(Playlist link below). POSTPONED from May 6th due to technical issues. Starting 5 songs from the TV series Sons of Anarchy featuring beautifully gritty performances from Battleme, Paul Brady, White Buffalo, and KaKat Edmonsontey Sagal who also plays a character in the series. Listen for her song with house band from Charming, CA , The Forest Rangers.  More new tracks from recently featured artists including LA singer-songwriter Meiko, and UK bands Alt-J and Smoke Fairies.   First timers to Fringe Toast include Kat Edmonson (photo below), Neulore, Gideon Grove, and duo Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer who play at Cafe Paradiso periodically.

The second-hour international Chill Session offers more fine ambient electro-acoustic tracks from La Hell Gang (Chile), Laid Back (Denmark), UK’s Phil Mison (a.k.a., Cantoma), Deep Dive Corp. (Germany), Ásgeir  (Iceland), Krono (France), and the amazingly duo Tosca (Austria).

Click here for playlist.  This program originally broadcast on 11/12/14. Invite friends worldwide to share the live stream.

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live deep

this week, deep tracks will be completely live.

you'll hear amazing versions of songs by jimi hendrix that you've never heard live: "little wing" and "all along the watchtower."

most remarkable: santana's live "black magic stone temple pilotswoman" followed by a live version by the band that wrote the song, fleetwood mac with peter green

you'll also hear live allman brothers, and the live, unplugged version of stone temple pilots' [pictured] "plush" with one of rock's more underrated insights:

"and i feel so much depends on the weather..."

For episode 75 I am going to review the 2 mini-albums "Perfect Fantasy" and "Perfect Rainbow" released by Japanese Pop-Rock band LM.C in 2014. Both albums contain 8 tracks and I decided to feature 4 of each to introduce these amazing follow-up releases.

LM.C are a very flashy loud and glamorous Pop-Rock duo founded in 2006 and although they are already approaching their 10-year anniversary they always return with a fresh and brand new style.

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Ft, Bruce Wilson - Folk/Singer/Songwriter/Oil-Painter

http://brucewilsonstudio.com/index.htmGrowing up in Iowa, Bruce Wilson enjoyed woodworking, singing, collaging and sculpture. He sang in high school choir and select vocal groups including the Iowa All-State Choir in 1971. Through his college years he studied film history and experimented with photography and ceramics.  While taking some core courses in art history he began to play guitar and write songs.

Bruce produced his critically acclaimed debut compact disc, Listen To The Voice, in 1994 and toured the Midwest for four months. The Folk/Singer/Songwriter compilation Listen To The Voice was sold at Best Buy stores in the 90's. Now you can order Listen To The Voice from his website

Bruce has transformed himself into a full time contemporary oil painter, exhibiting his American Abstract Paintings across the country in about 20 juried fine art festivals per year.  Bruce Wilson celebrates by proclaiming, "And here I am. And there are you. God bless the art buyers."

Click Here For Playlists :) 05/11 05/14
Thank you, JessicaBurksMusic 


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The Great American Songbook, Week 2: Cole Porter

Cole Porter




It may not be too darn hot (yet), but I think you'll agree that with this great American composer, anything goes.

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"Ricochet" with Sharon Bousquet

RicochetI think that is the most lyrical blog post title I've ever written (for those of you not in the know, the "quet" in "Bousquet" rhymes with the "chet" in "Ricochet".)  Which is quite fitting since today's guesSharon Bousquett is a wonderfully lyrical songwriter.  Sharon's latest CD, "Ricochet" is rich in both words and music. Join us today on Writers' Voices as we delve into the heart and soul, and the pracitical side as well, of writing songs.

Grace Gillespie Carter, AuthorFriendship helped Grace Gillespie Carter access the fortitude to plan, write, revise & self-publish City of Three Rivers, her award-winning epic novel set in Dayton, Ohio. As school girls, she and lifelong friend Rachel Hyde bonded over their shared love of writing. Eventually, they vowed to support each other's efforts to get their books written and published. Now both have succeeded: in December Rachel released her novel, More than We Know.

Grace's book, City of Three Riverscontains an intriguing mix of colorful fictional and actual historic figures (like the Wright brothers and quirky entrepreneur John Patterson). This novel's setting in flood-prone Dayton heightens suspense. With deftly drawn characters and a multigenerational approach, Grace's novel has won accolades from Dayton's current mayor and a number of authors. It also captured second place in the inaugural Inkfingerz writing competition. 

For a glimpse of how two friends urged each other on to self-publishing success, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Grace Gillespie Carter.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

Andy GoesslingCatch Andy Goessling at Cafe Paradiso Friday, May 8th with Tim & Mirabai Britton

Andy Goessling is the multi-instrumentalist of the large national touring band Railroad Earth; he plays most string and wind instruments in the band including guitar, mandolin, dobro, slide guitar, one or two saxophones, clarinet, flute, and penny whistle.

Andy is Railroad Earth's Time Machine Man. He also plays the zither, a forgotten early 20th century German instrument. Andy's promotional video for his Zither Revival Project is titled “Waiting For Zitherman.” This short film was directed and filmed as an homage to Anton Karas and The Third Man 1949 movie in a Dubuque,historic landmark, The Redstone Inn, with local actors, and features Casablanca song “As Times Goes By.”


>>Perfectly Illegal
N.S.A. Phone Data Collection Illegal, Appeals Court Rules 

>>What a Bunch of Pinkos

U.S. Satisfaction With Federal Poverty Efforts at New Low

Americans' Views of Gov't Handling of Healthcare Up Sharply
http://www.gallup.com/poll/183014/americans-views-gov-handling-healtPam Geller has even pissed off Bill O'Reilly at FOX Newshcare-sharply.aspx

>>Rulers of Engagement
U.S. military personnel have been convicted of $50 million worth of crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

Israeli soldiers say 'shoot to kill' orders put civilians in firing line

>>Cartoonish Characters
Pamela Geller’s United States Of Hate: These Are Her Biggest Fans

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