Update on the KRUU Magic Bus from Jerry Redington

Jerry Redington KRUUsin'THIS JUST IN FROM Jerry Redington, local KRUU hero extraordinaire

"Some of these attached pictures are a simulation of the thrilling ride I had coming down to Keosauqua on Sunday...

Just wanted to pass along an idea of how great that experience was
........AND .... how much YOU all have to look forward to in terms of directly experiencing this same "Crus'in --- top down " 
kind of jive feel'in...

Rock'in Right on
Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer

And finally, what can I say? Sometimes you just need a bigger hammer to do the job..."




Any painters out there?
It's time to turn the magic bus into the Open Radio Voice of Fairfield Remote KRUUser! 

We also need some donations to get the ol' gal up and running, painted, insured and properly equipped to be a rolling remote party rockin' raydar rambler.

As Jerry says, "This puppy's got 'Fordfignewton'"!!!