- Great Taste - 20101103 - Dianne Hales

La Bella Lingua book cover shotpasta with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, rosemary & basilWhat a perfect combination-discussing the Italian language with noted author, Dianne Hales, and preparing Italian food in the studio.  Dianne's book, La Bella Lingua, published in 2009,  is a great read full of history about how the language developed, populated with insights into colorful characters like Petrarch, Julius Caesar, Boccaccio, St. Francis of Assisi, Lorenzo de Medici, and Brunelleschi and, the author's own  journey as she navigated the complexities of the language and culture. 

Since our show is Great Taste, we'll focus on the language as it relates to different styles of cooking, work our way through some typical food terminology found on Italian menus, and share a simple recipe for pasta with marinara sauce as it was made every Sunday by Kathy's Grandma Gulla. 

There is no better dish we could prepare than pasta, according to Dianne.  "Pasta," she writes, "in its seemingly infinite varieties, did indeed bring Italians together-and then proceeded to conquer more people in more countries than any dish from any cuisine.  "What is the glory of Dante compared with spaghetti?" the twentieth-century journalist Giuseppe Prezzolini dared to ask.  Yet one of the glories of Italy's food is that when we eat pasta, we ingest a bit of its culture too."

Dianne's blog, Becoming Italian Word by Word, is full of wonderful Italian treats.  Check it out for fun or if you need a regular hit of la dolce vita.  

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