ass: Paris has waged war on militants for years

>>The Economy Doesn't Suck* (*Just Keep Chanting That Mantra)
Can the U.S. Boom While the World Busts?
Fed looks past a world in turmoil, confident in U.S. recovery

>>History Is No Mystery
William Pfaff | Why the Arab World Fights

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The Feed Store


The last of the Nudie-suited country legends has left the building. At the age of 94 (just two weeks after his final appearance on the Grand Ole Opry) Little Jimmy Dickens has passed away.

He was only four-foot eleven but he cut a wide swath of music in the fifties and sixties. His band the Country Boys had an explosive twin-guitar sound. And he entertained us for more than fifty years.

This week on the Feed Store along with telling the usual stories of my days in Fairfield, I'll be playing the songs that made Little Jimmy Dickens the country star that he was.

So long, Tater. 

RRI have two guitar freak-outs by Plan 9 and Many Bright Things, some great blues courtesy of Savoy Brown and Rare Earth, plus a half hour live set from a new band called Gap Dream. The band leader was in the first iteration of The Black Keys. Some tunes from deep in the past by The The and The Grateful Dead. Cool Breeze

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

Starting Friday at the Orpheum Theatre: Unbroken, "an epic drama that follows Unbroken posterthe incredible life of Olympian and war hero Louis "Louie" Zamperini (Jack O'Connell). Adapted from Laura Hillenbrand's enormously popular book." "I read it last year. Inspirational. Zamperini was an amazing guy. Unbroken is worth seeing." - Cliff Rose

This week some excellent films are adding several more screens- of most interest: Selma starts a run at the Ottumwa 8 Theatre. If you're attracted to award-worthy films, this one's well-worthy of your attention. The Filmosophers confidently predict this will be Oscar nominated for Best Picture, Ava DuVernay for Best Director and David Oyelowo for Best Actor as Dr Martin Luther King. "What Daniel Day-Lewis did for Lincoln, Oyelowo does for King, mimicking his behavior and speech uncannily. He is both completely believable and someone we've never encountered before." "If not quite in quality then certainly in import and impact, this is the film of the year - of 1965 and perhaps of 2014. - Richard Corliss, Time Magazine. "I have rarely seen a historical film that felt so populous and full of life, so alert to the tendrils of narrative that spread beyond the frame." - A.O. Scott, N.Y. Times. If it wasn't for the groundbreaking film Boyhood, I would say Selma would win the Best Picture Oscar.

Boyhood is out on video. An opportunity to enjoy this unique film experience, again (& again :). "In my 15 years of professional movie reviewing, I can’t think of any film that has affected me the way Boyhood did. It is not just that I was moved — I’m frequently moved — but that my critical impulse seemed to collapse, along with my ability to find the boundary between art and life. As it happened, it took a second and a third viewing for me to appreciate the ingenuity of Richard Linklater’s idea and the artistry of his methods." - A.O. Scott, N.Y. Times  "A cinematic masterpiece, conceived and directed by Richard Linklater, it's bound to be talked about for years to come." - Claudia Puig, USA Today

We'll talk all that and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions". Fridays, 12:30pm, again Sunday mornings 11:30. Boyhood opens on American life and offers a progress report on our spiritual condition. - A.O. Scott, N.Y. Times

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...And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

StudioThe most recent pronouncement from the rock and roll government- me- sez that 2014 was a truly stellar year for new releases. I will play you the best of the best IMHO. My best of list for the year is right at the top of the blog for my show. I will give you a hint: It involves Real Estate, The Host Country, John Hiatt, The Black Hollies, and the Asteroid No. 4. Plus some wonderful surprises from The Yardbirds, Golden Gunn, Twink, The Holydrug Couple, The Young Sinclairs, and even The Beatles. Still relevant after all these years, they get my nod for best re-issue. I'm going to try to squeeze in about 30 songs, including a couple I did not get time for last week. Happy New Year, and let's get busy. The G Man

Epically Cracked (Chuck van Haecke, Andre LaFosse, April Fletcher, Lisa Edelman)
Epically Cracked is an instrumental quartet integrating trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics, bass, drums and turntablist guitar.  Epically Cracked (Chuck van Haecke, Andre LaFosse, April Fletcher, Lisa Edelman) bring together noteable backgrounds from the finest music schools and partnerships with renowned interntional music icons. The band's sound is edgy, experimental, funky and groove based. They bring together a hugely diverse range of influences and stylistic backgrounds, from t art compositions, mainstream pop music & all points between. We call it Original,Instrumental,Experimental,Funk        Playlists, Click Dates  :) 1/5   &   1/8            

Skunk(See link to play list below). Fairfield's own Skunk River Medicine Show (photo left) and Georgia's blues/jazz singer Lizz Wright (photo right) are the featuredLizz Wright artists on this week's Fringe Toast radio show.  Morgan and Foster delivered an outstanding CD release performance locally this past weekend.  You will hear tracks "Sliding Delta" and "Cypress Grove Blues," renamed by DJ Andy Bargerstock as "Cypress Grooveyard" due to Morgan's master banjo reverb and Foster's inspired bass lines. Sultry Lizz Wright shares three tracks from her 2005 CD, Dreaming Wide Awake, including covers of Neil Young's "Old Man" and The Youngblood's "Get Together".

Dion (yes, of the Belmonts fame) offers "Devil Got My Woman" from his tribute CD, Son of Skip James. Other first timers on Fringe Toast include Giles, Christine Day, Chris Thomas King, Bass-o-Matic, Bill Frisell, Lisa Moskow & Robert Rich. So many new tracks discovered this week. The best music you never hear! Click here for play list. Program originally aired 12/22/2010.

One Simple Change Book CoverTransform your life in 2015 by making ONE SIMPLE CHANGE each week. Need help with this transformation? Happily, Winnie Abramson, who earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Seattle's Bastyr University, has penned a perfect guidebook for you. In the beautifully formatted book, ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: SURPRISINGLY EASY WAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, Winnie provides 50 clearly explained and easy steps toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Since 2009, Winnie's been the recipe-developer, writer, and photographer of HEALTHY GREEN LIVING, a blog that touts green living, home cooking, and wholistic nutrition. 

For quick and easy steps to quickly improve your life this year, tune in this week to this rebroadcast episode of The Studio with Cheryl and Winnie Abramson.


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