- 20101020 - Great Taste - Sauce Making w/ IHCC Culinary Students

velouté sauceIndian Hills culinary students take over the GREAT TASTE kitchen in the KRUU studio for a basic sauce session.  We'll learn how to make velouté-the standard version with chicken stock and a vegetarian alternative.  That's just the start as we explore many of the riffs you can create from velouté, one of the four "mother" sauces of French cuisine as classified by Antonin Carême in the first half of the 19th century.  We can also thank Carême for that icon of kitchen fashion, the modern toque or chef's hat.

Charlie Schiller will guide us through the sauce making process.  We're happy to welcome him back after his recently completed internship at the Des Moines Embassy Club.  We'll see if he'll share any stories about what it was like to be "the intern" in a high-powered kitchen.

Another culinary student, Suresh Miller is leaving soon for a tapas competition in Spain.  He'll provide some insight into how he decided on which dishes to make for the international contest.  And, if we're lucky, Kathy DuBois will join us from NYC where she's recovering from a fried portabello cheese burger eaten at Shake Shack.

Remember-life's full of great tastes so make some for yourself.