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Free- The Only Way To Fall

G Man FinalWell, here it is: We have arrived at the final Centripetal Sounds show. I plan on having a series of fine songs over the course of the four hours I have left, and many thank you's for the folks that made all of this possible for the last eleven plus years. 951 shows in, I can honestly say I am not ready to give up the ghost. Maybe you have noticed I have a passion for creativity in the world of music. We have certainly shared a wide range of compositions and performances in our time together. So in that regard, it is just another show from me. I think it will be a bit more emotional than most, however. The closer you are to me, the more you feel the heat of resignation- the undesirable, inevitable conclusion to a miracle run. Catharsis, and then, hopefully, renewal and restoration. My immediate concern is to provide a fitting finale for you all.

Our Final Show

After 12 years of KRUU and 6 years of Roots Rock Roadhouse


Thank you for listening all these years!!

After nearly 12 years of broadcasting from Fairfield, Iowa, KRUU 100.1 FM will be going silent on March 1st. This means that tonight will be my second-to-last broadcast with the only solar powered radio station in the midwest. Tune in tonight if you'd like to hear me speak directly about my experiences broadcasting with KRUU from the beginning when the station began transmitting in 2006. It has been an honor to have been entrusted with the responsibility to handcraft engaging weekly 3 hour broadcasts for so many years and I'm thankful for every moment. Hope you can tune in tonight to hear me speaking and sharing more than just pretty music
Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

wax poetic(Playlist linked below). In the final program of FRINGE TOAST MUSIC on KRUU-FM, DJ Andy Bargerstock presents his favorite 28 "off-beaten-path" tracks from 2010-2017.  Check in early to hear UK's Alt-J's song "Tessellate" followed by Chet Faker's "No Diggity." This playlist emerges from the best of the BEST of FRINGE TOAST annual fall Sarah Jaroszplaylists for the past 8 years. Expect female singer-songwriters to dominate the first hour, including Sissy Clemens with her band Wax Poetic (photo left), Laura Marling, Sarah Jarosz (photo right), Brooke Annibale, and Laura Veirs, Hannah Reid with London Grammar, and sister-act Lily & Madeleine who hail from Indianapolis, Indiana area.

In the second hour, as we slip into the Chill Zone, your ears will delight with the acoustic-electronica talents of bands such as Roommate (Chicago), AURAH (Switzerland), Flight Facilities (Australia), Peer Kusiv & Martin Jondo (Germany), Shy Girls (Los Angeles), and ending with "Le Ciel Este Triste" by the German electonic band Haldolium


FRINGE TOAST MUSIC will continue in some form to be announced sometime soon through DJ Andy's music column in Iowa Source Magazine and the Fairfield Weekly Reader. Invite friends to join the live stream at kruufm.com on Wednesday at 8pm CT with replay on Saturday morning at 8am CT.

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Next To The Last Rainbow Rider Is A Doozie

Rainbow RiderWell, I just typed in the playlist for the show coming up this weekend, and I remembered just how warm and fuzzy it made me feel when I put it together. Mainly because I am on intimate terms with each of the songs, having heard them all dozens of times, if not hundreds. The kind of songs I never get tired of listening to at home. You can read the list under my blog. I cover the years from 1965 to the present. In fact, the show starts with new music by Fur For Fairies, Brand New, Six Organs of Admittance, and Mac DeMarco. Along the way, lots of guitar gods and bands you have come to know and love, like The Byrds, Canned Heat, Blind Faith, and The Animals. I'll keep the light on for another two weeks. Join me for some illuminating rock and roll. Cool Breeze

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The Filmosophers movie talk

We've talked at length about the blossoming of the Sacred Feminine expressed in Things To Come poster cinema. Inclusion (Unity) also noticable, represented this weekend with the highly anticipated Black Panther. With Black Panther's all female Special Force: The Dora Milaje, our brothers and sisters of color are superheros.

Also we've recently seen four excellent films on video; Professor Marston and the Wonder Women; Things To Come; Viceroy's House and The Beguiled. Turns out all written and directed by women. Two of these may be especially be of interest to you- Things To Come and Viceroy's House.

Things To Come: "A union to cherish between writer-director, Mia Hansen Love and star Isabelle Huppert, both working at peak power. Things to Come offers quietly profound observations on life, love, and the irrevocable passage of time." - RT. "We come away feeling enriched and expanded, without exactly knowing how or why" - San Francisco Chronicle. Isabelle Huppert's the perfect actress right now, for Hansen-Løve's fine-grained perceptiveness. - Time Magazine. It's also very filmosophical, as many characters are passionate seekers in the mode of philosophy, my first major in college- until it evolved into a more spiritual path- for me, less mind ("the course of action is unfathomable"), more Heart Sourced discovery ("I am That, Thou art That...").

Viceroy's House poster Also, co-written and Directed by Gurinder Chada (Bend It Like Beckham) Viceroy's House "works, both as a historical refresher on the 70th anniversary of Indian independence and dramatically as a reminder that truth is sometimes more affecting than fiction." - Washington Post. For many of us who feel a deep spiritual connection to India, this is a significant film experience. "At the end of this sprawling, passionate but generously non-partisan epic, a moving coda reveals the director's personal stake in telling the story her way. Enjoy the credits." - NPR "India has a history that is both breathtaking and tragic. This movie was able to touch both qualities. The tragedy of violence and division, the beauty of peace and love." - Anya Charles

We'll discuss these films and more on the Filmosophers with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions."

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Extended Revelation... For Fans of Centripetal Sounds

T ShirtEight hours of prime time, killer rock and roll left before the passing of this program. The reincarnation, well, you will have to keep your eyes peeled for that event, as the wheels are just beginning to turn for that eventuality. In the meantime, how about four hours Thursday in which I pull out all the stops and present a cornucopia of tasty tunes. The first five songs are in the playlist, the rest to be revealed as it happens tomorrow. You folks that listen to the replay early Wednesday morning will have the full slate available. Let's start with the overall theme, which is me playing all the bands I think you need to hear over the next two shows. Everone in the setlist has made an indelible mark on rock due to a song, or an album, or a signature riff, or some set of lyrics that knock you for a loop. Revelation is partly due to drama, and there is a boatload of that in these tracks. Say, any bands you do not recognize on this list- you're welcome. Exciting would be the best descriptor I can think of at this point. 2-6 PM again! The G Man

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~
9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

RRSo of course the show starts off with Ray LaMontagne singing about how his song will never be heard on the radio. Clever, because that is just the kind of challenge I accept with great satisfaction. That is just one of 21 different songs I want you to hear as you start your day Monday. Apryl Fool with some blues in Japanese, and then Michael Nesmith from Radio Engine To The Photon Wing(!), and you are flying. Up next is a 16 minute song by Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band, the title track to Dreaming In The Non-Dream. Other highlights on side one: Aurah, Between Interval, Saw Black, and The Paperhead. In the second hour lots of new tunes from Girl Ray, Luke Winslow-King, Turnpike Troubadours, Haunted Leather, and Fur For Fairies. Where do you go when you want to be thrilled by music emanating from the radio? Centripetal Sounds! Cool Breeze

Laura MarlingIn this program, DJ Andy Bargerstock debutes his favorite tracks released during 2017.  None of these songs showed up on last October's BEST of FRINGE TOAST programs.  For a preview of the Top 10 tracks, read this article from the February 2018 Iowa Source Magazine. Oh, you don't want to miss this 30-track music program aired first on Valentine's Day evening (2/14) at 8pm CENTRAL with replay on Saturday morning (2/17) at 8am CT.  

Every song deserves the spotlight, but we choose Laura Marling (photo left) in the San Ferminfirst hour and San Fermin band (photo right) in the second hour as our poster images. 

As we wind down to the end of the KRUU-FM station experience at the end of this month, DJ Andy Bargerstock will continue as a source of good music from off-the-beaten-path. If you want to learn more about how to keep connected to Fringe Toast Music, send an email to: andybargerstock@gmail.com. If you currently receive weekly email previews of his shows, you will continue to receive updates about Fringe Toast.

Invite your friends worldwide to join the live stream on kruufm.com. The best music you never hear unless your tuned to Fringe Toast Music®.

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