- 20101215 - Great Taste - Chef Gordon Rader

Chef Gordon Rader and studentsBeing around Chef Gordon Rader, Program Director for Culinary Arts at Indian Hills Community College, is always a multi-faceted experience.  He is self-deprecating in a way that makes others feel at ease.  That's why he is a master at communication because once he has your attention, he holds it through a quiet sense of command that is backed by years of knowledge and experience.  During the past four years he has begun to change the culinary landscape of SE Iowa through his commitment to training top-level chefs in the college's French-technique based program.  But that is really only the smallest part of what he's accomplishing.  By opening the minds of young people to various cultures and culinary traditions, expanding the school's outreach through exchanges with Spanish educators, supporting local farmers, and various other initiatives, Chef Rader is one of the driving forces behind a regional culinary vision and culture that will provide support for the birth of numerous artisanal products, new restaurants, and specialty food shops.  We'll talk about his students, a recent trip to Spain and his favorite holiday foods during his studio visit.Marissa Markowitz, who recently completed a 100 day diet based almost 100% on foods grown and produced within 100 miles of Fairfield will drop by.  She'll share some insights on what it was like to undertake that challenge and why she did it.