- Planet Erstwild - 20101210 - Susan Davis & Walter Moora w/ Francis Thicke

Susan DavisJames Moore and Francis Thicke, Radiance Dairy farmer and organic food advocate, talk with Susan Davis and Walter Moora.

The two global nomads are currently touring towns intending to go green, sharing stories of how other towns are doing it. In particular, they’ll share the story of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. There, they started a “KINS Innovation Network” pro-bono using some contributed U.S. funds to help this Andean village become a model global village based on love, trust and generosity.

Susan Davis Moora is the author of The Trojan Horse of Love, being gifted on Google rather than sold. Her book describes her life working with sustainability leaders to create KINS Innovation Networks for greening our towns and economy. Walter Moora is the author of A Farmer’s Love, describing his life as a biodynamic farmer on four continents, teaching non-farmers how to steward the earth and experience its spirituality.

Their company is Capital Missons Company. Books and more info available there.