Christine and the QueensFairfield's own Eli Lieb leads off the program with "Stay". Rising young French singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier (photo left) known by her stage name Christine and the Queens takes the Fringe Toast spotlight in the first hour with her minimalistic synth-pop twin-spin.

Arlo Guthrie's daughter named Sarah Lee with duo member Johnny Irion (photo right) share tracks from 2013 Sarah Lee Guthre and Johnny Irionsalbum Wassiac Way

More new tracks from Sarah Jarosz who will play The Englert on July 14 in Iowa City, IA.

The second-hour Chill Session offers electro-acoustic marvels from FT first-timers Psychic Ills, Evan Romans, Kaleo, Astronomyy, Rhodes, and  Young Romans.  The final set of etheral pieces provides the perfect salute to the evening. 

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream at every Wednesday at 8pm Central US Time to hear the "best music you never hear."

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Rosie WitherspoonRosie Witherspoon from the At Home Store joined me Tuesday night at Green Building Supply for our montly GREAT TASTE LIVE show.  We talked and cooked together, and Tom Allen surprised us by dropping by, joining in on the fun, and singing a song about the Boston Tea Party.

We built the show around a few critical utensils that will help you cook more effectively and easily.   We featured silicone spatulas from GIR, Gefu's spiralizer, cheese grater, and mandoline, plus a cool jar lid that makes pickling in small batches a breeze.

It's summer in America. And that can mean only one thing. J.D. McPherson and his band are back on the road, rockin' out at clubs, festivals and concert halls from coast to coast and across the globe. When he comes to Chicago, my wife and I are almost always there, front row, cheering on our friend. His latest offering, "Let the Good Times Roll," is still lighting up the charts and the radio and delighting fans from here to there. And that includes my sister Jean who I hope will be meeting J.D. after the show she's seeing later in July. He's a good kid. He'll make you dance. 

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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Something For Everyone

RRThe next Rainbow Rider has something for everyone. If you love avant-guarde stuff you will enjoy A Grave With No Name and A Minor Forest. If you are into blues I have Bob Smith and Cream. New music comes from A Band Of Owls, William Tyler, Steve Gunn, and Eternal Tapestry. Plus some classic rock by King Crimson, Atomic Rooster, and Al Kooper& Steven Stills. Check out the playlist online, and remember the replay is Monday morning from 4 to 6 A.M. Cool Breeze

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The Filmosophers movie talk

Microbe And Gasoline poster Of the wide releases this week The Legend Of Tarzan was one we've been anticipating as a potential blockbuster worthy of attention. With the strong trailers, director David Yates (who made the last four Harry Potter films and soon to be hotly-anticipated latest from writer J.K. Rowling: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them) and stars like Samuel L. Jackson & Christoph Waltz, we were hopeful. But two thirds of the reviews say Tarzan is "no king of swing." Alas, it seems the summer of MMM continues- mediocre mainstream movies. "Tarzan is too dull to offer consistent pulp excitement, too self-serious to let itself have fun, and too reliant on same-y CG spectacle to truly thrill." "While the talented cast and a solid director make for a serviceable and intermittently entertaining adventure, there's very little about this film that screams, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS." Chris gives the summer "blockbuster" season so-far a grade of FFF - flat formulaic films. Not surprisingly about two thirds of the reviews for Steven Spielberg's new film The BFG are positive. It appears this may not rank as one of Spielberg's best, but still a worthy addition to a mediocre summer. "As a character, the BFG is a wondrous creation, and Mark Rylance does a magnificent job bringing him to life." "You can see a thousand movies and think that you've become immune to dazzling visuals - until you see them done right." We always look for smaller films cinema fans may enjoy. This week includes the latest from Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) - Microbe And Gasoline. The buzz is good on this. "Just when it seemed as though director Michel Gondry would be lost in the clouds forever, he comes back down to earth with a winsomely grounded coming-of-age tale that makes the most of his talents." "If this film were a person, you'd want to give it a big hug." We'll talk this and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions. - "He's Tarzan. You're Jane. He'll come for you."  

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Amos Lee: The Man and His Music

A Tribute to Amos Lee in Celebration of his Upcoming Album: Vaporize

We'll be featuring the new single from his soon to be released album as well as a retrospective of his prior work.

With Special Guest Host: Tamara Kulow


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    4:00 pm
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    4:00 am

From One Who Serves

Centripetal Sounds LogoThe show starts with The Mighty Lemon Drops singing Closer to You, and it ends with Marcus Roberts performing Prayer For Peace from the album of the same name. In between: Songs reflecting on the nature of how we may serve one another. Some rather light-hearted tunes from the likes of The Cramps, The Groundhogs, and The Rascals. Plus Traffic, The Beatles, X, and The Moody Blues, just to name a few. Food for thought courtesy of some really great rock and roll bands on this edition of Centripetal Sounds. The G Man

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Fringe Toast - SARAH JAROSZ TRIO on Wed., 6/29 at 8pm CT

Sarah Jarosz TrioMore choice tracks from DJ Andy Bargerstock. Northeast Jam-band Assembly of Dust leads off with two live tracks. Then, leading up to the July 14, 2016 concert at the Englert Theater in Iowa City, IA, rising young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sarah Jarosz & Trio (photo left), will perform her unique blend of new grass and ethereal realms with spotlight on tracks from the new CD Undercurrent. Also, in the first hour, listen closely for harmonies from the debut self-titled album of Case/Lang/Veirs.  Twin-spins each from on Jon Shain & Joe Newberry and Band of Horses.

The eagerly anticipated second-hour Chill Session includes sonic gems from Red Hot Chili Peppers made-over by electronic producer DangerMouse putting them unexpectedly and delightful into Fringe Toast spotlight second-hour gig.  Justin Johnson returns with more vintage acoustic guitar blues on cigar-box guitars from early 1900s. Other contributors include Sheila Chandra, Cass McCombs, Andi Starr, Cry Wolf, and Digitonal.  Ah, yes, more Above & Beyond too!

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream at Click on "Listen Live."  It's the best music you never hear... unless you're tuned to Andy Bargerstock's Fringe Toast.

The Last Woman Standing Book CoverA simple success strategy helped build the stellar reputation of acclaimed film critic and novelist Thelma Adams. Before putting pen to paper, she seeks commonality with the celebrities she profiles. She did this, too, with the historical figures who people her poignant new novel, The Last Woman Standing. Both Josephine Marcus, Wyatt Earp's wife for nearly 50 years, and Molly Fly, a wild west photographer who shot photos herself and preserved those of her more famous husband, are featured in Thelma's new book. For two decades, Thelma has written celebrity features and film criticism for high-profile publications. Her debut novel, Playdate, won high critical acclaim. For insight into successful interviewing and writing techniques, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Thelma Adams.

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