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Sweetwater RoseBluebirds on the fence, playin' kinda shy
We could sit a while and watch the clouds go by
Fragrance fills the air, I'm magnolia high
~ Natchez Road, Sweetwater Rose

If you didn't know better listening to country music sirens Sweetwater Rose, you might think they all hatched out of the same nest and grew up singing side-by-side from day one, but these songbirds were fully fledged when circumstances brought them together.  Lala Deaton, Marna Taylor and Ali Sperry found each other in Nashville thanks to the vision of Mac and Diane Gayden, music business veterans who knew that today's audiences had a longing for raw, authentic connection.

Sweetwater Rose is bringing their special brand of sweet and sultry to the Sondheim Center on Saturday, February 12th. 

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