Conor Oberst, aka Bright Eyes, on Mike Ragogna's 2.0 Fri at 8am CST

Magic Mike, Huffington Post entertainment contributor and KRUU radio personality, Bright Eyes, aka Conor Oberstinterviews the luminescent Conor Oberst about his career and upcoming release, The People's Key.

What can we say? Another great ride with masterful Mike exploring the lightness of being behind the Bright Eyes right here on solar-powered KRUU-FM.

Check out Mike's incredible archives at And keep smiling, it's the best investement you can make to brighten America's future. To preorder The People's Key, click on the picture.

Wow! Beautiful opening song.

Wow! Beautiful opening song.

bright eyes

Thank you for the album preview and the fantasic interview!  You guys are awesome!!!

Bright Eyes

Where Can I hear this interview or these song?