- Great Taste - 20110216

Indian Hills held its own internal culinary Iron Chef competition on Monday and Ben Froah's team reigned supreme. Ben's agreed to recreate the dish that put his team over the top.  What's for dessert?  A tropical delight; a welcome addition nearing the end of winter's weeks.

Two of Ben's classmates join us so we'll get an inner look at why culinary school from them.  Indian Hills students always bring their passion into the studio, and this week was no exceptiion.

Your road warrior host has just returned from stops in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Manhattan, Oakland, Ukiah, and Monterey.  I'll pass along the latest tips for great spots to eat if you are in any of those locales. 

Stop by for an after-dinner taste as we're broadcasting LIVE from the studio on Wednesday, listen to the stream at kruufm.com, or catch us on the rebound Friday at 7:00 am CST.  Anyone for a fish sandwich?