I am single-handedly attempting to introduce a new phrase into the English language. I have taken to my audio and digital soapbox(KRUU) to promote my cause. The phrase that I want to put in general usage is "diapering the horse." And here's what it means. On your job, you like to have things your way. You've created a system that works. The scissors go here. The paperclips are over here. The forklift gets parked in that corner. If you take time off someone covers for you. And that person puts things in a slightly different place. When you return you need time to restore things to their proper places. That process is "diapering the horse." As in, "I'll get the Laswell report finished once I'm done diapering the horse." Try it yourself. 

Daniel BelloneDANIEL BELLONE Interview airs Thursday 7:00 PM and Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.

Coralee Dey and Bruce Miller interview Daniel Bellone about his upcoming Monday evening concert at Morning Star Studio April 18th. (7:30 PM, tickets $15, students $10 at Thymely Solutions or Morning Star at the door.)
Originally from Argentina, Daniel's performed worldwide, including Japan, China, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and India. Described as a "spiritual musician," at about the age of 20, Daniel experienced a spiritual transformation. This was the beginning of his vision of "Awakening Through Music. Singing these praises is more than mere enjoyment, it also produces changes in the chemistry of our bodies, rewiring our perceptions of suffering, creating a happier life and opening the way to manifest the higher self."

From local accounts of folks who've heard Daniel sing, his performance will be a joyful, spiritually transformational event.Bruce says, "I'm personally grateful to Coralee for inspiring Daniel to perform here in between his Chicago and Kansas City concerts. He's going to love the spiritually resonant Fairfield audience and vice-versa."

Learn more about Daniel at danielbellone.com.



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How can Chicago police rebuild trust?

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'Living wills' for five out of eight big banks fail U.S. regulators' test

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Kathy Kelly & Ann Wright To Tour Iowa, May 1-7

Kathy Kelly and Ann Wright today announced that they will launch their “War and Refugees: Peace Is Possible” tour of Iowa in Wellman  on Sunday, May 1.  Kelly is the coordinator of Voices For Creative Nonviolence, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, and was awarded the US Peace Memorial Foundation  Peace Prize in 2015. 

She will be going to Kabul, Afghanistan to continue her work with the Afghan Peace Volunteers immediately after the Iowa tour  Ann Wright is a retired Army Reserve colonel and a 29-year veteran of the Army and Army Reserves. She served many years in the U.S. State Department, and resigned in protest over the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  Ann will be coming to Iowa from a speaking tour in Europe and work with refugees on Lesvos Island.

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Only 22 Songs

RROnly 22 songs for the next edition, but it seems like I cover a lot of territory. I pulled some old favorite albums out from Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane, The Steve Miller Band, Richie Havens, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have a studio outtake of Mickey Newbury doing his classic song Just Dropped In, To See What Condition My Condition Was In. If you have not heard this version, it is worth the price of admission alone. Yes, for just the price of your monthly contribution to our community radio station, you can get Steve Earle, The Woolen Men, and Underworld all in the same set. Think about it... Cool Breeze

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Michael C. White Explores Loss in "Resting Places"

Michael C. WhiteResting Places"Resting Places" is Michael C. White's seventh novel.  He also teaches in Fairfield University's MFA in Creative Writing program, which he founded - that's Fairfield, Connecticut, not to be confused with Fairfield, Iowa, the home of KRUU and Writers' Voices.

A few years ago, Michael noticed one of those roadside memorials, known in Spanish as "descanos", or resting places, along a road he had often traveled.  He stopped to check it out, and the inscription and belongings that had been left there suggested an entire story of a man who had died there.  From that experience grew this novel about a woman who loses her son in a mysterious accident, and sets out on a cross country journey to visit the site of his death.

Join us on Writers' Voices as we once again delve into the craft of writing.


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Bonnie Raitt's new album: Dig In Deep

This week's feature is the new album by Bonnie Raitt:

Dig In Deep

What Raitt has done on her 20th album is go deep in the pocket, leaning on her gifts as a sensitive bandleader, bottleneck guitarist and producer, not to mention a paragon of modern blues expression.
--NPR review

Here it is. And what exactly is it? And why was I allowed to play with one in grade school gym class at Pleasant Plain Elementary in the sixties? Answers to these and other burning questions(like "How much longer is this stupid show on the air???") will be answered on "The Feed Store," thursday at 10AM CDT and Sunday at Noon CDT.

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We Are Ever So Clean

G ManTake The Three O'Clock starter, add in a crankcase of Nilsson, Tricky, The White Stripes, and Robert Cray. Rev up an engine full of Deep Purple, Marshall Crenshaw, and The Allman Brothers Band. Lube it all up with Sly & Robbie. Fuel it with Jah Wobble, The Romantics, Procol Harum and The Alabama Shakes. It all adds up to a clean burn, two hours of all killer, no filler rock, tomorrow at two on KRUU. The G Man

zero 7 with sia(Note: see link to playlist below). In the past ten years, DJ Andy Bargerstock has introduced the listeners of Fringe Toast to thousands of new tunes from many genres and artists around the world.  We make yearly Crispy Awards for best new releases from off-the-beaten path. And, of course there are the epic early fall Best of Fringe Toast editions. This program's playlist was selected by DJ Andy’s brother, Charlie, with his favorite tracks from the past. Next week, prepare to listen to Part 2.  Both Charlie and DJ Andy will be hosting live on these dates.

Start with Ryan Bingham’s cut "Until I’m cat powerOne with You" which was theme music for the TV series The Bridge. We bring back an old favorite "Had a Dream" by actress and sometimes singer Bird York and "Willie" by Cat Power (photo right). We feature electronic composer and DJ Emancipator’s "When I Go" and two pieces by Blue Tofu--"Wild Blue" and "Spiritual". Throw in some Mark Isham, Zero 7 (photo upper left), Dido and join the second hour swoon of Chill Zone classics. Be assured, this music never grows old.

Click here for playlist.  Spread the word and mark your calendar every Wednesday to hear the best music your never hear unless you are tuned to FT.


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