Cooking with Italian Grandmothers author Jessica Theroux on the next GREAT TASTE

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    Nov 10
    8:00 pm -
    9:00 pm

pastamakingtortelloniWhen I think about the meals our family has been fortunate to share in Italy the most heartwarming have been those  cooked by women; women whose love shines through their preparation of local dishes, which reflect the culture and personality of the soil.  We reveled in food, laughter and love while dipping vegetables in the bagna cauda  made by Davide's mother in her Torino home, fought over the last piece of Christina's eggplant parmesan with just-made mozzarella di bufala, and studiously listened to our Italian mother and grandmother, Severina explain how to make cedano Veronese.  We swooned over each delectable bite of Dada's amazing soups and pastas, patiently waited for Erika's risotto with porcini, watched as tortelloni was crafted by a group of village ladies at Albergo Corsini, and enjoyed many other specialties found in the kitchens of friends in towns like Sant Ambrogio di Valpolicella and Spello.

So when I heard about Jessica Theroux's new book, Cooking with Italian Grandmothers:  Recipes and Stories from Tuscany to Sicily, I knew we had to talk with her on Great Taste.  Jessica, a formally-trained chef, spent a year traveling in Italy seeking out women who would ultimately share their knowledge with her of the local food culture and the intimate stories that make up their lives.   The book is a combination travelogue, cookbook, and personal journey of Jessica's experiences with twelve grandmothers.  Asked recently what some of the most important things she learned during her travels were Jessica said, "...I came to see that how we eat is often as important as what we eat. Slowing down to cook and eat your food with people that you care about engenders an overall sense of well-being...Finally, my time in Italy confirmed my belief that eating the freshest and highest-quality food possible is important for both the health of our bodies, and that of our greater environment.

Don't miss Great Taste this Wednesday as Jessica will share some of her stories while Kathy prepares several recipes that are in the book.  An intimate hour awaits any listener who takes this journey with us.  Catch the stream at  Click on "Listen Live" at 7:00 pm or drop by the studio for a taste of dishes of Italian regional specialties.  If you miss the live broadcast, you can tune in again on Friday morning at 7:00 am.