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Gallimaufry Hour

Music & more.

About the Music

A personal journey of musical discovery.

Videogame Audio

Music I love.

City & State Business

Learn all about the business of City & State government with regular guests state representative Curt Hanson [1st and 3rd weeks] and fourth ward city council person Michael Halley [2nd and 4th weeks].

Stay informed & keep up on the local and state haps. Shows archived as well.

The Jacob Show

The After Hours

Every Saturday night from 10pm-12am CST/CDT The After Hours broadcasts live right here from solar-powered KRUU radio (located in the cultural district of Fairfield, Iowa). I play a variety of music, from funk and jazz to trip-hop and electronica. I always try to keep it fresh; keeping you up to date on albums coming out that I'm excited about, but I'm also not afraid to kickback and listen to some classics. Each week's show usually has a different theme and I always post a blog beforehand letting ya'll know what I'm planning.

The Studio

Tune in to The Studio on Mondays at 1 PM CST and Wednesdays at 7 AM CST. Every week, host and producer Cheryl Fusco Johnson explores creativity by talking with people whose lives express it. Guests include entrepreneurs, editors, agents, artists, authors, athletes, fitness experts, and other creative professionals.

The After Hours

Acid Jazz, Funk, Soul, Fusion, Down-tempo, Trip-Hop, Electronica

Tone Sandwich

Tone sandwich is an exploration of sound and movement.  Everything from early 78 rpm recordings to fm gold to noise will be addressed between the buns of this hour long sandwich of sound.  Tone Sandwich challenges what is "pop" music.

The No Show

MSAE buds talking shop and laying down the tunes.