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Variety Pack Sampler

G ManI have lined up about 25 to 30 songs for Thursday @ 2 PM which will delight the most discerning consumer of rock and roll. I have mini-sets of songs centered around bands like West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Green Pajamas, Merle Haggard, Bauhaus, and The Kinks. I will be spicing up the afternoon with Blue Mountain, Ginger Baker, Love Battery, and The Strange Flowers. Plus an outtake from the album Days Of Wine And Roses by The Dream Syndicate. Come genre-hopping with... The G Man!

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Sue Conley of Cowgirl Creamery featured rebroadcast

Classic Mac and Cheese

Sue Conley, one-half of the the amazing creative team responsible for Cowgirl Creamery cheeses along with her collaborator, Peggy Smith, talked with me about their recently published book, Cowgirl Creamery Cooks. It's much more than a cheese book as it is filled with entrancing recipes, kitchen tips, and the personal story of the Cowgirls.  Mac and Cheese lovers make certain you check out their recipe for this classic soul-warming dish.  You can find it at the end of the post. [Show originally aired 20160226.]

If you haven't experienced their organic cheeses made in Point Reyes, California, the Mt. Tam and Red Hawk are currently available at Whole Foods in Des Moines.  Gateway Market in Des Moines is expecting their next shipment of the same two cheeses the first week of March.  Both stores will have the seasonal special St. Pat cheese the first part of March.

Confessions of a Headmaster



What exactly does a headmaster have to confess? Well, his successes and failures, for a start. 

Paul F. Cummins is a renowned educator, who has spent his life making sure that all students are treated with respect and encouraged to follow their passions.  

He was co-founder of many schools including Crossroads, in Los Angeles.  

Check out writersvoices.com for more on "Confessions of a Headmaster." 

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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The Feed Store


I love county courthouses. The good ones always look like they were built at the end of the 1800s. Spires. Clock towers. Marble staircases.

I love the Jefferson County courthouse and the care and updating it has received in recent years. But the courthouse in Washington is not too shabby either.

Best of all, one of my cousins works there. On my last trip to Iowa I took some time to visit the seat of government in the next county over. 

Planet of the Mixtapes

dance with Tara De Santis on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Friday 8-9pm.

DJ Veda spins the tunes

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Five Year Anniversary Show

RRHow about a little party to celebrate the newest anniversary of the show. #260 contains some new-to-the-show bands like The Churchills, It's All Meat, Chico Magnetic Band, The Mystic Tide, and Saint Steven. I am also playing songs off of some relatively obscure records by The Glass Family, El Alamo, Elderberry Jak, The Sapphire Thinkers, and Ron Wood. The rest of the music is just plain good. No two ways about it. I am looking for someone to email me at centripetalsounds@gmail.com and tell me they remember my very first show. Check in, check it out, and enjoy the music. Cool Breeze

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Inside the Headlines w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile & James Moore

Donald Trump Is The Price We Pay For Sarah Palin

>>>The Great Re-Recession
The U.S. Is At The Center Of The Global Economic Meltdown

America Loves Diverse Movies, So Why Isn't Hollywood Making Them?

>>>Meanwhile, Back On Planet Earth...
It’s Official: 2015 Was The Hottest Year Ever Recorded

(SONG) The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

This is a quiet weekend for big releases or films of note. Robert De Nero seems to movie theaterbe slumming with his latest: Dirty Grandpa. We'll list some of our fave De Nero films. Marvel Comics has ruled the superhero movie world for some time. Now DC Comics is releasing a pair of titles this year based on their legendary characters, including Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (March 25), which includes Wonder Woman. There's a trailer just out for DC's Suicide Squad (August 5th), starring Will Smith as Deadshot.

We recorded this show and I mistakenly announce the free film at the FF library, which already happened last week. I'm sorry. You may know Alan Rickman passed recently. He literally exploded onto the film world as evil mastermind Hans Gruber, in 1988's Die Hard. Most know him as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. We'll talk about his career. He'll be missed.

Also, listener Alexander Gabis saw and "hated" Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful 8. He was so "dismayed" he posted his first review on IMDB- "Take all the graphic violence of "Reservoir Dogs", mix in a double dose of "Pulp Fiction" perversion, add a mind-numbing measure of Tarantino's most disgusting, revolting fantasies, dress it all up in Western garb, with an Agatha Christie-like whodunit plot, and you have the essence of this film." Al took us to task for not warning listeners "about films like this." This is a filmosophical question whose truth- like all of life- may not be as obvious as it appears ("the course of action is unfathomable"). We'll give our filmosophy on this subject and more, on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions". Fridays 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings 11:30. "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me??" You-know-who in Taxi Driver.

Enjoy this GREAT TASTE Exclusive Rebroadcast originally aired 20120314. It has been downloaded from the archives over 3000 times!

It was a delicious experience being in Salt Lake City last week. I had excellent meals at the Copper Onion and Pago. More about those meals on the show.

Artisan ChocolatesI love chocolate so it was a treat to enjoy in SLC a brief Chocolate 101 session at Tony Caputo's Market and Deli. This "must" destination fine food shop downtown has its own cheese cave, an in-house salame maker, and a overwhelming number (more than 300) of cacao bean products including three types of rich chocolate drinks that should come with some type of government warning label.

The devil lurking behind these temptations is one of this week's guests, Matt Caputo. Here's how one website described him. "Matt Caputo is one of the world's most discerning connoisseur of fine chocolate bars. The award winning chocolate tasting classes he teaches at Tony Caputo's Market & Deli are highly recommended by many media outlets, chefs and even numerous international chocolate experts. His in-depth research is not limited to books and the internet, he has traveled the globe to meet and learn from the most respected chocolate makers in the world."

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