Ruth BackstromRuth Backstrom, Executive Director and co-founder of a nonprofit called Solution Generators Network, has explored techniques communities can use to identify and address issues, such as economic disparity, food insecurity, and lack of affordable housing. In Durham, North Carolina Ruth's nonprofit partners with other organizations to support film and lecture series, facilitated community discussions, wisdom circles, and local sourcing of jobs. Ruth also has tips regarding grantwriting and how to improve the odds of success in securing funds for community projects. For ideas on how individuals can help their communities forge the future they want for themselves, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Ruth. 

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Featured Singer/Songwriter Lara Ruggles Ruggles grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Emmylou Harris, Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, and the Judds. She sang her first concert in three-part harmony and won her first poetry slam.

Lara's unique blend of avant-pop and soul-folk is passionate and powerful, even when sung from whimsical points of view such as the perspective of a purse. With the attention to lyricism of Conor Oberst, the intensity of Florence and the Machine and the ear for infectious melodies of Ingrid Michaelson, Lara’s piano and guitar-driven originals invite the listener on a journey through soaring hooks, battle scenes and postcards written from well-loved and desolate desert landscapes... Lara will release her debut full-length album, 'Cynics and Saints', on Immersive Records in 2015...

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Duane Jones' Smooth Jazz

Duane Jones


"Duane's Smooth Jazz"

Bass player and computer programmer DJ Duane Jones fine tuned his ear for jazz playing in jazz bands around the "Windy City" Chicago.

Duane graduated from North Eastern University with his computer programming degree. While DJing for WCRD and other stations, Duane expanded his mental library of music and really acquired a knack for creating effective set lists.

Enjoy two hours of superior jazz programming from "Duane's Smooth Jazz" twice a week Mondays 2-4pm and Thursdays 1-3am on and 100.1 FM in Fairfield IA.

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

From her unusual bohemian childhood in Barcelona, to her stint as the youngest ever photo editor at Conde Nast, to helping to start Vogue Spain, to her life-changing journey to West Africa, Lisa Lovatt-Smith fills the pages of her memoir with infectious joy.  In  2002, Lovatt-Smith founded OAfrica, which works to reunite abandoned children with family members and provide alternatives to institutionalization.Who Knows Tomorrow

Lovatt-Smith's writing career began when she won a Vogue writing contest, and landed an internship at Vogue in London, just out of high school. She has published

 multiple books on home interiors and decorating, but her passion for over a decade has been working with the orphans of West Africa, where she now lives in a tiny hut with her three dogs and two youngest adopted children.

Join Monica and Caroline this week on Writers' Voices to learn more about this inspiring woman.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

It's a classic topical and musical safari on PLANET ERSTWILD this Friday.

At 2pm, James Moore interviews Judyth Vary Baker, former lover of Lee Harvey Oswald, whose book "Me & Lee - How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" will be discussed in some detail.

Judyth asserts that Lee Oswald (the middle name was added after he was accused of assassinating President John F Kennedy in Dallas) was actually a patriot and working on an abort team trying to keep JFK alive. She led a large gathering in Dallas this year that featured numerous JFK speakers.

At 3pm, James goes all over the map with snippets of George W Bush and Don Rumsfeld talking about Iraq as if they actually knew what they were talking about juxtaposed with musical counterpoints; Democracy Now talks about the Mike Brown non-indictment and its aftermath; there's a little ditty on the wacky cracked racket of hydraulic fracking; plus some Edward Snowden, in his own words, thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to PLANET ERSTWILD, where the sun never sets and the moon is a big pizza pie.

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Silver Bells

Silver Bells

I have been on vacation from my day job for the last week. And it has been a gas and a half. Living my life. Having a ball. Gathering stories for The Feed Store. During my time away from work, I've had the plumbers out to the house, patched the screens on my cabana, flushed my water heater, emcee-d a show, seen the David Bowie exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary art and seen shows by Styx and Nick Lowe. I really can't complain about the little life I lead. 

It's this time of the year again... Christmas is here and I'm planning to have some little Asian X-Mas celebrations on the Rice Bowl once again.

Today I'll start of softly with my selection of the best winter themed songs from South Korea, Japan and China. I thought I better keep the real Asian Christmas songs that make the eyes and ears sparkle for one of the next shows closer to Christmas Eve. For today I'll give some updates about the lawsuit filed by K-Pop idol group B.A.P against their company, a topic I already picked up for the last show!

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