Chef Eric RodriguezWhat a pleasure it was talking with Chef Eric Rodriguez of Everybody's Cafe at the Great Taste LIVE show.  The kitchen at Green Building Supply was really humming as Michael Zador, James Spielmaker, and Anna Shaner were assisting in the prep of several dishes.  

Everyone in attendance at the live show sampled nachos, a veggie wrap, bruschetta, and a roasted cauliflower soup. One common denominator of each dish was a simple vinaigrette-four dishes, four different vinaigrettes, and Chef Eric explained and showed how to make each one.

Cauliflower Soup

This was part of his presentation on what he terms "real" fusion cooking, which begins with bringing all five tastes-salty, sour, savory, bitter, and sweet into balance, plus considering how the other senses o

f sight, smell, and touch will come into play.  Add to that the interplay of the dish with our emotions, thoughts, and spirit, and the result is a "tantric dining experience."  

I'm going to continue exploring Chef Eric's "fusion" style in a follow-up interview scheduled for late February.

The next LIVE show at Green Building Supply is on Tuesday, March 7 with Chef Matt Steigerwald, former owner of the Lincoln Cafe and Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon, IA.

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Like Dreamers Do

G ManPart 5 of 5 shows celebrating the ten years of Centripetal Sounds drops at 2 PM today. I have a ton of great tunes coming your way- that's a given. I have this idea that if I can string together the right songs on a certain day it will excite someone in a meaningful way. Like dreamers do. I used to sit in my friend Marc's basement when I was nine years old and we would spin 45 rpm records for each other that we had bought by picking up pop bottles and returning them to the 700 square foot store a couple of blocks away. The tech has changed but the intent is the same. I have a dream life, and it is completely evident to me in every way when I sit down at the console and adjust the microphone. Which is to say, the gratitude rolls in like the tide. The anticipation quickens the pulse. And then I blink, and the show is over for another day. But in between, sheer bliss. Set your timepiece to tell you when the show will start so you may have your next cogent experience of centripetal force, courtesy of The G Man.



The Big NightLast week's visit with Tenaya Darlington author along with her brother, André of Movie Night Menus, inspired me to replay the following show about movies and food.  If you want to curl up on the couch with a great food flick read on.

It was so much fun discussing food in films with Caroline M. Grant.  Caroline and her collaborator, Lisa Catherine Harper, are the editors of The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage, a fascinating book of diverse essays focussed on "true tales of food, family, and how we learn to eat."

Caroline is an avid movie lover so we spent the hour talking about some of our favorite films where food plays a role like Aing Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman and its Westernized counterpart, Tortilla Soup.  Dinner Rush, The Big Night, Moonstruck, and others were part of the banter before time ran out.  We had many other films on our list, but I'm curious how the ones we ended up talking about fit in with your favorites.  Let me know.  Send your comments to

Caroline's kids also nominated their favorite food film.


I will admit it.

Christmas on the farm when I was a kid was very exciting and pretty cool.

I always got excellent gifts from my family and from "Santa."

The whole family was always in a good mood.

And we were just happy to be a family.

Fortunately it's still pretty much like that for me.

The difference being that I spend the 25th with my married family--my wife and her family.

And I couldn't be luckier.

Here's hoping we all had the holiday that we deserve.

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