Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider

  • Monday 4-6am
  • Saturday 2-4am

Let Cool Breeze be your guide.....in and out. In to the center of everything, where we hide everything we are doing in plain sight, just like a ...prism does. And as Paul Kantner famously says, on the song Hijack: "Out, the one remaining way to go." We start at the center of all things. The name of the show comes from Kantners line, "Riders of the Rainbow, Let it Grow." Music that was born to be played in the nighttime. Even tho' it be dark, you can remain in the light with the Rainbow Rider.

Upcoming Full albums

7/21 Dungen- Ta Det Lugnt. Dutch band. Progressive.

8/4   The Sudden Lovelys- Big White Circle. Band from Minneapolis. Americana.

Full Albums Upcoming

7/7/12: The Breasts: Loma Prieta 3,402 Ft.

           Todo Muere, Vol.2 (Record Store Day Album for 2012!)

Full Albums for April... and Beyond!

April 7, Bones, by Gabrelle Roth & The Mirrors, and the self-titled Parasites of the Western World

April 14, The Faded Tapes S/T, Prime Mover- Every Atom of My Blood..., & Yet & Yet by Do Make Say Think, and Duster with Apex, Trance Like

April 21, The Lollipop Shoppe- Just Colour, Parton Kooper Planetarium- Glass and Bone

April 28, Bill withers Live at Carnagie Hall, and Nash the Slash- And You Thought You Were Normal

May 5, Invisible Idiot- Outta Sight, Outta Mind


Upcoming Album Plays

Albums playing in their entirety:

Jan. 21, Miss Bliss- Warm Sounds From A Cold Town

Jan. 28, Psychedelic Lollipop by The Blues Magoos, Now Playing-S/T, Bees in Your Bed Bad by Sigourney Reverb, and EP by The Host Country

Feb. 4, Trace- Birds, and George Harrison- Electronic Music

Feb.11, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi- The Master Speaks

Feb.18, Sun dial- Reflector (Expanded Deluxe Edition)

Feb.25, Eternal Tapestry- Palace of the Night Skies, and () EP by Sigur Ros