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Two Full Albums Now Playing

RRIn addition to playing nine songs from nine random bands, I am highlighting two bands and full albums by both. First up is The Young Sinclairs,and their album Feel Bad. Nice alt rock with a fuzzy flair. In the second hour is Back In The Alley by Dead Man's Band. This is a bluesy album recorded live in Greece. Check out some samples of their other work on Bandcamp, and please enjoy the show. Cool Breeze


For episode 96 of Roxy's Rice Bowl I gathered the most noteworthy releases in Japan, China and South Korea between October and November. Well... at least some of them. We will listen to the latest singles by former EXO member Lu Han from his first solo record "Reloaded" (image) as well as we are going to listen to EXO's brand new single "Lightsaber" released only last week. I also included some very nice solo singles by female South Korean artists such as Taeyon (Girl's Generation) and Amber (F(x)). For the Japan part I prepared some brand new Rock songs.

Tune in on Sunday at 2 PM to get an overview of what is happening in the East Asian music industry this very minute!

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The Feed Store

It's just plain good to be alive and awake and clean and smart. Perhaps this unexpected jolt of happiness is due to a thing or two falling into place around Feed Store Central. Perhaps it's because the Feed Store just keeps getting better and better(and I ought to know---I've been there for every episode).

Or maybe it's just because the sun is shining briskly on my little home in the 'burbs and my neighbor's cat really really likes me.

Either way, it's all gravy. Stop by the radio show--Thursdays at 10am CST and Sundays at noon CST. 

#SaleemSamuelBurks #SOLIDARITY Multiple Guest Artists
#StandWithSalleem #SeeSaleemThroughMedicalSchool #SaleemCanBeAVerySuccessfulPlasticSurgeonInOrangeCounty #PleasePleaseLeadMyBrotherSaleemSamuelBurksToSuccess #CivilRights Additional info: Hi Allies - Good looking out!  Here's what I have tonight to share with the ACLU: My innocent brother Saleem Samuel Burks, Age 15, 6'2", about 300lbs 1786 Shooting Star Ave Fairfied Iowa 52556
Dan Burks (Military Retired)  641-233-7175
Cindy Burks 641-2337174
A) #CivilRights Juvenile - This is getting increasingly severe
1.next weeks multi artist radio shows n #Solidarity 4 my15yr old bro systemically stalked & incarcerated by popo since age 12 #BigJess
2. I haven't interacted with my brother Saleem in over 40 days but when I contact the Sheriff to file a missing persons report they tell me they can not allow me to file a missing persons report re I'm not Saleem's legal guardian
3. There's hella rumors including he's looking at 5 years & parents aren't talking (they're military so they are trained to be secretive)
4. The Ledger printed the 12 year olds full name home address and UNSUBSTANTIATED charges at his first ambush & arrest at age 12 when THE POPO AMBUSHED HIM AT SCHOOL AND ARRESTED HIM W ZERO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE & ONE OF THE COPS UNDER OATH ON THE STAND TESTIFIED THAT HE BELIEVED that Saleem WAS IN FACT INNOCENT AND ARRESTED HIM ANY WAYS... That's led to most of the last 3 years in & out of lock up. False arrests False Imprisonments escalating into set ups & now he's in lock up looking at an additional 5 years (FOR BEING AFRICAN-AMERICAN).

JE SUIS PARIS: French music 8am-10am, 11am, 4pm & 6pm-8pm

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Centripetal Sounds Thursday 2-4 PM

G ManAs you can see from the playlist up on the left panel, I am running the full range of rock and roll sounds. Well, maybe minus hip hop. Still just dipping my toe in that area. But hey, have I got a show for you. The first five songs are by Jimmy Rodgers, Kaleidoscope, H.P. Lovecraft, The Who, and Elvis Costello & The Attractions. The next hour forty-five pretty much follows suit. If you are old enough to remember, it bounces just like AM radio used to do in the sixties. Last item, one programming note: My nine year anniversary show is December 10. Lots of surprises in store then. The G Man

2 Hour Tribute Tuesday Nov 10 at 8pm | Hour Specials Wed 10pm & Thu 1pm CT

As Rolling Stone magazine out it, few artists have impacted New Orleans music history — and, by extension, the history of modern soul, R-B, funk and rock — as deeply as the late Allen Toussaint did over the course of his decades-spanning career. Toussaint’s best-known studio work commenced during the golden age of New Orleans rhythm and blues as he lent his production skills to hits like Jessie Hill's "Ooh Poo Pah Do" and "Ya Ya" by Lee Dorsey.

But he went on to lend a major contributing hand to the development of New Orleans funk — a soulful style that built on what Professor Longhair had done and became a point of inspiration for funk artists around the country as well as British Invasion rockers and beyond.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/5-allen-toussaint-songs-you-need-to-know-20151110#ixzz3r8CMMDIh

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Sushi and Pizza-Two Iowa Boys

Complete Guide to Sushi and SashimiExcecutive Sushi Chef at Morimoto in NYC, Robby Cook, is my guest on GREAT TASTE tonight at 7:00 pm CT with a replay on Friday, November 13 at 7:00 am CT.  

Robby is an Iowa native, and actually worked at New Pioneer in Iowa City before he started his culinary career.  Amazing!

Robby's new book (cover left) is a perfect instruction manual for the sushi/sashimi beginner or a more advanced

Morel pizza-Lincoln Wine Bar


Also, Aaron Hall, pizzaiolo at Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon talks pizza in the second half of the show.  And does he ever know how to make pizza.  Worth at least a couple of hours drive, maybe more, depending on whether great pizza is available where you live. craftsperson.

Enjoy the show!

HOUR Radio VIP Mix To Honor My Missing Brother #SaleemSamuelBurks Love yr sister #BigJess VIEW#Share #RT Event Details www.reverbnation.com/show/17104272 & Love 2 my bro https://t.co/7qQmh9YMYb #Peace 



“In St. John Hunt's heartfelt memoir, DOROTHY, "An Amoral and Dangerous Woman": The Murder of E. Howard Hunt's Wife – Watergate's Darkest Secret, Dorothy and  E. Howard Hunt's son reveals startling and unknown details about the Watergate scandal. He answers many questions about his mother’s role as a co-conspirator, and tells how he, at eighteen, helped his father in the cover-up. DOROTHY is the tale of a mother and son reluctantly involved in a terrifying family business at the center of one of the most sordid chapters in twentieth century American history. DoOROTHY exposes dangerous truths – it was an act of courage to write it.”

--Mark Lane,  New York Times best-selling author of Rush to Judgment and Plausible Denial.

This wide-ranging interview covers a lot of ground  Fascinating time and people. 

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