Thank You All for Your Incredible Show of Support - We'll Have an Update on Tuesday


Much appreciation to everyone who has helped with our Iowa Power Fund grant effort.

All of us at solar-powered KRUU-FM have been deeply touched by the outpouring of support on so many levels from this amazing community.

Stay tuned...


It's always a good time to support community radio--

but there's never been a better time.

A generous local donor will match any amount of money raised for our energy efficiency outreach project, up to $25,000. That means, with state matching funds, any support you pledge by Fri, January 14th may be quadrupled.


Help us help Iowa create a green tomorrow today!

Support the production of a statewide energy efficiency public awareness campaign, something solar-powered KRUU is uniquely positioned to do. An incredible array of people and businesses have already committed to the project. Select "Read More" below to learn more.


Up to $50,000 is available from the Power Fund, but a 1 to 1 match is required. This means KRUU could receive up to $100,000.


Can you pledge today?

"If there is a worthwhile recipient of your local, charitable giving, KRUU is it. Inspiration, knowledge, entertainment (and your dollars) are highly leveraged by the KRUU crew, contributing a diverse richness to the world community." -John Freeberg

Call James at 641 233-1617, submit an amount via paypal, just to the right of this box and we'll set it aside for this special project. Or email pledge amount to by Jan 14th.



Dear KRUU supporter,

A small window has opened up on an incredible opportunity for KRUU. Please see details below. If you know anyone interested in helping with matching funds, please let us know right away.

Thanks and Happy New Year!! Nothing but heaven in 2011.

Solar-powered KRUU-LP 100.1 FM / Iowa Power Fund Grant Opportunity

Help us help Iowa create a green tomorrow today!

We would like to offer you an opportunity to partner with solar-powered KRUU-FM on a renewable energy outreach project with funding provided by the Iowa Power Fund. This grant came to our attention during a recent interview with Iowa Power Fund manager Kerri Johannsen.

Our project involves producing a statewide energy efficiency public awareness campaign, a natural fit for solar-powered KRUU-FM. Though late in the application cycle, Power Fund coordinator Mary Davidson strongly encouraged us to apply. The deadline is January 14, 2011.

A grant up to $50,000 is available from the Iowa Power Fund, but a 1 to 1 match is required. This means KRUU could receive up to $100,000 if you can provide matching funds. In kind donations of time and services may also be applied.

KRUU will produce 24 hour-long weekly radio programs co-hosted by Stuart Tanner, former BBC filmmaker and co-chair of the Media & Communications Department at MUM, and James Moore, station manager at KRUU, MUM adjunct faculty in Media & Communications, and Iowa Source contributor. Already a successful show with an established track record, “Tanner & Moore” airs Thursdays at 7pm and is rebroadcast Mondays at 7am.

The Dream Green series will focus on statewide energy efficiency strategies, technologies, best practices, and success stories--Power Fund-related and otherwise--all designed to help enhance public awareness, connect stakeholders, educate, inform, inspire and grow Iowa’s green economy.

We've recieved commitments of time or contributions from Prof. Lonnie Gamble, Rep. Chuck Isenhart of Common Good Services in Dubuque, Center on Sustainable Communities in Des Moines, Hedquist Productions, Green Building Supply, Ambient Control Systems, and the Iowa Source, to name a few.

Last year’s Office of Energy Independence Plan had a section on the “Fairfield Model” featuring a picture of KRUU’s solar towers, that stated, “Look no further than the local radio station which is powered by an array of solar panels.” At the inauguration in 2009 marking the Midwest’s first solar-powered radio station, Governor Chet Culver referred to KRUU as a business on the forefront of sustainability, contributing to “a greener, safer Iowa.”

Now in its 5th year of operation, KRUU receives over 2000 visitors a day to its website. More than 100,000 volunteer hours have gone into this noncommercial grassroots citizens’ initiative broadcasting 24/7 in Jefferson County. Almost 100 show hosts produce 80 programs a week. Now that the 111th Congress has passed the Local Community Radio Act, the number of low power stations like KRUU may double across the country. We hope the Dream Green series will serve as a model of inspiration for local outreach and education initiatives for communities big and small.

In addition, the series will have a dedicated website with digital archives available for anyone to stream or download, other stations to syndicate, and, upon completion, CD sets for libraries to purchase at cost. Working with city councils, various energy groups, as well as local and state government agencies, the Dream Green series will encourage community participation, social media connectivity, and feature phone and on-site interviews with key players from around the state. [See partial list below.]  

As a sponsor of the program, you will be mentioned as an underwriter in all of our productions and be regarded as an integral part of our Dream Green team. Producing a show like this for Iowa will deepen Fairfield’s statewide commitment to a safer, greener Iowa.

Please consider a pledge today. KRUU is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible.

Help us help Iowa create a green tomorrow today!

Application approval will be made at the end of January, and if KRUU’s project is selected, production would begin mid-February.

Contact James Moore at 641 233-1617 or Roland Wells at 641 455-9172 if you have any questions. Only a committed pledge is required at this point, contingent upon project approval.

Link to

Link to “Community Unity,” an article on KRUU that appeared in the May 17, 2010 issue of
Radio Ink: Radio’s Premier Management & Marketing Magazine, published in 43 countries.

The July/August 2010 issue of The Iowan: Celebrating the Best in Iowa Since 1952 in its Potluck section, quoted James Moore: "KRUU is community radio at its finest--a tribute to a green-thinking community that is focused on what's possible."

* * * * * * *

Each week key players in energy efficiency and sustainability will be interviewed, such as:
--Pat Higby, Energy Educator for the Center for Energy & Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa, who also serves on the boards of the Iowa Renewable Energy Association and Iowa Power Fund;

--Center on Sustainable Communities of Des Moines;

--Rep. Chuck Isenhart with Common Good Services of Dubuque, interested in developing a green schools network;

--Professor Lonnie Gamble of the Sustainable Living Department at MUM;

--Scott Timm, sustainability coordinator for the office of Community Economic Development in Fairfield, in conjunction with the Iowa State University Extension;

--Mayor Ed Malloy who has championed Fairfield’s Go Green initiative;

--Mayor Roy Buoi, talking about Dubuque’s wide-ranging embrace of sustainability;
--Jim Braun, 4th generation Iowa farmer turned organizer and political strategist, who helped pass Illinois’ new model legislation, the Food, Farms and Jobs Act of 2009;
--Mike Carberry of Green State Solutions in Iowa City;
--Joel Hirshberg of Green Building Supply;
--Francis Thicke, PhD in soil technology,
--Martha Norbeck of Iowa CIty regarding LEED certification and local energy saving initiatives;
Other topics incdlude:
--Alliant and Access Energy community programs;
--the role of green schools & business councils;
--geothermal, wind, solar, algae and ethanol technologies;
--healthy air, water, and local food initiatives;
--conservation efforts;
--community design and resource management; and more.