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"What the Dog Knows" is Alot!

What the Dog KnowsIf you love animals, or science, or mystery, or memoir, or....then you will want to tune in to Writers' Voices this week to learn more aboCat Warrenut the world of working dogs, particularly cadaver dogs.  Never heard of a cadaver dog?  It's a fairly recent specialty of dogs that are trained to find dead bodies.  Turns out they're pretty darn good at it.  Usually, but not always, dogs are trained solely for this task instead of the more commonly known dog jobs of tracking people, detecting bombs, or sniffing out drugs, although some dogs do double duty.

Author Cat Warren is  a professor at North Carolina State University, where she teaches science journalism and creative nonfiction. Learn how she became a cadaver-dog handler, what breeds are best, and how they are trained.  We'll also discuss why she decided to write this fascinating book about the history of this dog specialty, and the stories of her own dogs and many others.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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heavy deep tracks

this week we go deep into some heavy tracks.fuse

i'll play a brand new song by umphrey's mcgee--their brilliant cover of the beatles' "i want you (she's so heavey)--a heavy song to begin with, but only made heavier by these heavyweight musicians. it was all recorded just before their des moines concert last summer, in abbey road studios. that and their song "puppet strings" will knock your socks off (with lyrics that go deep into the issue of how to live your life):

It's not like there's a book for this or something you could read;
'Cause I’ve looked around.
And I tried to fill these holes with other roles I never learned to play.
It seems like they always falter,
But how the hell should I know?

and then i'll play 3 heavies from the 1969 album featuring amazing musicians, fuse. they were trailblazers in heavy, virtuosic music, as were the amboy dukes, before ted nugent went off his rails and became an insane redneck.

but then i'll change styles while keeping the heaviness coming with "laughing gas" by germany's juno reactor.  

the highlight however will be the 23:00 vanilla fudge live masterpiece "break song," featuring--at least in my mind--bass player, tim bogert.

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

Insurgent, the second chapter of the Divergent series opens this weekend. The movie theater imagecritics consensus is "Shailene Woodley gives it her all, but Insurgent is a resounding step back for a franchise struggling to distinguish itself from the dystopian YA crowd." Also, Sean Penn stars in The Gunman. Unfortunately, critics say "with an uninspired plot and rote set pieces it's a muddled misfire in the rapidly aging Over-50 Action Hero genre."

We enjoyed seeing Cinderella at the Main Street Cinemas in Mt. Pleasant. It was even better visiting with Kelly, their affable long time manager. He told us the industry anticipates great box office business for 2015. If you haven't seen a film there in a while, we recommend another visit to this small town movie theatre gem.

The monthly free film happens tonight- Friday- at the Fairfield library. Because it's free the media is not suppose to reveal the title. We can tell you it stars Eddie Redmayne in his Oscar winning performance playing Steven Hawking. Doors open at 7:00, with the movie starting at 7:30.

We'll talk about that, what else we've seen and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch and Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions", Fridays at 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings, 11:30.

LOCAL YOKELS presents the lovely Sharon Bousquet with producer Tim Britton of Pied Piper Studios talking about her brand new record RICOCHET on people-powered KRUUfm.com's HAPPY HOUR with vaunted hosts Steve McLain and Kevin Riley. Sharon's CD release concert is Sat Mar 21st 8pm at Cafe Paradiso. Congrats to everyone involved!!!

Also, Saturday night at 9pm at The Arbor, it's ANNALIBERA, shoegazer pop rsensations from Des Moines with Arbor owner Mr Nasti, Nicholas Naioti on drums! Plus the singular art musculature of UTOPIA PARK, and other special guests CAPTAIN ASCENDER and DEE BIRD. How sweet it is! Let the music flow...

What fun! Fairfield never ceases to amaze me.

Elephant Revival(Playlist link below). Colorado folk-indie band Elephant Revival (photo left) anchors the first hour with DJ Andy Bargerstocks favorite tracks. The New York Times described the Indianapolis-based sister duo Lily & Madeleine (photo below right) as producing folk music with a "vocal blend, deep and seamless and relaxed."  Listen closely for tracks from their new CD (Fumes) in the second hour.

More good tracks never played before on FT from Fat Freddy's Drop (New Zealand), Rosi Golan (Israel), Peter Bradley Lily & MadeleineAdams (Alabama), The Wallflowers (LA), Missy Higgins (Australia), and Jose Gonzalez (Sweden) .... and let's not forget Worldwide Groove Corporation (Nashville downtempo electronic male/female duo) whose 8-minute track "Chillodesiac Fevertini Mix" will lead us to sleepytime as last song of the evening.

Click here for playlist. Share with friends to join the live stream on www.kruufm.com.

Cover-Soul Food Love


It was my good fortune to speak recently with Caroline Randall Williams and her mother, Alice Randall. They are the co-authors of Soul Food Love-Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of Cooking in a Black Family. I hope you will make the time to listen, buy the book, read their amazing story, and use the many creative recipes while creating your own kitchen legacy.  

Click "Read more" below now.

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PicTime to highlight the roots of my Ultra Lounge Show, Crime Jazz, the Signature Sound for TV and Movie Detectives.

In the 1950s and 60s, when Hollywood broughtpic private eyes to the big and small screens, jazz was the music of choice to accompany their lives of danger and dames." "Crime jazz captured the mood not only of our post-war cities, but of a character as distinctly American as the cowboy – that soulful, solitary seeker of justice, the private eye."

Classic film noir selections from Leonard Bernstein; Jerry Goldsmith; Roy Budd; Pete Rugulo; Kenyon Hopkins; Count Basie; Henry Mancini and MORE will be played.

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A Redhead, A Leatherette Booth, and A Cheese Frenchie

G MANYes, there is a story to be told about this strangely titled edition of the show. Back around 1969 I was attending school on the northwest side of Des Moines, and on Douglas Ave. there was a restaurant called King's Food Host. Classmates would assemble there on weekend nights and yuck it up pretty good. I had a wonderful girlfriend named Kim at the time and she had this amazing red hair. We would order a sandwich called a Cheese Frenchie, which besides being a heart-attack-waiting-to-happen was a deep-fried grilled cheese. Lots of catsup, yum. The booths were fake leather, and each booth had a tiny juke box, so the place was loud and crazy. The songs you will hear were all on those little boxes that took all your dimes. I have 3 songs by The Beatles, long versions of hits by The Doors and Tommy James & The Shondells, and carefully crafted pop hits by The Turtles, Chicago Transit Authority, Donovan, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Brenda Lee, James Taylor, and The Association. 32 songs, because they made them short in those days, and I love every single song in this set. The G Man

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