- 20101006 - Great Taste - The Pot and How to Use It with special guest Anna Thomas

Rice PuddingThe Pot and How to Use ItVitaClay Rice CookerRoger Ebert's new book is an ode to the simple, but useful rice pot.  The book conveys his love and admiration for all the amazing dishes that can be easily prepared in this ancient cooking tool that's been adapted for the age of electricity.  But, the book is more than that.  It really can serve as a focal point for anyone who is looking to easily replace that "lost" feeling, when looking in the refrigerator, with the swagger of a confident home cook.  In a snappy style with a large dose of humor Ebert guides us quickly through the type of pot to purchase, breakfast foods, soups, and shortcuts (canned bouillion, instant soup, a can of stew) followed by comments and recipes from readers of his blog.  One of his main principles regarding the suggestions in the book is:  "This is just an idea.  Change anything or everything in the recipe, and cook it your way."

That's exactly what we're going to do in the studio where we'll taste the results of the rice pudding we made (our very FIRST rice pot dish) while we're cooking Green Soup and visiting by phone with Anna Thomas, a close friend of Ebert and a contributor to the book.  You may have heard of Anna since she's the well-known author of numerous cookbooks including The Vegitarian Epicure, The New Vegitarian Epicure, and Love Soup

Though Ebert recommends keeping it real basic with a two-setting (Cook and Warm) rice cooker, we chose to step it up a slight bit with the VitaClay rice cooker  four settings model opting for its clay pot insert rather than an aluminum or non-stick coated surface.  We were introduced to it by Rosie Witherspoon at the At Home Store who would never steer us wrong.

The rice cooker is new territory for Kathy and me, but guided by The Pot and How to Use It plus expert advice from Anna Thomas it's going to be another delicious GREAT TASTE.