Great Taste LIve-BagelsI was really excited to welcome back Aaron Hall, an amazing baker and owner of The Local Crumb in Mount Vernon.  Aaron bakes bread and bagels for numerous restaurants including Rapid Creek Cidery and is a regular at both the Iowa City and Mount Vernon Farmer's Markets.

His bagels are outstanding, and I know several native New Yorkers who are converts.

On Tuesday, November 7 we spent an hour at Green Building Supply talking and making bagels and had plenty of fun.  It looked like they were not that difficult to make.  You can watch the video on the Fairfield Media Center's YouTube site HERE.



Omaha-based TWINSMITH will be performing at the Arbor Bar on Friday, November 10th.

James Moore talks with Jordan Smith about the band's modus operandi, three records, including STAY COOL out this summer, their influences and some swell deets about their upcoming show in Fairfield.

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72% of Centripetal Sounds This Week

G ManWell, I figured it up, and about 72 % of the show this week is by an interesting and accomplished band called The Beatles. Between 3/22/63 and 12/15/64 they had nine major releases, countless singles and ep's, and they did a bunch of video. There may be more prolific bands, but not with the success they had. This music was being purchased at a fantastic rate, also. We will hear tunes off of twenty-one of their albums, if I don't blat too much, and the other songs are mostly by folks who were in studio sessions with The Beatles, like Dave Mason, Eric Clapton, Donovan, Nicky Hopkins, and Billy Preston. It has been close to eleven years I have been doing this show, and I never have done one in this style before now. Please Please Me to Let It Be. I think a good time will be had by all. The G Man

MorcheebaDJ Andy Bargerstock shines the first-hour spotlight on pioneeing UK trip-hop band Morcheeba (photo left) and classically trained violinist and singer Anomie Belle covering Bill Wither's song "Ain't No Sunshine". Twin-spins this program come from Hiss Golden Messenger, Eva de Roovere, Kaleida, and Six Organs of Admittance. In the chilled second-hour, the tone becomes sublime with contributions from Daniel Jesse Smith, Sabrina Claudia (from her recently released CD), TJ Rehmi, and AURAH.

Highlight of the program comes in the form of former Fairfield resident and now electronic composer/engineer Sol Rising. We play tracks from his recent CDs. Click here for playlist.

Fringe Toast offers the Best Music You Never Hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM at 100.1 FM in Fairfield or streaming live at   


Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥


I'm always proud of Fairfield. I like how it operates. I like how it's a melting pot of all kinds of folks. I just plain like the way it smells.

Now I am really proud of the city for coming together to produce and erect a lasting memorial to Lee Gobble, a man who did more for our town than we'll ever know.

I interviewed him for the Troy Banner when I was in high school in the seventies. And we bought my graduation suit from his store(along with all my blue jeans).

Thanks, Fairfield. You done good. 

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Darn Interesting, If You Ask Me

RRA very satisfying slection of tunes for the discerning listening starting Saturday morning at 2 AM. From Des Moines, The River Monks and The Host Country. A little latin flavor with some Chico Mann and Royal Servants. Plus the usual where-did-that-come-from stuff by bands like Middle Earth Ensemble, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, and The Velvet Illusions. If 2 AM is too much of a stretch for you, 4 AM Monday morning- there is a replay. I end up hearing that time slot myself, since it is easy for me to get up early, but hard to stay up late. If you are like me, you appreciate a wide range of styles of music. Here you go. Cool Breeze

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Heading Your Way

G ManI have a nice mellow groove heading your way today at 2 PM. Interesting songs for a road trip, or a desk job, or even a set of headphones while you train for a marathon. Part two of this show will be arriving next week, just so you know. And while most of these tunes are from the past couple of years, the way back machine will take us to 1968. Be on the lookout for Little Big Town, The Buckinghams, The Cool Ghouls, and Ghost Funk Orchestra. In Root has a decidedly Country Blues address, with folks like Happy Traum, Duane Allman, and Bill Kirchen. Join me for a setlist you will never hear on another radio station... The G Man. 

Eva De RoovereDJ Andy Bargerstock launches Year 12 of Fringe Toast Music on KRUU-FM. The program begins with new music from Niall Horan with "Paper Houses." You will be delighted in the first-hour by sonic pleasures from Belgian artist Eva De Roovere (photo left) and transported into the ether in the second-hour by UK electronica duo Kaleida (photo right) with tracks for their most recent albums. Listen early for interview with Eva.Kaleida

Fringe Toast first-time performers on this program include Waldeck, Klyne, Nahko, Dope Lemon, Gayngs, The Rosebloods, Tycho, and Quindar.What a wonderful way to enjoy the chill in the air. The best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to FRINGE TOAST on KRUU-FM.  Replays now every Saturday mornings at 8am.

Tune in early and print this week's playlist to follow along.  Invite friends worldwide to join the wave of good vibes and music from off-the-beaten path.

pic From the first vampire flick, Nosferatu in 1929 to Dracula Untold, this famous villain continues to frighten, seduce and devour his victims and audiences have hardly left the theater scared for more. Well, almost, though he hasn't lost any steam in over a century.

We showcase music from a dozen of Drac's best: Bram Stokers Dracula; John Williams; Interview with a Vampire; The Twilight Saga; Van Helsing; to the HAMMER Flicks to Dark Shadows and More!

Sometimes, Drac gets the 'Bloodbank Blues'. Tune in for Thrills and exceptional scores Wed 3-4pm CST!

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