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Meg Wolitzer's "Belzhar" - Young Adult Fiction for Everyone

BelzharDespite dire predictions that the digital universe would put an end to reading, it seems like young people are reading more than ever.  Many of the most popular novels and series of the 21st century are classified as "Young Adult" fiction, but probably attract just as many adult readers.

Our guest this week on Writers' Voices, Meg Wolitzer, has had a fruitful career writing fiction for adults.  Her recent novel, "The Interestings" garnished many faMeg Wolitzervorable reviews and was a New York Times bestseller.  Her short fiction has appeared in "The Best American Short Stories" and received a Pushcart Prize. Two films have been made from her work, and she has taught at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, Skidmore College, and more.  

Her latest work, "Belzhar" is a deeply moving novel for young adults set at a boarding school for fragile teens.  The characters are richly drawn, the plot is filled with intriguing reveals and unexpected twists, and Sylvia Plath's "Bell Jar" plays a pivotal role. 

Join Monica and Caroline this week as we delve into one author's foray into the world of young adult fiction, why a classic such as "The Bell Jar" can have such an impact yet today, and how the traumas of youth can reverbate throughout life.

Helluva romp lined up for you today.Don't miss a minute. Happy birthday Thelonius Monk. Yesterday John "Say You Want A Revolution" Lennon.

3:30pm -- A feature on one of the most maligned investigative journalists in American history, Gary Webb, whose disheartening life and death story is hitting the silver screen this weekend in a movie called KILL THE MESSENGER, starring Jereemy Renner. We have a clip of Gary describing the critial role of journalism that was made before he took his own life after being chased out of the profession he loved basically by being disgracefully hung out to dry by the jury of his peers at the New York Times, Washington Post & Los Angeles Times. Also, a Sacheen LittlefeatherDemocracy Now! report.

Webb's carefully compiled work uncovered the role the CIA wittingly played in looking the other way while Nicaraguan "freedom figters", lauded by Ronald Reagan, were allowed to sell a new, virulent form of cocaine known as crack, that would plague African-American communities and US cities to this day in order to generate funding for arms, bypassing Congressional approval. CIA and American leadership exhibiting the qualities of the most egregious banana republics. And this man dared reveal it. He thought he was just doing his job.

3pm -- JFAN's Annual Summit Wednesday, October 15th at 7:30pm is presenting Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch, is interviewed. Wenonah HauterPeople can make a difference, she says, if they come together. Her national organization & work is testimony to how it's done. Don't miss this discussion.

2:05pm -- Marlon Brando was an amazingly gifted and natural actor. But when he received an Academy Award in 1973 for his performance in "The Godfather", he did something almost unheard of. He said: No, thanks. But I will take this opportunity to put a spotlight on the plight of Native-Americans. Marlon Brando on Dick CavettAmerican Indian civil rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather made a statement on his behalf.It was while Wounded Knee was going on. And a profile in courage.

2:25pm -- Mark Deuitch, founder of PeopleClaim.com, a member-supported online dispute resolution service, designed to allow parties to come together in a neutral setting and solve problems—easily, quickly, and constructively, along with Jeff Kapek, marketing director, talk about their company's unique business model and successes in bringing parties together to resolve complaints.

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The Feed Store

My mom just sent me the article from the Fairfield Ledger detailing the amount of money that was brought into Fairfield by way of this year's FAIRfest. Bravo. My hat is off to the city of Fairfield and particularly to James Moore and KRUU. The event is only in its second year and it sounds like it brought a whole mess of people and a truckload of cash to town. I hope that maybe possible perhaps my band the Gin Palace Jesters, who performed at the inaugural event, can be a part of the festivities again.

Rebirth Brass Band FAIRfest '14

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"Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile

Gidgets with gadgets.

Today JP Sottile, the Newsvandal, and James Moore invite you to tune in for another weekly dose of news at 4

pm CT when they go INSIDE THE HEADLINES.

This week's 3 tiers include Ebola! Ebola! Ebola! (not Ricola), the near-ish end is not a river in Egypt (Is that a whitleblower in your coalmine or a black canary?), and secrets & lies--so many secrets & lies.

As always, click "Read more" below for links to all the headline stories discussed on our program. Show is rebroadcast Sundays at 9am and archived Monday.

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Celebrating Jackson Browne's birthday on Roots Rock Roadhouse

Celebrating the birthday (Oct. 9, 1948) of Jackson Browne who began his professional music career at the age of 16 when he penned the song "These Days".  Browne is arguably the greatest songwriter to emerge from the early 70s southern California; Laurel Canyon scene.  His poetic, introspective renderings of life in the post 60s millieu have not only stood the test of time but they've spawned musical children like Dawes, Indigo Girls and others. His songs have been recorded by Gregg Allman, Joan Baez, the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, the Byrds, Tom Rush, Nico and many more. Happy birthday Jackson. We'll be appreciating you, celebrating you and knowing you, the same way we have been for years; through your music.

Great Taste was "live" at Green Building Supply in Fairfield. Sabita Sawhney of Sabi's Cafe joined Kathy DuBois and host Steve Boss for an evening of Indian cooking and tasting. [The show is taped before a live audience at GBS every 2nd Tuesday of the month.]

Sabita Sawhney

Noah and friendsYou're going to love spending some "up close and personal" time with Sabita.  She is an absolute delight.

If you can't join us at the "live" recording session, tune in to Great Taste on Wednesday at 7:00 pm or Friday at 7:00 am on KRUU or www.kruufm.com to hear the show.

In the second 1/2 hour you can listen to my recent talk with raw chocoholic and chocolatier Noah Loin of Noah's Raw Chocolate. How sweet it is!!

RRJust after 2 AM Saturday morning you will be able to enjoy the entire 2014 Walk Away release by local artists The Host Country. Their first EP was an acoustic duo setting with warm melodies and fine harmony vocals. None of that is missing with this new release, and they have added some bass, drum, and electric guitar into the mix. You will come away elevated in spirit by the experience. Side two runs away from the folk scene to some mood pieces by Dead Can Dance, U2, The Moody Blues, and Julian Cope, to name a few. Marshall Crenshaw is the place-holder du jour with The Usual Thing. Something that this show is not... Cool Breeze

JOHN LENNON | 1940-1980 | October 9th

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In The Moment

G ManA smattering of rock and roll bands on a Thursday afternoon, not having much in common with each other by way of genre, sound, production, or year. We go back to 1967 with The Beach Boys and The Glass Family, and up into present day with The Astronauts and The Black Keys. New blues phenom Gary Clark Jr. also joins us for a real tasty cover of a Jimi Hendrix tune. The G Man

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