- In Depth with Erika Richards - Amir Elubadi

James Moore interviews Amir Elubadi, an Arab-Israeli who grew up in Israel and was a member of the national soccer team. He discusses a wide range of topics including the inequities of life in Israel for a native Arab, the struggle in Palestine and more. His native town is located in the center of Israel five miles from the West Bank. 

Arab-Israeli Interview

Very interesting subject, 1 of which I'm sure alot of people, especially in the USA, are very ignorant about.
I agree, that the media and 'Powers to Be' of any country, be it in the Middle East or otherwise, are the cause for planting the majority of negative thoughts as to what exactly the Arabic People are all about.
One of the views I am referring to is - The 'Arab' name and the word 'Terrorist' having been coupled permanently - due to the Media constanly throwing it out there for the world to take in! The Media is all about 'sensationalising' anything that sells or 'fascinates'! It's not fair when u think of the fact that..whether people in the world want to realise it or not - in every country..there are 'Extremists' which is what Terrorists are catergorised as really, so why judge people of a country or race, as being the same, because these..."Extremists" happen to be from that particular country or race?
It certainly throws a different light on 'what we hear' as to 'how it really is', coming from a Middle Eastern person.
Very nice to hear positive everyday normal life stories from this guy, as to how it was for him..being born and bred in Israel as an Arab-Israeli.
Very enlightening and 'Oh My God!..they do normal every day things there, as they do here????"...hahaha...Just kidding...(I would expect an ignorant person to have a reaction such as this...lol)..
I wish Amir all the best in whatever he does and wherever he goes.
Would be interesting to hear a little about how he coped..making that transition from Israel to the USA - and how it has been for him all the time he has been there.