Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider

  • Monday 4-5am
  • Monday 5-6am
  • Saturday 2-4am

Let Cool Breeze be your guide.....in and out. In to the center of everything, where we hide everything we are doing in plain sight, just like a ...prism does. And as Paul Kantner famously says, on the song Hijack: "Out, the one remaining way to go." We start at the center of all things. The name of the show comes from Kantners line, "Riders of the Rainbow, Let it Grow." Music that was born to be played in the nighttime. Even tho' it be dark, you can remain in the light with the Rainbow Rider.

Full Albums

7/25/15: Gone So Long by Haunted Leather.

8/1/15: Saturn's Pattern by Paul Weller.

Playing A Full Album July 4th

We will hear Pageants album Royal Blue during the first hour of the show. Great rock from this Nashville band.

4/25/15 Full Album playing

I will spin New Equations For The Simple Mind by The Spectacular Fantastic. Just so.

Full Album on April 11 Show

Eulogy, by Tangle Edge. If you are a fan of early to mid King Crimson, give a listen.

Replay of Full Album

3/14/15: The Necks album Piano Bass Drums, in toto. It is just one track! :)

Full Album Update

On 10/11/14, I will play the new release by The Host Country entitled Walk Away.

Upcoming Full Album

8/2/14: Playing Tomorrow is Today: A Tribute To The Australian Psychedelic Scene 1966-1970 in its entirety this day.

4.19.14 Update

Six EP's on this show: The Greenhornes, Film School, The Host Country, Boards of Canada, The For Carnation, and Kevin Gordon.

Full Album Update

Here is the latest:

2/22/14 Murari Band- Dreaming

3/1/14 Pink Floyd- Live at Pompeii

3/15/14 Steve Gunn- Time Off

3/22/14 The Growlers- Gilded Pleasures

3/29/14 Quilt- S/T

4/5/14 Twink- Think Pink

4/12/14 Disappears- Pre Language

Full Album Update

On 9/7/13, enjoy the album You Are Everything by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy. You may remember Kilbey as a songwriter from The Church.