MIghty Mo Rodgers(See link to playlist below). Bonnie Raitt calls him "a breath of fresh air in the blues and R&B world."  Mighty Mo Rodgers (photo) played the organ on Brenton Wood's 1967 song "Gimme Little Sign." Since then he has recorded six albums yet many still do not know his work... until now where on Fringe Toast we offer an opening set featuring songs from two CDs. Also, in the first hour, you will hear twin-spins from new albums by Imogen Heap and Sinead O'Connor. 

The transition to Chill Zone in the second-hour will be welcomed by actress Scarlett Johansson (photo) who you know as a great actor and will discover to be also a great singer withscarlett johansson special track called "One Whole Hour" and a collaboration on second tune with American singer-songwriter Pete Yorn. Also, newly released track from UK's delightfully quirky band alt-J.  As requested by listeners, more good stuff from Rising Appalachia and Natalie Walker. Fringe Toast first-timers include Bushy, Dixon's Violin, Tiaan, Kwabs, David Garza, and Novo Som.

Click here for playlist!  Invite friends worldwide to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com where you click on "Listen Live."  Discover again and again why many feel that Fringe Toast is an excellent source of new music.

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Jazz of 2014 Featuring Wil Blades

On today's edition of That Righteous Jive we'll be listening to some of my favorite jazz of 2014, featuring master of the Hammond organ Wil Blades (left). We'll be checking out the solo album Blades released last week, Field Notes, where he lays down some mellow grooves with guitarist Jeff Parker and drummer Simon Lott.

We'll also hear singles from upcoming albums by both Moon Hooch and Budos Band.

On top of that we've got DispactHarlequin Dynamite Marching Band, Vertigo Trombone QuartetGordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band and Tuatara. Stream it live August 26th 5-6pm CDT right here on KRUU radio.

Radanath Swami is a monk in the Krishna-bhakti lineage. He has been instrumental in founding the Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai, India, and is the author of the book, Journey Home, a memoir of his search for spiritual truth. 

Engel is a Brooklyn based artist originally from Haiti who is the subject of the soon to be released documentary film, "Someway, Somehow." A Swedish artist recently painted a portrait of Engel which last month was featured at the National Portrait Museum in London, England. http://engelstheartist.com

Book Cover: Lost Clerihews

With authors and book titles swirling incessantly inside his head, legendary literary tastemaker Paul Ingram of Iowa City's Prairie Lights Bookstore fell victim to clerihew mania. The result? A new book, The Lost Clerihews of Paul Ingram, published recently by Ice Cube Press and illustrated with Julia Anderson-Miller's witty and thoughtful pen-and-ink drawings.

As award-winning author Elizabeth McCracken reports in the foreword, this book is "everything that Paul Ingram himself is: hilarious, ribald, tender, erudite, naughty." Watch out! Containing over 120 four-line poems that lampoon a variety of public figures, Paul's book (and Julia's artwork) just might inspire clerihew mania to grow inside you! For a glimpse of the super creative minds that produced this naughty new book, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl, Julia and Paul.

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Digging "Prairie Gold"

Prairie GoldOnce again, Writers' Voices welcomes voices from our favorite small press, Ice Cube Press, founded in North Liberty Iowa by former guest Steve Semken to feature literary writing from the Midwest.  So it is no wonder that Steve published this treasure, "Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland."

Whether you prefer prose or poetry, fiction or non, short or long, you will find it all here, with each piece shining a separate light on one of the myriad of ways that Midwesterners define themselves.

"Prairie Gold" was spun into whole cloth by the collaboration of three writers with close ties to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa: Stefanie Brook Trout, an English instructor and MFA student, Lance M. Sacknoff, whose literary work focuses on environmental criticism, and poetry teacher Xavier Cavazos.  Trout and Sacknoff will be joining us this week on Writers' Voices.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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It Was Just One of Those Things...

Our featured artist this week and next will be the incomparable Louis Armstrong.  Enough said.

Louis Armstrong

Are we at Wolfowitz End or just another beginning?It's time for your weekly news fix with the Newsvandal, JP Sottile with James Moore for another edition of INSIDE THE HEADLINES. This week's three tiers include money for nothing and blank checks for free, food, inglorious food, and future tense, sunglasses not required.

Also, I want to highlight an incredible piece JP wrote for consortiumnews.com all about the Grim brothers' fairy tale known as The Neocon's Grim "Victory" in Iraq or Why Wolfowitz Declared Victory in Iraq. Fascinating read.

And remember you can follow all the links to stories we dicuss by clicking on th "Read more" tab below. Thanks for tuning in. Showa are archived as well.

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

Starting Friday at the Orpheum Theatre- Life Itself, for many film fans a must-see. Life Itself poster"A lively thumbs-up documentary film that recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert- America's most popular, intelligent and influential modern-day movie critic." "An account that's affectionate & honest, taking the title and much of the content of Ebert's bestselling 2011 autobiography." "Ebert once described the cinema as 'a machine that generates empathy.' Watching James's lovely film, you know exactly what he means."- Boston Globe  "Every movie fan will want to see Life Itself" - Chris Busch, Filmosophers

Held over for the second Alive week: Alive Inside: A Story Of Music & Memory. Still deciding on this one? Watch the trailer. Search "alive inside trailer" Watch the trailer...  "No film I've seen better underlines the transcendental power and mysticism that music has over human emotions than Alive Inside..- Movie Mezzanine

We'll also talk about new releases, including two intriguing looks at love: 1) Love Is Strange "Held aloft by remarkable performances from John Lithgow and Alfred Molina, Love Is Strange serves as a graceful tribute to the beauty of commitment in the face of adversity." -RT 2) The One I Love, starring Mark Duplass & Elizabeth Moss- "an ambitious, well-acted look at love and marriage." "Knowing you've never seen anything like this, Moss and Duplass let it rip." - Rolling Stone. All this and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller- "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions." Fridays 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings 11:30." “When you're young you don't realize that at every age you are always in the present, and in that sense no older." - Roger Ebert, "Life Itself"

the glorious Vegetables of ItalyI’m about to let you in on what is not known to most lovers of asparagus:  you probably could be eating a late harvest of locally grown asparagus right now.  I am.  Most growers only plan for the normal spring asparagus season, but if you follow the advice in this article, another six to eight weeks of eating that divine vegetable can be yours to enjoy.  It may be too late for this year, but now you can plan ahead.

More about vegetables when we visit with Domenica Marchetti, author of the glorious Vegetables Of Italy on the first half of this week’s show.  You can learn more about Domenica by clicking here.  I hope you try the pasta recipe featuring cherry tomatoes from her book.  You can find it at the bottom of the blog post. Click READ MORE to learn about the rest of the show.

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