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A quick look at any programming guide shows that cakes are a hot topic among the TV-watching public.  The airwaves are filled with a plethora of shows on several cable networks including Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Amazing Wedding Cakes.  There is even a popular blog called Cake Wrecks and the blog's creators have over one million twitter followers.

Limiting your chances of becoming the next feature on Cake Wrecks and delighting your wedding guests are better objectives when it comes to planning for the Big Day.  Finding the right baker and the most amazing cake are major tasks just behind the perfect dress in importance for many families as they plan a wedding.  It's not easy because there are bakers and there are BAKERS.

Heather Friedrichsen of Cake Me, I'm Yours! in Perry, Iowa belongs to the latter group.  For 20 years she's been turning out "made from scratch" wedding cakes and other unique creations.  She created her first out-of-the-family wedding cake in 1989.  In 2001 she was asked to fill in as the pastry chef at the Hotel Pattee in Perry while they looked for a permanent replacement.  That temporary stint lasted over three years.  In 2004 she started her own commercial baking facility where she uses only the best ingredients for her custom cakes.

To help the prospective customer make an informed decision about cakes, Heather formulated a specific tasting session that turned out to be one of the highlights of our wedding planning process.  The menu for the show's "on air" tasting is causing my heart to palpitate in anticipation:  Cakes-Almond White, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Almond Pound, Lemon, Chocolate Stout, and Carrot cake.  Butter Creams-Vanilla butter cream, chocolate butter cream, caramel butter cream, peanut butter cream, french vanilla butter cream, arronia berry Italian meringue butter cream, passion fruit Italian meringue butter cream, milk chocolate Italian meringue butter cream, and cream cheese icing.  Fillings-Orange ganache and raspberry filling.

Before, during and after our laborious tasting :), we'll tackle such topics as fondant, ingredient quality, how much cake to plan for/person, cake budgets, and more.

Wednesday evening at the KRUU studio is definitely the spot where you can really have your cake and eat it too.  If that's not geographically or otherwise possible, tune in the stream @ kruufm.com and click on "Listen Live."

Don't forget, we rebroadcast the show Friday morning at 7 AM, if you miss the "live" event.

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