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The Filmosophers movie talk

This week on the Filmosophers movies talk: John Wick: Chapter 2 - Yes. The sequel The Eagle Huntress poster"doubles down on the non-stop, thrillingly choreographed action that made its predecessor so much fun."  The Lego Batman Movie - Yes "The not-so-Dark Knight returns in the joyously bonkers The Lego Batman Movie, and he's not only the hero we need right now but also the one we deserve..." A United Kingdom - Yes "The opening title "Based on a true story" can cover a multitude of movie sins, but in "A United Kingdom," it unlocks the door to a romantic drama that grows more remarkable by the minute." Kedi - Yes "The artful shots of Istanbul and moving observations from the locals elevate this cat homage into an intimate portrait of a multicultural metropolis and its take on our relationship with animals." The Eagle Huntress - Yes "Stunning documentary set in mountainous western Mongolia about 13-year-old Aisholpan Nurgaiv, determined to push past generations of male-dominated tradition to become an eagle hunter." The Confirmation - Yes "Led by the terrific performances of Clive Owen and the continuously impressive Jaden Lieberher, The Confirmation is a father-son story of high emotional and spiritual value." That and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch and Bruce Miller, where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions.

will be performing at Cafe Paradiso on Monday, February 13th at 8pm.

The string and vocal trio Low Lily explores the roots and branches of American folk music with traditional influences and modern inspiration that weaves together a unique brand of acoustic music. Liz Simmons (vocals and guitar), Flynn Cohen (vocals, guitar, and mandolin), and Lissa Schneckenburger (vocals and fiddle) are masterful players with deep relationships to traditional music styles ranging from bluegrass to Irish, Scottish, New England, and Old Time Appalachian sounds. When you combine this with stellar composition skills and inventive arrangements you get music that is rooted yet contemporary.

Low Lily’s new self-titled album brings their influences together in a collection of six songs which includes original and traditional material on three voices, guitars, mandolin, fiddle, double bass, and trombones. Additional musicians include Corey DiMario (double bass) and Fred Simmons (trombones). The album’s first track, “House Carpenter”, debuted at #1 on the Folk DJ charts– the band’s second #1 song.

G ManAnd when I say the first part of the best of 2016, I mean the best of what I bought last year. There are two parts, which means six hours of songs. This is basically A through H in the alphabet. So some great stuff coming from the likes of A.A. Bondy, Leon Bridges, Bob Moses, The Claypool Lennon Delerium, David Crosby, Dr. Dog, Howe Gelb, Shakey Graves, Horseback, and thirty other artists. I also have three songs from Steve Gunn and three from The Deviants. Yes, I am still buying music from 1967, on, and why not? Extending the underground passageways for you, I remain, The G Man. 

Saint PrivatMany new tracks never before played on Fringe Toast Music including featured female vocalists Valerie Sajdik (photo left of Austrian electronica band Saint Privat) and linguist Lottie Child (photo right below associated with UK's Spiral System).  New artists with first-time FT performances include Maya Jane Coles, Brothers Behind the Light, Mandrillus Sphynx, Wrabel, and Howie Gelb.  This program takes the listener all over the globe geographically while spanning the following genres: folk, alternative, singer-songwriter, blues, country, Lottie Childdance, electronic, world and rock. 

The second-hour Chill Zone will take you down easy through the electronic swoon of Spiral System, Emancipator, Thievery Corporation, Nadaka, and London Grammar. Turn the lights down low and let it flow.... Click here for playlist!

SPECIAL NOTE: Mark your calendar for DJ Andy Bargerstock's 2016 Crispy Awards next week on Wednesday, Feb 15 and Saturday, Feb. 18 that will showcase his favorite new releases from off-the-beaten-path rising artists. Read the Crispy Awards column from February issue of Iowa Source Magazine for details.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

A Visa Ban — but Not for Trump’s Foreign Workers

Trump's Blue-Collar Populism Is Dividing Unions

The US tried extra-high tariffs before, in 1930. It was a disaster.

Steve Bannon’s plan to bring down US democracy has started. Be very afraid

Neil Gorsuch started Fascism Forever Club in high school

Trump to Mexico: Take care of 'bad hombres' or US might

Trump ratchets up rhetoric against Iran in early morning tweets

Trump-ordered raid in Yemen approved without sufficient intelligence: military officials

Where was the liberal uproar over Obama's wars in the Middle East?

KING: Had Muslim gunmen killed six white Christians, half the world would have Canadian flags as profile pictures

What It Takes to Truly Be ‘One of Us’

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Full albums on The Rainbow Rider

RRFirst of all, I am playing a self-titled record in its entirety by Johnny Rivers, from the Pickwick label circa 1966. Just some great old rock and roll. I am playing a Dead Moon song called Unknown Passage, which is then followed by a long jam off the same tune by Cavehill Hunters' Attrition. Plus new music from the Cool Ghouls, Sun Eater, and Eno & Hyde. More full albums this month in later shows from The Hombres, Jeffery Foucault, and The Randy Rogers Band.  Cool Breeze 

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The Ultimate Centripetal Mix Tape

T ShirtYes, I reviewed my playlist for today and discovered that it was even more far-flung than normal, for me. If these 27 songs for todays show were in a dream, they would be galaxies spinning thru the vastness of space, waiting their turn to be discovered by the fearless explorer. In reality, they are just genre-bending slabs of killer rock and roll, and something you are gonna love. Joan Osborne supplies the title track with a great blues cover. I have great late sixties songs from Leviathan, The Illusion, Common People, and It's A Beautiful Day. Also new rock from Fur For Fairies, Anthony Gomes, DIIV, and Jason Vivone & The Billybats. IN ROOT today features Robert Johnson, Conway Twitty, The Fleetwoods, and The Everly Brothers. You'll be checking the playlist for details after the show. The G Man

Looking forward to interviewing a new singer/songwriter who has just moved to town. His name is Luke Davids and he has two great records out.

Join me Thursday 1pm CT on KRUUfm.com to hear some of his music and learn more about the London-born musician who emigrated from Orlando. His voice is a heart-centered light beam.

The ArgumentThe highlight of this program is the first-hour interview and music tracks from Seattle-based musical duo The Argument consisting of Daniel Spils and Brangien Davis (photo left). DJ Andy Bargerstock explores their musical roots and offers three tracks from their self-titled CD. Listen for twin spins from folksinger and string virtuoso Sam Moss, English songwriter Piers Faccini, and the sensual beauty of Hannah Reid with her band London Grammar (photo right below). 

London GrammarThe second-hour Chill Session brings more music from recently introduced artists including Shy Girls (US), Federico Aubele (Argentina), Potlatch (Korea), Naomi (Germany) as well as Fringe Toast first-timers Akotcha, and Sanjiva and the epic electronic music master known as Magic Sound Fabric (3 tracks late in show).

Click here for playlist. Share with friends. Fringe Toast brings the best music you never hear!.... unless your tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 FM or via live streaming at www.kruufm.com.

Offer musical suggestions to DJ Andy via email at fringetoast@kruufm.com. Indicate if you want to receive weekly alerts and playlists of Fringe Toast shows before they air.  Watch for Fringe Toast Music reviews in Iowa Source Magazine.

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